GROCERY LOT TREESYES… its still FALL HERE in fact I would say we are having a bit of INDIAN SUMMER…its not warm weather but I don’t call it cold either around 60 in the day and 40 at night and fog in the am and then sunny… for us at this time year….AMAZING…

I have no idea what type of tree this is but think its either some type of maple or a sweet gum in any case it turns this lovely kinda iridescent orange every fall and I do love them…the color is quite intense and really draws your eyes.. ok on to GATE FOLDS

First for those who don’t know its called that because instead of the card opening either to left or from top to bottom these cards open in the middle … well not always but close…



For the center you take a piece of cardstock that is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and you lay it on your scor-pal ( or whatever you use ) on the long side (8 1/2) and you score and 2 1/8 and then I flip the card end to end and score the other end also at 2 1/8 AND THE REASON IS because on the SCOR-PAL there is a small dot at the 2 1/8 ”  mark… then you can fold each flap into the center…you can then use a belly band to hold it closed or tie it with a ribbon or use a die cut adhered to only one half of your front “GATES”…. Yep, they look like gates so that’s where the name for the card came from…

this is scored at 2 1/8 on each end and it will fold correctly to center.

this is scored at 2 1/8 on each end and it will fold correctly to center.

Then this is what it looks like when folded closed…the space on the inside is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and you can layer a peice of designer paper inside or something that you have stamped.  This one is opening like a front gate with a flap on each side but you could rotate it a mere 90 degrees and make it open from top to bottom either way its fun to play. Then you can also layer paper , die cuts etc on the front I don’t like it to get tooo busy so I would leave one have blank and only layer on the other half..but you could use small designs and layer squares or circles no more than 3  one either side or both sides and it would look like little tiles and that would be fine… or hearts..or balloons… just let yourself go… I chose leaves…on squares.  If you wanted designer paper on the front flaps that you would need to cut it 1 7/8 x 5 1/4... or do what I did and cut 3 squares and put leaves or images on them… lol… ( this is for those who are ruler challenged..) You can see that I also used embossed background on the squares and then pop dots to hold the leaves up so that there is big more interest in them.  

kath's leaf squares

kath’s leaf squares

ok next up 

OFF CENTER GATE FOLD using base card size

This is exactly what it sounds like this time you are going to have the flaps meet BUT NOT IN THE CENTER…and until you start to decorate it …it won’t matter whether the smaller flap is on the left or on the right …ONCE YOU START THOUGH be sure you look when you add your insert on the inside or you recipient will get a big laugh…. if you do it DON’T THROW IT AWAY or tear it up …you must have at least one friend who would like the laugh…hey do do happens…

SCORING OFF CENTER..using same size base card ON THE LONG SIDE

score at 2 1/2 and then at 6 3/8…for your designer layers on top of these flaps you could cut 2 1/4 x 5 1/4  and

1/1/2 x 5 1/4.. ( you have picked up on the fact that for just a narrow 1/8″ margin around your designer cuts you just reduce the size of the paper by 1/4 inch…)

off center gate fold 1above image is open with score lines

below is closed with designer paper on 2 1/2 inch side.

off center gate foldYou will notice however that I shifted the 2 1/2 inch side to be on the right rather than the left ..either way doesn’t matter..once again this could also be from top to bottom rather than left to right but I would need different designer paper if it was top to bottom…

You can also use designer borders along the edges or layers

I have to say that this is one of the more versatile cards that you can learn to make. Its quick its easy and the layers allow you to use up scraps.

Now I want to share one more HALLOWEEN ALPHABET WITH YOU… Sharyn's fuzzy lettersThis was used by my fellow calligrapher..SHARYN HOPLEY…and I am not totally sure what tool she may have used to scratch out these letters ( I think of them as scratchy letters or fuzzy letters) but I was reminded of a tool /tools that I use called the FUNNY BRUSH ( here is the link to them ) and they do make very rustic letters. Well who knew you could write with rubber bands…but I do like them so I am show you the exemplar that I made using all caps, no flourishes and the smallest FUNNY BRUSH and you can see they are still quite large but they reduce down nicely and are still quite legible and a single short name on an envelope and you are good to go. I don’t think you will find these in either Michael’s or Jo Ann’s but they are available at other on line stores such as DICK BLICK, JERRY’S ARTORAMA AND CHEAP JOE’S.  So those are just the ones that I came up with by typing funny brush into goggle… is technology grand.  Anyway now that you know how to get the tool here is my exemplar.

kath's funny brush letters

kath’s funny brush letters

You can see that they are not perfect letters that’s there charm for me… and its ok to share them but don’t forget to leave my name on this exemplar…and if you decide to teach this then you can share my exemplar but MAKE YOUR OWN to teach from… everyone’s letters will look different . You can also probably create very similar letter by breaking off he end of a popsicle stick or a wide popcicle ..they won’t be quite the same as there will not be any flexibility to the sticks and it will also depend on how much ink you get on the end of the stick/or funny brush….I just like the character and texture they give to letters .

So that’s it for this week and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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