Well we are down to 5 days and counting.. every day I compete another task and assume I done and now ready then every new day something else comes along… like this… My great  JANIS BLEVINS sent me this web site on YOUTUBE a few days ago and bingo I was hooked and had to run to bank and ask them for 30 plus dollars that were in good shape…not whimpy but they didn’t have to be brand new as those sometimes really stick together and make it difficult .  In any case this is called MODULAR ORIGAMI. Watch the video ( which may have a weird type of ad to begin with mine was on sewing pinwheels and at first I thought WHAAAAAT.. then it jumped to the modular STAR…. glad I hung in there it is so cool and here is what it yielded….

my 240 folded dollars

my 240 folded dollars

each star requires 5 dollars so making 6 of them requires that I fold 240 FOLDS = 3 ½ hours of folding = 6 assembled stars = 6 happy and surprised nieces and nephews…which equals PRICELESS…

origami money star

origami money star

here is the video link on how to do this from YouTube …Modular Dollar Star

Ok below are several other links that I had planned to share but due to computer problems they got left behind….if you haven’t seen them there are some great EYE CANDY.. hope you enjoy

KNOCK ON WOOD....This is an artist who creates using driftwood… its absolutely wonderful… give it a look…

SIGNED, SEALED AND UNDELIVERED… This is a web site that has several area’s to look at but mostly they have come across some very old mail that was never delivered… yeah you know that cool letter/card etc that you sent but somehow never arrived …well here is some info on it and many of the images shows that these old letters were all sealed…with real seals…..very cool…

MIT ARTICLE ON UNDELIVERED LETTERS….This is more on the above images… and it reveals insight into the 17th century social life… no FB there but interesting non the less… hope you enjoy it..

FRAKTUR CALLIGRAPHY this website shows various types of calligraphy which have various names such as BLACK LETTER, GERMAN GOTHIC and even TEXTURA…while this may sometimes be hard to read, You are not going to want to copy the Gettysburg address in Black Letter but single words or short phrases work well and even long writings will work just a little more difficult to read but the TEXTURE and rhythm are so appealing … it’s quite as difficult as it looks at first glance but by no means am I saying its easy… like all calligraphy it takes PRACTICE…

BECAUSE most of you are here for the CARDS…let me share a great video from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS…its a watercolor technique and it comes out so great you may want to try it..she is demo ing…christmas so she has ornaments but it would work just a well with balloons for a birthday..WATECOLOR ORNAMENT CARDwatercoloredornamentstep14



I LOVE THESE wacky birds and they also have dies to cut them out so you don’t have to fussy cut them out…. in any case another good way to practice the water color techniques…

Ok that’s it for now and while I know I have missed a lot .. I am going to take the time between now and new Year’s off … too much to do… I WISH ALL OF YOU A YEAR FILLED WITH LOVE, LIGHT , LAUGHTER AND LOTS OF CREATIVE MOMENTS… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


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