HAD TO share this because my broom is getting ready to fly…so there is lots of chaos around here .  The SCS card below is very cute but what you can’t tell till you watch the video is that it is not meant to open up, only to pull out and stand up…its cute and you can make it so it opens or you can as she suggests put your message on the back.  It’s so similar to the previous post but still has a character all its own and for those of us who constantly buy paper then horde it this uses only one sheet of 8 1/2 x 11″ card stock.  Of course if you follow their directions you will also need some decorated paper or you can do as I suggested last week and use DUPLEX ( paper with color or pattern or both on both sides).


This is so close to the last one that I almost put them together but we are making the big exodus soon and I wasn’t sure what I would come up with and I do like this one…and there are few changes and maybe you’ll like it better too.

HUGE HINT: IF YOU USE THE DUPLEX PAPER THE SAME TIP WILL APPLY as with last week’s card you must cut the diagonals from opposite ends or the two fold on the front will be different patterns…see last week’s post and the green paper sample.  Because its still Halloween for me (did I mention that I drag it all the way to Thanksgiving…lol) my sample is still a Halloween sample but I did make another change …


CUTTING :   2 PIECES 5 1/2 X 8 1/2     SCORING:  2 1/8, 4 1/4,  AND  6 3/8

1 PIECE 4 1/4 X 5 1/2  Decorated paper as shown in video if you want.

One of the other changes I made was the diagonal cut…. she has you cut from first score line down to bottom where it is one inch wide… DON’T FREAK….you can measure this on your paper cutter but I wanted it to be a just a little easier I think and also wanted my concertina to be slightly lower on the backing piece of card stock.  SO I CUT LAYING THE EDGE OF THE PAPER AGAINST THE 1/4 ” mark just the other side of the cutting blade and then the bottom of the PAPER IS WITH THE POINT AT THE 1″ MARK… ok I know some of you are going WHAT???? Here is a visual and if you can’t figure it out on your paper cutter then use a ruler and draw a line and cut or just cut against  the ruler………        (recommend a quilt ruler to cut against so you don’t knick it.)

This is how you would lay the paper on your paper cutter.  BUT THIS IS ALSO  where you would need to flip the duplex card stock over (TOP TO BOTTOM FLIP not side to side) and cut the same IF YOU WANT THE DUPLEX  to be the same on the front…that is your artistic choice and I like it both ways.  The SCS video shows you how to cut the decorated paper if you use it so that it fits the folds basically the score marks are 2 1/8 x 5 1/2 then you would lay it on the fold and draw a line for the diagonal cut and if you want it to look like a border then you should cut it just a little smaller so the edges show.  I did make mine (below) so that it didn’t open and as I said all decoration on the front and only my signature on the back.

As you can see…. I also used the fence Martha Stewart punch along the top of the card pieces so that I had a fence effect.  I did glue the piece on the front so that it does not open….and I mentioned for you to trim the diagonal a little more so that it shows up better and then then because it was shorter there was room for my stamp at the top along with my witch hat brad…. I just love making these cards and have to force myself to stop…lol


This was so cute and while I have both bat dies and bat punches for those of you who may have these dies these are very cute and would allow you make larger ones and you will see she hung them all over the house ….i’m just batty over halloween… lol


This was a link I found on SCS regarding a twisted card and I thought it was cute so I gave it a try…. again, because I am the lazy one… I used duplex paper so that I didn’t have to layer as much as this one… but either way its very cute and nice pocket you can also use it as a gift card holder… Since that is what I am giving my grandkids (16, 19, and 22… you know they don’t want gramma buying them anything…lol) I think this will make a fun way to give it to them.

Well think that’s it for this week so and I know we stretched Halloween a few days but hey I promise to move on now…and hope you have enjoyed all my haunted postings.


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