DAWN’S GIFT CARD HOLDER (TOP NOTE) Dawn's topnote gift card   Isn’t this cute…. I don’t usually give gift cards at halloween but I thought wow…I have lots of friends who love STARBUCKS so bet a $ 5.00 card would be great in here….It doesn’t have to be halloween though but that’s my theme for this week…  It’s my favorite holiday… so if you click on the blue title it will link you to Dawn’s video and then here are the measurements BASIC CARD …..CUT 5 X 11 SCORE IT AT …..3 3/4…, 5 1/2… AND… 7 1/4 I am pretty sure that the die she used is called TOP NOTE and that it is by SIZZIX…and I checked at AMAZON and it is available as a nestibilities ..WHICH I tried with the lightest card stock I have and it wouldn’t cut thru all the pieces….so…. I then tried it with a piece of text weight paper to see if that would work…and it didn’t want to work…it was cutting just not all the way thru and it seemed the fold was the problem..,,then i tried adding more paper or the shim mat ….both too heavy might break machine…finally a dim candle lit in my brain …something about wax paper…so I went to kitchen grabbed a piece of wax paper laid it on top of the die which was on top if the card stock…placed the cutting platform On top of all and ran it thru cutter….VIOLA!!!! It worked …apparently the wax paper is just enough to cut thru perfectly…SO NOW YOU KNOW KEEP THAT WAX PAPER  HANDY.  So here a few of my samples and a picture of the die I used.

top note gift card 4

This is the die I used and its the largest one in that set of is the same one that I used ( this one larger ) in the SCS LAYERED WINDOW POST…It was just about the only one I had that would work as it must be large enough to hold the gift card.  I did have a square or a circle that would have worked but thought this shape had a little more pizzaz. I did measure it from the inside rim (cutting edge to cutting edge ) and it was 4 3/8 inch… Dawn uses the little oblong punch to make the slit for the insert of the card but you can just use either your xacto or your scissors and cut  a small opening …DON’T however cut all the way to the edge at either end or it not stay in there it needs a POCKET not just a hole. lol

top note gift card kh

On this one as you can see I was using my tagger again and halloween tag to decorate the front of the card.

top note gift card 2


This one has extra layer then a die cut ( kwik-cuts I think ) jack-o-lantern and of course can’t forget the googlie eyes…lol.. and looking at it here think I might go back and stamp a BOO into the mouth opening ..I have a tiny one… or even and eeeeek whatever you have..

top note gift card 3


Here is what it looks like inside I was just using up scraps of halloween paper  but you can see my starbucks card stuck in pocket on the left.. I was able to buy 5 10$ cards for $50 at the grocery in case you don’t have time to make a run to starbucks…or you know you won’t be able to resist the SALTED CARAMEL MOCHA….aaaahhhh…

top note gift card 1This last one has again an extra layer with next size smaller die and the a ready-made embellishment from K&C CRAFTS… they have great ones and if you can find them ( they don’t last long) there are a lot in a package for minimal $$.


I meant to put this in last week with the halloween letters… I think I got this link for CYBER SCRIBES on FB.  It was just so amazing to have been created such a long time ago and to actually be able to write… you gotta take a quick look…AUT0MATON WRITER.

THE PEN Mark Powell’s envelopes … as a calligrapher we often think that its the pen that will make those perfect letters. (at least that’s excuse that I use for buying a new pen) Well here are some drawings on envelopes done with a BIC…yes that cheapest of all ballpoint pens….he has drawn some amazing birds using just that pen and so it just proves that sometimes its the TALENT not the PEN that makes the difference.  Below the drawings on envelopes it links you to his web site to see more of his work…worth the look see.

Enjoy the EYE CANDY and this card and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath harney


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