FUN LETTERS ( Mary Anne Radamacher)

Ok my calligraphy buddies and those of you who like to play with funky letters this blog is for you….

MARY ANNE RADAMACHER is a wonderful card designer who has always used her own playful lettering styles.  I first met/discovered her in CANNON BEACH OREGON where she started making unique cards with wonderful little quotes and sayings on them.  SHE now has a website and sells her cards nationally. Her original cards all had little squares of paper then used SQUIGGLES to make a unique mark on the little square and while all of that was wonderful and made the cards very lovely the best part was her wonderful quote and if you check out her web site you will see there are several of them and she sorta has them in categories like GRADUATION, NEW HOUSE etc…this is the AMAZON link to her books and some of them are even available in digital format for Kindle…LOVE IT..I have several of her original books which I am guessing were more self published and now they have lovely colors on them… some of her quotes which I really love are COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES…I AM NOT THE SAME HAVING SEEN THE MOON ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD....and my most favorite I COME TO SEE TO BREATHE….aaarrrggghhh Can’t believe I did that….it should have read...I COME TO THE SEA TO BREATHE…

Last year she shared a new alphabet that she had been playing with , with the calligraphy groups PENINSULA SCRIBES and NIB ‘N’ INKS..both in Washington state… I am sharing them with you and here is my exemplar .

kath harney's exemplar of Mary Anne Radamacher's letters

kath harney’s exemplar of Mary Anne Radamacher’s letters

The fun/funky part of this alphabet is the addition of color…and you can see from my notes that I used a couple of different ways to add the color… You will also see from the sample of her own letters below that she picks and chooses which letters to add the color sometimes she colors in the O and sometimes she doesn’t again this would be your choice as well…

Mary Anne Radamcher

Mary Anne Radamcher

kath's lettering

kath’s lettering

I used the SAKURA GLAZE BLACK PEN to write the letters and on the Happy Birthday I used the H20’s…and on BREATHE…I just used colored pencils.  I also wrote both of these on a scrape of water color paper…..and the other letters are my akim lettering. Oh yes,…my HINT…do your writing in pencil first then you can trace over it with the GLAZE PEN. May help to avoid mistakes….

So I hope you have fun with this lettering and that you will just allow yourself to play.


She has lots of different cards and uses lots of different stamps not just STAMPIN UP although there are some STAMPIN UP stamps, papers etc…anyway I thought you might enjoy them so hope over and take a look.  This was one of her designs… not find the exact embossing pen she mentions so I tried a couple of others and her were my results.

embossing pensembossing pens 1

the pens I used all came from AMAZON and as you may have guessed one of them writes black , one white or clear and the third one clear….I used black and white embossing powder..the pens are WOW EMBOSSING PEN. the white and black come as a set by RANGER CALLED EMBOSS IT PEN… (please note the above images are not good due to my embossing powder not the pens…pens work great )

Then I also I also ordered a pack of zig embossing pens with various tips… some calligraphy some brush… I got them from Amazon… and here is what they looked like…so I really liked them also… each of them comes in double ended so I wrote with the larger size of each and I didn’t do the writer /bullet tip one cause its the same as the the other tips I already showed you… the Brush one writes in clear but the others all write in blue so that’s helpful in seeing where and what you wrote… just enjoy but if you are looking for variety the pack is the best…again all available from AMAZON. So now you can emboss your writing.

Since we are on calligraphy and lettering I am sharing a photo a friend my posted from our days of going to workshops at MENUCHA outside of Portland..I don’t know when this was taken but I do know we were all younger and just seeing this made me think of how much I miss them all.




I love this video  and thought you would enjoy it also….a good reminder that we don’t need a lot of tools or accessories ….just a few pens and some coffee cups..COFFEE CUP ART.

ONE MORE… you know I spend a good deal of time in south florida and in addition I actually grew up here… one of my favorite artists..CLYDE BUTCHER and THE BIG CYPRESS SWAMP.  Clyde is famous for his black and white photos mostly of FLORIDA but he does have images from other places as well…this video of the swamp will  make you want to go there but not in summer …that’s when the bugs and humidity will make it better to just look at the video…lol… it is a beautiful place.

SO GO MAKE SOMETHING..AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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