This is such a cute and quick card… and it will work great for you to make your one insert…which could be an invite for a free dinner or for lunch out or even a photo or a gift card .

One of the best things about this is that it maximizes the use of the 12 x 12 designer paper…If you follow the measure meets you can get 3 cards out of one sheet of paper…each strip is cut only 4 ” wide by 12 ” long…and then you can use either side of the duplex paper or if you only have single sided paper then use the designed side..


another tri fold pocket


Dawn’s trifold pock


cut at 4″ x 12″   TRI FOLD PAART OF CARD..score at 4″ and at 8″ see video for pocket fold 


cut (2) at 3 5/8″ x 23 5/8″ LAYERS

cut (2) at 3 1/2″ x 3 ½″  INSERT AND FRONT

This is such a simple fold and yet it makes an elegant card…now she goes thru telling you how to use your PUNCH BOARD to create an envelope to hold this card which is a SQUARE… HOWEVER, you can use a standard size envelope or a 5 x7 which is bigger but depending on how many elements you have on the front you might want to do as well. In addition , a square envelope costs extra but again if you have several layers on the front it will be thick enough that you would need extra postage anyway.

Watch for JoAnne’s or Michael’s to have pads of 12x 12 paper on sale. but don’t hesitate to use what you already have available…..or you will end up like me with so much paper that you can almost open your own paper store …and yet still not have what you are looking for…lol

kh front tri fold pocket

kh open to right showing pocket

in addition to the layers… if you have some of those WOBBLE SPRINGS..( I know that IMPRESS and AMAZON HAVE THEM FOR SALE..) IT would be fun not use one of those on the front with your image or die cut.. but that will definitely mean you need to use the extra postage on your envelope when you mail it.Alas my wobbles haven’t arrived yet so this will probably post without them


NOW….I am pretty sure I have told y’all that I don’t really sew…I can sew a few things and I have sewn things onto my cards but really making anything other than place mats, table runner or napkins….you need someone else…but one of my best friends has recently been bitten by the quilting bug and so I am seeing lots of lovely quilts on FB…but I had seen this woman’s art work once before and I think I posted some of it but I had to share this again.

When you first look at these you will think they are paintings, or colored pencils but they are all actually sewn with a large variety of cloths into the images you see.  I am so impressed with all of these….I can’t draw so I use rubber stamps but I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to make these images …. so enjoy this eye candy.

SOPHIE’S ART WORK I said that this was all quilting but actually she says its both quilting and embroidery…either way its absolutely stunning…so enjoy

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…..wire headed cyber toad aka kath



YES, its that time again … they have posted the winners of the GRACEFUL ENVELOPE CONTEST for 2017This link will actually take you to the WASHINGTON DC CALLIGRAPHER’S HOME PAGE…but if you scroll down you will be able to click on and view each category.  AND NO …. I didn’t win nor get honorable mention, I have told you before that I actually just do it be involved and push myself to come up with an idea that and postage that matches their format…. I also think I told you but for the sake of not making you look for it that I thought SEWING an envelope was pushing it…. in fact because I quilted fabric onto an envelope I also had to sew the stamps onto it as they would not stick to fabric even using glue…. I also enjoy looking at all the categories as the children can come up with some really wonderful ideas as well….so check out the link and see who and what was chosen… and then because I did it for myself … I have the tumbnails on a few pages here below…you can print them out if you wish..

This is thumbnail of winners and a very good friend of mine MARGI LONG WON with her CANCER ENVELOPE AND STAMP. MY OTHER FAVORITES ARE THE LAST TWO WITH ALL THE POSTAGE STAMPS….

HONORABLE MENTIONS… MY FAVS are the first one with all the different angles and i loved the brown package looking one and then the Pelicans…with the fish ….PRICELESS


HONORABLE MENTIONS 2 … all of these are cute the goat pushing the envelope but again the carrier pigeon ….PRICELESS..

LASTLY AGAIN… MY entry… a quilted envelope and quilted stamps…in looking at my photos I can’t find that I did post it…so here it is in all its glory…

kh envelope for GRACEFUL ENVELOPE CONTEST 2017

this is what the back looked like after the sewing and kinda why I was worried it would not make it contest but it did…just didn’t win…but my mom would have been thrilled that I SEWED..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.…wire headed cyber toad aka kath

PS.. I SHOULD MENTION THAT GOING TO THIS LINK YOU CAN ACTUALLY GO BACK quite a few years and see many of the envelopes that were chosen for each of those years in each of the categories….so MAJOR EYE CANDY..


I know its been a while…but between Jet lag and 3 hour time zone change plus trying to get all my STUFF back where it belongs and off the floor , off the desk…out of the box…lol I am to say the least behind…. but I just watched this video and thought this was just too cute…

I don’t think I have ever given a friend and of my hand made cards because most of my friends don’t send SNAIL MAIL… I send but they don’t however , I did think that maybe they might send to others but not to me… My BFF this year told me as she was taking me to lunch and for a 1hr FOOT MASSAGE (HEAVEN) that she got me cards and that she never gives cards…lol but i got to thinking she might if I made her some and gave them to her..Plus this was a fast and simple fold AND. You may remember that I recently found and purchased some magnets…and I CAN STILL FIND THEM…lol. In any case I also thought that this would work well for a gift card hold also.  You know sometimes you purchase several gift cards like several in and APPLE package or some of the movie cards come in more than one in a package but even if you only gave one gift card and 3 handmade cards it would be a nice treat….YOU. Know your actually not supposed to know or care what the receipent does with what you give them… I have. Friend who I have been told has a draw full of gift cards that he has never used…I haven’t seen it myself but that’s the rumor …remember its the thought that counts….

So here is the image.. and the link..,,,SCS CARD CLUTCH



Now I have a couple of HINT…first I would take the ½ inch fold at the bottom of the triangle and after I have the clutch folded complete I’d go back and add some tear and tape to that crease to hold it together better..make it a little more rigid.. next whe doesn’t say it but her cards are small 3 ½ x 5 but they still will need to over lap when you insert them into the pockets…

NEXT HINT…..when I am folding the points up to the center crease I would had a VERY SMALL dab of glue to hold it down…again not much as you want it to dry so the cards don’t get stuck to it..so don’t use glue dots..I used glue…to hold those pockets then flip it over and put some tear and tape in that ½ inch fold on the bottom… I would also add dab of glue or glue dot to the tip of the triangle on the front of each side …

Lastly I haven’t measured this yet but I believe it is mailable in like a 6x 9 envelope or in a larger Manila envelope…. and if you have cards in it then it will need some extra postage…but hey its a gift right so little extra postage is not a big deal…



Bird feeders and rare flamingo siteings..lol

View from my kitchen window…green belt

My summer fushia and due to fact that our house faces due east and west I have to hang it under the arbor which eventually the Wisteria will cover…giving the Fushia the shade it needs ..

Neighborhood Pink Dogwood….they are so beautiful .

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



Well its hard not to be a bit let down after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years .  But I know many of us are wondering just what this year is going to bring due to our very unusual election of 2016… One thing for sure is that there will probably be changes… however, I plan to try to keep busy with my usual activities…and so I want to share with you right away the INVITATION to participate in the GRACEFUL ENVELOPE CONTEST...this is the link to the 2017 contest with rules and how to participate BUT just like on the TV there is more….YEP there are links on this page to several year’s worth of lovely eye candy from some of the previous years….and these are only the winners…or honorable mentions… So give a look and then see if you can create an envelope to submit.  The rules are all there and if you have an questions you can contact me via this blog or by e mail.  Its really fun and frankly its not about the winning its just about the challenge to myself from myself to create an envelope… Since I am trying to focus more on my calligraphy this year.

I have signed up for a blog called PUSHING THE ENVELOPE…its been around for a long time and its hosted by JEAN WILSON… she posts almost daily incredible envelopes that she receives in the mail… its a great resource to spark your imagination… some of the envelopes would be more likely considered MAIL ART rather than Calligraphy but they are are interesting and you’d be surprised at what makes it thru our postal system…I have included at least a few that I thought were special and especially ones that I wanted to try myself.  This one below is very interesting and I had to give it a brief try although I felt a little bad doing it at this time of year ( I mailed it before Christmas)….it might not have arrived on time but I am certain that the friend that got it will appreciate it.


This was done by Celia Lister… and my effort was not quite so involved but I liked the effect. For the lettering was just simple monoline letters at random angles. It was not any formal calligraphic script but it does create a lovely calligraphic effect with the use of colors and shapes.

my envy with w/c between the letters...

my envy with w/c between the letters…HINT..make sure your letters are waterproof..lol


Here are just a few more of the ones I have saved since I subscribed… I don’t save them all but I did created mail box where I can stash the ones I especially liked

This is done in the NEULAND SCRIPT

This is done in the NEULAND SCRIPT


POINTED PEN CALLIGRAPHY? might be pointed brush

Love that she filled the whole envelope with snowflakes and then added snowflake postage..

Catherine Langsdorf's art

Catherine Langsdorf’s art

this was an actual submission and I think it was either a winner or an honorable mention… beautiful layout… but simple and elegant.



This one was probably my favorite… its sorta a variation on NEULAND but making a double crossbar on the T …….PRICELESS and icing on the cake!…. also the effect of kinda making it look like confetti….just lots about this one that makes me smile.

Now these are JEAN’S letters and her note with this post said that someone gave her the words. WHIMISCAL CHRISTMAS…and asks her if she could design a complete alphabet from those words…I think she did a stellar job…

JEAN WILSON'S whimsical letters...from her blog

JEAN WILSON’S whimsical letters…from her blog

So I have given you some ideas, and font to play with so why are you still here???lol GO MAKE SOMETHING…check out the GRACEFUL ENVELOPE AND PUSHING THE ENVELOPE. 

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




MASTER I WANT TO SHARE SOME TREATS….6a00d8341c09ea53ef01bb09490ad4970d-450wi

DAWN’S VIDEO FOR BOX IN A BAG..I know these seem like whaaaaa these are halloween… and its over for a year..however…ya know how I love to repurpose things and I i like these frankie’s so well that I thought you can use them for birthdays and say AT OUR  AGE, BIRTHDAYS ARE SO SCARY ..here’s some chocolate to make it better….she also has directions for making it in several sizes…

I just couldn’t help myself …I just love this guy  and while it requires quite a few pieces i think its worth the effort…

in addition to Frankie , she has included several other images and also gives you different sizes… I haven’t tried it yet but I do believe that you can use that priority mail box the small one to mail this… or you could hope to send it in a cushion envelope…. put fragile on the envelope and they just might hand cancel it.


This is so close to the box in a bag that I just thought I[d put them together ..what makes this so cool is that its made OUT OF AN ENVELOPE…no kidding and envelope… what a cool idea… and you can basically use the same measurements for scoring even up to a 6×9 envelope… of course if you make it that big you will need more to fill it… lol…



In addition she suggests you can use one of those small battery tea lights …not the ones with flames…lol…and it is so cute…



Sometimes I am just not listening well enough because I am sure that I was told before to use those 2 inch yellow airy sponges and then cut them into 4 pieces and use those with a clip to put color on the envelope… but I must have slept thru that suggestion… however when I went to make some of these the other day I tried to use those wooden dowels with the soft color that velcro on the end of it but no matter how much I tired to start off the edge of the page I was still getting circle impressions rather than the overall coverage that she got so I looked again at video and saw…the SPONGES… I must have known at some time cause I had a couple so I cut them and viola it worked just great so that’s my hint this week…use the dang sponges a) they are cheaper then those down things and that open airiness of those sponges works best for soft coverage and for just brushing the edges.

Your STAMPING UP distributor has the sponges in a 3 pack for 3.50 or I also found them on AMAZON a bag of 25…( that’s a lot but you could share)for about $ 11… or a bag of 3 for about 4.50… so you might find them at an art supply store as well… in any case do not do what I did and buy them then not even try them… they do work wonderfully…

Ok that’s it for this week…. go out there and make something… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

HUMOR..just a little smile from my good friend SHARON CLYMER…

The rain was pouring down. And there standing in front of a big puddle outside the pub, was an old Irishman, drenched, holding a stick with a piece of string dangling in the water.

A passer-by stopped and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Fishing” replied the old man….

Feeling sorry for the old man, the gent said, “Come in out of the rain and have a drink with me.”

In the warmth of the pub, as they sip their whiskeys, the gentleman cannot resist asking, “So how many have you caught today?”

“You’re the eighth”, said the old man.





tree around corner from our house

tree around corner from our house

Tiny toadstools in our front yard in my hubby ground cover ...looks like a mini fairyland..

Tiny toadstools in our front yard in my hubby ground cover …looks like a mini fairyland..


OH MY… I was so lucky when I began my digital and snail mail friendship with JANIS BLEVINS..our friendship is often via e mail but she frequently surprises me with a delightful card in my snail mail box.  That’s where this card came from and it was my birthday card this year.  below is JANIS’S birthday card to me this year…IMG_9822

Janis's bday card to me

Janis’s bday card to me

You can’t see the die cut in the center too well as its dark but you can see it in the previous picture where it is standing… The die is from AMAZON and unfortunately it was out of stock the last time I checked but if you just go to amazon and type in HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIE…you will find several that will also work on this card… and you also just die cut a shape and put it in the center with the words stamped or with balloons and words etc…turn your imagination loose…

The pattern for this is what makes it so wonderful… 5  ½ X 8 ½ CARD STOCK FOLDED..

Next on the left side of your folded card measure in 1 ¼ inch and then cut straight down from the fold to the 3 “ mark on the side…..THEN REPEAT ON THE RIGHT SIDE…using the paper cutter I flip the card over measure in 1 ¼ then cut down 3″.. that’s it for the cutting …now for the scoring… again leaving the card folded… SCORE ONLY THE CENTER CUT AREA FROM CUT LINE TO CUT LINE…

Now you can use a ruler to measure again 1 ¼ inches up from that first score line and again score only the center piece….If you are heavy handed as I am you will not need to score any more…however if you feel the score line on the other side (i.e. flip it over to the back) isn’t showing well enough then you will need to score it again in both places…

straight across at the bottom of cut line and again 1 ¼ inch up from that score line and score again…

now open the card and fold the bottom or first score line in mountain and the one in valley then mountain then valley… TA DAH… it’s done…you need only to decorate and choose your image or die for the center… You can see that Janis layered designer paper on the front of her card both sides and bottom… if you used a printed card stock you would not need to do it ..you could also just add balloons or some other party type embellishment on either side….and across the bottom if you wish…. it’s all your creation at this point…so just go for it… and you may want to cut a sample and write on it the measurements just so you don’t have to go back to this post to see it…. then keep it in a sheet protector…and mark t center step card.

This is an image of the SCS CENTER STEP and you can see it has more cuts more folds and they are skinnier on the sides…I like JANIS’S better but you know what a lazy stamper /cardmaker I am… lol… but I think her’s is just wonderful…



This one is a lot more measuring and cutting and in my opinion harder than the one I am showing you today… and it won’t fit in an A2 envelope because it is bigger …so you would need an A7 ( 5×7″) envelope to mail it… it also has more of a bump due to the extra fold at the bottom and so you would also need to add extra postage.

This is similar to the the other center stand cards that both  SCS and DAWN have posted only this one fits into a standard A2 envelope unless you add things one the side that stick up or out….lol

SPEAKING OF ENVELOPES…EYE CANDY YOU may remember that I participate every year in an envelope contest that was started but the USPS but now is handled but THE WASHINGTON DC CALLIGRAPHY GROUP and each year a submit my entry for the theme which this year was communication and once again I did not win nor was I an honorable mentions ( i have won once and been an honorable mention at least 2 times that I can remember the most recent was in 2013… )  the winners and honorable mentions are placed in a glass case at the postal building in WASHINGTON DC and left there till next year’s winners are announced any way…here is a link the to HONORABLE MENTIONS enjoy ..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ….wire headed cyber toad..aka kath

I WILL POST THE LINK TO THE WINNERS a couple of whom I know and also the BEST OF SHOW  which is also a friend of mine….next posting…





GREETINGS FROM THE PACIFIC NORTH WET…yep its been raining but I am enjoying every minute of it and so are my plants on the deck…. and my JAPANESE DOGWOOD IS just so full of blooms I can hardly believe it….

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

This post is about letters ..these are some funky letters that I found from a rubber stamp set ( see note at bottom of exemplar) and you can see it was quite a few years ago…. back then I was teaching at various stamp and scrapbooking stores… these are called MONOLINE LETTERS because unlike calligraphy the DO NOT HAVE THICK AND THIN lines but are all the same thickness…this is what happens when you write with any ball point, fountain pen, colored pencil, crayon, etc…the tip or nib of your tool only makes one size line…to get it thicker you would have to double stroke it… so we call it a mono meaning one …. line any way this is a fun one and while its old I have not posted it on the blog before so for all my bloggers IT’S NEW… I would rather you didn’t copy it and then mail it out to friends or put it on your blog but I am quite happy to have you link to my blog  from your blog  or share my blog with someone else.  You may of course copy it for your own personal use .

It is going to work best for short quotes or especially names on envelopes you can do a longer quote with it but it may end up looking kinda jumbled and cause the reader not to finish reading… just a thought…

kh dogbone letters

So here are a few samples that I have played with using colored pencils and also colored gel pens…(HINT: I have probably said this before but you must store gel pens once they have been opened upside down..that’s with the point down so that the ink stays on the ball otherwise they tend to dry out…. and that ball won’t move for love or money even though there may still be ink in the barrel.) Pretty sure I have said this before but it bares repeating.  

EYE CANDY on my VALENTINE GIFT CARD HOLDER ( MAY 20TH) POST…. the eye candy was a video of wonderful fold which she called MAGIC ENVELOPE and she made it using an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper…. I told you that a friend and teacher of mine had done this same fold and to my knowledge was the originator of the fold and that was MARY WORTHINGTON…Mary had two books that she and a friend put together and in 1991 I bought a copy of each and they were filled with wonderful ideas for use with your calligraphy and this one was a fold note ( which Mary referred to as church fold ) since these books have long been out of print I am sharing this page from the second book which was called More Crafts…I am also showing you the covers of both books just incase you run across them in a garage sale…grab them quick as they are filled with fun ideas like books, boxes , bags etc…. In fact , you know those stamping cruises that they offer well I can’t prove it but I think Mary may have been the start she took all the ideas in her books and made them up in miniature out of nautical or sea related papers and then went to the cruise ship lines and told them she wanted to teach these on board the cruise… and you know what they said YES. She taught 90 minute sessions in one of lounges on board the cruise each day…. what a fun idea and great for her …..So anyway here is Mary’s original pattern for making the fold note or Magic envelope…using 8 1/2 x 14 paper



Again please don’t copy this onto your blog but you can link it to mine… and don’t copy and pass this out…. I know its out of print but ethically it still belongs to Mary…

dog bone samples on black

dog bone samples on black

dog bone samples

dog bone samples

ok so hope you enjoy this script and now go make something….AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath


WOW ..another cute interactive card..where the person receiving gets to play a little also… this was just to cute and it could be for anything anniversary, birthday, thank you or even just a note… I am going to try one for a friend that loves STAR WARS…and I have some Star Wars stickers so I will write the slider …may the force be with you….LOL… I know little crazy but some days you just have to let it out…. my friend Tory says …its the cracked ones that let in the light….




I had such fun with this that I sent a copy of it with star background paper and when you slide the tab the words celebrate you showed…but inside I had some STAR WARS IMAGES and I wrote MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU…. this was a card for a male friend and I know he is a STAR WARS FAN…now I know you are wondering where is the photos… well …I am so sorry I was so behind and it was probably late anyway but I just ran down to the mail drop here and mailed it… then I remembered I forgot to take a scan of it for the blog…. duh…. sorry guys but I found the stickers for STARWARS in the grocery here in FL….but they are hallmark so I am guessing that you could also find them at a hallmark store…. hang on I’ll check on amazon and see if any are there….I am still laughing what was I thinking OF COURSE THERE ARE STICKERS AT AMAZON…all kinds and all dollar amounts… just go to Amazon and type in STARWARS stickers… AND THEN make your decision… I love this for guys cards as most guys and kids are into STARWARS….so give it a try … some packages have really tiny stickers so you can put them on your balloons … on your cards..and frankly the quantity and designs were better on AMAZON than the ones I found at grocery…. but hey I saw them and grabbed them …

So back to the slider….HINT…. I also found that while she didn’t say anything about the fact that the pull tab is kinda hidden….if you are sending it to someone who is used to your interactive cards they will probably see the edge and pull it out but just to make sure I punched small hole in the pull tab and then put small piece of ribbon in it…now this means you if your envelope just holds the card a standard A2 size you will need to tuck the ribbon inside and it might need extra postage…. but if your envy is next size up A6 or A7 no problem or you could use the larger envelope and and make the pull tab stick out beyond the edge of the card …. either way think it works better then just hoping they will figure it out…

NEXT HINT….MAKE SURE that the phrase or words you are going to stamp or write will fit into the opening when the tab is pulled out…. she does show you this by stamping with the tab pulled out but sometimes while there is room there image doesn’t transfer well if the tab is in there… so i put small pencil line where it would be stopped and then removed tab and stamped… 

kh slider card front

kh slider card front.. this is just the cover that I ended up not using cause when I tried to stamp in the space it was a poor image…. so I started over but saved this to remind myself that you want to stamp without the tab  if at all possible…

envy exchange 3

this is only part of the great envelope that CAROLE CROSE  sent me using WASHI TAPE…it was running along the bottom too but I was trying not to get my whole address in the image…. so it doesn’t show I’ll try to make one similar and post it here…

washi tape envy

then I also wanted to share my BIRTHDAY Z FOLD POP UP OR WIGGLE CARD..





WELL that’s all for now folks… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

DOING NOTHING (floating image card)

WELCOME TO 2016….I hope you had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve and that you are looking forward to a happy , healthy and creative new year…. along that line of healthy, I have found when I was teaching classes that many of my students had a hard time justifying the time they spend making cards, lettering or practicing lettering, scrapbooking etc…mostly this was due to either self imposed guilt (I should be doing laundry or cleaning or cooking or shopping) or guilt from outside…maybe your mate or partner views what you do a simply irrelevant or unnecessary. The attached article will tell you that is NOT TRUE…we all lead very busy lives and I am certain that I am not the only one over the years that has wondered how did we get to this BUSY LEVEL…I am not suggesting that you can eliminate all of it or even any of it but it is important to give your self time to unwind. So I am just saying that you read this article and give it some thought.

Importance of doing Nothing

Importance of doing Nothing

Ok now that I have tried to convince you that doing nothing or having a hobby like making cards is a GOOD THING…this is an older technique that Dawn posted and while its a little tedious…its really a lot fun to send and to receive…also this one is Tree…it would work just as well for a heart for valentines day or a large balloon for birthday or if you have a cake image or die that you can cut out …remember you need two of them and they need to go back to back or if you image won’t reverse (i.e. it doesn’t line up when flipped over) you can simply cut a solid paper and use it for the back of the image. Anyway here is the link to DAWN’S FLOATING CHRISTMAS CARD  



In addition while she is using an oval opening you can make it a square or a circle again with a border…you need the border in order to have a place to adhere the cord or fishing line ( my preference) to allow the die cut image to float.  Also if you gently twist the floating image and hold it in place while you put it in the envelope when the person opens the envelope and pulls card out it will untwist…which is a fun surprise …don’t twist too much or you will unfasten your cord/line…

I am also attaching a old pattern that I have for the square flip flop card ( it has other names but it does flip back and forth ).  There are dies out there by sizzix I think that are the square and also circle and then a few others that are similar but with multiple openings. However this pattern works well on a ½ sheet of paper.  As always cut on solid lines and score on dotted lines… I had drawn this pattern but I believe someone else did this particular one and I can’t find mine…. kudos to whoever…you should be able to click on this and print it on letter size paper then cut one out and use old file folder to cut a template to reuse over and over…

kh flip flop pattern

kh flip flop pattern

I also wanted to share with you that I am a huge STAR WARS FAN and I have found a few stickers for current STAR WARS…SO I am using them to make BIRTHDAY CARDS and telling the recipient …MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU… all year long…BTW..if you decide to see the movie…I highly recommend that you see it in both 3D and IMAX… its amazing…and worth the extra cost… but then I am a fan..here is copy of my flipper (round) card with STAR WARS STICKERS…( i found mine at the grocery in the card aisle..)

kh round flipper closed

kh round flipper closed

kh round flipper open

kh round flipper open

NOW ITS TIME FOR EYE CANDY…my sweetie has been living with me for 44 yrs and so he has accepted the fact that one never knows what is art material and what is trash …a question he frequently asks before throwing away stuff…. he cracked up when I showed him the following two sites and firmly replied that he was not saving TP tubes…lol  but you might want to sneak a few…so check out these sites….

Toilet Paper Roll sculptures…amazing eye candy this person has cut tiny images and fitted them inside a tube that used to have toilet paper wrapped around it… just so incredible…

More TP ARTWORKWHO knew that toilet paper tubes had so many artsy uses… this one is more my style simply because its squished rolls that have been colored and turned into faces…..I swear that one of them looks like THE TRUMP…lmao in any case they are both too amazing… may have to start saving my tubes…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




SCS peek a boo card

SCS peek a boo card

This card is similar to the PEEK A BOO cards that I have shared from DAWN… the difference is that this one has a much larger opening then the ones DAWN did… that makes it a bit more difficult but also more impressive and it allows you to use larger images to be viewed… this is very impressive and if you watch the video then print out the tutorial it won’t be that hard ….now there are quite a few layers and those my friend are up to you…. if  you don’t want that many layers then you can leave some of them off… but this is a DO WATCH FIRST… PLUS not all embellishments have to be die cut sometimes we have wonderful stickers, brads, even stamps to use as embellishments. Now some eye candy … ST PAT’S EYE CANDY Since I completely blew sharing valentines BEFORE VALENTINES DAY….I thought I should make a better effort with ST PATRICK’S DAY and maybe you don’t share cards on St Pat’s day… FYI My Dad’s birthday was MARCH 17 TH and he was part welsh/irish…so every since his death in 04 I have dedicated my ST PAT’S CARDS to his memory… I spent some time on PINTEREST looking at ST PAT’S HANDMADE CARDS… in case you don’t have pinterest account here are some of the ones I liked the best….

St pats cards

St pats cards

st pats pinterest cards

st pats pinterest cards

pinterest st pats

pinterest st pats

OK MY FAVORITE was the top left of this last sheet …the little irishman…. isn’t he just adorable…. lots of punches or dies but I sat and punched them out while watching tv then I put them together and of course I am going to use googley eyes …lol…. and then applying them on tags…. my second favorite is the guy on the bottom with the mustache which is actually the wings from the STAMPIN UP BIRD PUNCH…YOU KNOW HOW I LOVE TO REPURPOSE THINGS…

bird punch stamping up and mason jar

bird punch stamping up and mason jar

The bird punch is from Stamping up and the Mason jar is from EK Success and was only $12 dollars at TARGET… I used the mason jar to make his hat… I just cut it off and then I also used the word punch from Stamping up to make the rim on his hat… it was a lot of punching but I did them all first then later assembled them I think I am going to put them on TAGS…but not finished yet will show to you when I am done…


PAPER SCULPTURE…DAVE WOOD..Mr Wood is both a calligrapher and an amazing paper artist…You can watch this video on Youtube and then if you type In DAVE WOOD CALLIGRAPHY  to google you can go to his web site where he also has pieces for sale and he also does commission work.  Go feast your eyes and drool..HERE IS a little appetizer … this especially appealed to me I like the rain…



CAR CALLIGRAPHY...that’s write written with a car…. AND a calligrapher… you gotta see this one.

DEMYSTIFY THE MUSE….This one is for all those folks who think they are not creative… I have said before that especially women our age need to give themselves PERMISSION to go and play…. we were taught that we must be doing laundry or something useful to justify our existence… but when we play we do court our muse and we do learn and do many other things that work to make us better…anyway the say it better than me so go look and learn…


SCS ONE LAYER PAPER TOLE.. TWO reasons for adding this card one is that I am certain that there are folks out there that would love to do this…I am not one of them… I  love the look and MAYBE with a less detailed image I would  in fact give it a try but it is absolutely lovely and the second reason is that SCS’s in house design person is DINA who is demo-ing this card and she is VERY GOOD… she give good instructions and this card needs it.

Well guys that’s it for this post..Now go make..SOMETHING…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…AKA kath