Valentine candy holder by DAWN

 DAWN’S VALENTINE CANDY HOLDER ..This is so cute that I had to just share it right away… I am taking friends out for dinner on Valentines and I made each of them one of these as well an extra one for our waiter….imagine having to work on Valentines..any way its quick and easy and I love HERSEY NUGGETS…so this was a no brainer…now I just have to find someone else to share the extra’s with cause if they stay in my house I will eat them… lol… You may remember that I made those cute little snowmen to give to these same friends on our NEW YEAR’S EVE DINNER…but you may also remember that we got sick and so it didn’t happen so I have them tucked away for next year’s party…oooohhh I may be ahead…no its not possible… well maybe…

Dawn’s candy holder

IT’S basically just a strip of 3X7 CARD STOCK ….scored at 1 3/8 , 1 7/8 , 3 ¼ , 3  3/4

I KNOW REALLY ITS THAT SIMPLE..then just roll it up and glue together and EMBELLISH..

NOW DAWN STAMPED on the paper to give it more decoration and them because she was using the ink color that matches the paper it didn’t show up much and so I think that’s why she goes back and adds the wink of stella… HINT: I would not use the same color ink ( wouldn’t use green either lol) I would stamp the images in WATERMARK ink pad as that would make them darker but they still won’t show up really well… I would have used pink paper and stamped in red etc or lavender and stamped in red… but choose whatever color you want….

HINT: If you use patterned paper or designer card stock make sure its doesn’t have an up and down or if it does be sure you cut it so that the pattern is not running upside down… yeah I did it not very smart huh… well at leas I only did one… sometimes I am on a roll could have done multiples…so it wasn’t all bad…so a word to the wise…

In addition, I used lots of stickers and commercial embellishments rather than die cuts or punches… but I did use some… so you can make this as hard or as easy as you want…. and you will still have time to get it down by WEDNESDAY..yes that’s Valentines…

my carndy holders.

I did use commercial embellishments in the foam hearts and also the snoopy stickers and even the puffy hearts were commercial embellishments…but the love is die and I did punch it out and then run it thru the tyron sticker maker and viola…the big heart in the background is also a very old fixers punch one of those ones with the handles..I don’t actually like them as they don’t last well but I have had these for a while mostly cause they usually only get used once a year.  I really liked them because they are funky…they are not perfectly shaped hearts

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath


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