WAIT, DON’T PANIC, this is not Paul Deen, and no I have not switched to a cooking blog. Although I do have some rather good recipes that I could share but I doubt there is much interest in that. I am not truly sure there is much interest in this but I am having fun although with recent trips and then getting bronchitis AGAIN…and be down for several days meeting my self-set deadline of every friday has been a bit of a struggle.  I used the words Mulligan Stew because while I have never cooked it I believe it to be made up of whatever you have handy.  Well I have several things that I want to share and they don’t ,on the surface perhaps, seem to go together but I am hopeful that you will find it interesting enough to have been worth your time.  Or as my favorite calligraphy teacher (CAROL DU BOSCH) says worth the price of admission which in this case is free. lol

First I want to share some more eye candy.  I hope this isn’t boring to those of you looking but I feel incredibly lucky to receive some incredibly creative mail and gifts and it just seems wrong to keep them all to myself …. I had a dream the other night that I suddenly was the proud owner of a billboard on a busy highway and that I could post things to that billboard directly from my computer …. now doesn’t that sound grand think of being stuck in traffic on a regularly traveled road and finding that this billboard which previously had some ad to buy something now was covered in amazing different types of art, photos , cards, calligraphy, envelopes, fabric art, 3D art,( I have a terrific friend TORY BROKENSHIRE ) who creates these intriguing characters made from found tin boxes like old cigar boxes as well as fimo clay and probably lots of other stuff.  She is incredible and back to my billboard it would be great to be able to add, subtract etc from this board whenever I wanted …some day I am sure that will be a possibility but for now I will settle for my blog ( I guess I am really vain as I never get tired of hearing that.) So Eye Candy





Ok now the next thing I want to share with you is a web site for FONTS. Just in case you don’t know what a font is …. it is the style of lettering you use on your computer for e-mail, letters, envelopes etc. If you thought your computer could only write in one style and one size…we need to have a serious talk.  Just like a pen, a computer is a tool and you know that a gel pen writes different from  a fountain pen and different from a ball point and different from a pencil,  well your computer  I know some of my calligraphy friends are saying WHAT???? Well I am assuming that there are many out there who don’t do calligraphy and maybe don’t even want to ( perish the thought).  Never the less there are lots of fonts out there to help you with your scrapbook lettering or card making or even snail mail and e mail.  This is one of my favorites and over the years I have adapted some of the fonts to a monoline style  that is similar to the font.  THEY ARE NOT FREE and sometimes they are even expensive but remember that somewhere the person who designed the font is trying to make a living and because these always download well and work well and because there are calligraphers involved in making some of them I choose to purchase them especially when they send me a note saying this one or that one might be on sale.  I am a sucker for anything ART DECO so those are quite a few of may favorites … are some samples of the ones I have purchased in the past.  All of these fonts were purchased on line and download from P22.  I have purchased and downloaded several fonts from them and I have never had a problem and their sales on fonts generally run around $29.95-39.95 and that is usually for two or even three versions of that font.  So all in all I don’t think its a bad price.  I know there are lots of free fonts out there and I am not suggesting you don’t buy them just sharing my favorite site and the ART NOVEAU bistro is the current sale and I loved it …but I told you I am addicted to that time period.

Now once you have the font on your computer then you can use it to type up words, phrases, poems, christmas cards , scrapbook notes or headings , also on any of the letters you write on the computer.  You can print it on your card stock and cut it out and layer it on your card or you can using your word program (microsoft) or your pages ( apple ) program you and actually lay out your card inside or outside and print two of the same on a sheet of paper.  I am using an HP printer and they are pretty flexible.  I have had other printers but for me and the things I do and print I am convinced the HP is the best .


My good friend Talie Kingsbury sent me this web site which is mostly Martha Stewart but it has a creative area and it had this really cool Graduation Card. So I though I would share it with you. It appears that they have different ideas for creating things and they showcase them each week.  They may not always be cards but in looking at the card and I noticed they had made a toy car that they showed you how to use a balloon full of air to make it run.  I didn’t read how to do it but looked fun.

Well that’s it for the Mulligan Stew.  I hope I did find something to interest you and that you will come back again.



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