OMG I have to share more about the blog….as part of WordPress there is a graph you can check to see how many people have looked at your blog…on an average I rarely get more than 40-60 people a day…which is great as far as I am concerned…but on March 25 I had 259 people on that one day….it blew my mind….and I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what was so appealing that I got that many people in one day!!!  As I am writing this I just figured it out….that is the one where I told you about getting the unwanted links in comments…I don’t want to be specific as to what those links were or it will happen again……but ug I am sorry I thought of this as I was really excited to think that many people had checked out my blog for a good reason…oh well….easy come easy go…anyway…hope you enjoy this little booklet.

SPIDER CIDER TEABAG HOLDER…. well this is what Dawn was calling it and it will work for a teabag however it also will work to insert a small note or tag as well as Ghiradelli chocolate squares….yuuuummmm.  I know its long past and long before Halloween I  BUT this doesn’t have to be halloween inspired it can have any image on the front that you want  A BIRTHDAY INSPIRED or THINKING OF YOU.. and if you happen to have a grandchild or child graduating then it would be a great GRADUATION card too.  You can use those pockets for money or a gift card..and if you use money then think about folding it in that Heart shape that I think I posted last year at Valentines….just put on those thinking caps.  I am maybe the queen ok maybe only the princess of re-purposing…If you don’t believe me, I used to go to gun shows with my husband and you know that I am a calligrapher and what do calligraphers have ….lots of pen nibs…… and while wandering thru the gun show I discovered BULLET BOXES yep…boxes for my man to keep his bullets in but I also discovered that 38 bullet boxes (that’s a size of bullet for those of you who don’t know) was just perfect for holding assorted pen nibs… now that’s RE-PURPOSING…lol..

So you can see she put tea bags in her’s but you can also put tea bags in and make it a get well card… just another possibility…

As I mentioned earlier its also just perfect for GHIRADELLI  Sea Salt Caramel Dark chocolate squares…… if you haven’t tried these you have no idea what you are missing…I am just sayin…

So here is my version of SPIDER CIDER as a GRADUATION…( my oldest granddaughter is graduation from college and going on to get her Masters.  I am so proud of her so I am thinking $$ in here Folded in a heart shape..

My Graduation Spider booklet

front of booklet kh

Ok this is the front of my grad booklet and I used the school colors and the brads came from Jo ANN’s I think but back a few years just because I had others graduating also…if I remember correctly they were not in the scrap/stamping section but over in the readymade cards like with the confetti.  Confetti would work also if you can’t find the brads.

inside and tab card

This is the inside and the tab card….. I didn’t want the tab to stick out so I made the card smaller and also I didn’t have ribbon that I liked for these colors so I just left the ribbon off all together and use the red heavy duty double stick tape to hold the pockets on the inside

OK …..ready…set ….GO MAKE SOMETHING!

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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