HAPPY THANKSGIVING…..sorry I lost a day and this is posting a day late…but you’re gonna love this card..

DAWN’S PEEK A BOO EASEL (which I am calling a window easel)

Ok the blue line above is the link to Dawn’s video and while I think this card is very clever and cute…I also think that LESS IS MORE principle could apply here or the KISS..keep it simple stupid…BUT DAWN IS NOT BY ANY MEANS STUPID… just think this card has bit more on it than necessary.  Plus you would probably want to send this only a few people and also send them the little electric candle WHICH means putting it in a box to mail or else hand delivering …hence you aren’t probably going to make 20 of these to mail out… but its still a cute idea and you don’t really have to include the candle daylight will show thru the window…( by the way I am going to refer to this as a window easel rather than peek a boo )…But her video is worth 1000 of my words so do go and watch.   In addition you don’t have to do the window with multiple oval punches I only had one that I used in my sample below…also it could be a square or even a shape I tried it with a large leaf punch I had and liked it that way too.

And it could also be done without using the velum paper it could be an actual window and have a photo behind it.  Then you definitely wouldn’t need the candle.

This is kinda dark but although I did punch out a window using an old stampin up punch that I love…I did not allow for the candle since I put a photo of fall leaves in the window I also did not use as many layers.  I liked it …

This is the one I did using the leaf punch and no velum in the cut out but that was an error I just glued it together before I realized that I could have had the velum in between the last two layers and then you could also have the candle I could glue it on now but it would show on the inside of the card so I decided to just skip it.

This one I did use the light behind it and again its dark so you can see the light…ok by now you may have guessed that I went a little crazy with this card style but I really liked it.  In most of them I did use the window and did not use as much decoration on the front nor on the inside.  I also realized that my double stick foam tape that comes in a roll is not thick enough to prop the card open .. Dawn’s ( STAMPIN UP DOTS) must be thicker so I just doubled my foam tape and it worked.

I know that its hard to write down the cutting and scoring tips so I put them in direction sheet which I am posting so you will have them to print out.

HUGE HINT: after you have folded your base card you need to score it diagonally from TOP LEFT CORNER DOWN TO THE FOLD if you don’t it will still work but the card will open backwards…guess how I discovered that!!!!!

IN addition I was using a scor-pal and of course they don’t have diagonal lines but if you pick the score lines at right before the 4 INCH MARK you can see there are two lines very close together so lay the point at the top left on the second close mark and then make sure that the fold line at the bottom is on that same mark then score you diagonal.  Ok if you are scratching your head… see photo below…. its very hard to score a diagonal and make sure your top and bottom are running on the same line but if you use this double line it makes it easier to know you have them both in the same place…

Even with all these directions, I highly recommend that you watch the video of DAWN actually making the card.  Visual is always good for me…

Have fun…. and don’t forget to play..


PS again sorry for the dark photos this was a hard image to photo and still show what was done and how the light shines thru the window…


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