I really liked this technique…and I do like the INTENSE WATERCOLOR PENCILS…however I have only used them by coloring with them then wetting the images …. so this was a new technique to try taking the color right off the end of the pencil…

this is one of TIM HORTON'S birds that i colored on w/c paper using the intense pencils..straight from the tip of the pencil..

this is one of TIM HORTON’S birds that i colored on w/c paper using the intense pencils..straight from the tip of the pencil..




I do really like this however, when I watched the video I understand the need for using a heavy type of acrylic paint and I loved using the credit card to apply it..however I think that in this video she may have put the white on a bit too thick… It may make the Faux Fresco but when she was finished you could not see the colors on the butterflies as much as in this picture so I think I would just try to not get quite so much on the raised parts with the color. In fact in this image it looks like she didn’t get any color in the background area…so my guess is just explore with it and see what you come up with….




OK this is lovely and I do like it although I am not motivated to buy both the stamp set as well as the die set… guess I just don’t use flowers that often. so TECHNIQUE VARIATION… you can achieve a very similar effect at least the outline part…without the die…. if you stamp the image (obviously needs to be an outline image) with BLACK PERMANENT INK then using embossing powder again it should be black but you can use clear but it will be blacker if you use the black ink with black powder  and just plain black powder I would not use the glitter type…to much going on at that point… once its embossed then you would proceed with the painting of the image…for that you do need waterbased ink pads or colored pencils etc… you can’t use pigment ink to paint with …but you know that…then once that’s dry you can use the crystal effects on it give a raised and shiny effect… DEPENDING on the image you can also try to outline it with your SAKURA GLAZE BLACK PEN…this will also give you a slight raised effect….but this is much more tedious for those of us who are basically quick and dirty…

NOTE TO SELF....LAY THE IMAGE ASIDE( in a safe place) for the crystal effects to dry…depending on your humidity…this could take over night…so put it somewhere where you won’t lay something else on top of it…it is a form of adhesive….LMAO…

EYE CANDY ON YOUTUBE(STRING ART) Y’all know that I am not good with tedious…well for me I could never do this however, for him I am pretty sure by the look on his face for him its a ZEN kinda thing… anyway check it out….gives whole new meaning to the words string art.

MORE EYE CANDY…just click the blue link in each…

HEART BOX..This is a lovely little box that is simple and fun to make …might be just the thing you need for VALENTINE’S DAY…the clock is ticking…

WRITING DOLL…I think I may have posted this before or maybe I just posted it on FB not sure but its called an AUTOMATON…its a mechanical doll that can dip its pen in ink and write on paper!!!! Honest… just amazing and it was made a long time ago based on the mechanics of watch making… check it out….

Ok guess that’s it for this week…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY,,.the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

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