Dawn’s Butterfly embossing aka vellum dry embossing




Well, I really liked this idea of Dawn’s and while I have embossed on vellum before (this is not with powder and heat, this is with muscle and a stylus) I was usually using the metal stencils where you would emboss the complete image or words… with this technique you stamp and then go back and look for the white areas and just emboss those… or as in the butterfly above you can make the whole image look more dimensional by embossing completely around the image as this will raise the butterfly.  I do think I like it on a solid background best and the samples of mine below are all mounted on the black card stock for the background.

my dry embossing

Ok, as you can see all of my images are mounted onto black background then re-mounted onto a colored card stock… My favorite stamps were the bees, (RUBBERMOON STAMPS) moon stamp (memory box from IMPRESS rubber-stamps) the dogwood ..this one really shows up nicely (IMPRESS IMAGE) and the last one I tried was the postage cause I love saying YOU’VE GOT MAIL…but it was the hardest to do because finding the spaces to emboss were harder to find…

Now at this point I am sure some of you are saying well I can do this same thing by using my Cuttlebug (or other embossing tool) and running a similar template thru it and raising up the images and it quicker and easier…NOT…yes all of that is true but if you look closely and even better if you actually try it you will see that using the stylus on the vellum makes it go from a semi transparent to WHITE.. it looses some of its transparency which is why I prefer to mount it on that black background for the most contrast.  Your embossing templates and your embossing machines will not create the white effect that using the tool does… but hey, do what you want.  Everyone has there own limit of tediousness and I know just by looking at some techniques that even if I like the effect I know I’ll never do it cause I am a lazy stamper/card maker… I want the WOW factor but not a lot of work… or I know I will only do this for one person cause they really appreciate my cards…and my efforts.

DAWN’S GLUE AND CLEAR STAMP TIP... she calls this the glue from STAMPIN UP however it is also the same glue you can buy in any craft store  (that isn’t out just when you need it) and its ZIG DOUBLE ENDED. She also mentions in the video that she doesn’t put the image on the back of the clear mount stamps from STAMPIN UP… wish I had known that but hey, this works and mine stick pretty good for stamping but my cleaning often pulls the image off the clear block…( speaking of cleaning I only use water on the fuzzy pad and rub it off )  but this idea of using the double ended glue stick will make the stick better, I tried it… every so often you will need to clean your clear block and reapply.  The reason that this  works so well is that if you let the glue dry first then it becomes a repositionable type of glue PLEASE REMEMBER TO LET IT DRY FIRST…OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE JUST GLUED YOUR IMAGE TO YOUR CLEAR BLOCK FOREVER!!! so hope you find this helpful and I am not sure about all of you but I just love Dawn… she makes me giggle and she is always so upbeat and cheerful sounding…



One of my really talented calligraphic buddies is BONNIE and she made this huge envelope for me for my birthday…she had included a wonderful set of animal origami place mats… as well as a wonderful birthday card…

Ok guys, that’s it for the toad this week… enjoy and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad….aka kath

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