Yes , I am 2 days behind but dang I am havin fun.  The drive to GARDINER was uneventful but we did take a quick detour through BUTTE…the town is know for is mining copper, mostly but also some lead.Elk walking the streets of GARDINER Mt. Each evening…pretty cool….


Backside of Roosevelt entrance due to sun shining on the front.. but I do have the front…

See told you I had it…lol

Bison herd settling down for the nigh along the fire hole river.

The Hamilton group was the original concession for all of Yellowstone for quite awhile.

Eagle eating along the river…I have never seen this before and couldn’t believe how big he was.

Dragon’s mouth fumerole…stinky too.

The back side of the Original INN AT OLD FAITHFUL…..note  the widows walk along the top when the park was in the about the 40’s they would allow visitors that were staying at the Inn to go up to the top and they had a dump off the to the left and bears came there to eat at night and they would shine lights on the dump so the visitors could see the bears this was later discontinued due the fact that it was actually harmful to allow the bears to root in the garbage.  Now the Inn is too fragile and no one but employees are allowed up there for mostly repairs.

Resting near the Inn.

Grand PRISMATIC POOL. Swiped this off the internet because you can only see it like this from the air.. you can walk all around it but you can’t appreciate the color because you can’t get up high enough to look down on it.. also no drones allowed in the park

CASTLE GYSER going off in the distance. We are waiting for Old Faithful…

And it begins…but I didn’t get a good photo of it all the way up due to it being on the video and its too big to post here this 40’s poster will have to do… sorry

Another one of my favorites is this poster of the Yellow bus….they were there a long time ago and they brought them back a few years ago but like so many things COVID caused them seriious problems due to only a few on the bus due to social distancing…so it only ran a few times and they are not sure if or when they will start them again. ….so sad…

Raven’s are everywhere and I just love them but I won’t bore you with how many photos of them I have taken…

.This is the most impressive place… and the color dazzles the eyes… I think because it is not as big as the GRAND CANYON that it is actually more impressive because you can appreciate the size and the color better.

The Lower falls of the canyon and if you look close you can see that you can walk right out to the edge to look over ….my favorite place….when I was about 9 or 10 my folks took us here and we were actually able to watch them dynamite the area to build the ledge out to the edge… my dad had a two way radio in the car and we had to turn it off as it was a possible problem for them with the dynamite. So many memories.

Ok Yall isn’t arm chair travel fun..

Thanks for stoppin by…old traveling shoes…aka kath







Greetings and Salutations….

This is day two and while I have not done much but ride in the car….I am incredibly sleepy, however I have had less alcohol tonight so we can hope that I will do a better job of editing…the real problem is my glasses don’t work…lol so I really can’t see the screen that well … still it was a lovely day and I do have a few fun things for you…..

I think I may have told you that we spent some time in Spokane last year ( which SIRI pronounces SPO CANE….LMAO) and when I was here I found a great art supply store and because one can never have too many art supplies my sweet baboo took me back over to it this am before we left town… this is the outside of the art building… I like to pretend that its me… making

Shortly after leaving the city of SPOKANE you find yourself approaching Coeur d’ Alene…( pronounced Cour de lain). But we are not French…lol. It’s a huge lake and very beautiful to drive along..

Then we come to more  images of the variety of landscapes that are this part of Eastern Washington.  It’s just lovely , however , I now know why my sister and brother in law do not drive on the freeways very often but tend to take the back roads….It’s very hard to take good photos when you are flying by the scenes at 70 miles an hour and that is the speed limit and just when you think you have the photo lined up a huge truck goes wizzing by… It’s fun but also frustrating….. you just can’t yell STOP when your hubby is driving 70 miles and hour… He’s good but that’s a no no…



Amazing bald rock just pops up out of no where trees all around then suddenly its bare…and smooth

Or rough and craggy

one of my favorite parts today was the area around Kellog I think where there is and Gondola and guess they are getting it ready for ski season.. in any case this poor man was having to climb STRAIGHT up with so much crud hanging off of him I wanted to suggest he get a cherry picker…

The climber with all the STUFF.. who knows what just hanging off of him..

I had to put this in as it just cracked me up…listed as a historical marker…

More lovely trees these are pines and they are just so crisp and very tall.

More bare rock that just doesn’t look like it belongs there..

A brief bathroom stop at Mickey D’s and an incredibly large bug ( nope don’t know what kind and good that he was on the outside not the inside…

This is the inside of what can only be referred to as a sh—t shop full of souvenirs…well that’s what they call them but this one also had $50,000 dollars worth of silver dollars hanging on the walls and over head of their bar….it was just a hoot.. no they did not give out any or even have any to purchase as but it was fulll of stuff and I did get a couple of postcards.

And look a wee bit of fall ya’ll ( that’s for my Southern friends who haven’t see fall in years)

This is my favorite image of the day…. and we were going much slower so I was able after the 3 or 4 one we saw to capture it… I think it means rock and roll truck…lmao…

I am afraid that this post is rather boring and some of you might not come back… but if you have ever wanted Julie and Julia ( movie) Julie decides she is going to cook all of JULIA’s recipes and then blog about each night…. I loved that movie but now I also know why she found it so hard to both do the cooking and then blog till the wee hours… If you haven’t seen it ,rent it…its worth your time… and perhaps you will have more sympathy for me and continue to stay with me… tomorrow is GARDINER and the northern entrance to Yellowstone and if we are luck some of the elk will be lying around the Ranger station and we of course get to see Mammoth hot spring…so hang in there the photos will get better I promise…

Oh and BTW …. I have hired a proofreader so any mistakes with this post are due to Mr HARNEY.. LOL

SO TTFN  ( that’s TA TA FOR NOW ) for all you Tigger fans… ( I decided that the blog need a new sign off) ole traveling shoes  IN MISSOULA MT……aka kath






Surprise…. its a road trip to JELLYSTONE NATIONAL PARK




SURPRISE SURPRISE SURP RISE …. I haven’t toled your but for the nest 10 + days I am going to be posting my blog of my road trip to YELLOWSTONE..

I am so excited I haven’t been back since 2007 and before that 1984 and then my first time taking my native Floridian husband who had never been out of the state of Florida 1972….and for me I don’t know how many times but my first was when I was 5 years old.. and the cabin we stayed in at old faithful  … my dad got up in the morning to start a fire and warm up the cabin and promptly gathered up all the newspaper that my mom had spread on the floor and burned up my socks…. YELLOWSTONE has a truly warm place in my heart so I WAS DELIGHTED WHEN my sister in law and brother in law agreed to let us join them on their trip … she did all the work and got us  booked for all the fun places … nothing in Yellowstone park was open so  we are staying outside at Gardner ( think Mammoth Hot Springs and the northern to come… and then on to West Yellowstone… via the park… the park is open but nothing else well maybe Old FAITHFUL LODGE but q bit pricey… I plan to blog my way through…..hope you can join me..we are headed to SPOKANE.. and the wonderful DAVENPORT HOTEL…

SO day ONE… We left at bout 9:33 and headed east on I-90 … to SPOKANE… it was an easy drive and our first really scenic spot is VANTAGE. Where we cross thec Columbia  river and see the change in the landscape .. driving from wet western Washington to dry Eastern Washington is a HUGE CHANGE… …its almost like not being in the same country…

the HORSE SULPUTURE is beautiful… I grabbed these off the internet as my husband was on a roll and flying by at 70 miles an hour so no chance to see up  close..

The river is the Columbia and the scenery around this area is just amazing… next we flew by the plains and the sage brush which I love…

Then you know you are in Eastern Washington due to the fact that you move from FIR TREES IN WESTERN WA TO PINES IN EASTERN… as a Grits girl (girls raised in the south) I had a hard time learning Western is Fir trees and Eastern is mostly pine… all lovely and I love the PACIFIC NORTHWEST..

THEN when we arrived in Spokane we went to the best STEAKHOUSE restaurant called. CHURCHILLS… and had the best Martini I have had in ages….kudos to the bartender who actually knew what DRY meant… lol.. plus they gave me this lovely little blue glass bottle of hand sanitizer…a local brewery is making it up for them… and I have a huge collection of blue glass ..and now one more…

So thus ends day one…but stay tuned for day two tomorrow … SPOKANE TO MISSOULA..doesn’t that get your pulse racing….

oh yeah these photos are from my local Safeway store which had the most amazing CHARLOTTE’S WEB….. no Charlotte but hey the web was SOME WEB…LOL.




OH YEAH and my BFF STEPHANIE GOGGLEYE made this incredible Halloween mask for me and I was hoping to share it with KING 5  AS THEY WERE ASKING FOR PHOTOS BUT CAN’T FIND OUT HOW TO DO IT SO HERE IT IS AND As said stay tuned for more adventures and more Halloween …my absolute favorite holiday…

Any and all typos are due to the 2 fantastic martini’s …

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY… wire headed cyber toad aka kath


HELLO AGAIN fellow Detainee’s

THE Magic here is the launch of the SPACEX  DRAGON space craft which was built and launched from the US.. First time since the last launch of SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS. BOB said it was definately a Dragon ride up to orbit… huffing and puffin little more bumpy than the space shuttle had been.  They made the trip in 19 hrs and connected to the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION for the first time in 9 yrs.  Really exciting and I had hopped that I would see the launch from my lanai across the state ( but it is a very flat state) however the weather did not cooperate and while 9 yrs ago I was able to see the launch of Atlantis once it was air born and then see the contrail but not yesterday. Below are the photos that I took and the color is a little off due to fact that I am using my i phone 11 pro to take photos off the TV… which makes the color a bit wonky.  If you go to your TV and type or say NASA you will see a complete set of photos and videos of the launch and the entering of the ISS…

this is the launch

the crew from left to right are BOB AND DOUG ….

this is the dragon that was on board the SPACE X DRAGON note the logo in the previous photo

Bob coming aboard the ISS

Bob and Doug and  Doug is whipping at his head as he hit something coming aboard and apparently was bleeding a little.

the complete crew two Russians and 3 Americans now on board the ISS.

Incase you can’t tell space is another of my passions and I am trying to figure out how I can send them a weathergram or several WEATHERGRAMS to hang in the ISS…can’t hang them out side but maybe they could just let them go outside… and float around in space…till they dissolve… bet Lloyd would love that..ok moving on.


The following photos are of cards I made this past week using the same format that Janie the Card Princess used to in my previous post of One SIMPLE FOLD.

FOR some reason I am into making small cards and I stumbled on some tiny pieces of stamp art and watercolor that I had done and they worked with this smaller size which is the size that DAWN uses for her thank you etc.  It is basically ½ of standard size card which is normally  8 ½ x  5 ½ folded at 4 ¼  and then it can be either vertical or horizontal.

But the ½ size is 2 3/8 x 4 ¼… I have lots of cards that I have purchased in various colors so I just cut them in half and the proceeded with the double fold on one half of the card ie just like Janie showed with the standard size then a couple of them were actually the standard size…so here they are and have fun with any size you want to use..good way to use up scraps and you saw at the end of her video how tiny you can go…. so just get in there and PLAY…

this is one of the easel type cards with the center being taller than the folded section and it is the 2 3/8 x 4 ¼

again same easel and same size but this time the easel part is a full 4 ¼ tall and only adhered to the bottom of the fold… so it will lie flat to mail and stand up as an easel .I was motivated for this own by friends in WA telling me how lovely the weather was….

Ok this is Based on DAWN’s SIMPLY SWEET  Z or what I call the double easel card and it was also smaller being only 3 x 4 ¼ ...

these last two are both standard size 5 ½ x 8 ½ folded at 4 ¼ then they are done in again what I am calling Double easel and DAWN calls her SIMPLY SWEET Z fold….ok now I have given you  so ideas for making the cards a different size now it your turn to go and play…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY  .…wire headed cyber toad ..aka kath






I assume that you are aware that we for the past several years have spent our winters in Florida and our summers in Washington.  Well since I consider WA my home I am also sure I have perhaps more than I should have , suggested that I’d prefer to spend my time in WA and that I really do miss spending my winters in an area of mostly rain but also within just a few hours of fabulous SNOW…. I know if you have to work in it and drive in it and live with it day in and day out spring is a delight …but i miss playing in the snow …. and though my husband does in fact enjoy the heat he also misses the SNOW…so that when we returned to WA this late spring to find that there MT RAINIER was still packed in snow at the upper elevation namely PARADISE INN we were elated.  In addition I had previously ( in February) booked us our favorite room at the Inn for the 12th and 13th of June well the was just priceless…I don’t usually book this early because we are not usually having good weather namely its raining and cloudy WITTHOUT the benefit of SNOW and usually no chance to see the mountain.  But I had found out ahead of time that the ANNEX at the INN would be closed for renovation beginning in late AUGUST and that it would stay closed for a year or longer… The Inn at Paradise is 100 years old and I am not sure what they are doing but its more than just cosmetic that had been done several times over the years. So I booked the rooms and lucked out… there was at least 10 feet of snow around the INN.

Because the Inn will be closed for so long …one will have to stay down at at the Inn at Longmire or one of the facilities outside the park.

This was the view out of our window looking over at the front end of the INN as you can see there was a lot of snow and I was loving every minute..

my penguin…

out my other window there was this small tree that had been broken down by the incredible amount of snow this year at the mountain but looking at it I thought it looked like a penguin.

the Fireplace at Paradise

An Old Photo of the what the lobby of the Inn looked liked years ago..

Paradise river just before it goes over Narada Falls.

Down at the lower elevation the WILD VANILLA is blooming  I love those leaves

one of my favorite flowers the Orange ones are Indian Paintbrush..

another of my favorites BEAR GRASS also called SQUAW grass….

Mt. Rainier at sunrise.

While I didn’t get to see it at sunrise this time I did get to enjoy all the snow and how quiet  it was because the snow absorbs the sound.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


Ok when I went to this site I have to admit that it was the accent that made me sign up to receive her posts… Its also a STAMPIN UP blog but its in the UK so you probably won’t want to buy things from her as you would have additional shipping I think but maybe not in any case she had some things here that I had not seen before so ….as I said I am a sucker for British accents…

LONG BOX VIDEO … I AM NOT SURE WHAT you might want to put in this box but she did such a nice job with it and its fun to see how someone else would decorate…if you watch the video  you will see that she wraps the decorator paper around the box at the top and bottom leaving the middle solid color to use with her ribbon… that alone was a new idea for me as Dawn usually cuts strips and puts them on each panel…

When you go to the site be sure you read about her back story and where the name POOTLES comes from and what it means…. I was delighted with her story and immediately jealous that my blog name was not more creative….however, my only other nick name that both my folks called me was Princess…and somehow I don’t think that would make a good blog name….

pootles long boxes

pootles long boxes

You will also note that her name is SAM and that she is a she…. she explains it all so give it a look see….

Ok this post is short because I AM HEADING WITH MY BFF for a week at the Beach and we have agreed not to do any heavy thinking…. lol… just sun, surf and maybe a SKI DO…yeah we didn’t get a chance to try it last year but we are both feeling more adventurous this year so we may just have to give at try.  Lots of lazy days and we both deserve it… I will post a few photos…after we get back as I will also be heading to Granddaughters Master’s graduation then back to WA so will be very busy….

here are a couple  photos of us from last years trip which was too short…lol

beach daze girls BFF'S for 40 + years

beach daze girls BFF’S for 40 + years

No we didn’t dress alike on purpose ….lol



AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


OK DON’T LAUGH….Yes, the TP does mean toilet paper …I OWE THIS WHOLE BLOG to one of my best craft buddies..JANIS BLEVINS so whenever I refer to her I am going to coin a new term..BCBF…that stands for BEST CRAFT BUDDY FOREVER..ok Goggle mark it down I created that term.   Janis and I have never met in person  ( someday) but we met thru a mutual friend who is no long with us…in sharing memories and crafts..I know I feel like she is with us and turns out Janis is always very supportive both of my blog and a very creative artist in her own right.. So she shared these two video’s from YOU TUBE with me and while I think they may be a little long…I loved both techniques… I am also sharing JANIS’S SHADOW BOX CARD…she made Dawn version but in her enthusiasm she scored it at the wrong sides… however, undaunted and unwilling to trash it she dug out some of our mutual dollar bin buys from Michaels and they worked perfectly with this shape and I also have several long skinny stamps that would work well with this too… check it out….

Janis Blevins shadow box

Janis Blevins shadow box

Don’t you just love it… I do cause I am all about creating something different….I am a RUNS WITH SCISSORS…kinda girl… so this I think is great and she fussy cut those tiny butterfly and bird and they make such a cute accent…and if the card ran the other way they wouldn’t show up nearly as well… so GREAT SAVE JANIS…and remember when making art THERE ARE NO MISTAKES ONLY HAPPY ACCIDENTS…not sure who said that but its true….Ok..

We have all probably done the crumpled per-decorated tissue paper thing AND then I ironed it onto butcher paper the waxy side after the crumpling and then used it on the card as background usually …it is hard to stamp on tissue but using the white and then crumpling it then uncrumpling it and glueing it to white back ground ..THAT For me was new idea…and looks like a lot of fun…so here is the YOU TUBE LINK..  TISSUE PAPER ART.

kh fish

kh fish

I use the new ombre pad from Hero Art…on the fish…love it…

astoria tissue art

astoria tissue art

pens tissue paper art

pens tissue paper art

I love this last one with the brushes…. its really hard to tell that these are on crumpled tissue but they are and they do have lots of texture…you gotta try it…

NOW I laughed at the beginning of this video cause she is trying to explain how she came up with the toilet paper idea and I can tell you that I get a lot of things accidentally left on my desk cause I stop to do something and lay things down….lol  but I am pretty sure I have never left TP on my she is really creative as far as I am concerned… This video is rather long but she does give you all the ins and out of doing this so its worth it. Here is the YOUTUBE link to TOILET PAPER EMBOSSING..not something I have ever tried but after watching this video I wondered..hummmm can you add water color to this might have to try that just to see but it might get too wet and and and …there could be lots of downfalls so first I will try the recipe/techique as shown…have a hard time both with recipes and techniques…I always seem to have a little something I want to add …sometimes good sometimes not so good…

Ok I tried to show this but I just can’t…however if you have done any of the 3D embossing with the newer templates its a lot like that…you will just have to look at her video to see more of what it looks like … I used what TP I had and it happens to be KIRKLAND which is from Costco..OTHER than being 2 ply nothing special…. this could be really fun if you had some of that quirky TP you know the money one…or I am sure there are others…there is a funky store in our mall that sells all kind of weird stuff I can’t think of the name of it but I may go in there and see what I can find….or I may check on AMAZON…but if the paper is preprinted then the embossing is not going to show up very much so ok enough musing…just go check out her video and give this a try its pretty cool

I do love the tissue art which can also be done with fancy napkins …but you must separate them down to just one sheet …they are usually 2-3..layers… very fragile when its only one and you can also use sticky back labels to stick it on like the 2 x4 mail labels…easier than putting down the glue stick and making sure you got all the edges….

ladybug napkin

ladybug napkin

shopping chick napkin

shopping chick napkin

both of these were pretty easy as they were those little packets that go in your purse…but this fall /autumn one is from a square napkin so it  was 3 layers and harder to separate…

fall napkin

fall napkin

I liked this one so much that I decided to stop the blog a second well maybe little longer and go make a triptych  out of them …so what do you  think…

fall y'all

fall y’all.. I punched out the leaves and mounted them with foam tap… doing it again I’d probably layer it on a piece of green then mount on purple…

I also did this one of the moon and bamboo….love it…this was done on the tissue and only the moon was colored …moon mail


Ok I just love it… going to do more of these….like using the bamboo embossing template for the background…or base of the card…

moon mail 2

The base card is some green tea paper I have and the color is not coming thru on the computer but its very asian…and yes, I stuck it on their crooked on purpose… I don’t like this that are straight all the time….

EYE CANDY.. Our next road trip is over  to the Olympics and the Hoh rain forest and some of the beaches on the far west coast of WA… this is a lovely video…OLYMPICS..take a peek and when I get back from road trip I will post some stills

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad…kath



YEP…STILL HERE…just running behind as seems to be my usual…in fact I have always thought that the statement” If it wasn’t for last minute I would never get anything done” was specifically directed at me…not that it bothers me…just letting you know..actually we were on the road and down on the Oregon coast to my favorite beach BANDON, OR…here are just a few of my favorite pics from that road trip…of course no road trip would be complete without a quick stop at Rainier…as you can see lots less snow than usual but still standing tall and looking beautiful..


then on to……


as you can see my calligraphy in the sand is not SUZIE BERINGER’S…I need more practice and although I had fork in the room i forgot it and had to make do with just a stick but it was ok…

sunset at Bandon with Facerock in the background

sunset at Bandon with Facerock in the background that quirky little one in the foreground is called WITCH’S HAT…just love all these sea stacks.

Bandon Or

Brandon Or…day break

great caves to explore in the stacks

great caves to explore in the stacks

and this is why ……

mary ann radamacher quote...that I have loved for years.

mary ann radamacher quote…that I have loved for years.

ok enough road trip on to the card…

SCS FLAP FOLD CARD.. Again another cute simple fold that just makes your card stand out a little from those store bought cards…and its a great chance to use some embellishments that you die cut or I am great a picking up what use to be dollar bin stuff at Michaels and is not $1.50 BIN stuff… and using that…so here are a few of my samples.




You will notice that they once again used the small circle to hold the card closed….You could use a belly band if you don’t want to use the circle or you could use a any shape that works for your design… just use foam tape to lift it up so it the flap can tuck into it…

for the cupcake at the top..oh boy oh boy …I get to use an image that will sit on a wobble spring… you can never have too many google eyes or wobble springs…lol…. I gonna try with a MINION …face… let me know what you think…

minion face...

minion face…I love him but was not able to use wobble spring cause the face was too big and it wouldn’t go thru the cut out…:( but still I like it…

wobble spring but with smaller image...actually embellishment from the Michael's 1$ bin..

wobble spring but with smaller image…actually embellishment from the Michael’s 1$ bin..

First TIP: be sure that your make your circle in the card base with just plain edges or it will be more difficult to get the card open…ie don’t use the scallop circle to cut the base card…works fine as they have it here.

Notice again that we are using that little image in this case circles to hold the flap closed… to do this you must ( well maybe not must but works best) if you mount it with foam tape/dots etc….

OK that’s it for this post… go out there and make something…oh by the way you may notice that DAWN has started posting the measurements and scoring on the page with image and the video… I LOVE THIS…it was difficult to go get the measurements from the video cause I was never prepared to write them down the first time I watched it…so now they are on the page one…SO WHAT I DO…is print out that page just so I know the name of the card style and now I will have the measurements also without writing them by hand also easier to share if you want to send a copy to a friend along with the way to access it you can just copy page one…DO BE SURE YOU SET YOUR PRINTER TO ONLY GET PAGE ONE AND MAYBE 2 or you will get all the comments and that can go for pages…yeah I have done it…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

stay tuned for another exciting road trip around the middle of August…WA at its best…





In Late July I had a chance to spend a few nights at PARADISE INN AT MT RAINIER… now  you may remember that I have told you before that in the PNW we don’t officially start summer till mid July well apparently I brought some of Florida weather to the Mt as the two days and nights we were there it did nothing but rain…and I mean serious you are going to get wet rain…more like Florida than Washington… however the lodge is gorgeous and old and has wonderful huge fireplace so I sat and wrote postcards in front of it along with some adapted WEATHERGRAMS ( see earlier post for info on Weathergrams).  And on the day we left were were rewarded with beautiful blue sky and MT RAINIER in all her glory.. just a few shots below…then I promise I show you the card…lol…IMG_5799

first two days of our visit this is all we saw….so I spent a lot of time here in the lobby



This is me writing postcards from the balcony above the lobby… only guest may use this area where as the lobby is open to all visitors… I love it here.  Two days of rain and at 5:30 am the morning of our departure My mountain was calling …I jumped up threw on some sweats and raced outside to be greater with this…

IMG_5810note the sun is just peaking on the top of east side of Rainier… but it was obvious that the day was going to 5:30 am there are not many folks around but these two were having a delightful breakfast and were not bothered by me walking incredibly close …


Reflection lakes gave just what it promised…



Ok I did promise a card so I will not bore with too many more of these photos… well maybe just one hubby and I waving good by from BOX CANYON …




I first met June at Menucha Calligraphy somewhere around 1984….she always came and almost always we spent some time together sharing our favorite folds… for while June was a calligrapher I think her first love was paper folding…and when she shared this card with me I was just tickled… I loved it and while it looked complicated it was really rather easy… The trickiest part is that flap but if you approach it like apple look for easy answer and be gentle it will stand up and show you the crease to make. pesky flap photo

photo 3

Your looking straight down on the flap and you can see that the tip is folded over so that it meets the dot/crease then it causes the card to sorta stand up as you push the crease back and then that triangle at the back gets reversed and folded inside …then rotate the card and do the next one the same way… tucking the flaps outer edges just like a box top.

Here is my pattern with sketches … June's hawaiian 1

This is one of my favorite ways to make a halloween card….you can insert a 4 x4 square with you favorite halloween quote inside or you can even use your computer  and write the quote just make sure you keep it inside the 8 ½ x 8 ½ size and they can open it and see it all .  June passed away a few years ago but I like to think that every time I share this card she is smiling and remember all the fun times we shared .

If you need more help with this then you will have to send me a request in comments or to my e mail at  Enjoy and make your first effort with a piece of computer paper or a magazine page but do use light weight paper as  card stock is just too heavy to crease properly and it would fold nicely.



MY GOOD FRIEND JANIS BLEVINS sent me this card because of my florida connection we use see you later alligator on some of our correspondence and so I am pretty sure that the card base is commercial but think she may have cut out around the gator and also added some of the white to show him off a little better… then inside she had several pages that she stitched little pockets onto and in each pocket was a Gator pun /joke… I need the laughter that this card brought and once again I was reminded of just what a lucky little girl I am to have such creative friends.

janis:gator 1


THEN MY FRIEND RANDI KANDER posted these two photos on FB and I love PASSION FLOWERS AND THOUGHT THIS WAS A GREAT PHOTO and the GARDEN PATH speaks for itself…I used squares out of the passion flowers to create a card using inches…AND ALSO this design idea I saw on pinterest it was done using a stamp but I thought hummm why not a photo… I’ll post both images…

I removed both of the images because I borrowed them from Randi and while I know she didn’t have anything to do with it it appeared that there may be some kind of trojan attached and there for I took them off just in case… if you just have to see them go to FB AND TYPE in passion flowers and then again garden stone path…you should be able to find them from there… sorry about this…







Do I sound like MInnie Pearl…..OK some of you may be too young to even know who Minnie Pearl was…anyway I was trying for that.

I wanted to share this card from Dawn cause as she said it just too cute… and apparently she received it from DARLENE McCALLUM…( I do like to give credit and Dawn does also on her video).







I really like the black one with the houndstooth check….and while she is using designer paper I am thinking we could also use the embossing folders on solid paper or ink the folder ..both would ways would work in case you don’t have any designer paper that works with your images/greetings. Just a suggestion.






Dawn is using the square nestibilites for the cut out on the flaps… I however, did not have them with me so I did have my SIZZIX THINLITS FLIPPER cards, which has three concentric squares so it worked just fine…. SEE…

kh fancy flap




kh fancy flap 2

my FANCY FLAP INSIDE GREETING… oh and note that I misspelled HUGS… now I write this all the time so you would think I could spell it but hey I was under pressure and do do happens.

I don’t have time to try it but I am pretty sure that you could do this also with a round cut out as well .  Ok I made time…lol.. cause I had to see for myself …and I used the same format that Dawn shows for the square…I used nestibilities circles number 3 and 4 from the center …It works well I think and I like it almost  as much as the square… I also think some of label templates would work just as well just check the sizes..You can see that I love the little wooden birds embellishments and I use stamp pad ink to color them.. You can get the little wooden birds from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS on line, just look up wooden birds.  I have also seen some of these wooden embellishments at Michaels.

Dawn's fancy flap


kathy's round fancy flap

kathy’s round fancy flap

kath's greeting inside fancy flap circle

kath’s greeting inside fancy flap circle

Ok that’s it for this week… have fun and remember to PLAY…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

UPDATE…soooo sorry guys due to lack of brain on my part…forgot to link the time lapse but its fixed now so once again grab snack and glass of wine and have a look…

 EYE CANDY….IF you are up for little ARM CHAIR TRAVEL..this is a great video of TIME LAPSE photography of AMERICA’S GREAT SPACES… grab a glass of wine and a snack and sit back and take a little trip across america… you’ll love it.