I really liked this idea and even if one did not put the lines in just cutting out the image and inserting into the first cut out for a more dimensional look is great.









Each of these are delightful but when I decided I wanted to do it I realized that I had no words… so I went looking and found HELLO, HUGS ( my favorite signature) and LOVE… each of them is interesting and I am looking for the HAPPY BIRTHDAY… I am having to look on line since they are not in any of the stores here locally.  I found the HAPPY BIRTHDAY AS TWO WORDS not attached which is what I was looking for at AMAZON…and it was only 6+$..

You may find it somewhere else and be able to use a coupon I just don’t have the time to check out the stores available to me.  Below are the ones I did find first and have made up to be used on a card…She used tape to hold them in place but I wanted to have the counter spaces ( those spaces like holes between the letters or as part of the letter) i.e. I didn’t like the look of the tape and I chose instead to use a background color that went with the cut out word and using it I used double stick take on the background piece and then applied the 3D piece on top of it so that the letters are now held in place and also the cut outs or counter spaces are showing that black ground color rather than dingy tape. Ok time for photos as we all know one picture is worth a thousand words…

kh 3D

kh 3D

this is there first one I did and I had used regular tape..its invisible on the non sticky side but you can see that it comes out dingy thru the counterspaces


kh 3D

kh 3D

This one I used the double stick tape on the black background and the black shows thru the counters and makes a nicer presentation I think.

kh 3D

kh 3D

This was also one of the early ones I tried and again used just regular tape to hold the word in place and again I don’t like the look the counters its kinda ghostly and I just don’t like the look so I will keep this one for a sample but not probably not send it. Then, I got to thinking why does it have to be just words… why try it with an image… I don’t have a lot of images but I had this little truck so i gave it a try… and loved it… 3D cut outs 2

Then I got started just doing the word cut outs as inserts…not trying to make them 3D looking just an insert…. I came up with a few… thats what happens with me I get on a roll. One more note….you can do this even with punches if you don’t have embossing die cut machine or dies…. works the same way…just insert…

3D cut outs 5

3D cut outs 7

3D cut outs 4

3D cut outs 2

Well I am forcing myself to stop now… its laundry and dinner time…lol…



OK THIS IS JUST MIND BLOWING… you have to look and read the article(short) oh how this is down but I am telling you I wanted about 3 different ones…. so beautiful… check it out…here’s a preview


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




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