Well here I am again and I was hoping that I could tell you that Summer arrived here in the PNW and it did for a day…lol.. that’s just how it is here in June.. often doesn’t stay summer until around the middle of July… this poster says it all.

Well it hasn’t been 40 days but more rain than sun lately.  But the few days it does arrive we all know it’s out there somewhere and that it’s the incentive for hope that it will arrive on a longer term basis soon.  IE…HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.

I want to share with you a magazine that I occasionally purchase and you can get an on line subscription I think rather than the hardcopy mailed to you.  In any case its PAPER CRAFTS and the July August issue has a bunch of pattern cards that are shaped like surf boards, beach ball, crab, starfish etc…I linked you to the pattern pages and you can download and print them so you can give them a try. I especially liked the beach ball and the fan.


As you may have guessed I love cards that are interactive…ie they pop up , slide or have a funky fold.  Something other than just the usual.  This one was very cute and I thought I’d share it with you. What happens with this one is that you have an insert at both the top and the bottom and when you pull up on the top one to pull it out the bottom ones slides out also. I think the piece that slides out at the bottom is a good spot to add a little personal note to a birthday or get well card.  I also laughed at the idea that you can just cut up and recycle or repurpose a plastic grocery… may want to stock up on them if you like this card cause seems like everyone wants us to stop using them.  I do reuse mine as trash can liners and I share my excess with a friend who uses them for kitty litter  But this seems like a much more fun way to reuse them.  Watch the video and think you will see that its not as complicated as the written pattern looks.  Its always a little easier if you get all your pieces cut and decorated first then assembly them. Often its easier to assemble by doing it with the video. Again this is a good one to make a dummy up of it so that you have one you can refer to and slip a piece of paper in that has all the pieces you need to cut .  Because the piece pull out the top and pop out the bottom this card does not open like a regular card. Of course you could make it do that but seems a bit of an overkill.  But hey, you are in charge so do what you want.

Because I told you I was off to spend a couple of days with a friend and check out the CALLIGRAPHY NORTHWEST CONFERENCE this week there is not as much info in this blog as you might have expected but I hope to fill the bottom up with photos of eye candy that I take while at the conference in Portland Oregon.

Ok made it back, and had a wonderful time… probably saw about 50 people that I know and haven’t seen in a while most of them from Oregon but some from other states as well.I did take some photos and I had hoped to put them on this blog but just ran out of time.

So you can look for them next week.  Until then… Thanks for Stoppin By… The wire headed Cyber Toad…..aka kath harney















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