Well I am excited about sharing some of my favorite stuff with you including TIPS, TOOLS and FAVORITE TOYS.  I am also writing this a week ahead because A) I can and B) because next weekend is my birthday and I am going to Savannah to celebrate with the man behind this woman’s passion. i.e. my sweet husband who proofs these blogs and makes suggestions for improvement.  Ok moving on to some Tips first.

One of my favorite tips is pre cut and pre score ….if you have a new favorite or an old favorite card that requires special folding or lots of layers etc then cut your paper to the required size/sizes in assorted colors and then while sitting in front of the tv at night score your card stock where necessary that way you will always have a piece of card stock ready to go if you need it in a hurry.  This also goes for if you have special birthday or other stamps that you like to layer on the cards then cut and stamp them up ahead of time and if they require color you can do that again while watching tv…its fun but time consuming and coloring , even staying inside the lines is not brain surgery so you can watch and color too.

The next tip kinda goes with the first one… if you need a pattern for a card put it in a sheet protector(by the way the best way to get them is from Costco , they are cheaper there and almost always available.) and then add your pieces necessary for the card to that sheet protector then you can either keep them in a notebook or you can have a file drawer where you put them do that when you need it in a hurry you can pull out the directions and what ever other pieces you need if had extra scoring on it the that’s done for you also ( see first tip) and all you need is your trusty glue stick or sticky tape.   Now all of this said I don’t like to put the card totally together somehow if I have pre assembled card ready to go I never use it…guess I feel like I need to spend some time on the card since in a way its my gift and if I just sign my name the time spent ahead doesn’t count for me…but hey its ok if it works for you.

Now this tip I am especially proud of as I don’t sew… that means that in HS when I took home ec I managed to sew the dress I was required to make with both sleeves on the left side…. that pretty much did for me …(I did get a D rather than an F cause the teacher said it was very creative and couldn’t’ figure out how I did it and neither could I.) So I don’t sew…EXCEPT on cards…and most recently on SHEET PROTECTORS…You see I have these new templates for cutting out large words, THANKS, LOVE AND WISH and  I decided to cut out a few of each of them to have on hand.  Because they are long and not wide I wanted to store then in sheet protectors but they kept falling over so I thought why not sew a zigzag stitch down the center of sheet protector and TA DAH worked and they now stand nice and straight in my file. Yeah, I did buy a cheap but multi stitch sewing machine a few years ago so I could sew cloth candles on cards… and I wanted it to do various stitches..I figured if I was going to sew it should look amazing( as long as it didn’t have sleeves)  Sew (LOL) think about sewing up some sheet protectors to hold the smaller things or long an narrow things.

Back to the first tip about saving your pattern in a sheet protector if the card is either complicated or just one that you especially like either make up a dummy ( also known as prototype) or make a color copy of it and put it with the may think you have that fold down perfect but we are all loosing little bits of the grey stuff and its lots easier if you have one there that you can unfold rather than wasting 4 sheets of paper ( been there done that) so call it whatever, and it may not even been yours it may be an idea some sent you, even better to save it with directions because you don’t want to send it back to them telling them about this great new card you …unless you are thanking them for sharing.


Back in one of my first blogs, I told you about SCOR-PAL and I think I told you about SCOR-BUDDY..( they are not calling it that at this site but the size is the BUDDY NOT THE PAL) its the smaller one and its great for working in you lap while watching TV or if you Washingtonians just have to go outside cause the sun is shining you can take it with you and its easier to hold than the big one..





Next  I also told you that FISKARS has great new paper cutter and the one I told you about is the larger one…but there is also a smaller one, FISKARS Surecut card making trimmer.  Again this works great in front of the TV or outside or just away from your desk cause it looks like a hurricane went through there and you can’t find a thing and you want to play rather than clean up… grab the little one and go anywhere you want.  I don’t want to rush you but I had a really hard time finding this one and while Michael’s used to carry it haven’t seen it lately and this is a really cheap price from WALMART so if it was me I’d order soon as they maybe going to discontinue this size and thats too bad cause it great for lap work.

The SOAP STONE PENis a great tool, calligraphers have been using it to make lines on dark paper but you an also use it to see where your lettering is going to go and if it fits… now its a little large so you won’t get a really tiny writing but it is still very helpful because when you make these lines on papers  they simply rub off with a soft cloth , paper towels will work but an old piece of towel or washcloth is even better.  It leaves no marks and because it makes a white line is easily seen on your dark papers. It is actually a quilting tool for drawing on cloth in which case it washes out …hence finding it at JOANN’S  in the Quilting section is also a place to look and I would have taken you there on line but they don’t seem to be keeping their on line up to date so I took you were I did find it AMAZON…..but if Joann’s is close then you could  look in quilting section.   

Well that’s probably  enough for today but I just feel with all this writing I need to share at least one card.  This is from Split Coast Stampers and its called the STAIR STEP FOLD.  It is one of my favorites and a great way to use multiple images/stamps/ accessories. It is also a great one for TIP # 1, to pre cut and pre score so all you have to do is fold it and decorate.  Also note that at the bottom of the first set of directions they give the score lines if you are NOT using a SCOR PAL… so just one of the many ways SCS is so helpful… maybe if you are not using scor pal or buddy you might want to highlight that part so you don’t score it incorrectly.


I’D also love to hear if you have a favorite tool or tip and would like to share it. i.e. COMMENTS


hugs the wire headed cyber toad


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