The CUTTLEBUG machine is one of my favorite tools.

Cuttlebug machine

It is almost always available at Michael’s or Jo Ann’s and that means you can use a coupon to purchase it, or its currently available at AMAZON for a very reasonable price.

Basically its an dry embossing ( not using the powder and heat tool) and die cutting machine. Its small and compact and there are bundle of TEMPLATES for the dry embossing as well as a die cutting machine.


The templates are basically a folded piece of plastic with a variety of designs on them.  They produce a very deeply embossed image either positive or negative on your card stock or paper. You can use either card stock or paper the paper works best if you are layering it onto card stock.  With the card stock if you have card stock that is colored on the outside and white on the inside or backside you can then also use very fine sanding paper to rub over the letters and scrub off some of the colored paper leaving the white showing for a distressed look.  You can also use your pigment or die based inks to ink up the plastic template itself ,then layer your paper in between the fold and when you run it thru it will not only emboss the image but also add the ink color to the paper.  Even using the WATERMARK INK PAD…which with stamps makes the paper you stamp it on a shade darker…you can also make the embossing just a shade darker with the template.  Or AFTER you emboss the image, letters, design or number you can remove your card stock and gently rub over it with a stamp pad and color to it that way and depending on how hard you rub it will either give it a distressed look ( not covering all of the image) or totally cover the image.  If you are looking for total coverage then I would recommend using the inking of the template first and then embossing.  The various embossing templates can either create an image for on the front of your card or a background which you can layer another image or various stickers or ephemera on.  You can also use the cloth flowers or paper flowers that you might adhere to you card first then run it thru the with the embossing template and it will add that embossing texture to your paper or cloth images. Ok can you tell that I think this is a” hadda have” tool for your studio.  It is also much easier on your hands and wrist than older metal templates that you would use a stylus to emboss and image or words.  


I have had my machine for several years and only recently started using it to cut the dies.  Mostly because the Cuttlebug dies are somewhat childish. That said they do have several DISNEY images that are both an embossing template and a die cut, which  means that you can cut out the image then lay it in the embossing template and emboss the details onto the die cut. For the dies, there is no end to the types of dies you can use with this machine.  SIZZIX DIES can be used the thick ones that are usually by Sizzix or TIM HOLTZ as well as their smaller flatter ones called FRAMELITS.  Framelits are basically multiple dies that cut concentric shapes in graduated sizes. In addition to FRAMELITS there are also NESTABILITIES that are pretty much the same type of images and sometimes these are easier to find.  Usually they are all available at both Michael’s and Jo Ann’s.  I think it will be up to you to just look on line as well as in those stores to see what images or shapes will appeal to you the most.  Also Stampin Up sells quite a few of the FRAMELITS.  Basically I have not found a single die that will not work in their machine. There are also some really cool LONG DIES that are from LIFESTYLE CRAFTS ( used to be Kwik-Cuts ) that will also work in the machine as you just need to run them thru with your short sandwiches and then slide the other half of the die into the sandwich and run it through also. You can also purchase other pads that are longer while it makes it go a little faster its fine to just use the short ones and run it thru twice. My favorite long ones are THANKS, LOVE, AND WISH,which will fold up and glue inside a card. ( those of you who know me know my love of Halloween so I recently bought a long one of a Spider web with a spider … but I plan to use it for birthdays too with the idea that BIRTHDAYS ARENT’ long as they aren’t mine…lol.)THAT SAID… EACH ONE WILL PROBABLY NEED A DIFFERENT SANDWICH( that is what they call the layers of pads you use to cut the die) . It is important to get that sandwich right or it will probably break either the Pad or the template.  BUT there is going to be some sound of crackling and or popping even with the correct sandwich but if it seems incredibly hard to crank it thru then STOP and check to see if you have the right sandwich.    When I bought mine it came with an A pad, and 2 B pads as well as a C pad.  Now however , it appears that it only comes with the A and the 2 B pads.  But you can order a C pad which you will need for some other companies thin dies.  Almost any die you buy will tell you how to layer it and which pads you need.  For the big thick Sizzix dies you don’t need the A pad just the die and then a B pad for on top of the die.  When you use the B pad with a die you are going to cut into the B pad and that’s ok…eventually you may have to replace that B pad but it will take a lot of cuts and you can flip it over and over again as it will also get a curve to it so when it does just flip it over and use the other side.  I try to keep just one of the B pads for cutting so one will stay nice and crisp and clear then the other one will have the cut marks on it.


OMG… I just received my order from the PAPER MILL STORE which I told you about in my previous blog. The papers are fantastic, especially one that I liked called Ruche cover 65 LB…it has this wonderful texture that is similar to crepe paper but that doesn’t do it justice.  In any case they shipped fast and all the papers were terrific. I will definitely be ordering from them again.  They also have different sizes and you can order larger quantities and share with someone near you.  If you need papers I highly recommend you give them a try.

So this is my favorite embossing machine of those out there , there is at least one electric one but it is a lot more money.

Now I have to give you at least one card so just in time I found this video from DAWN’S stamping videos.  Its of an ANGRY BIRD card…and I have a friend or two that just love playing that game and I loved the idea of paring it with the sentiment a little birdie told me its your birthday..THEN inside it could say ...or I made you this lovely card trying to hide the cake from me huh? think I am entitled to some of your cake. Or So why don’t you look older? Ok enough, YOU will notice that Dawn is using a different machine but the template she has will work with Cuttlebug as well as many other circle templates.  Of course you can always use just a circle cutter and cut about a 3 inch circle for the bird…or lowest tech trace around the rim of a glass .  Then for added texture if you have the cuttlebug use one of the many texture templates and roll the circle thru to give extra texture, for me its hard to pass up the googley eyes.  They don’t make the bird look mad so much a goofy but I do love my googley eyes…

WEll that all for this week. Hope you find the information useful and as always feel free to send me comments or complaints or questions.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..hugs from you wire headed cyber toad  ps remember Blue words take you to site.  Red words just important tips.

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