I have always had an interest in all the different lettering styles that are out there… years ago I worked in an office with ….hold on…age spoiler alert….I had an IBM SELECTRIC typewrite and my boss would let me by new type balls for it about once a month….yeah I am old…anyway once I started learning Calligraphy …. I was still interested in the fonts that are out there for your devices….after teaching them to myself I taught them I have a new one here I’d like to share… I don’t know where I found it maybe Pnterest…..but I was excited about the ROUND-NESS of the letters and the kinda swirl on them so I am calling it the SWIRLY ALPHABET….It was designed in 1930 (yeah art deco) by SAMUEL WELO and the first image below is his and it was untitled …..maybe it didn’t sell or wasn’t used much in any case I LOVE IT…


Couple of hints….about above lettering….be careful with the curl on both the capital and the lower case if you cur it too tight it will look like an e….I would also pull the leg of the lower case k in a bit more so that it is not confused with an h….In most cases the placement in the word would correct this confusion…but these are just the tweaks I would make…


CALLING ALL CALLIGRAPHERS…I was recently contacted by a OLIVIER JENNES…FROM THE UK…. he had found me via Goggle I think and he and others had put this site together to review the pros and cons on a variety of calligraphy pens.http://wonderstreet.com/blog/the-best-brands-of-calligraphy-pens.  He asked me to review the site and let him know what I thought …. what i thought was that they had put in a lot of work to gather the info own a lot of different pens and I was impressed so I am sharing this site with calligraphers or anyone interested in calligraphy or writing. So if you have any questions about pens this is a great site to find some well researched answers. I have not personally used all the different pens he mentions but the ones I am aware of I agreed with all the information they shared… My only disagreement was with the PILOT FLUMIX fountain pen….. and actually there was nothing wrong with what they wrote but I had a very bad experience with one of those pens… IT LEAKED … big time… I was flying and it was in my carryon bag along with other pens and I only that one leaked….it was so bad I just threw it away and was really glad that I had put it in a zip lock bag… Now I should say that that was the only Flumix I ever bought and its possible that it was in some way defective…..I would suggest also that if this a fault with the pens it would also happen if you were driving in mountains. I also told them that ZIG were my favorite felt tip pens and that SAKURA has some great permanent disposable calligraphy pens in a variety of colors and they have a crisp edge. I also really love PILOT PARALLEL PENS ….the ink is not great as its not lightfast , not permanent or waterproof but you can fill the barrel with better ink, or acrylic etc and they write wonderfully ….to me they are the cadiliac of non dip calligraphy pens … or they can be dipped as well.

well my last wish is that your pens may never run dry….AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.…wire headed cyber toad..aka kath


Ollie on arm of couch

MY schedule has been kinda hectic lately most due to caring for my Mom… when we first moved her back to FLORIDA ( at her request ) she was living in and INDEPENDENT living apartment… and she was quite independent… she had her small dog and she was perfectly capable both physically and mentally of taking her out regularly and feeding her etc. She had full kitchen although she only used it rarely as she had meals supplied and maid service once a week  and a laundry at the end other hall… but after being there for about 4-5 yrs she was having more and more problems mentally she had been diagonised with ALZHEIMERS…and she was on arrest t medicine which while not preventing or reversing the disease would slow it down and it did……for a while then the facility went through a major renovation and while she was still physically in great shape mentally it was just too much for her and we moved her to an ASSISTED facility… less people still got meals and they cleaned her room once a week and now they did her laundry and she still had her dog…although this was a new rescue dog as her previous dog had died… eventually she was less unable to care for dog mentally forgeting things and trying to feed him strange stuff like packets of diet sugar..etc… finally we had to not only take the dog away ( we have him) but move her to a MEMORY CARE facility….smaller yet and more caregivers and more activity and much smaller room… this was just recently  and it was really a tough move but for the best for her…and for the dog…I hope that this is in some way helpful to others who may be going thru or about to go thru the same thing… and I will answer any emails that I receive, as best as I can  with questions regarding this horrid disease.

When we adopted the dog she was adamant about calling HIM MOLLY previous dogs name and occasionallly she would remember he was a boy but still she called him Molly..so when we had to remove the dog we took him …..He is a wonderful dog and was wonderfully trained before she or we got him… he sleeps in till about 10 he only goes out about 3 times a day ( that is great since we are in a condo and this means elevator). We had not had any pets for about 30 years but we have adjusted to each other well I think, however we are not sure we can keep him due to fact that we are back and forth from WA to FL and taking him on a plane doesn’t sound appealing and driving cross country every time doesn’t sound good either ….we just haven’t committed yet but he is adorable and such a great dog…no barking except if someone comes to door… he is very loving.  He is mostly Shi ZHU with some dachshund  thrown in we think as he is very long in the body…

Ollie ..early morning …not time to get up yet..lol

I know I know …I changed from Molly to Ollie but apparently I now have him as a CAT….poor Ollie…

If we end up driving home this is Ollie’s car seat and he loves it ….

mom in her new place ready to go out to lunch (91)

OK ENOUGH about Dogs and Mom … now to the lettering with ST Paddy’s day so close I have chosen one of my favorite monolines…. I CALL IT KIWI…so think green… lol… I apologize for it not being a very clean copy but I am behind and I just didn’t have time to re do it and its been scanned /copied one to many times…still I think you can see it well enough to try to play with it… enjoy…


STREET TRASH This guy uses street trash to create large animals…its just amazing what he can make…. I love the grasshopper because if you remember the story of the grasshopper and the ants…. the grasshopper was the lazy one….and I have always thought of myself as a grass hopper…. check it out…

TIGHTLY ROLLED NEWSPAPER a japanese artist highly rolls newspaper to create incredible art… animals…you won’t believe…. just wonderful…. give it a look …

TIRE ART...Blake Mc Farland….makes amazing art using old tires…. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible they are so click on the blue link and check it out for yourself…

Ok that’s it for this week… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…. wire headed cyber toad…aka Kath…






BUT FIRST.. I need to give credit to others for last weeks inspirations… the 4x4s were apparently the child of my friend BRENDA BROADBENT…AND then they were taught at a calligraphy gathering earlier this year by LINDA O’NEILL…I just stumbled on SANDEE FREEMAN’S and immediately ran with it… so mea culpa Brenda and Linda…but thanks for the inspiration….

HELLO AGAIN …yes I am busy with HALLOWEEN CARDS AND WHEN DAWN POSTED THIS DIAGONAL GATE FOLD..OR if you prefer SCS TWISTED GATE FOLD is the same card with printable directions….I did my halloween snoopy dance… this is just too cute and again like most of the cards it doesn’t have to be halloween… it can be whatever holiday or activity you want it to be… the secret is to score correctly and then I love that she actually has you cutting and scoring two cards at once then cutting them apart for the rest of the scoring again make some up and keep them on hand for quick bday or anniversary or whatever you need… yeah store them in your sheet protectors…. and print the first two pages and then go write in the score marks…

With your paper vertical with the 8 ¼ side at top score all the way down at 2 ¼ and then again at 5 ½ …then ROTATE YOUR PAPER to the 11 inch at top and cut in half at 5 ½ now you have two partial cards… then fold you gates and score each of them from the top left corner to bottom right and then fold them together to get your DIAGONAL GATE FOLD…the rest is just embellishment… lol

dawn's xmas diagonal gate fold

dawn’s xmas diagonal gate fold


dawn's bday gate fold

dawn’s bday gate fold

my favorite the halloween diagonal gate fold...

my favorite the halloween diagonal gate fold…

I think on both of them last two she cut down on how many layers she was adding i.e..the back panels don’t have designer paper on them …only the front diagonals… if you using a colored cards that correspond with your papers ..don’t think she need all the designer paper as for me it gets too busy…. play and have fun with this..

CREATIVE LETTERS… I found this alphabet on Pinterest…AND best I can tell its a print that you can buy from ETSY..however as I have found in the past I am not sure who AT ETSY you should go looking for… So I can’ t give it credit and I don’t think its hand lettered although I am going to suggest you try it…. especially if you scrapbook or do journaling…

If you are old enough you may remember that there was a monoline type alphabet that was called the AMEN alphabet ..and the reason for that was because each of those letters A, M, E, N, were written in capital form and the rest of the alphabet was written in lower case…This alphabet is credited as being an alphabet that SISTER CORITA KENT USED…however, I was not able to find a piece that she had done in this alphabet so I had to make one of my own… so here is a sample of the AMEN  ALPHABET and also a basic alphabet which you then can make your own decisions on how to kick it up a notch and make it more creative… reverse the letters write them upside down, or dangle them below or above your guide lines or write the in lower case form or at a weird angle…



I SUGGEST that you practice what it is you are going to write before you put it on your card etc… its hard to remember to capitalize the A, M, E, N…AND you can see I wrote my exemplar without the use of guidelines and I did that because much of CORITA KENT’S work was done very free and it has a lot of life to it … Now the next one is based loosely on the quote below …

pinterest quote from Easy

pinterest quote from Easy

I do love this idea and the quote especially sounds good to me as my desk is always messy not sure its very creative but it is messy…I seem to have that down really well.

Here is my exemplar and yes I realize that on the P instead of both reversing and flipping it upside down…was a very bad idea… better to just reverse and if you flip it is should have been dropped below the line… again why i suggest that you spend time writing the quote or sentiment first and getting it the way you want BEFORE you put it on your cards… however, I am also a firm believer is showing you what NOT TO DO…LOL..so I don’t mind sharing  my mistakes…

kath's basic capital alphabet

kath’s basic capital alphabet for use with creative letters

Ok so one final HINT …these are not actually DISPLAY alphabets but they are not in my opinion going to work really well with a long quote or a long poem…ie no Shakespeare  Sonnets ….they are going to be more legible ( and that’s always a big thing for me) if you use them in short and sweet sentiments, quotes etc …a little tongue in cheek type thing …. creative would work well with the Bday card that you wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the outside with the letters all wonky and then inside write THE EYES ARE THE FIRST TO GO… lol … my black humor …. ok you have spent enough time here …. go to your creative place and PLAY…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




GREETINGS FROM THE PACIFIC NORTH WET…yep its been raining but I am enjoying every minute of it and so are my plants on the deck…. and my JAPANESE DOGWOOD IS just so full of blooms I can hardly believe it….

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

This post is about letters ..these are some funky letters that I found from a rubber stamp set ( see note at bottom of exemplar) and you can see it was quite a few years ago…. back then I was teaching at various stamp and scrapbooking stores… these are called MONOLINE LETTERS because unlike calligraphy the DO NOT HAVE THICK AND THIN lines but are all the same thickness…this is what happens when you write with any ball point, fountain pen, colored pencil, crayon, etc…the tip or nib of your tool only makes one size line…to get it thicker you would have to double stroke it… so we call it a mono meaning one …. line any way this is a fun one and while its old I have not posted it on the blog before so for all my bloggers IT’S NEW… I would rather you didn’t copy it and then mail it out to friends or put it on your blog but I am quite happy to have you link to my blog  from your blog  or share my blog with someone else.  You may of course copy it for your own personal use .

It is going to work best for short quotes or especially names on envelopes you can do a longer quote with it but it may end up looking kinda jumbled and cause the reader not to finish reading… just a thought…

kh dogbone letters

So here are a few samples that I have played with using colored pencils and also colored gel pens…(HINT: I have probably said this before but you must store gel pens once they have been opened upside down..that’s with the point down so that the ink stays on the ball otherwise they tend to dry out…. and that ball won’t move for love or money even though there may still be ink in the barrel.) Pretty sure I have said this before but it bares repeating.  

EYE CANDY on my VALENTINE GIFT CARD HOLDER ( MAY 20TH) POST…. the eye candy was a video of wonderful fold which she called MAGIC ENVELOPE and she made it using an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper…. I told you that a friend and teacher of mine had done this same fold and to my knowledge was the originator of the fold and that was MARY WORTHINGTON…Mary had two books that she and a friend put together and in 1991 I bought a copy of each and they were filled with wonderful ideas for use with your calligraphy and this one was a fold note ( which Mary referred to as church fold ) since these books have long been out of print I am sharing this page from the second book which was called More Crafts…I am also showing you the covers of both books just incase you run across them in a garage sale…grab them quick as they are filled with fun ideas like books, boxes , bags etc…. In fact , you know those stamping cruises that they offer well I can’t prove it but I think Mary may have been the start she took all the ideas in her books and made them up in miniature out of nautical or sea related papers and then went to the cruise ship lines and told them she wanted to teach these on board the cruise… and you know what they said YES. She taught 90 minute sessions in one of lounges on board the cruise each day…. what a fun idea and great for her …..So anyway here is Mary’s original pattern for making the fold note or Magic envelope…using 8 1/2 x 14 paper



Again please don’t copy this onto your blog but you can link it to mine… and don’t copy and pass this out…. I know its out of print but ethically it still belongs to Mary…

dog bone samples on black

dog bone samples on black

dog bone samples

dog bone samples

ok so hope you enjoy this script and now go make something….AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath


GREETINGS... I recently spent a few days in VICTORIA, BC…and also hit all my favorite stores…one of them being the PAPERY…which just in case you go is located on FORT street just beyond the mall side entrance.  IN any case they never disappoint me with their wonderful little treasures…and this one is one I have seen folded before but I don’t think ever saw it done to use as a gift card holder… I loved it…. so I put the pattern together for you and its going to be below and I am also going to show you my RAFFLE SCRIPT…I recently had to do well actually I volunteered to do 50 WEATHERGRAMS to be given away to members of my NIB’N’INKS calligraphy paper celebrating our 35th year in operation.  ELIZABETH WALSH started/founded this group in Olympia WA some 35 years ago and its still going strong…I don’t get to go to many of the meeting and often not many of the workshops but I still have lots of friends there so I was delighted to be able to share my WEATHERGRAMS with them ..in addition to each WEATHERGRAM they will get a handout written for the VALLEY CALLIGRAPHY GROUP in EUGENE OREGON by ARDYTH BROWN AND EDIE ROBERTS… it gives all the particulars on how to make a WEATHERGRAM and how to use them…if you don’t know check my previous blog on WEATHERGRAMS…just type the WORD WEATHERGRAM into the search box and it should come up then tap that title and it will take you to the site… so I started looking a some of monoline letters and this one is one that my friend Tory gave me a raffle ticket with part of the letters on it and I made up the rest of the alphabet for it and then called it RAFFLE cause that was the inspiration… I like these they are quite playful and sometimes…actually often I get bored with the sentiments stamps as they are always in a straight line and usually done with very boring letters…so i write the sentiment down and then I use it on my cards but in one of my own hands/scripts this is not a script for a sympathy card but it is great for trying to cheer someone up with a funny card or birthdays or especially kid cards as kids like things that don’t go in straight lines……HEY that must mean I am still a kid….so here is both a minuscule set of letters ( lower case) and a capital set of letters ( Majuscule )…kh raffle lower case

kh raffle capsBoth were written with the large end of the ZIG WRITER pen …I like to do my exemplars with larger letters so that you can see them better and see exactly what I am doing…in this case please NOTE that initial stroke of each letter has a very small  dot…as does the end of the curlique.  These are meant to be subtle so don’ t over board with them.

Since I made up most of these letters myself I do feel that if you decide to share this with others or if you decide to teach this script you need to leave my name on it as the source…and if your are teaching you can certainly share a copy of my exemplars but you should always TEACH FROM YOUR OWN exemplar or you letters that you demo won’t match the letters on your hand out… and if you can’t write it yourself how can you teach it…just saying…sorry thats the teacher in me…. any way make some WEATHERGRAMS or try this  and use these letters for your words… PRACTICE FIRST…then write on your card…lol… you know that…




I LOVED the use of the button to hold the card closed… and here is one I made using birthday paper(outside unfolded)



origami gift card holder bday


Inside unfolded



origami gift card holder bday 1


Those of you with type A personality will notice that I don’t have the writing running in the best direction that is because I didn’t have enough of the paper to run correctly …you’ll see from the directions below…

kh bamboo gift card holder

kh bamboo gift card holder

Now this one when folded will in fact be running in the correct direction…ok this is really an easy fold but I did it in steps with photos so here goes….

CUT YOUR PAPER 8 5/8  X 9 7/8...(YES, THIS MEANS YOU CAN’T USE REGULAR CARD STOCK …THIS is not really a problem as you should do this with a very light weight paper NOT CARD STOCK…use gift wrap or 12 x 12 text weight… sorry but these are the closest I can get to our MEASUREMENTS as this was made using METRIC measurement…ie cm instead of inches… so I kinda made an adjustment to make it easier for us to do this..If you try smaller it will not hold your card…if you are folding money or a check into this then go ahead and use the 8 ½ x 9 7/8 and do the folds the same.

FOLD YOU PAPER IN HALF WITH THE good side facing inside along the 9 7/8 measuresince mine was white this didn’t show up so I skipped this photo.

NEXT fold both the left and the right sided into the center fold..as shown.origami gift card holder bday 4

ok so far so good… next open it back up and fold each corner into the second score line that you just made…

Scan 4

Now REFOLD the flap on the left and then the flap on the right into the center score line as before….Scan 5

Scan 6

Now FLIP IT OVER  and fold each end up to the point of the triangle opening… they are going to over lap but once you put the next little filler paper in there you are going to slip one inside the other so it its ok…

Scan 8

Now cut a piece of light card stock 4 x 3 3/8s and slip it into one of the triangle pockets then slip one side of the triangle pockets into the other side triangle pocket and you will get this Scan 10

you will have to wiggle them a little to get it together and then fold it in half and VIOLA…you have a gift card holder that will hold a plastic gift card…. they used just twine and a button to slip over it and you can use that or piece of ribbon or a belly band your choice… oK hope this works for you I loved it.

CALLIGRAPHY EYE CANDY.. I am in several well two really envelope exchanges i.e. we mail out decorated envelopes each month to different person and I recently got this one from a friend BEV ALLEN …I am an admirer of her work and I asked if I could share this with you… you may also remember that some time back I shared the AKIM CURSIVE script with you and that I mentioned that I had originally received it in a envelope exchange and it to was from BEV ALLEN.. one very talented lady…


bev allen's envy 2

JUST LOVELY isn’t it…. I love getting mail…at least fun mail…

Ok that’s its for this post…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



SCS peek a boo card

SCS peek a boo card

This card is similar to the PEEK A BOO cards that I have shared from DAWN… the difference is that this one has a much larger opening then the ones DAWN did… that makes it a bit more difficult but also more impressive and it allows you to use larger images to be viewed… this is very impressive and if you watch the video then print out the tutorial it won’t be that hard ….now there are quite a few layers and those my friend are up to you…. if  you don’t want that many layers then you can leave some of them off… but this is a DO WATCH FIRST… PLUS not all embellishments have to be die cut sometimes we have wonderful stickers, brads, even stamps to use as embellishments. Now some eye candy … ST PAT’S EYE CANDY Since I completely blew sharing valentines BEFORE VALENTINES DAY….I thought I should make a better effort with ST PATRICK’S DAY and maybe you don’t share cards on St Pat’s day… FYI My Dad’s birthday was MARCH 17 TH and he was part welsh/irish…so every since his death in 04 I have dedicated my ST PAT’S CARDS to his memory… I spent some time on PINTEREST looking at ST PAT’S HANDMADE CARDS… in case you don’t have pinterest account here are some of the ones I liked the best….

St pats cards

St pats cards

st pats pinterest cards

st pats pinterest cards

pinterest st pats

pinterest st pats

OK MY FAVORITE was the top left of this last sheet …the little irishman…. isn’t he just adorable…. lots of punches or dies but I sat and punched them out while watching tv then I put them together and of course I am going to use googley eyes …lol…. and then applying them on tags…. my second favorite is the guy on the bottom with the mustache which is actually the wings from the STAMPIN UP BIRD PUNCH…YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE TO REPURPOSE THINGS…

bird punch stamping up and mason jar

bird punch stamping up and mason jar

The bird punch is from Stamping up and the Mason jar is from EK Success and was only $12 dollars at TARGET… I used the mason jar to make his hat… I just cut it off and then I also used the word punch from Stamping up to make the rim on his hat… it was a lot of punching but I did them all first then later assembled them I think I am going to put them on TAGS…but not finished yet will show to you when I am done…


PAPER SCULPTURE…DAVE WOOD..Mr Wood is both a calligrapher and an amazing paper artist…You can watch this video on Youtube and then if you type In DAVE WOOD CALLIGRAPHY  to google you can go to his web site where he also has pieces for sale and he also does commission work.  Go feast your eyes and drool..HERE IS a little appetizer … this especially appealed to me I like the rain…



CAR CALLIGRAPHY...that’s write written with a car…. AND a calligrapher… you gotta see this one.

DEMYSTIFY THE MUSE….This one is for all those folks who think they are not creative… I have said before that especially women our age need to give themselves PERMISSION to go and play…. we were taught that we must be doing laundry or something useful to justify our existence… but when we play we do court our muse and we do learn and do many other things that work to make us better…anyway the say it better than me so go look and learn…


SCS ONE LAYER PAPER TOLE.. TWO reasons for adding this card one is that I am certain that there are folks out there that would love to do this…I am not one of them… I  love the look and MAYBE with a less detailed image I would  in fact give it a try but it is absolutely lovely and the second reason is that SCS’s in house design person is DINA who is demo-ing this card and she is VERY GOOD… she give good instructions and this card needs it.

Well guys that’s it for this post..Now go make..SOMETHING…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…AKA kath

FUN LETTERS ( Mary Anne Radamacher)

Ok my calligraphy buddies and those of you who like to play with funky letters this blog is for you….

MARY ANNE RADAMACHER is a wonderful card designer who has always used her own playful lettering styles.  I first met/discovered her in CANNON BEACH OREGON where she started making unique cards with wonderful little quotes and sayings on them.  SHE now has a website and sells her cards nationally. Her original cards all had little squares of paper then used SQUIGGLES to make a unique mark on the little square and while all of that was wonderful and made the cards very lovely the best part was her wonderful quote and if you check out her web site you will see there are several of them and she sorta has them in categories like GRADUATION, NEW HOUSE etc…this is the AMAZON link to her books and some of them are even available in digital format for Kindle…LOVE IT..I have several of her original books which I am guessing were more self published and now they have lovely colors on them… some of her quotes which I really love are COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES…I AM NOT THE SAME HAVING SEEN THE MOON ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD....and my most favorite I COME TO SEE TO BREATHE….aaarrrggghhh Can’t believe I did that….it should have read...I COME TO THE SEA TO BREATHE…

Last year she shared a new alphabet that she had been playing with , with the calligraphy groups PENINSULA SCRIBES and NIB ‘N’ INKS..both in Washington state… I am sharing them with you and here is my exemplar .

kath harney's exemplar of Mary Anne Radamacher's letters

kath harney’s exemplar of Mary Anne Radamacher’s letters

The fun/funky part of this alphabet is the addition of color…and you can see from my notes that I used a couple of different ways to add the color… You will also see from the sample of her own letters below that she picks and chooses which letters to add the color too..ie sometimes she colors in the O and sometimes she doesn’t again this would be your choice as well…

Mary Anne Radamcher

Mary Anne Radamcher

kath's lettering

kath’s lettering

I used the SAKURA GLAZE BLACK PEN to write the letters and on the Happy Birthday I used the H20’s…and on BREATHE…I just used colored pencils.  I also wrote both of these on a scrape of water color paper…..and the other letters are my akim lettering. Oh yes,…my HINT…do your writing in pencil first then you can trace over it with the GLAZE PEN. May help to avoid mistakes….

So I hope you have fun with this lettering and that you will just allow yourself to play.


She has lots of different cards and uses lots of different stamps not just STAMPIN UP although there are some STAMPIN UP stamps, papers etc…anyway I thought you might enjoy them so hope over and take a look.  This was one of her designs… not find the exact embossing pen she mentions so I tried a couple of others and her were my results.

embossing pensembossing pens 1

the pens I used all came from AMAZON and as you may have guessed one of them writes black , one white or clear and the third one clear….I used black and white embossing powder..the pens are WOW EMBOSSING PEN. the white and black come as a set by RANGER CALLED EMBOSS IT PEN… (please note the above images are not good due to my embossing powder not the pens…pens work great )

Then I also I also ordered a pack of zig embossing pens with various tips… some calligraphy some brush… I got them from Amazon… and here is what they looked like…so I really liked them also… each of them comes in double ended so I wrote with the larger size of each and I didn’t do the writer /bullet tip one cause its the same as the the other tips I already showed you… the Brush one writes in clear but the others all write in blue so that’s helpful in seeing where and what you wrote… just enjoy but if you are looking for variety the pack is the best…again all available from AMAZON. So now you can emboss your writing.

Since we are on calligraphy and lettering I am sharing a photo a friend my posted from our days of going to workshops at MENUCHA outside of Portland..I don’t know when this was taken but I do know we were all younger and just seeing this made me think of how much I miss them all.




I love this video  and thought you would enjoy it also….a good reminder that we don’t need a lot of tools or accessories ….just a few pens and some coffee cups..COFFEE CUP ART.

ONE MORE… you know I spend a good deal of time in south florida and in addition I actually grew up here…..is one of my favorite artists..CLYDE BUTCHER and THE BIG CYPRESS SWAMP.  Clyde is famous for his black and white photos mostly of FLORIDA but he does have images from other places as well…this video of the swamp will  make you want to go there but not in summer …that’s when the bugs and humidity will make it better to just look at the video…lol… it is a beautiful place.

SO GO MAKE SOMETHING..AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


TRICK OR TREAT … Well I hope your holiday last night was filled with adorable little guys going from house to house gathering as much sugar as they can carry and enough to keep them on a sugar high till they are once again allowed sugar /candy this time from their socks…lol


Well of course there is humor here but its also very representative of our weird and wonderful fall in the PNW (Pacific Northwest or Pacific North-wet ) Our local new tonight said we have decided to change the name of the month to FOG-TOBER…Our fog has been unlimited lately and while it doesn’t last all day its there early in the am and then usually by late afternoon its clear and lovely and sunny then as soon as the sun is gone back comes the FOG….My Mom has always said that its always sunny by 5 pm…lol… that’s also why after Dad passed away she wanted to move back to Florida… she prefers the sun all day every day… lol… I love the fog and on the beaches it creates a very magical place.  I’ll take the fog…enough about the weather that’s not why your here…


I told you last week that this GATE FOLD CARD is incredible well it is…and just to prove it here is another slightly different version fromDAWN she is listing it as her FOUNDER’S CIRCLE SWAP which while a nice name doesn’t help you know what card it is…so I have used my own name and you will see that there are some similarities to the DOUBLE TRI FOLD CARD that I posted from CARD MAKER MAGAZINE last October 26th.  The real difference is that instead of it being in two pieces and then adhering them together ( you might want to go look at it on the blog if you don’t remember it.) This one is one piece THEN Layered on top of small square…NOW watch the video and then read my hint below… you won’t understand it till you watch the video.

BASICS..ACCORDIAN BASE….4 ” X 12 ” scored at 2, 4 *(6), 8, & 10

INSIDE SQUARE is 3 ¾ x 3 ¾ 

BACKING BASE is 4 ¼ x 4 ¼ 

Ok Dawn tells you how to go about cutting those two triangles and making sure that they are equal… well here is my HINT: With your accordion base fold it in half so that both the ends meet , I would do this after its scored now this is going to make a crease in the center that normally you would not want but this way you can measure down 2″ and cut that diagonal with you paper cutter cutting both sides at the same time…. this leaves no room for error and the two sides will definitely match!  Hey this is why you are here right…AS I SAID what about that extra crease /score line in the center of the inside of your card….WAIT FOR IT…yep you are going to layer a piece of card stock over it and you are going to layer a piece on the back so VIOLA…it will never show and if your measuring skills are as good as Dawn’s then you won’t have to worry as it will be a perfect match…(* this is where you would score it at 6″ also as that is the middle) 

kath's version with diagonal line shown and both corners together

kath’s version with diagonal line shown and both corners together

This is the card with the 6″ score line and the two corners together plus the line cutting from the first score line down to the 2 ” mark I made on the card.  Again since you will either be putting a smaller square inside (3 ¾ x 3 ¾ ) or (4 ¼ x 4 ¼ )on the outside of the back of the accordion.  Or you can even do both…anyway this means that score line at 6″ will not be visible.  Next you will notice if you watched Dawn’s video I have chosen to not adhere all the extra side panels.  No particular reason for this other than it will stand up easier if those wings are there to help it stand.  You may also notice that on the Turkey Day one I did not put the triangles on the inside over the folds… my reason is that they often don’t want to stick well and they make that fold even more bulky but again its just a choice.  Instead, I have put my corners on the inside square.

Turkey Day  folded closed

Turkey Day folded closed

kh accordion gate foldYou probably can’t read this but it says…EAT MORE BEEF ….HAPPY TURKEY DAY.   I used those triangles to bracket each corner of the insert  and I used a ROOSTER punch for the image on the front… I know its not a turkey but hey birds stick together…lol…

kh accordion gate fold

kh accordion gate fold

kh accordion gate


I love this crow paper which I had bought more but I do know that Halloween is over…lol  the inside is a real leaf that I ran thru my zyron machine and then gently peeled it off the backing paper and adhered it onto the inside of this accordion card.  I liked using the real leaf.  The design in the corners on the front are just the back of the crow paper…it is duplex paper and therefore two designs.

Well I hope you like the card and that you enjoy making some for your friends and family.

Now some EYE CANDY …some time ago I posted a link to OUT OF SILENCE which was my friend SALLY PENLEY’s effort to get calligraphers to write quotes that would support TOLERANCE.  It was a huge success and now I found a sight where the HOUSTON GROUP has done the same thing but instead of quotes on paper and canvas these are sculptures.  Lots of letters and I hope you will enjoy.

houston tolerance sculptures

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath


GROCERY LOT TREESYES… its still FALL HERE in fact I would say we are having a bit of INDIAN SUMMER…its not warm weather but I don’t call it cold either around 60 in the day and 40 at night and fog in the am and then sunny… for us at this time year….AMAZING…

I have no idea what type of tree this is but think its either some type of maple or a sweet gum in any case it turns this lovely kinda iridescent orange every fall and I do love them…the color is quite intense and really draws your eyes.. ok on to GATE FOLDS

First for those who don’t know its called that because instead of the card opening either to left or from top to bottom these cards open in the middle … well not always but close…



For the center you take a piece of cardstock that is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and you lay it on your scor-pal ( or whatever you use ) on the long side (8 1/2) and you score and 2 1/8 and then I flip the card end to end and score the other end also at 2 1/8 AND THE REASON IS because on the SCOR-PAL there is a small dot at the 2 1/8 ”  mark… then you can fold each flap into the center…you can then use a belly band to hold it closed or tie it with a ribbon or use a die cut adhered to only one half of your front “GATES”…. Yep, they look like gates so that’s where the name for the card came from…

this is scored at 2 1/8 on each end and it will fold correctly to center.

this is scored at 2 1/8 on each end and it will fold correctly to center.

Then this is what it looks like when folded closed…the space on the inside is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and you can layer a peice of designer paper inside or something that you have stamped.  This one is opening like a front gate with a flap on each side but you could rotate it a mere 90 degrees and make it open from top to bottom either way its fun to play. Then you can also layer paper , die cuts etc on the front I don’t like it to get tooo busy so I would leave one have blank and only layer on the other half..but you could use small designs and layer squares or circles no more than 3  one either side or both sides and it would look like little tiles and that would be fine… or hearts..or balloons… just let yourself go… I chose leaves…on squares.  If you wanted designer paper on the front flaps that you would need to cut it 1 7/8 x 5 1/4... or do what I did and cut 3 squares and put leaves or images on them… lol… ( this is for those who are ruler challenged..) You can see that I also used embossed background on the squares and then pop dots to hold the leaves up so that there is big more interest in them.  

kath's leaf squares

kath’s leaf squares

ok next up 

OFF CENTER GATE FOLD using base card size

This is exactly what it sounds like this time you are going to have the flaps meet BUT NOT IN THE CENTER…and until you start to decorate it …it won’t matter whether the smaller flap is on the left or on the right …ONCE YOU START THOUGH be sure you look when you add your insert on the inside or you recipient will get a big laugh…. if you do it DON’T THROW IT AWAY or tear it up …you must have at least one friend who would like the laugh…hey do do happens…

SCORING OFF CENTER..using same size base card ON THE LONG SIDE

score at 2 1/2 and then at 6 3/8…for your designer layers on top of these flaps you could cut 2 1/4 x 5 1/4  and

1/1/2 x 5 1/4.. ( you have picked up on the fact that for just a narrow 1/8″ margin around your designer cuts you just reduce the size of the paper by 1/4 inch…)

off center gate fold 1above image is open with score lines

below is closed with designer paper on 2 1/2 inch side.

off center gate foldYou will notice however that I shifted the 2 1/2 inch side to be on the right rather than the left ..either way doesn’t matter..once again this could also be from top to bottom rather than left to right but I would need different designer paper if it was top to bottom…

You can also use designer borders along the edges or layers

I have to say that this is one of the more versatile cards that you can learn to make. Its quick its easy and the layers allow you to use up scraps.

Now I want to share one more HALLOWEEN ALPHABET WITH YOU… Sharyn's fuzzy lettersThis was used by my fellow calligrapher..SHARYN HOPLEY…and I am not totally sure what tool she may have used to scratch out these letters ( I think of them as scratchy letters or fuzzy letters) but I was reminded of a tool /tools that I use called the FUNNY BRUSH ( here is the link to them ) and they do make very rustic letters. Well who knew you could write with rubber bands…but I do like them so I am show you the exemplar that I made using all caps, no flourishes and the smallest FUNNY BRUSH and you can see they are still quite large but they reduce down nicely and are still quite legible and a single short name on an envelope and you are good to go. I don’t think you will find these in either Michael’s or Jo Ann’s but they are available at other on line stores such as DICK BLICK, JERRY’S ARTORAMA AND CHEAP JOE’S.  So those are just the ones that I came up with by typing funny brush into goggle… is technology grand.  Anyway now that you know how to get the tool here is my exemplar.

kath's funny brush letters

kath’s funny brush letters

You can see that they are not perfect letters that’s there charm for me… and its ok to share them but don’t forget to leave my name on this exemplar…and if you decide to teach this then you can share my exemplar but MAKE YOUR OWN to teach from… everyone’s letters will look different . You can also probably create very similar letter by breaking off he end of a popsicle stick or a wide popcicle ..they won’t be quite the same as there will not be any flexibility to the sticks and it will also depend on how much ink you get on the end of the stick/or funny brush….I just like the character and texture they give to letters .

So that’s it for this week and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

 PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE ADDED SEVERAL LINKS TO THE BLOG ROLL AND you can click on them to see what they have …. some are on line purchasing and also I added some CALLIGRAPHIC web sites…some have newsletters some are on FB and all tell you about membership and meetings… check them out and ENJOY.  



internet photo


HAHAHAHAHA… thought you would all get a laugh out of this and since I am well into my HALLOWEEN MODE… get ready cause it may be a bumpy or repetitive ride..lol

I spent last weekend with a bunch of calligraphy /card/ book/scrapper/ie PAPER FREAKS…lol.. we had demo’s on some of the paper equipment and then lots of us were busy making halloween cards… so here we go with one of my favorites… and I am so embarrassed to say that I have no idea where I got this idea… I don’t think it was mine I think I either saw a ready made card or something that triggered my decision to try this..

YOUR BASE CARD IS STANDARD 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 folded… 



THEN I USE AN XACTO to cut a door and a small brad to for a door know and I either stamp people or words on the inside of the card for when the door is opened..

Ok if  a picture is worth a 1000 words here are a few thousand…





BOTH the outside and the inside of this one had charms fastened on with the use of the tacking tool ( the one you use to price things )  in the window at the top is a metal web/spider and the little witch behind the door is carring a tiny TRICK OR TREAT bag..

house with windowscreen and owl... kh

house with windowscreen and owl… kh


house with owl/screen

house with owl/screen

NOW I hate going to Lowe’s about as much as my Hubby would hate going to a paper store with me… but It was necessary so after I picked out what I was supposed to I wandered off …. suddenly I was in the screen replacing section and I found a 6 ft by 36 inch roll of screening ( the plastic kind not metal) for only 8$….my brain went into over drive and the above was my first effort… ( well actually I spend about 30 minutes cutting the screen up into about 9×12 pieces so it would be easier to use.. ) next I went ohhhhh I could put screen in the window on the house card and then I went to my owl punch .  Now if you think the owl looks like he has a copper vest …BINGO… years ago I bought pieces of copper to use to emboss on /with and I also got a cool little lighter so that if you flame the copper (USE TWEEZERS TO HOLD IT AND BE CAREFUL IT WILL GET QUITE HOT) it comes out kinda multicolored…so I thought lets give HOOTY a jazzy vest… so what do you think..the blue words above will link you to AMAZON in case you want to get a lighter.  I liked this because there is a very tiny flame but very hot…its a wire and so with all the paper I have around me at all times….lol… I thought this might be safer than use a regular cigarette light but that will work also just watch that flame….my owl is from the STAMPIN UP punch that mentioned when I was talking about the tent cards and making it into a BAT….ps that little squirrel brad just jumped into the card and I didn’t have the heart to chase him away… lol…


OK I am kinda claiming ownership or actually developement of these letters… they are based on a single word that I saw on another exemplar years ago and I am again sorry to say I have no idea whose they are or if credit was even given…but the word was ANGST…and they did write it with a chisel ( calligraphy ) nib….but I decided to play with it and make up a complete alphabet…and at the time I was using a brush pen..more than likely a TOMBOW …but almost any brush will work… Like all the letter exemplars I share YOU SHOULD PRACTICE  at least the words you want to write but ideally the whole alphabet so you get a feel for it before you attempt it on a card… you know its the old measure twice cut once principle… get you hand into the flow before you actually work on your card.


kath's brush halloween letters

kath’s brush halloween letters

As you can see this was done with a smaller brush than the tombow I used a PITT ARTIST PEN by Faber Castell as it has a smaller brush tip… you can usually find them in open stock at Michaels, and maybe in sets at ARRON BROS. You can also find (sometimes) the ZIg MICRON BRUSHS…also smaller… or you can resort to ink and a small paintbrush …ok if you are shaking your head at all of these… option number two

kath's halloween letters

kath’s halloween letters

These were done with my Zig Writer the small end… I can’t actually show you the stroke I use with either the brush or the pen…but its basically a FLICKING MOTION… I place the pen on the page and rather than draw  a line down….I FLICK…this gets that streaky effect at the end of the stroke or the tail of the letter… again I highly recommend that you play with that a little before you start… but remember too that these are not perfect letters as they are supposed to look spooky…

Ok have fun and remember to Play… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka …..kath harney