This week’s Post is again Calligraphy and this time not a monoline but an actual Calligraphic Script.  It’s called NEULAND and it was developed by Rudolph Koch while working for the Klingspor.  He designed the letters and then was so excited about them that while is job at Klingspor was to design letters he asked to actually carve these.  He was told that they thought they were the ugliest letters but they did allow him to develope them ….. and where would all the Mexican restaurants and travel brochure’s of today be without them!!!

For a long time I have felt ( and some other calligraphers agree with me ) that this should be the first alphabet you are introduced to in Calligraphy.  My reason is that first you are learning to write with a totally different tool and most of us have no experience with a flat (Chisel) nib, and you also hold you pen at a perfectly flat angle, no twist ( well only a little ) and it’s a great first experience for most students because it is easier and there is a higher level of satisfaction with the student as to his/her ability to actually make the letters.  I say this because my first script and most calligrapher’s first script is ITALIC and I admit that is what most people visualize  when they hear the word calligraphy but ….ITALIC is so complicated with various pen angles, and that d___ slant and if you don’t get that right then the whole alphabet looks like well you know..( do you sense that my italic is something   I rarely share with anyone…any time I have been asked to do a commission in Italic I quickly recommend another calligrapher because I could never charge for my Italic…ok its a sore spot with me so I ‘ll quit now but trust me I should pay you if you want my Back to the NEULAND…I also used to teach 1st grade and I know if you want to get someone hooked on lettering then giving them a first experience where the go away with the thought ” I can do this ” you have a much better chance of seeing them again.

I also recommend that your first lettering experience should be with a ZIG CALLIGRAPHY PEN..( its felt tip but again trust me the felt except in abuse or extremely heavy hand will out last the ink in the pen) by that I mean that it will stay crisp and sharp and even when they are running out of ink I LOVE THEM because they make this streaky effect that hard to achieve otherwise.  I also want to mention that they are LIghtfast, and waterproof so those of us in Washinton can  mail them without fear of the ink running in the rain…lol.  I have given you two sources for purchasing these pens on line. ( the felt tip one is from Amazon and it appears to be a basic set which i think includes Black.) You may also find them in craft stores such as Jo Ann’s or Michael’s .  I have also just discovered while giving you these links that  the double end with a 5mm tip is hard to come by without buying a set and for that I am sorry.. you may find them somewhere in smaller sets but my guess is that you are going to love the colors so you might as well go ahead and buy a set … I also really want you to use the 5mm end as its much easier for a beginner and you will have to adapt your guidelines if you use a smaller tip ALSO while you won’t see your mistakes in the lettering as much that IS NOT A GOOD THING…you always want to make your letters as correct as possible so seeing it bigger is better after you are sure you have it them you can downsize.  Also this is not so big you can’t use it on a card and it does have the much smaller 2mm on the other end which is actually more like a 1.5 mm.  Back to the pens after you get them then do not throw them away when they run out of ink , you can dip them and continue to use them until the felt actually starts to get mushy… there are cheaper calligraphy felt tips out there but that is the problem they use cheaper felt and long before the ink runs out you will have a squishy nib that will not make nice letters no matter how hard you try… and you can go straight to the Parallel Pens but if you have a heavy hand like me you are going to find that you may in fact tear the paper by pressing to hard… hence the felt tip is going to slide easier for a beginner on the papers. IMHO  I am including a lot of samples of various people’s Neuland and how they have played with it to give you more ideas.  I should have noted that all of these samples were ones tha ELIZABETH WALSH shared at a class last fall.  Thanks so much Elizabeth .

Ok…. I have just realized how hard it is to teach a class over the internet via a blog…so basically if you don’t understand or need more help PLEASE ASK ME…I check in vain for questions or comments on the blog and ITS ALWAYS EMPTY…a friend said my indian name was ” she who waits by the mailbox...” I am thinking of changing it to ” she who checks the blog comment box.”  Ok I remind myself that I am doing this cause I want to not because I am lonely just keep thinking that I am sending this out into the ETHER along with Carl Sagen its out in the star stuff.  Are you afraid to post in case I am a wacko…would a photo help?  I can give references and I am against my will on FACEBOOK. I promise I won’t stalk  I have friends in fact I am blessed with quite a few, but they don’t post comments either…lol 

Ok now this is one of my favorite cards cause its so simple …You will need the following

strip of paper 4 ” x 11″

push pin ( any color lol)

scissors or exact knife and ruler( my preference is a quilting ruler because you can cut with an exacto against it without damaging the ruler, and you can see through it. )

Score your paper in half at the 5 1/2 inch mark. With the card folded turn it so the open in is facing your body and using the quilting ruler measure in two inches from left as well as two inches from the open end… make a dot or just use your push pin and and poke a small hole thru both pieces of card stock.

Now unfold card and and on the front cut a diagonal line from the push pin hole down to the bottom of the right hand side point.  Key word here is diagonal .

Next flip the card over now looking at the inside right hand side cut a diagonal line from the dot UP to the top right corner…Just the opposite of what you did on the front.  

Ok you can now see that I have cut the diagonal at each end of the card and one is cut up and one is cut down.

Now when you fold this card back together just slip one cut inside the other and you now a  triangle on the front of your card… to me it looks like the back of an envelope so I am calling it an envy card envy short for envelope.

If you use duplex paper ( double sided paper or even with just white on the back it will make a nice look) You can either stamp on it or write a note etc.


On my sample I also cut a strip of 1 1/2 ” by 2 ” and I scored it at 1/2′, 1″ 1/1/2 ”  fold on all the score lines and and put a piece of tape , glue or glue dot on the first 1/2″ a second on the piece at the right hand end …remove tape and stick left edge up against the fold line inside card and press down so it is stuck to card… then fold the little tab at the 1″ line remove the tape which is on the next fold and fold the card closed to adhere the little tab which now creates a box to which you can glue images etc which will sorta pop up when opened.. all of this is extra …you can just stamp or glue images photos, or write on the inside of this card and its good to go…


OK you can see that what the tab looks like inside your card and and then that in this case I used a small paper bag and filled it with various strips of paper all with birthday greetings of some sort .  Another good idea is to fill it with several different or even the same THANKS stamp on strips and on the bag write Thanks a Million or A Million thanks.. You can also see the slits that you cut so that it interlocks when folded.

Ok so now your turn…… GO MAKE SOMETHING.


hugs the wire headed cyber toad…aks Kath




  1. Hi Kath,
    Another great card idea. Thanks so much. Seeing the Neuland reminds me that Sharon just taught a class in Arizona on Neuland. Her students loved it – no surprise there. LOJ was last weekend and it was quite good. Barbara Close was the guest speaker and her slides were yummy. It seemed much smaller than it usually is – I only went for the lecture Friday night as we had out grandkids while their parents were helping with the elementary school auction (a big thing that raised $77,000 for the extra-curricular activities and library). This was set up way before LOJ flyer came. I should have marked it on my calendar, but didn’t. Anyway, thanks for these delicious posts each Friday. Always inspirational, and fun.

    • So glad you liked it and Yes know
      Sharon taught a class and I am sure she was grand..I saw some of the photos from her class. SPECIAL THANKS for comment.. I love them..

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