Well I decided that with all these cards perhaps you needed another style of monoline lettering ( those are letters written with a regular pen/pencil etc and that typically don’t have any thick and thin lines like you have in Formal Calligraphic Scripts.) My monoline alphabets were basically designed to be used to make cards, address envelopes ( non formal) and to use in scrapbooking.  That said, I have seen monoline scripts mixed in with Formal Calligraphy for a very nice effect.  In addition I would tell you that this one in particular is definitely what is known as a DISPLAY font /script.  That means that it works best with just a few words, not probably with a long poem but even that might work depending on the layout you use and maybe also you might try not coloring in between all the letters .  In addition, I personally don’t like to color in the counterspaces  of the individual letters themselves but rather as shown on the title just between the letters.  So don’t get carried away and try coloring in the bowls of the B, P, D, O etc…just between the letters.  One last note as to color….I have always been told that 3 is the magic number, of course you could try for a rainbow effect or simply try shades of one color like Blue or Red etc..just each one a little lighter or darker depending on which you start with.


When it comes to color itself, I used colored pencils but water colors work well also.  Also using watercolor colored pencils and only coloring part of the space and then wetting it and pulling the color across.  This will give you the effect of making it darker on the one side and lighter as it pulls across.  See Sample above

Also while regular watercolors will work I love the tiny jars of sparkle watercolor called H20’S.  These usually come in sets and each set is different so you don’t have to worry that you will get duplicates, however, you will find that some of the shades are so similar that it might seem that they are the same color.  I think they are like TWINKIES and will last forever.  I have had mine for several years and only a couple of them are even looking like I use them.  I found them on line only at JO ANN’S FABRIC AND CRAFTS. I also found them at PAPER INK ARTS and again they are both selling them individually but slightly less then Jo Ann’s.  The sets are often available at various stamp stores and even at some art supply stores.  I have purchased them at STAMPING IN THE RAIN at the BOTHELL COUNTRY VILLAGE in Bothell.  KIM (owner of Stamping in the Rain) used to have an online store but I just discovered that she isn’t doing that any longer , however, I am sure you can call her and find out if she is still carrying them.  I also think that they sell them at IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS but I couldn’t find them on their web site but that could be due to me not naming them correctly, so again if you’re in the Bothell , Tukwila area of Washington state you can either stop in or give them a call.  I am also sure that if you just type in TWINKLING H2o’s at GOGGLE you will come up with quite a few different places where you can order them.  In any case, they are lots of fun and you can also use them to layer them over your writing or use them to color stamp images… You can also use them directly on the rubber stamp and then onto the paper to achieve a watercolor look to your images.


Ok we have gotten way off track from the lettering so I want to share some other images of this style of lettering with you.  My good friend RANDI KANDER has played with these letters and taught some classes so I wanted to share some of her samples with you.

Randi's clothesline

As you can see from these samples she did just use a few words and she make her letters look a little more like a “typewriter” style of letters.

You’ll also notice that she mixed the “clothesline” with cursive Birthday and it makes a great effect.


Randi's letters The samples here Randi  shows you how she write the letters to begin with and then two different ways of dealing with the design .  One of my favorite words of wisdom phrases is YOUR ONLY LIMITED BY YOUR IMAGINATION! And that is true as you can see.  Sometimes you try something and it is not quite what you want but maybe you like it better or after doing it that way you think of another possibity.  This is why we call it PLAYAND YOU SHOULD GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO DO IT AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE… cause IMHO ( in my humble opinion) it’s GOOD FOR THE SOUL.

RANDI'S LETTERSI said Randi was a good friend and she never fails to amaze me….. I have never tried to do this on dark /black paper but Randi did and the results are spectular.  You’ll also notice that she left off the actual clothesline  and merely shadowed each of the letters .

Randi you are definitely amazing.


I also want to show one more image of Randi’s that it is actually based on the card I posted a few weeks ago, the WATERFALL CARD..  she wrote and sent me the pictures of her waterfall card… the first image is the one of her letters before she put them into the card.

These are VERSAL  letters not clothesline letters and she filled them in with a type of ZENTANGLE (more info on this technique coming in a future post.) design.  I was so excited to find that someone actually used the info and made a card.  I know it was easier for Randi cause we know each other but if any of you have cards you’d like to share …come on send



randithem to me and I’ll post them or not if you decide and think of it as your 15 minutes of fame.  YOUR ON THE INTERNET…lol…Randi, thanks again for all your support and kind words and for sharing your talent.

Now I have one more thing that Randi shared with me a few years ago.  You may have guessed that she is also great at painting images and using watercolors.  Well I have always wanted to watercolor even just backgrounds but I never seem to get it quite right so  Randi showed me this technique of using masking tape to tape off a sheet of water color paper to create squares or rectangels then using a few of your favorite water colors paint the whole sheet and layer colors.  A great time to use the Twinkling H2o’s . Let them dry on the page then gently remove the tape and VIOLA… have mini watercolor backgrounds that you can use to stamp on , write on etc. I am telling you she is a wiz and a terrific friend.

So Thanks to you Randi, I think this is a great blog to learn to play with Clothesline Caps. Thanks also for being so generous and sharing your talent with me.

I added this envelope that I did for my friend and this was colored using the Twinkling H2o’s.  I was attempting a rainbow effect but my orange looks more copper and my two purples are very close in color…always good to make a test of the colors first …so do as I say not as I did…lol..







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