WOW… just when I think I am in a spending moratorium along comes STAMPIN UP with this great set of dies… what makes them so special is that they will if placed in the center of a card…pop out at you..yep both of them will do that and you can also just cut them both off at the outer edges and glue them flat onto a card…

dawn's party thinlits card

dawn’s party thinlits card

kh cake die from stamping up its my party

kh cake die from stamping up its my party

kh my inside with the hip hip hooray...and balloons

kh my inside with the hip hip hooray…and balloons

In addition to the balloons I also used washi tape on the sides and bottom… I didn’t put any color behind the cut out other than the card its self cause I really liked it better….( Dawn will show you how to add backing if you want I think what turned me off is I HATE the mambo melon color green…its just lifeless to me… don’t know why just don’t like it…)anyway the real star of this show is the BIG SHOT DIE BRUSH

BIG SHOT DIE BRUSH..a hadda have...

BIG SHOT DIE BRUSH..a hadda have…

I Have quite a few dies that have lots of detail and lots of word dies…and I have been using the dryer sheets ever since I saw how much easier it makes the detail of the dies release…well this is best tool I have seen in years…. this comes with a light weight foam pad and you just lay your paper on it after the cut and lightly roll the brush over it and it releases all the little pieces… and it also works to clean the die of pieces that got stuck… I am telling you this tool is simply the BOMB…no more dryer sheets no sticky stuff on your paper and no more hunting for the dang dryer sheets… seriously this is the best thing I have seen in ages…and those two dies while pricey (i think $30 ) they are both very versatile in that they can be a pop out or you can cut them free and mount on front or inside of card…so enjoy some eye candy and see ya again soon.


This is a short video of a guy doing SPEED PAINTING with spray cans…. now as one who can barely keep my painting inside the lines on my stamp images…this guys is impressive… I am not sure where this is but about 10 yrs ago my SWEET SISTER IN LAW and I were in VICTORIA BC…and there was a guy painting space type scenes like this with spray cans and flower pot bases in various sizes to create the moons, planets etc… we stood and watched and bought him from about 10 pm till 1 am and there was still quite a crowd when we left… so I had to share.

You can probably tell that I am jealous of anyone who can paint… then when they do it with the most minimal of tools well it just seems unfair…TOOTH BRUSH ART..Now this doesn’t mean he uses tooth brushes themselves to form art but rather than using those expensive brushes that I have which have no art in them…he is using a tooth brush… just amazing….

Ok guess that’s all for this post… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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