Well I really wanted to post a little sooner but life kinda got in my way…. however, I think that this kit/card by DAWN…was just the cutest thing and in addition My oldest granddaughter has been sick with a cold passed to her but a very unthoughtful while by the time I get it to her she will probably be well… but I told her to just save it for the next time…If you have any kids in college this would be a great thing to share with them to just put aside for that time when they are sick and don’t want to go out to get any of this… instead of the soup you could put in packages of cold meds..and just so you know I went to grocery for the lozenges …nope only the bags of throat lozenges…then I tried a Walgreens ..nope they too only had large supplies..finally I thought about a 7-11 gas station type store… EUREKA…not only did they have them but they had three different types of them… bought extra for next kit I might need to make…




You must check out the video in order to really appreciate how cute it is… I do think I would use packages of THERA-FLU etc rather than the chicken noodle soup.  If the person was close to you I ‘d put a coupon in that said I’d make them homemade chicken noodle soup and drop it off ..all they needed to do was text or call me with a request. ( I make really good chicken noodle soup…just ask my hubby…or my BFF Stephanie since I often share with her… I don’t seem to be able to make a small pot of soup… lol


This is the one that I made but I want to caution you that you should use light weight paper to layer with…mine was actually light weight card stock but it makes it harder to adhere it to the background… probably also because my base card was that semi metallic card paper and its hard to get stuff to stick to it also…I am sure however, that my granddaughter will get a smile out of it even if she doesn’t need it any longer….


I have to share some other things with you that I recently received in the mail…. first was this incredible envelope that at first scared me cause I do participate in an envelope exchange and I was terrified that I had missed mailing mine…however, I check with the friend…JADIE from the Peninsula Scribes in Sequim WA… and she assured me that she was aware of my caregiving with my Mom and she just wanted to let me know that she was thinking of me and hoping that I was doing well… it was such a sweet gesture and the envelope is amazing… it goes totally with the stamp… well enough talking about it…here it is ….

Jadie's envy front with stamp and names or recipients

Jadie’s envy front with stamp and names or recipients

back of envy

back of envy

Jadie's envy2

As you can tell Jadie is not only very talented but also incredibly thoughtful so I just had to share.  As I have said before..I am a very lucky girl to have such wonderful friends.

Here are a few of the Valentines I received also…

Bonnie Nosher's valentine

BONNIE NOEHR ‘S valentine

JO FORSYTH'S valentine

JO FORSYTH’S valentine



Janis Blevin's valentine closed

JANIS BLEVIN’S  valentine closed

JANIS BLEVIN'S valentine open

JANIS BLEVIN’S valentine open

my hubby's card from Hallmark

my hubby’s card from Hallmark

another card from my hubby from hallmark

another card from my hubby from hallmark

Both of these last two cards were so dimensional…the frog is made of felt and stitched and the chopsticks were real just short… as was the fortune cookie… too cute and what kills me is that I go looking at hallmark and I don’t find a thing…so when he comes home with these incredible treasures I am so amazed…they must just like him better than me…lol



MY friend JANIS BLEVINS…takes photos on trips …yeah well don’t we all ….but she looks for natural images that resemble alphabet letters…. she took a beach trip and found these letters …and I asked her how did you do this …she say she printed out her letters in 1 5/8 ” by 16″ then mounted them on foam core… says she found the fish as a hanger at HOBBY LOBBY  and used a small piece of wood behind it to keep it from wobbling then mounted the letters on top of the fish and yes…it is now hanging on her wall…


Years ago when I was a child my folks took us to Yosemite and one night having dinner up on top of one of the peaks the waiter came over and asked us if we’d like to go out on the roof to see the fireball… we had no idea what he was talking about but my adventurous father quickly said yes… out we went back then I am going to late 50″s they will build a fire on top of Half Dome I think and then at dark they would push it over making a firefall…down the face of it…. now I was pretty young so not sure it was on half dome and I didn’t take time to go research it …but a few years later they decided it was detrimental to environment so they quit doing it … My hubby found this and sent it to me and this one is not harmful to environment and in fact is quite lovely but not often seen… and yes, it looks a lot like what I saw as a child….enjoy… a little arm chair travel….

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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