GREETINGS …from the Easter Bunnyok I am not really the Easter bunny but after making these wonderful little diaper/pocket fold cards…I feel like the EASTER BUNNY…of course I should also share that I know have the crinkly cut paper that one uses for Easter grass all over the house… I do like it but its a pain to get out of the bag and also to keep into the pocket…lol… maybe that’s why the bunny usually uses just a basket and HIDES his eggs…no grass in the basket… all that said I am also looking for jelly belly jelly beans if you eaten any of them you know that every one loves Jelly Belliys…… I am pretty sure you can find assorted ones at AMAZON and you may find them at Walmarts also…

I will confess that after making the diapers/pockets I used some lovely little rabbits and chicks that I found at Jo Ann’s they are felt and just too cute and I liked the idea that they were dimensional as well.  I found these early near the end of February then recently I found the little wooden painted ones so you have to go back often… which is just what they want….

Dawn’s larger pocket/diaper…this is one she made using an 8×8 square… mine were all made using 6×6 squares…

This is one I did a few years ago with an origami chick if you check my blog and search for origami chicken you will find the pattern for making it..


kh mini diaper fold 6×6  2018 easter card

kh mini diaper fold  the little eggs and the tiny chick in the other card are both little painted wooden embellishments I found at Jo Ann’s

back of my mini

Now the problem with this card is that it makes a huge bump in the envelope so then you do have to add an extra stamp to mail it and also I would suggest that you tape it shut just to make sure …. as long as they hand cancel it it will be fine but if they run it thru that machine…well all bets are off.. fingers crossed…

Couple of HINTS on this one… you don’t ‘have to make it an easter could just be a pocket that holds a gift card for birthday or just a mini message inside and it wouldn’t need the easter grass at that point…so up to you… If you decide to use it that way I suggest that you put the pocket inside a folded base rather than just using a single piece of card stock…it will be more secure and what ever you stick in the pocket has a better chance of staying there… lol..

coffee and chocolate
what could be better


In case you don’t know the above is an ad for SPIDERS financial something or  I have watched their ads for years when it always a spider creating a web somewhere but this one is all about PAPER folding and cutting and books … hence the new chapter reference…anyway I just love it.. and had to share it because like the SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT ADS its so intricate and so amazing … they hours they must have spent just filming it… so enjoy… and HAPPY EASTER…

I am going to an ADULT EASTER EGG DECORATING PARTY ON SAT..SO watch for pictures next week…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath


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    • David, not a huge fan of FACEBOOK…so I rarely go to look at it and mostly I just look at my kids posts..and family… I did take a couple of year long classes an we posted on a private site on FB… but afraid I can’t help you.

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