This first EYE CANDY is mine.  Its a small stand up calendar that I sent out last year. I used photos in it but you can use stamps etc to make fit the person you are sending it to. This is the standing card and the image is the way it looks after you adhere the two un-scored squares together. ( see pattern below) I had used this pattern to make a Halloween card a few years ago and I loved that it could stand up on its own.  Then I was in one of my favorite stamp stores IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS.. and they had used these tiny calendars( well almost business card size.   IMPRESS does sell these and I’ll try to give you the link. MINI MONTHLY CALENDARS ( couldn’t find a link but if you call them I am sure they still have them or can tell you when they will be getting the ones for 2013.)  This is the pattern for cutting and folding…couldn’t be simpler  You cut on solid lines and score on dotted lines.  You can use any size square.  And as you will see from the photo below and second generation friend JANIS BLEVINS put 4 of these together to create a unique, stand alone birthday card for her MOM.. KUDOS , Janis its fantastic.








This is the pattern for the pop up and you cut between 1 and 2 and then adhere them together and the score mark on 3 is a mountain fold i.e. pushes up and into the card..

Now this next card is from CAROLE CROSE in Sequim WA.  I think the pattern for this came from CAROL PALLENSEN of Reno NV.  Its just so cute and easy …just use about a 1 inch punch of a square and also one of a circle then adhere the square onto your background in the diamond position and then cut the circle in half and adhere one have on each side of the diamond …leaving the small space of background showing makes it look even more dimensional.  Remember Hearts aren’t just for Valentines..



This next one is an Anniversary Card I received from my AUNTIE M ( I am Dorothy’s daughter and so somewhere along the way my Aunt Merrilyn Shape became AUNTIE M and Mom has Toto actually known as Molly).


  Without pulling this card apart…and using my SCOR-PAL I cut the OUTSIDE of card 4 3/4 x 8 and scored it laying it on Scor-pal scored it at 2 3/4 and again at 6 1/4.  This allows the card to fold uneven so that you can attach a ribbon or cord to the outside and wrap it around to tie it closed.   INSIDE cut at 4 1/2 x 11… score it at 1 1/4 then fold score again at 1 1/4 reverse fold and score one last time at 1 1/4.(thats 3 scores all at 1 1/4).  Then I flipped the card around and repeated this at the opposite end..adhere the the two flaps in the center so that they create a sorta door look and then adhere to the OUTSIDE PIECE OF CARD STOCK, matching the score lines .  As you can see she adhered extra pieces inside on both the front and rear of card plus the decoration in the center…and yes hubby and I are Martini drinkers..lol.. she used raffia as her tie and a small heart brad on the outside to adhere the raffia..

This one is from by BFF MARLENE MAJESKI.  She had me buy these pre made cards last season from TARGET..don’t bother running to find them as they no longer are there and as often as I check the stationary section of Target I have not found anything this cool since.. It was a multi fold card with each section a different color with various size hearts cut into each panel.  It was actually a THANK YOU  card but as you can see both Marlene and I have found ways to use it for other things…IN this case Marlene used assorted LOVE POSTAGE on the bottom of each panel and used this for her Valentine’s card this year…YEAH MARLENE for thinking outside the box and creating such a unique Valentine.

Isn’t that just a great accordion card.  I keep checking Target so see if they have anything this impressive again but so far nothing.  They were also I think 10 in pack with envelopes and less that $7.  A truly great find.




This card was sent to me along with the apron you see below.  A stamping buddy from Snohomish WA, CYNTHIA THOMAS….Cynthia got some terrific fabric from Africa and made herself an apron and posted it on FB and I told her I loved it especially due to the Pockets well apparently that entitled me to an apron also made from African fabric and this is the card that came with it.... this is photo of me wearing my new apron… YOU can’t really see the pockets but it has them...THANK YOU CYNTHIA…I have only one other friend who has sewn for me so this is special…and the card was layered so that the apron was stamped and then cut out and she used one of those border punches to punch the design along the edge…I am such a LUCKY GIRL.  (PS its the angle of the photo that makes me look fat..lol)



I also want to post a BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC PIECE OF CALLIGRAPHY by my  California Buddy BONNIE NOEHR.   Bonnie continues to amaze me with her skill and talent to say nothing of her design prowess. She told me that she drew the Lily from her garden with graphite and then wrote the quote using McCaffery’s Red Violet ink.  She has a way with both drawing and she loves and is exceptionally good at various POINTED PEN styles of lettering.  Thanks so much for sharing Bonnie, and this is definitely EYE CANDY.








This is the latest piece by Bonnie that I kidnapped off her FB page…Bonnie has had pet skunks before and I am guess this is one of hers.  But I know they are her letters written in italic….Stunning!!!!!



Last but not Least…. Bonnie’s Facebook Valentine made with candy hearts spaced around the word mine..which she wrote…

Hope she didn’t glue them so she could still eat them…lol





Now these last pieces are images off the web that were sent to me by various people.   The Lily is from my friend SHARON CLYMER and is from a photo she took of lily in her yard.  THE BEAGLE in the dog house was created using an app I have and was for my BFF PAMELA O’NEAL who has a beagle Ms Annie Mae..  If you don’t recognize him…the indian is JOHNNY DEPP( I love him both as an actor and as eye candy) He is dressed in his maybe outfit for the movie LONE RANGER..where he will play TONTO…can’t wait to hear him say,” Kemosabe , me think they went that-a-way.”. lol. Then the collage photo is from a new app called FUSEL that allows you to make collage Photos to share and send..This one is my family… MOLLY aka TOTO my Mom’s dog…my Mom and my Grandkids (Rachel 21, Reid, 18 and Margaret 15and Daughter Becky and Mom 86).The hanging Elephant is also off the web and just a reminder to any and all of you who may be going through a rough time…JUST HANG IN THERE  and try to take time to PLAY.

Ok that’s all for now and always THANKS FOR STOPPING BY. And Thanks to all my friends for sharing.