Hi there, friends and fellow card makers !

MY BFF has been hounding me for over a year to get on PINTEREST…well I drug my feet cause I REALLY don’t like being on FACEBOOK…(reason below) but I am on it mainly due to my grandkids refusing to communicate other then to the world on FB….so if I want to even try to find out what they are doing or liking etc I had to get on FB…my daughter fact EASTER SUNDAY we all went out to dinner and we took my mom who would be great gramma and the minute we were seated they all had their phones out and were texting or posting…. like the rest of the world wanted to know ..was just dying to know where we were eating. Ok I’ll get off my soap box and go back to my story about I finally got on and WOW…. I am blown away with all the stuff I end up looking at… in fact the first night I was up till 3 am ( had no idea of the time) looking at cards, nail art, calligraphy etc… well the good news is I came across this little booklet that you can  make which looks like an ICE CREAM CONE….


NOW it was created to be in a scrap book so it was a huge circle and too large in my opinion to be a card…but they were adding photos to the ice cream part so it needed to be bigger… I wrote at the top that I used an 8 ” circle but actually to make my circle punches work for the ice cream I made the circle 7″…. It’s an easy fold and then you can tie it together and if you run the circle thru your embossing machine with some type of over all pattern , herring bone, etc it will look even more like a cone…the way I did it was to fold the cicle in half and run it thru the template that way… if you paper is really thick then it  may not work and you may need to try using the foam pad if its too hard to crank.

TIP:.DON’T BREAK YOUR base or your machine by forcing it too hard..( been there done that broke B plate after using it a lot for cutting so it was major scarred and warped… )

TIP: when embossing or cutting flip the plate over every time so you are not making it warp or at least warping it evenly..

For the inside on the ice cream parts I wrote the old kids quote …I SCREAM …YOU SCREAM ….WE ALL SCREAM …FOR ICE CREAM …THEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR CELEBRATE…or even GET WELL SOON …especially if they had their tonsils out…lol…

Ok I am wacky I know it and I embrace it… saw a quote the other day that said IF YOU LAUGH YOU WON’T NEED MEDICINE …IF YOU LAUGH FOR NO REASON YOU FORGOT TO TAKE YOUR MEDS…lol… that’s me..In fact it is so me…that I am going to just write the word porn in here again buried deep in the blog to see if I get another 259 hits…and to prove to myself that I didn’t just get super popular one day… lol…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY wire headed cyber toad aka kath


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