Ok we have been all about London for past two weeks and then I saw RACHEL YALLOP’S CALLIGRAPHY on FB and thought you gotta look at this… She is also from the UK and I was just delighted with her website and the lovely eye candy… so Click her name above and you can see it too. Or if you want you can see most of it on FB in the Cyberscribes news feed.  This is just one of her pieces titled Nautilus and you can see why…it was hard to just pick one to show you but hope this inspires you to go to website and take a look….as Carol Du Bosch would say its worth the price of admission or in this case worth your time.


Well I am posting these card/mini book idea because I have always loved them and because not all my readers are calligraphers and some of them JUST MAY actually write letters …lol that uses actual postage…any way this first one is terrific for taking your computer and writing a note, a poem an invitation etc.  It works best if you work with even numbers for size i.e. 8×8 …..6×6….10×10….and I am fairly certain that you can then set the margins on your computer so that you don’t go over that size..

Now you have your size determined if you are doing it on computer do your writing before scoring and folding and cutting… also if you are simply writing on the paper or stamping or drawing everything and make sure its dry before you start SCORING AND THEN CUTTING. First you want to score every two inches…then rotate paper and repeat so that you now have multiple boxes on the page if you know ahead that you are going to stamp only small images or write small words then you could go ahead and score paper before you stamp/write so that you got each image or word inside the 2″ square box.. this is the pattern for the meandering book on the left.

The above images are from and Old DANIEL SMITH ART CATALOG and were written and drawn and photograhped by Marylee Bytheriver at least that’s the name on the article and it was published in the DS catalog in 1998….

Once you have cut be careful and don’t cut all the way thru or you’ll have several mini books…lol… this is where I suggest that you do a test first using a piece of scrap text weight paper.  DECIDE if you want an all over design or if you want to treat each square as if it’s a page.  When you are finished you will probably want to make a front and back cover for this so you would use a piece of mat board, cardboard, heavy card stock and then you might want to cover it…( * how to on that further down ) I would cut it approx 1/2 inch larger than the two inch squares but you could cut it as much a 3/4 inch larger than the square so either 2 1/2 ” sq or 2 3/4 ” sq… if its decorated paper you don’t even need to cover it , but if you have used cardboard you may want to cut a sq for each cover that is at least 1/2 ” bigger than the COVER …i.e. 3″ square .*Center the cardboard on the covering and adhere it with either glue or glue stick…double stick tape doesn’t work as well here… then so that you have nice even folds at the corners…cut off each corner leaving about 1/8 to 1/4 ” from the cardboard corner… Below is a sample …the white is the cover and the Blue is the cardboard …I only showed cutting two of the corners so that you could see what I mean by leaving a little i.e. don’t cut all the way up against the point of the cardboard.  Once you have done all 4 corners apply glue or glue stick and fold them in towards the center and because you have trimmed the corners they will miter together just like corner on a frame. Now you have your covers and you can glue them one to each end of your folded booklet again centering the folded squares on the cover do one at a time and then second one will be easier to make sure it lines up with the front one.

 TA DAH you now have a mini MEANDERING OR MAZE BOOK… This one came from my dear Friend MARLENE MAJESKI and it was written as a thank you note.

Folded closed it a cute little 2 1/2″ square booklet that came with band around it to hold it closed but you can use ribbon or string also and she did use card stock for the inside  and its not hard to fold if you score and crease as you go…but you can use text weight paper or even light weight card stock if you are running it thru your printer be sure you do check to make sure it will in fact go thru your printer.  HINT.. if some papers seem not to want to run try removing all other paper from printer and inserting just the one that you want to print on that usually does the trick.  Don’t know why but sometimes you have to be wicked with your printer… lol..

This is the booklet closed.  Marlene used marbled paper to cover and then used the pieces she cut out for the mitered corners as decoration on the cover besides.


Ok this one is even easier…. my sample was done using simple text weight paper and as always I suggest you make up one as your sample and keep it in sheet protector so that you can easily re-create it.

I used an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and you will need to fold it in half first lengthwise then unfold and fold it in half the other way….

Again unfold and lay the paper in front of with the 11 ” running horizontal.  Then fold each end into the center and crease it.. then unfold the piece and using an xacto or your paper cutter cut the slit down the center thru the two middle sections.

Then pick it up and fold in half lengthwise and push gently to fold it into a small booklet. That’s it…Now to decorate each of the pages you might find it easiest to unfold and decorate one side lengthwise THEN AND THIS IS IMPORTANT…YOU NEED TO ROTATE THE PAPER 180 DEGREES SO THAT WHEN YOU DECORATE THE OTHER SIDE IT WILL BE RIGHT SIDE UP SEE IMAGE BELOW.  

This view shows you the view sorta from the top and the fact that it is folded.  I first played with this format taking a class from INGA DUBAY of Oregon… I fell in love with it and I have no idea how many times I have used it….I am afraid that if I tell you I have even used it like a letter and using the computer printed on one half of the paper in the little boxes then printed the other half after reversing the paper… I know this might make most of you scratch your eyes out… so stick with writing yourself or stamping images and words.  Its fun and interesting to those receiving it.  If you want you can even make a cover for it using heavier card stock and cut your card 7″ x  4 3/4 ” Score in the center of the 7″ length ie 3 1/2″ and then depending on whether or not you stamped on the first page you can either adhere both front and back to card stock or you can simple adhere the back to the card stock.  You can also make this out of medium or lightweight cardstock and tie it with a ribbon to close or make a belt of a narrow piece of card stock and slip it around the folded booklet.  Ok…see that was easy peasy right.


A lot of my friends are not always on the best terms with their computer.  My friend CAROL CROSE send me a bunch of computer cartoons that cracked me up so if you occasionally want to throw your computer in the river…here are some smiles.

Now that’s a button that I know I can use …and I love my APPLE.

These folks obviously have a PC…lol

This one is for all of you who have ever tried to help your parents or non-digital friends get their computers up and running…


I have a friend who would love this one…

Last one and just cause its so graphic…

Lastly I want to share some back yard photos with you … I love birds and we have been having NUTHATCHES  lately . If you have never seen them they are just too cute…first they generally eat from your feeders upside down cause that’s just what they do on tree trunks…and they are fast and gutsy… this one landed on the water fountain on our deck which is a little hard to see in this photo but its a dragon fly and the water comes up thru the center and runs off the wings…well he landed on the tail of the dragonfly and proceeded to drink then bathe in the running water on the wings… and he was only about 5 feet from where we were sitting… and my Hubby took this great photo of him.  

My Husband also took this great photo of the squirrel which jumped from bamboo onto the deck railing post right BEHIND MY HUBBY’S HEAD..THESE guys at our house are spoiled rotten…they come up on the deck often just to let us know they are are out of corncobs or out of peanuts…

This photo came from FB and it s shot taken in Wyoming of the Perseid’s meteor shower from last week…we did not have a view like this from Washington but we probably have too much ambient light.  It was taken by DAVID KINGHAM over the SNOWY RANGE in Wyoming.  Great Photo

Well that’s all for this week…hope are enjoying your summer and GO OUT THERE AND MAKE SOMETHING…

As always thanks for stoppin by….WHCT…aka kath harney

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