WHAT you ask is the ERASISTIBLE STAMP EXCHANGE…well back in a the mid 80’s a few of my friends ELIZABETH WALSH and LORNA HUTSELL shared with me the idea of carving my own rubber stamps out of the white plastic drafting erasers,,actually I am sure i tried few different kinds of erasers but we found that the white plastic ones carved the best and held up the best ie they didn’t crumble when used repeatedly.. I believe that it was Elizabeth that started the exchange and as I remember we would carve our images and stamp them on 3×5 or maybe it was 4×6 cards and make 10 or 11 ( the 11th one was for ourselves to remember what we had exchanged) then we would send them Elizabeth and she would sort them out and return to us 10 different cards, one each from the participants.  It was great fun seeing all the different designs that others carved and the cards were fun to look through.  I know that I started a large paper scrap book and started mounting the cards in them so that I would have them readily available to look at and inspire me for my next weeks least I think we did it once a week… I should know because when Elizabeth decide that she had done this long enough she allowed me to continue the EXCHANGE so now the cards came to me instead of Elizabeth.

It was a simple process to carve the stamps merely trace your image onto a piece of tracing paper then lay that on the eraser then rub it with a bone folder and viola you transferred the image onto the stamp then you only needed to carve it. For that we used the linoleum carving blade and removed the pieces of the eraser that were not part of the image .. We carved all kinds of things people , images of animals, logo images, letters , numbers just about anything we could think of and my dear late friend LORNA HUTSELL carved and image of me and sent it to me… we also carved on both sides of the eraser to maximize them.  Sometimes the things went together like a ball and bat but sometimes not just depending on the size of our image… I teased Lorna because the image she carved of me was on the back side of a toilet bowl she had carved,, hummm..Lorna and I got so into this the we started making small bound calendars with only carved images. We typically only made about 10 or so and they were then shared so like 5 each and given to special friends, and of course one for each of us… at first I think we each did 10 with our own carvings then we started making a theme and each carved 6 months of images so half and half…

just a few of the calendars we had made using only carved stamps

pages of the exchanged cards some Lorna’s some others

This was Lorna and the infamous YARD BIRDS from the Yarbird store in Chehalis/Centraila…and rather than Floridian I had become the FLORIDIDAIN..

some of my favs and some out of the post card exchange.. this its her carving of my head which we used to sign our calendared there is one of her too…if I can find it..

just a few of the calendars we had made using only carved stamps

Lorna’s Bun’s she had such fun with them..and always a delight to my mail box

this was due to our trip to the Stamp show in Pullaup and i forget the year but they had just come out with foil that you press onto your stamped images if you had run then through a copier with carbon…ie you had to stamp image then copy it at like a Kinkos to get the carbon then iron the foil onto the image…the demo guy had used an image of a rooster and ironed one every color or foil that they had….when we saw it we both cracked up and she later reminded me of the cartoon rooster which made me laugh all over was a poor choice on his part but hey I am sure she sold some foil..

the above are a few pages from our calligraphy group (NIB N’ INKS aka south sound calligrapers)  you will note that the bottom right carving is by SUE NAN DOUGLAS who because hand carving has such a unique look went on to market some of her designs to readymade stamp companies.. hand carving was hot and can be again if you have images that you want and they aren’t out there give it a try …

You can buy the plastic white eraser from Amazon and in a larger square but still the ½ thick so you can hold it and not ink your fingers and you can also carve on the other side..Amazon link to white vinyl erasers by Alvin

you can look for the tools on Amazon too.

Lastly I would recommend that you consider the book as it has lots of tips and hints on how to do this and most important is don’t undercut your image ..alway cut away from the image to the outside.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY wire headed cyber toad aka kath



OH MY GOODNESS….I have some things to share and also a card link.. one of the first things I want to share is about the GEMINI JR.  I bought this about a year or so ago and liked it so much and if you don’t know its an electric version of the BIG SHOT… not made by same people but it is available at AMAZON…( LETS all vote Jeff Bezos to restart our economy…) it cuts dies of all types and it will also emboss using the regular embossing templates as well as the 3D templates which emboss deeper…( ie don’t use thin card stock with them or you will probably end up breaking the paper). Frankly I got a chance to try one of the Gemini machines at a stamp store and was very impressed..mostly due to fact that I have some arthritis and no way to predict where it will pop up next but I was tired of cranking my way thru die cuts and embossing … less embossing than die cuts which is what I want to tell you about… the Gemini works so well and I have the die cutting down pat… I know the layers and how to put it together and to turn the clear cutting plates so that they don’t warp so badly just flip them.  BUT AS I SAID I DON’T EMBOSS much that said I recently bought a 3 D template of cob webs for my all time favorite cards HALLOWEEN so I decided the other day to emboss it using the GEMINI JR…( smaller version the big one is way too big) so I looked up in my directions of layers and read it twice then put them together and turned on the machine and inserted the sandwich of layers …it started in and then I could tell it was stuck so I tried to push it a little to get it going having never used a 3D plate before I thought it would go but no… it wouldn’t and suddenly I panicked and tried to pull the sandwich back out… not working… so turned it off and called my hubby thinking I’d make him hold the machine and I’d pull and it would come out….well that didn’t work either so he turned it off AGAIN and did what I almost never do…got on line and read instructions…..with me kibitzing in the background that it wouldn’t work….but he said …they said to turn it on and hold down the reverse button ( which I had tried to no avail) for 10 seconds… i hadn’t done the 10 seconds…so we gave it a try and BINGO promptly reversed the plates and pushed them back out to me… turns out that I had left in the frosted plate that you DO USE with the die cuts and that of course made the sandwich too thick…so I bravely relayed the sandwich without that frosted sheet and it worked perfectly… I just want you all to know that if you are like me and tired of cranking the BIG SHOT…then you might want to give the GEMINI JR a try there are other electric ones out there but I have liked this one very much and it does cut through rather heavy paper and even cuts through a couple  sheets of about 60 lb card stock.. and my shoulders don’t get tired and neither do my hands…I am just sharing this for your interest not because I get a commission for selling them… lol…and if you are new to all of this you might find that cost of BIG SHOT or ever the stamping up one is about the same as this electric one… and it will cut most size dies… anyway I love it.

Now next I want to share some pens my Epistolary friend in Oklahoma shared with me months ago so not sure if you will find them but she and I are great DOLLAR TREE shoppers… not Dollar General nor Dollar Family etc…only DOLLAR TREE actually has everything at $1.00….these pens are so cool… they actually have two tips coming out the end so you get dual letters or lines with them and in dual colors.  I had to go to 3 different DOLLAR TREE’S to find them but I do like them and they came in set as you see but also another set with two different colors… and at $1 of course I had to buy both sets… I only scanned this set so you will have to go hunting but you just might find them.

Now more info …I tried to scan this and it was too blurry so I took photo with my iPhone and tried to drag and drop it into the blog…but apparently with this newest update on IPHONE..they have made the photos no longer JPEG BUT NOW SOMETHING CALLED HEIC… it makes for a better and maybe takes up less space BUT IT is not possible to put it into blog… that blew me away…. in fact I am going to have a online discussion with apple soon and I plan to tell them that STEVE IS PISSED… some of the changes they have been making with these updates are just not necessary or at least don’t seem necessary … I am sure they have some reason but often it seems like they are just MESSIN WITH US… and this folks is from and all APPLE girl have been for long time and only phone I ever had was apple and don’t plan to change but really guys leave the do it three times to microsoft and give us back the EASY WAY…ok I am off my soap box for now… I also want to share with you a few photos from my mt Rainier day trip… WE ALL WORE our masks..

mt Rainier in all her glory against the total blue sky

This card below is from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS…and its on You tube as a TWISTED DIAGONAL FOLD CARD... but while you are there also check out the TWISTED GATE FOLD… another of my favorites…


I am still wearing my flip flops but I am currently not in the south…still the statement holds…

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Hi all…I watched the video of this technique and thought it SOUNDED LIKE A FUN EFFECT..BLACK ICE TECHNIQUE

black ice technique

however, it is very hard to see the effect in the video so go all the way to the end and look at the last few images she shares of previous cards and if you zoom in you should be able to see the droplets effect…. as she points out no two will be exactly the same even if you use the stamp inks and stamps… but it is interesting…

love the idea of the moon just doesn’t photograph well

For me it would be one of those things that I would prepare quite a few of them at one time so just do the covers and then worry about making the cards…IN addition I really like the triplicate effect on the front of black cards… I think black is going to show up better than anything else.. I am now going on the prowl for copper and silver foil card stock .. I am not sure this would work on actual copper or on silver as I don’t think it would stick with the embossing and I know that embossing heat on copper changes the color so you want this to be card stock…

this may the best image of the little beads of clear embossing but still hard to see

loved the color with this one

I am pretty sure the Michael’s has had some gold cards in box for sale as well as some that are silver… but I will check for the sheets of card stock as well..

I did find sheets of silver and of copper at AMAZON they are the star dream brand and its pretty smooth as you don’t want paper with a textured surface or this technique would not show up well at all..

Again while the photos don’t show up well I am certain that if you had the card in your hand it would show up very well… and I love the idea of it… so who knows when but I do plan to give this a try..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….snail headed cyber toad..aka kath

friend sent me this photo and since I am back in the land of slugs and snails I thought I’d share it… lol


GREETINGS FROM THE GREAT PACIFIC NORTH WEST...yep I am back home and I almost know where things are….lol  My yard is beautiful and while my wisteria has already bloomed and now hangs in dead strings my peonies have just budded and then opened… and they are lovely…

first peony bud..

now we have two open

close up of the flower

also dog wood is blooming everywhere I’ll get some photos for later… and a friend took a trip down to Oregon and Cannon Beach and took this great photo of the sunset .

That’s HAYSTACK rock in the fore ground… just beautiful isn’t it… so on to card making..

EXPLOSION CARDS VIDEO..these are so cute and very simple and easy to make and bonus is that you actually get two ..yes two cards for the price of one…lol… I do like the there are two sizes of these and they are pretty easy …I will tell you and she mentions it that its best to use text weight or the designer paper for the explosion part because it gets harder to fold it with card stock also thicker to mail. Dawn will also show you using solid paper and then gluing triangles on the inside and she does tell you the this makes the card much thicker and little harder to fold… but she gives you these options…

large and small explosion cards.

Now this one was very impressive BUT…as I have said in the past I am not a fan of coloring and this had way toooooo much coloring for my taste it is impressive…my only suggestion is that I would have either left the belly band un colored or I would have used a solid piece of carsick that was the same color as one of the flowers…

my explosion with bees and inside wishing you a honey of a day…

EYE CANDY….string art…at least that is what I am calling it..  Ok Know its been a while and have more to share but I am just going to switch it up a little and start sharing whenever I get a blog finished sometimes I hold them til friday but friday is not going to be a magic day any longer if you are signed up you will get e mail when I post if not then it will be up to you to check to see if I have posted recently or not… so hope you enjoy all of this and more of the northwest soon…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ..wire headed cyber toad..aka Kath


OMG…so sorry ..when I did this post I didn’t realize that she was only going to show you how to do the card with the pocket on both the outside and the inside…not the one I liked the best which was just the diagonal fold… no pocket… so here is the link to that video..

MASCULINE DIAGONAL FOLD this video is on YouTube…not her web site …well maybe there too but this is the one I found… basically they all use the same size papers…

BASIC CARD is 8 ½ by 11 ..then score it on 8 ½ side at 4 ¼ ..then rotate paper and score at 5 ½..

Next using your paper trimmer cut the card from one point to the opposite point ie diagonally …if it won’t fit in your paper trimmer that way then you will have to use a self healing cutting board and an exacto and a ruler… then fold on the score lines…

now you have two cards… so for the front triangles you need to cut

2 pieces ( bottom layer 4 x 5 ¼ i wouldn’t use designer paper for this because only an 1/8 inch boarder will show so choose a coordinating paper for this layer or you can just make this your ONLY LAYER ON THE FRONT OF CARD … still need two of them since you have two card bases assume you will want to use the same papers on them and in that case if its your ONLY layer probably use designer paper…

if you are doing a TOP LAYER OF DESIGNER PAPER  you will now cut 2 pieces of it 3 ¾ x 5….after you have cut the papers then you will cut each of them again diagonally ie from point to point so that they will fit on the triangle folds on your base card…

SOMETIMES A PICTURE REALLY IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS… so just watch the video this was basically just to give you the measurements so she only gives them on line… aaarrrgggghhh..

above are my two regular sized ones and the one on the left says HAPPY B DAY inside…the other says HAVE A HONEY OF A DAY…

above are the two 6×9 cards with only one layer and in this case because they were smaller I ending up using the same designer paper for both triangles… if you believe that I have bridge in brooklyn that I can sell you really cheap…lmao…. actually I got side tracked and had glued them on before I realized what I had done… so the left card says CELEBRATE wherever you are…. and the right one says DON’T COUNT THE CANDLES ON YOUR CAKE …JUST ENJOY THE GLOW THEY MAKE… ( I think I may have purloined that saying from Hallmark… lol)

Now if you want to make it easier it must also be smaller… so cut the following.

BASE CARD 6 X 9 …SCORED AT 3 X 41/2 ..

the diagonal cut and for the triangle panels on the front and for the inside panel.. cut

cut 2 ..3 ¾ x 4 ¼…only cut one of them diagonally the other can be your inside panel if you used a dark card it should be light … the other piece should be a piece of designer paper. ok hope you find this helpful and worth the second post..

again my bad for not giving you this with the first posting…. thanks for stopping by…

DIAGONAL POCKET FOLD CARD…we have seen this fold b before with putting the pocket fold inside and using it to hold a special note or a gift card… but I LOVED THE IMAGES OF THE CARD FOLDED WITH TWO TRIANGLES ON THE FRONT…

diagonal front fold flaps..

Now Dawn doesn’t give you the way to make this card but if you look closely at this image from her video… I think I can talk you through it. SO HERE GOES… using the 8 ½ x 11 piece of card stock  then score the 8 ½  side at 4 ¼ then rotate the paper and score it  5 ½ now here is where it differers… now instead of only cutting the diagonal on the bottom left rectangle you will not cut a diagonal line front the top left down to the bottom right..then when you go to fold the card closed it will make in insistence a diagonal gate fold…WHAT FUN… I also like the idea of just using complementary papers on the front of the card and a belly band with an image or quote on it … in the example above if you look to the left you will see the belly band with a circle on the front and a quote..

here is one that is closed two scraps of paper and belly band with circle…

two triangles on the front make a pocket on the front

two diagonal cuts make a triangle that folds up to create two pockets using 8 ½  x 11

the original with pocket inside in vertical format

same pocket inside but turned so that the card is horizontal.

in addition this one has a much larger belly band with multiple strips of paper and string..

All of the cards have a space for you to write your message on the inside… but I like the funky two triangle flaps on the front…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath

EYE CANDY…KEITA SAGAKI...ART WORK done using thousands of tiny manga images….. he draws directly onto paper using a 0.015-inch black pen, referring to images of the painting that he’s reproducing. Sagaki’s drawings vary in scale, from roughly the size of a sheet of A4 paper to enormous works almost 10 feet wide. Given that a single mistake could ruin an entire work, Sagaki takes his time when drawing, and some works take as long as a year to complete….just amazing enjoy..


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mom’s out there hope your day is filled with love and laughter… 

TRI FOLD CARD..I really liked this card because it had this quirky opening …however you might need to put a little note in with the card that tell them how to open it….I have friends who only receive cards and aren’t involved in making them they may not be able to figure out how to open it…  ANOTHER HINT…When you put the piece be it oval or circle or rectangle don’t overlap it too much ie too far down on the bottom flap because it will make it harder to open and in the end they may accidentally end up tearing the card ….of course you can simply fold the flap inside the card and then it will be easy to open but folding it over the top to hold the card closed is more interesting…as long as they can figure out how to open it…

I also like all the layers both on the front and on the inside but again don’t make that piece that is what holds it close too many layers or again it will be so stiff that the bottom won’t want to fold out easily.

Although Dawn made a wonderful card for her husband or a man card using her motorcycle stamps ….I just want to suggest that MOST men would not have a clue how to open this card…and it would definitely end up being destroyed.  Now her husband would not have a problem because he also makes cards…

I also think that the penguins would work really well with this card as would flowers and also the punch out owls… So just a few suggestions about this card technique…so have fun and GO MAKE SOMETHING… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath

OLDEST PENCIL FACTORY this is one of the last pencil factors in America… very interesting.  I hope you will enjoy it…





I called this EASTER/PICNIC because its actually designed as a picnic and this is the 3rd basket she has posted very cute and somewhat similar baskets but each of them is unique in their own way. I am not a fan of the lid on this one which actually makes it more of a picnic basket but it is cute… I made two of them as Easter Baskets for a friend.

I also didn’t put the trim on the handle because these baskets were for friends who are not so into fru fru…so I skipped that part….  but this can also make a very cute birthday basket or just a thank you basket with a treat in it… personally I like the Ghirdelli chocolates but you can use whatever makes your friend the happiest… You could also get a gift certificate and if its paper you can roll it up like a scroll, tie it with a ribbon and put it in the basket…

In any case use it as you see fit…

easter/picnic baskets

I do like the way they sit and shape into a basket though which is a bit more curvy than the other basket..and its slightly bigger so it will hold slightly more candy or even plastic eggs filled with candy like jelly beans or m&ms…. either one is good…..


a) I don’t have the stampin up paper trimmer so I can’t use it to score with… I was forced to use my scor pal because my paper trimmer is a fiskar with a wire and a slot that the cutting blade runs thru…while its great at cutting when I tried to score it ended up cutting the paper or scoring it so deeply that it cause the paper to crack and tear…yep ..had to start all over again…SO if you have to do as I did an use a scor-pal you will need to score one side of the basket and then turn it 180 score it the same on that side.. all of that is do-able..

b) You can cut up your regular card stock  but Jo anns and Michaels both sell lots of 6×6 pads of card stock and they are often duplex even if you use solid colors you can always stamp on it. So this is just an FYI..

I can’t think of much else to tell you about  this pattern as its pretty simple….I did write down the various measurements for the basket and put them on her cover sheet to make it easier for you and you should be able to print this sheet for reference. I also made some notes on how I did the measurements etc using the scot-pal. Hope it works for you.

pattern with measurements

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…Wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


GREETINGS SWEET SPRINGTIME… it gets closer to Easter everyday and I had hoped to get a few more pieces set to post but alas for me anyway if it wasn’t for last minute nothing would get done…lol… I continue to be playing with watercolor… and this was another technique that really appealed to me… that said I will say I am not a huge fan of rainbows…. but I could really see this background as STARRY STARRY NIGHT…and currently being in Fl … I went wow… just imagine some palmtrees stamped in black against this blue background…. and leaving a bit of open space in the area and then putying some yellow in there as moon… PRICELESS…then basically just using wet on wet and flicking other inks onto the background …. as I said priceless…


HOk so you can see here how she is using the cap of the water pen to flip/ or flick other colors onto the wet background… but HINTS… there are other tools that will do this as well… back in grade school we used a toothbrush and splattered ourselves as well as the paper…lol so with any of these methods…you  may want to a) go to the kitchen sink or someplace you can clean up easily…b) wear and apron or old shirt or if you have on ( you may want to designate one) a painting… again… AND then don’t forget to remove it when your hubby comes home or he will wonder what you have been doing all day… lol

so in addition to the toothbrush ( make sure you are not going to use it to brush your teeth any longer… )this little tool and I have no name for it but SPATTER BRUSH works just like to your tooth brush and your children will not refuse to brush there teeth any longer once they see you using it… of course as always it available at craft stores but on AMAZON also..

amazon spatter brush ACTUALLY it says its a kemper tool… lol… what you can’t see in this picture is that there is metal bar on the back side of the wooden dowel that says kemper tools nd if you dip the bristles into the paint then you push the bar up against bristle and twist the handle and bingo it spatters…. test it on scrap paper first to see how much paint you want on it…


another spatter.. THIS ONE as you can see is a TIM HOLTZ product is there anything he doesn’t make… still it looks interesting… I am assuming that with this one you dip the long bristles into paint and then maybe using a pencil tap the brush on the pencil to drop ink onto you wet background or you may want to use it on a dry just to make spatter ….. again I found this image on AMAZON… but I assume that it would also be at Michaels or jo ann’s or HOBBY LOBBY…

SPEAKING OF HOBBY appears that they are either trying to clear out all their stamps Ie discontinue selling them or they just want to get rid of old stock.. in any case I have come to the party late and only found one or two that I just had to have… but almost all of the ones they have for sale are down to less than two or 3 dollars… I was amazed even big ones… so you may want to check it out if you have one near you… I asked several of the checkers and no one seems to know if they just starting over or if they are no long going to sell stamps…..:(…. and if the stamps go does that mean the paper will also… not sure and they are not telling… so this is just an FYI if you have a HOBBY LOBBY  near by..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


I love finding alternative uses for things…. and this certainly qualifies… I think when I was first married I may have NOTE MAY HAVE.. used contact paper to line my shelves in my cupboards…so I got excited when I saw I could buy some respositional contact paper and use it to make art…so you must at least look at the video and then directions and then decide if like me you want to go to amazon (because I am too lazy to run all over town trying to find it) and it turns out its almost that hard to find on Amazon… lol…You might want to wait and check back with me to make sure that what I ordered is in fact removable..they say it is…but they don’t have the word removable on the label…

But the idea really appeals to me… I like using the cut out to add a variety of color and then to stamp again with a design stamp on in this case the balloon… in any case it will take a few days before I can actually try this out and if you buy the large post it notes you can probably do similar idea Ist bit harder to keep the mask in place to add the color.




HOPPY EASTER….I AM JUST GONNA JUMP IN  ON THIS ONE…LOL…also I am celebrating a major BIRTHDAY…that’s right I am 16 today…no you don’t believe me well how about 30…ok that’s not working either now you have to just guess but I can say that I am alive and well and thankful for every day…

I love this waterfall card and while I was taught it slightly different this is just so easy…I had to share it again…. and these little panda’s from STAMPING UP … they are a freebee if you spend $ 50 so yeah I had some birthday stuff and I had to have them… I think they are just too cute…here is the link to her video..PANDA WATERFALL VIDEO and below is are the measurements needed for each of the pieces that create the waterfall..

I don’t have all the other set she uses but I had some other narrow stamps that work for that last space…AND I did have several designs of cards that I bought by the box at Michael’s cause they were on sale for like 5 bucks… It was just such a deal and so I am using them for the background layer just like see did and even thought the front and back are not the same it works just fine I think… see below

ok there are my two using a box of black and white cards… but I am also going to make one with my favorite frog stamps and I can’t remember where I got him but he was on an image on PINTREST AND and I found her blog and ordered the stamp… sorry guys I just didn’t keep the info but you should also know that he is unmounted totally no cushion either … anyway I like him but there are tons of frogs out there…

I will still use the black squares and the black card basic..just because I like black and because I think it sets all the colors off better… I am not a fan of ink and paper being the same color… EXCEPT BLACK…lol…

I am also pretty sure that you can stamp the panda with the balloon on the last piece of white if you just mask off the bottom a little it might cut off the feet but the rest of panda and balloon will be just fine…

Here are some other designs you can use on the waterfall card…

I used my favorite frog  and then in the second one I used a large balloon stamp that I have., background on each black base are the fronts on some cards I got at Joann’s that were on sale with like 20 cards in one box and envelopes… only the fronts of the cards are decorative the back are plain white but can be use to create the small squares… just saying..

So give this a card a go and my suggestion /hint is to pre cut some of the pieces of black and white as well as using the measurements to score the long strip of white so that all is ready to create your waterfall at the spur of the moment…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath