fall leaves from internet

fall leaves from internet

THAT’S RED!!! Or maybe Orange…whatever its really beautiful..and I have to say I think Fall is my favorite time of year.


OK I discovered that SIZZIX has several thinlits dies that work as flip flop folded cards…Of course I found them on AMAZON. They are terrific well at least I like them I have given you two links one to the 3 tiny square thinlits and the amazon one takes you to the three round thinlits .. If you look down the page you’ll see that there are others a large square and also a large round and then one in the center that is similar to the label shape of the one from STAMPIN UP…they are not cheap but they are really cool… well at least the square / round ones with three each are… Here is a card I made with the that die and while its a bit pricey bare in mind that it comes with 10 DIES… That works out to about $3 a die so not really pricey and the extra dies all work with the card unlike the ones from STAMPIN UP there are no words just shapes that work to create layers on the card..here are all 10 of dies in the triple circle packet.

sizzix thinlits triple circle

sizzix thinlits triple circle

So it cuts the complete card and then there a various shapes for creating layers to with the card.  It is very cool and I didn’t buy the triple square yet but I have a feeling it will be coming to mailbox near me soon…lol…here is the card I made with triple circles and the tiny circles are using a layer of YOU GOT  fused fabric that looks like tree branches then I layered on some punched out leaves and the bottom circle is the tiny punch of the tree.

photo 1photo 2

Ok so these are the thinlits..ie they are the thin metal outlines as you can see but before I found them I also found a round and a square flip flop card die but its the old style SIZZIX that is THICK..about a good 1/2 inch thick and it will work just fine in either the BIG KICK or your CUTTLEBUG…and it is cheaper than the thinlits sets because there is only the card. No extras for layering here is one of the round ones I made up.

sizzix flip flop circleI used tape and ribbon on the outside and then I used that fused fabric of the tree branches on the front with three wooden birds glued on to the branches..( I colored them with stamp pad ink), then inside looks like this and I again used fabric but glued this time to the inside circle ie the web and the spider is a sticker.

sizzix flip flop circle 1I do like the round card just fine… if I had found the thinlits in the round I might have bough it but its fine just as it is and I can always embellish the sides as I choose… however, I really wish I had not purchased the square one..again its the thick platform which is not the problem the problem for me is that its not centered well… the flipper part is not square but rectangle and it to me it looks clunky…. I will continue to use the pattern I gave you in the first post of this design as it is centered and I like it much better… I can’t tell if the thinlit version is also off center but it looks like it is so I won’t be getting it either… I suppose I could return it but I think I will share it with a friend instead who never having made the pattern one I have will probably think its just fine…

TIP: .before you throw alway all the packaging think about trying it out to make sure it works and that you like it …AMAZON is great a letting your return and maybe you have to pay the shipping back but otherwise its good especially since this was a PRIME order which means I paid no shipping to begin with HOWEVER… I didn’t that’s mostly why I won’t be trying to return this …they might let me but it was my fault I can’t send it back in original packaging so I am not going to try.

OK that’s it for this week and hope enjoy… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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