BEFORE we go to the card, I want to share something that you may not be aware of.  Whenever you see the blue words on the blog that is direct link to the product or website and I try very hard to always set it up so it opens in a new page which means that after your done looking at product or website if you close it you will be back on the blog.  Also the words in red are to let you know that I want to share something with you that I want to make sure you see.


The SIDE STEP CARD is very similar to the Stair Step Card I gave you last week.  This has a slight twist that I love since it gives me the chance to use a larger image on the left and still write and use smaller images on the right.  As you can see from this image they have used die cuts to create grass , bucket with flowers  the middle image is grass with the sentiment and the back image is umbrellas and grass.  Plus the added bonus is that this card will stand on its own…however, if you use this much add on’s then you will definitely need to use fairly heavy card stock.

Since I am telling you about card stock here is a brief rundown of the way you know heavy from light.  Actually you may have already figured it out.  20# paper is considered TEXT WEIGHT…then there is 40# which is a rather light weight card stock fine for layering but not so good for standing on its own. 67# card stock is a good sturdy stock and will usually support a few layers . One of my all time favorites is 100# with out any texture it is usually listed as bristol and while heavy you will find that maybe a 67# with texture such as columns etc will feel and act heavier than the smooth 100#  Right now there are not any really good places to get card stock other than what you find in stores such as Michael’s and Jo Ann’s Craft. The Office supply stores such as Office Depot, Office Max and Staples each carry a light or medium weight card stock and there is not a lot of choice in color ..usually a pastel.  I haven’t found a good source of card stock now that Paper Zone has closed its door. OK I stand corrected sometimes its just dumb luck.. I went to see if I could find any paper source and the first one I came to was PAPER MILL STORE and amazingly I was going to tell you that buying by the ream was the cheapest way to get papers and that you can get together with a few friends and share a ream (BTW a ream in card stock is only 250 sheets not the 500 in text weight) BUT this PAPER MILL STORE has it in packages of 25 sheets and that will allow you to cut each sheet in half either vertical or horizontal and yield you 50 cards.  There are all types of papers and colors… I know I will place an order with them soon and I am fairly sure they have envelopes too however again your cheapest envelopes are going to come in white or off white at one of the office supply stores. I did find that when I placed my order because I have a different billing and shipping address they will will want you to call them and verify the billing address and shipping address.

I wanted to let you know that this is also a perfect card for pre cutting and pre scoring and storing in the with the directions inside the sheet protector.. I have several cut and scored in various colors of paper so that when I need a quick card I can grab one and simply decorate it.


Savannah trees

THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS are from my Birthday Celebration in Savannah.

This first one is a photo of the amazing trees in the various parks. Savannah is filled with lovely parks like this each filled with all these lovely LIVE OAK trees and lots of benches where you can sit and look at the trees or just rest in the shade.


This next one is a photo of the fountain in Forsyth Park. It was very lovely and again had lots of lovely benches so you can sit and look at the fountain and listen to the lovely sounds.

forsyth fountain

We could see this fountain from our room as well as from the outside veranda on the hotel.







China doll card from CHRIS SABO

This a one of the wonderful cards my good friend CHRIS SABO sent. Every year Chris surprises me with an unusual and delightful card.

Thanks Chris…I love it.






stuart's card


This is a wonderful booklet from my friend Stuart Feil.  It has multiple pages and all with pictures of Snow White and the seven Dwarfts.. I have a things for Dwarves.  The final page says she talks too much…lol…




Bonnie's envelope


This is an envelope that Bonnie Noehr sent me with my Birthday card and the envelope was simply lovely with terrific Italic lettering with lovely gold dots.





Carole's envelope

This envelope was from my good friend Carole Crose and it was lovely also . Each of the letters was filled in with a lovely shiny ink.







Jennifer's card


This was a commercial card

from a dear friend Jennifer Szumanlanski.  It was so cute with glitter on the Ostrich.






Auntie M's booklet

This is a wonderful booklet made by my Auntie M.  It is a lovely card with multiple pages and the back page has the punch that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  I think this was a kit but it was filled with her lovely images .

Thanks Auntie.


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