It’s hard to get anything done as I am glued to the TV and the OLYMPICS..especially the ice dancing, skating, women’s snowboarding and the then womens ski jumping( first time ever in the Olympics.)  Then along comes my mail from one of best and most faithful viewers JANIS BLEVINS…and she sends this incredible card….( called the flying easel) I was thrilled with it and of course thought Oh I can do that …..well I did eventually get but I did everything you can think of to make it incorrectly…still I managed to make it work for my valentine this year ( well one style) and finally I got the hang of it and then Bless her heart JANIS sent me the link via Pinterest AND THERE WERE LOTS OF SAMPLES PLUS THE VIDEO which I have linked for you but if you go on Pinterest you will see lots of other samples just type in search box FLYING EASEL CARDS…

Karen Burniston's flying easel card

Karen Burniston’s flying easel card

KAREN BURNISTON’S YOU TUBE VIDEO OF HOW TO MAKE THIS CARD. She is using a die from STAMPIN UP called Pop ‘n Cuts….however, it is not necessary to make this card but it won’t have the little insert tabs on the front but I have no problem without them…Watch the video ( click the blue link above) then you can look at Janis’s card with the butterfly and some of my valentine ones.  Trust me it will be much EASIER if you watch the video and then keep it near by before you attempt this one on your own…at least that was my experience …though I have finally gotten it down…I did not see the video till after I had made as many screw ups as possible and remember you don’t have to do all the embellishment that Karen does in this video.


Janis Blevins and mine

Janis Blevins and mine


two of mine

two of mine

kath's flying easel

kath’s flying easel

This last one is the one I did COMPLETEL UPSIDE DOWN AND BACKWARDS…LOL..I have it upside down with the flying part…it should be up by the fold not at the open end but I am using it anyway…in any a case I think you’ll like it… its a fun card and with the video then it is easier… sometimes I just tend to complicate things …THANK YOU JANIS for sending me the card and sending me the video link.




I used the envelope maker to create this tiny envy however, thanks to STAMPING SCHOOL ( she tried it several sizes before she got one that was the size she wanted as its not listed on the envelope maker…

Stamping School image

Stamping School image

cut square 3 ½ ”  then line up at 1 ½’ and PUNCH…. SCORE… and continue around all four sides…following the directions for making any of the envelopes. HINT if you are using light weight paper(designer style) DON’T PRESS HARD or you will score right thru the paper in effect cutting it.

Now there is also a large punch by MARVEY that is an envelope punch and there is also a die by SAVVY I think that cuts an envy about this same size… The die is I am sure available from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS and maybe the punch too.  Sometime I see the punch at one of the craft stores but not often… also try Amazon… it does make a much smaller envy but it can work by using more then one on the front… or making the smaller 3 ½ x 5 size card ( cut card stock at 7 x 10 and score at 3 ½ for horizontal or at 5 for vertical.  ) So here is one of my cards using the Marvey Punch …( its green and purple)…oops well sorry guys I just did some research on the Marvey Punch and its discontinued. However the SAVVY die is available at IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS.

marvel tiny envy punch

marvel tiny envy punch

I can’t show you the SAVVY die because I loaned it to a friend but it is almost the same size as the one I made using the envelope punch board.

PAPER EYE may have seen some of these from a previous posting but there are new ones in here and they are all so amazing… I am so humbled when I look at the paper cutting and think of my pitiful little cards… anyway enjoy.

 AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath



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