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MY BAD…. I have been absent so long I am sorry to write…. illness, computer problems, internet problems in other words… LIFE… anyway while these are late for this  years valentines… they can all be modified to be birthday or anniversary or saved for next year..ok so hope to keep this running more smoothly.

Well I must be feeling better cause I have spent the last few days making a variety of VALENTINES….while I was ill I looked on Pinterest and came up with several ideas…. most of them may have been using STAMPIN UP materials but they didn’t give the directions so for the BEE…I had to go play with my circle dies and oval dies but if you have the circle punch an oval punch from STAMPIN UP that is what they probably used…

DAWN’S TWITTERPATED….I have always loved that word “twitterpated” it you don’t know it kinda means goofy in this case the reference is goofy with love…. as you can see from Dawn’s image she use lots of layers and designer papers and I do like it like that but i was playing with my dies and came across the die that cuts a small folder and so I made the folder cut the heart and stamped it and then played with my fonts on the computer to come up with one that I liked to write “twitterpated” and viola I had my card…. here’s DAWN’s



Then here is my version…nothing complicated… but I like the effect…My card base is not standard…it was a scrap I had laying there so I grabbed it and made it work…. It is approx 3 ¾ x 11 folded in half … horizontally … the file folder is out of brown craft card stock and of course the heart is red card stock… the HAPPY VALENTINES DAY stamp is by HAMPTON ART… I just liked the layout and the lettering…

kath's twitterpated

kath’s twitterpated

HERE IS ANOTHER IMAGE FROM PINTEREST ..the BEE…This one is mine and its pretty close to the one on Pinterest… to find any of these on pinterest just go to pinterest and type in handmade valentines… there were so many I never even saw them all… BEE

I also planned to use for HAPPY BEE DAY….I LOVE BEES and I have several stamps of bees and stickers and now I can make them using circle and oval dies with hearts for the antenna but you could also use just black dots…the yellow background paper is from PAPER MILL PAPER STORE… and its several years old so the closest I could find is now called TWIST… it has texture and it comes in small packages of 25 sheets for about $17.  It also comes in a variety of different colors and I like the texture effect…it may not run through your printer.

MY CHICKEN is also from Pinterest and since My BFF loves chicken I saw and said PERFECT….as you can see its just hearts… a big one for body and little one for crown on top and then 2 medium ones for the wings on the side and I added feet at the bottom using the same size heart that I used for the top.  I love coming up with words for on my cards and thought I PECK YOU instead of I pick you…was also PERFECT…in any case she’s my BFF FOR OVER 40 YRS so she deserves the best….lol what you can’t tell is that I also mounted it on one of those WOBBLE SPRINGS… I love those as much as the goggly eyes…. so the chicken wobbles aback and forth on the front of the card…just makes me giggle.  Oh yeah last of all I used the chicken wire embossing folder for the background…

kath's chick

kath’s chick




I LOVE the soft effect of this technique…and think her’s with the hearts is just wonderful and also love the lettering which is a stamp but which you can do yourself especially with that wonderful black GLAZE SAKURA PEN…

Again these are the pens from AMAZON that I am most using for the foil application… now I am mostly using it to write with but you could also stamp and then gently color in with this glue and when its dry  you could then apply the foil…. I’ll try to include a sample..They are called TONERTEX FOILS


various foil envys I did

various foil envys I did

all of the above were done with those AMAZON foil pens called TONERTEC foil pens.. as I mentioned they are hard to get started in fact I resorted to holding the writing end under hot water for a minute or so and then pressing really firmly to get it flowing once flowing a lighter touch will give you more of a raised glue on which to apply the foil. ALSO once they are flowing just be sure to leave them with the glue down on the ballpoint end i.e. point down… then it continues to flow no matter how long between times that I use it…

 SCS TWO POCKET CARD I think this is a great card to make and insert either gift cards, candy, notes or tags… it just a fun simple fold and easy to decorate.. give it a try…


two pocket card

two pocket card

The one they did they punched that hole in the top… I don’t care for that so much so I just double stick it together at the top and then you can insert either gift cards, a tag, or candy bar …you can use both sides if you have a tag in one pocket that gives your message or you can adhere it to a card and have your message inside the card base and only use one pocket.. its perfect to mail it in one of the small flat rate mailers from PO and you can even go on line and GO TO CLICK N SHIP and print up your own label with the POSTAGE on it so that all you have to do is put in mail box or drop it by the PO …NO WAITING IN LINE JUST PUT IT ON THE DESK THEY HAVE MARKED WITH PAID POSTAGE.  That alone is a great savings and if you ware giving a gift its only $5.50 to mail so pretty inexpensive.

AMAZING TIP!!  I was delighted to have my friend JANIS BLEVINS send me this link…. I have become addicted to die cutting shapes, images you name it and I have some that I find I avoid due to how hard it is to get the tiny pieces out of tie …well here is the answer…it is DRYER SHEET TECHNIQUE I am not going to describe what she does so go to Youtube and check this out …if you use dies ….especially detailed dies or if you have been avoiding detailed dies…this is the answer… and as My favorite Calligraphy teacher CAROL DU BOSCH would say worth the price of admission… especially since its free…


here is a web site of a Paper Mache artist and the video is very interesting to watch…plus he does Dragons and I love Dragons so it was great to watch him do it...GOURMETPAPERMACHE.COM

TEXTILE ART….I Think I posted an image a while back that came from this site but I could not find the site…well Pinterest to the rescue…..I don’t sew or quilt but this has some of the most beautiful art and I just had to share it…

MIDDLE EAST OIL PAINTINGwait to watch this till you have a little time…its not a long video but you need to see it all the way to end to truly appreciate it but I have to tell you that there are several times along the way that if it stopped there I would still be impressed.

Ok guys I want to get this published so I am going to stop here and send it to you… again forgive me for all the delays and hope you find some fun things to see and do here…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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