GREETINGS …from the Easter Bunnyok I am not really the Easter bunny but after making these wonderful little diaper/pocket fold cards…I feel like the EASTER BUNNY…of course I should also share that I know have the crinkly cut paper that one uses for Easter grass all over the house… I do like it but its a pain to get out of the bag and also to keep into the pocket…lol… maybe that’s why the bunny usually uses just a basket and HIDES his eggs…no grass in the basket… all that said I am also looking for jelly belly jelly beans if you eaten any of them you know that every one loves Jelly Belliys…… I am pretty sure you can find assorted ones at AMAZON and you may find them at Walmarts also…

I will confess that after making the diapers/pockets I used some lovely little rabbits and chicks that I found at Jo Ann’s they are felt and just too cute and I liked the idea that they were dimensional as well.  I found these early near the end of February then recently I found the little wooden painted ones so you have to go back often… which is just what they want….

Dawn’s larger pocket/diaper…this is one she made using an 8×8 square… mine were all made using 6×6 squares…

This is one I did a few years ago with an origami chick if you check my blog and search for origami chicken you will find the pattern for making it..


kh mini diaper fold 6×6  2018 easter card

kh mini diaper fold  the little eggs and the tiny chick in the other card are both little painted wooden embellishments I found at Jo Ann’s

back of my mini

Now the problem with this card is that it makes a huge bump in the envelope so then you do have to add an extra stamp to mail it and also I would suggest that you tape it shut just to make sure …. as long as they hand cancel it it will be fine but if they run it thru that machine…well all bets are off.. fingers crossed…

Couple of HINTS on this one… you don’t ‘have to make it an easter could just be a pocket that holds a gift card for birthday or just a mini message inside and it wouldn’t need the easter grass at that point…so up to you… If you decide to use it that way I suggest that you put the pocket inside a folded base rather than just using a single piece of card stock…it will be more secure and what ever you stick in the pocket has a better chance of staying there… lol..

coffee and chocolate
what could be better


In case you don’t know the above is an ad for SPIDERS financial something or  I have watched their ads for years when it always a spider creating a web somewhere but this one is all about PAPER folding and cutting and books … hence the new chapter reference…anyway I just love it.. and had to share it because like the SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT ADS its so intricate and so amazing … they hours they must have spent just filming it… so enjoy… and HAPPY EASTER…

I am going to an ADULT EASTER EGG DECORATING PARTY ON SAT..SO watch for pictures next week…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath



Well I have good news and bad news…. the GOOD NEWS is my Mom is finally back at her residence in FT MYERS… so no more trips to Sarasota except for fun…lol. THE BAD NEWS is that due not being put on antibiotics weeks ..maybe even months ago her cough got so bad that had a fever last sunday of 101…FINALLY they gave her the antibiotics..its a long story why but she is very sad shape…and why not she has been suffering with this for over 6 wks and if they had given her the antibiotics to begin with it would have been gone in just a few days… ok know you didn’t come for this so I will move on…

dawn’s wallet for gift cards

DAWN’S GIFT CARD WALLET ..AS DAWN WOULD SAY THIS IS SO “stinkin Cute” seriously it is … and the great part is that its in plenty time for Christmas…she also tells you that it has so many pockets you won’t believe it…. so you can put gift cards or photos, or notes or just about anything you might want into it and give it ….and it doesn’t have to be Christmas…if  you want to give it as a BIRTHDAY well try using a balloon on the front using  either a die, a punch or fussy cut one out…. its just the cutest card and a very simple fold….

Dawn’s wallets

AS you can see she did one with just the word friend but this could also be a GET WELL, THINKING OF YOU, OR BIRTHDAY OR EVEN JUST BECAUSE …and note the you can also make the front of the card run either vertical or horizontal…

She is using 12 x 12 designer paper..Which means that is also duplex paper…and its gonna be kinda hard to fold… so you will need your embossing folder… you can use lighter weight text paper that in most cases will not be duplex …it just means that what little of the card shows inside will most likely be white or the same color as your outside…. either way due to the number of folds it will be sturdy enough especially if you are adding a gift card if you are adding photos you might want to add a slim piece card stock into the pocket that you put the photo so it doesn’t get bent…and due to the bows which like cause it makes look like a gift…you will have to add additional postage …STILL I think this is worth it…

HINT: regarding the Ribbon…. I would not rely on jus the embellishment on the front holding it in place….I would use a few glue dots on both the front and the back or the wallet and attach the ribbon with them and then also use the embellishment on the front to keep tin place…..

EYE CANDY..this is especially for all my friends and family in WASHINGTON...RAINWORKS is a brief YOU TUBE video of a process by which you  can letter on cement and it will only show up if its wet…. I love it…nothing could be more fun that wandering around Seattle in the stuff we call rain and finding these wonderful works of art and there are several other videos so you can see how and what he uses to make these and they don’t have to happen in Washington it rains everywhere sometime…lol…

Think I may have posted this before if you just type rainworks on You Tube it will come up several more …. ENJOY MY FRIENDS… and letter on…






IF YOU ARE LIKE ME….the countdown has begun…seems like the time between Halloween and Christmas gets shorter every year… and this year especially as I was away for 14 days right before THANKSGIVING…aaarrrggghhhh. BUT I have a friend who says that the more projects you have the longer you will live cause you can’t die till you get them all done…in that’s case I am going to be one OLD LADY…lol

Another sponged background and the pop out part.

A Christmas version of this same card but it could be a birthday too

this card is simple and cute and if you need something quickly then you can use just decorator/designer paper for the inside panels and then stamp your message or write your message … or photos or die cuts or punches to decorate your inside panels and truthfully you don’t have to have every panel decorated….sometimes less is more…

This is again one of those types of cards where you can prepare the BASE card with the cut out ahead of time and then also cut and score the inside accordion so that you have it ready to put together for this last minute cards you forgot to make…lol… I swear if it was for “LAST MINUTE” I’d never get anything done…

I also think this would make a really good birthday card with some balloons on the outside pop out panel and then maybe one or two on the inside panel…or just cut some small squares or rectangles to look like mini packages inside ….also one of my favorite sentiments for the birthday card comes from my friend TORY BROKENSHIRE…its CYH..which stands for CONSIDER YOURSELF HUGGED..I just love that and I am a huge hugger…

OH and there won’t be a travel log coming due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be going to HALIFAX as this time.. ☹️😬 I am disappointed but I am sure we do it another time

EYE CANDY….AMAZING LEAF ARTYOU wont believe the wonderful things they carve out of these leaves…check it out..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka Kath






IN APRIL of 2016 I posted DAWN’S VIDEO LINK to this little card… I had posted it before that and The pattern that I am sharing here actually came several years ago from Impress Rubber Stamps when they still had a store in BELLEVUE Square….They gave away the pattern for free….and as you can see its incredibly simple but as I said its good for so many ideas…and this time I am also letting you know that it works as a mini desk calendar where it can stand on someones desk or counter with one of this two little mini page a month calendars…

mini calendars from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS top one is about 1 ½ in x ¾ inches square and the bottom one is like about 3 ” x  1 ½ inches… and now they found on my request the older version which was about 1 ½ ”  SQUARE…. I always love the little square ones but they kinda disappeared and so when I asked they come up with them so I think you can get them there.


So decorate your standing corner and then add your little calendar…you can decorate with embellishments , punched or die cut images or even a favorite photo…or one my favorites is to use canceled postage stamps…when I get cool postage in the mail I save it to make my cards /calendars etc…you can soak them off the paper even the newer sticky ones or just use them like a collage..or you can just make this a card as Dawn has done..

I know there is not much to this but think you will enjoy making these and IMPRESS CARDS AND CRAFTS does sell the tiny calendars and this year they also have some that are about 1 1/2 inch square.

This is short but I am heading to HALIFAX soon and I wanted to get one more blog lined up before I left…I hope to create some travel blogs and especially with photos of the Bay of FUNDI…which can have a 30 ft tide….yikes what fun…a 30ft tide in Florida would cover coast to coast underwater….I listen to lots of books on AUDIBLE and just in case you have a any interest in tides …AUDIBLE has a book called TIDES ….that is really interesting…it starts by talking about FUNDI and the thousands of SANDPIPERS that swoop in to feed on the muck when the tide is out….I hope to get photos of that and share them with you but while its not a book I might have read ….listening to it was fantastic. It’s TIDES..THE SECRET SCIENCE OF THE OCEAN..AND some other books I highly recommend are THE BOYS IN THE BOAT ..About the 1936 Olympics and the rowing team from university of WA….again fantastic story…..and JOYLAND by STEPHAN KING…nope not horror at all its actually a love story/coming of age and the narrator is fantastic…ahhh the english major in me is coming out… I will quit for now… but how about some

EYE CANDY….this is a short technique on how to create water color background for stamping or lettering… I love this and while it looks messy my suggestion is to tape your paper to a piece of Masonite or FOAMCOR board and then work over a plastic tablecloth or near your sink…this made me think of my making mud pies days.. sometimes we just need to be a big messy….Michael’s sells the hand held small spritz bottle for about 4.99 and its a great one as it has a trigger… some control of the amount of water…


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


Pinterest Frog card

WELL HERE WE ARE AGAIN….and I recently found this card from on Pinterest and I hadn’t been on P for a while and I discovered that many of the links no longer go to the item you were looking at BUMMER…it goes to the web site and then you have to look for what you wanted…. I am not sure why this is happening but this FROG Is a good example.  But I have a thing for Frogs so I thought I’d share this with you …

Pinterest Frog card

You will either need circle and oval dies or you will need circle and ova punches…

FROG HEAD……medium oval



EYES…3 SIZE CIRCLE..SMALLEST ONE BLACK WITH WITH WRITING…of course you know I would probably use google eyes…. what can I say….


head cut small rectangles about ½ inch wide and about 2 ½ long then round the corners and apply the to the thin strips to be the stems.

BOW…I am only guessing but think it could be a small butterfly punch or die or you overlap two tiny hearts to make it also…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY ….wire headed cyber toad aka kath




I posted a blog back in 2016 that was about my friend JANIS BLEVINS version of a center step card… and also version of center step card by SCS…I didn’t care for it too much because it was almost square when completed and it didn’t fit easily into an envelope.  But  this MULTI PANEL CARD by Dawnis the same thing as a center step format but the part I like about DAWN’s is that is fits in a standard envelope and its easier to make .

She did a live video on FB of it with the HIGHTIDE SET of stamps but it was an hour long video and hard to watch with people talking and not as concise as this one. i asked to repost a video for this card and she did….just love her videos…so the link above is much easier to watch and I do like the card format..

I especially like this card because can stand on it own…as long as you use card stock for the base…..its really fairly simple just takes a bit of extra scoring. And cutting…then that center panel can work with almost any image you want to cut and add,…it doesn’t have to fit only in the center it can overlap onto the panels since it doesn’t open….it can be an oval or a circle and using a piece from last weeks post on dry embossing would Work well in the center….in fact the card I made using the frog in the center works well… I used it as a get well card and on the back it said wishing you a RIBBIT recovery,…

GET WELL card with frog



Paper Ponderings

Going back in time…

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 11:32 PM PDT

We are away at the moment, so I have gone back in time to another trip earlier in the year.

We visited the National Arboretum in Canberra for the first time in April and it was stunning.

Not only are the mass plantings inspired; but the discovery of art and sculpture in between and around the corner and on top of hills was a real delight.

As you enter the building, these great walls of rock are interrupted with lovey etched corten steel panels.

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I learned to do this technique several years ago but I had forgotten about it till I was browsing thru thru my  STAMPING SCHOOL  subscription…..she had posted a card using the fat chicken….

Stamping School card

.and I had gotten that stamp set cause I just loved those chickens and so I had to give it a try ….you do need to press very gently or you will tear the vellum…but I love the effect….of DRY EMBOSSING ON VELLUM….i can’t link you to STAMPING SCHOOLsite but I found this video on you tube…the STAMPING SCHOOL SITE is a pay site…. its 35$ a year but I do like the way she lays out her cards…and you can save favorites for yourself on the site and she gives what she calls the recipe which gives you the sizes of card…score lines etc and a picture all on a single sheet of paper…. I like all of that so much that I said ok I am going to pay for it… this is my 3rd year and I do feel I get my money’s worth .  So while there is the link up there …you won’t be able to see all of the cards etc/videos unless you pay for a subscription.  This is also why I can’t link you to the sight

I also discovered that its hard to do a large open area….and while balloons would look good afraid it will be harder to do that larger area….unless you have the denser piece of foam to rub on… I tired to use my mouse pad and it tore, I found a small piece of dense foam that I had for something else and it worked better so I went to Michaels and looked for dense /thicker foam wirere they had the light foam that you can use to die cut images… the dense foam is little more than ¼ inch thick and it only comes in two colors grey and white… I think the grey will be easier to see where you have been and what still needs to embossed…. it was a very cheap purchase think it was only 99 cents… It can be very impressive .

Here are some of the images that I did ….

mouse embossing

chicken dry emboss

my frog above is mounted on the multi panel card or center step….and I did use watercolors on the back side of the vellum.

dry embossed flowers of vellum

Because I scanned these images none of them are showing up as well as they do when you see them in person…

also I would tell you that you can also use tracing paper its slightly thicker and not a transparent as vellum but it will work..also colored vellum will work it won’t show up white but it will show up a lighter shade of whatever color you might be using..

EYE CANDY…..SEAL AND GIRL ON DOCK..this is maybe not eye candy… and as you can see it made the NEWS as well as FACEBOOK and it made me laugh…only because I know she is ok…I am sure she was scared but this is the best reason why t you don’t feed wild animals…I know I have a black sense of humor but as I said she is fine. just a little wet and shook up…

well guess that’s it for this post…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath harney






MASTER I WANT TO SHARE SOME TREATS….6a00d8341c09ea53ef01bb09490ad4970d-450wi

DAWN’S VIDEO FOR BOX IN A BAG..I know these seem like whaaaaa these are halloween… and its over for a year..however…ya know how I love to repurpose things and I i like these frankie’s so well that I thought you can use them for birthdays and say AT OUR  AGE, BIRTHDAYS ARE SO SCARY’s some chocolate to make it better….she also has directions for making it in several sizes…

I just couldn’t help myself …I just love this guy  and while it requires quite a few pieces i think its worth the effort…

in addition to Frankie , she has included several other images and also gives you different sizes… I haven’t tried it yet but I do believe that you can use that priority mail box the small one to mail this… or you could hope to send it in a cushion envelope…. put fragile on the envelope and they just might hand cancel it.


This is so close to the box in a bag that I just thought I[d put them together ..what makes this so cool is that its made OUT OF AN ENVELOPE…no kidding and envelope… what a cool idea… and you can basically use the same measurements for scoring even up to a 6×9 envelope… of course if you make it that big you will need more to fill it… lol…



In addition she suggests you can use one of those small battery tea lights …not the ones with flames…lol…and it is so cute…



Sometimes I am just not listening well enough because I am sure that I was told before to use those 2 inch yellow airy sponges and then cut them into 4 pieces and use those with a clip to put color on the envelope… but I must have slept thru that suggestion… however when I went to make some of these the other day I tried to use those wooden dowels with the soft color that velcro on the end of it but no matter how much I tired to start off the edge of the page I was still getting circle impressions rather than the overall coverage that she got so I looked again at video and saw…the SPONGES… I must have known at some time cause I had a couple so I cut them and viola it worked just great so that’s my hint this week…use the dang sponges a) they are cheaper then those down things and that open airiness of those sponges works best for soft coverage and for just brushing the edges.

Your STAMPING UP distributor has the sponges in a 3 pack for 3.50 or I also found them on AMAZON a bag of 25…( that’s a lot but you could share)for about $ 11… or a bag of 3 for about 4.50… so you might find them at an art supply store as well… in any case do not do what I did and buy them then not even try them… they do work wonderfully…

Ok that’s it for this week…. go out there and make something… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

HUMOR..just a little smile from my good friend SHARON CLYMER…

The rain was pouring down. And there standing in front of a big puddle outside the pub, was an old Irishman, drenched, holding a stick with a piece of string dangling in the water.

A passer-by stopped and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Fishing” replied the old man….

Feeling sorry for the old man, the gent said, “Come in out of the rain and have a drink with me.”

In the warmth of the pub, as they sip their whiskeys, the gentleman cannot resist asking, “So how many have you caught today?”

“You’re the eighth”, said the old man.





tree around corner from our house

tree around corner from our house

Tiny toadstools in our front yard in my hubby ground cover ...looks like a mini fairyland..

Tiny toadstools in our front yard in my hubby ground cover …looks like a mini fairyland..


OH MY… I was so lucky when I began my digital and snail mail friendship with JANIS BLEVINS..our friendship is often via e mail but she frequently surprises me with a delightful card in my snail mail box.  That’s where this card came from and it was my birthday card this year.  below is JANIS’S birthday card to me this year…IMG_9822

Janis's bday card to me

Janis’s bday card to me

You can’t see the die cut in the center too well as its dark but you can see it in the previous picture where it is standing… The die is from AMAZON and unfortunately it was out of stock the last time I checked but if you just go to amazon and type in HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIE…you will find several that will also work on this card… and you also just die cut a shape and put it in the center with the words stamped or with balloons and words etc…turn your imagination loose…

The pattern for this is what makes it so wonderful… 5  ½ X 8 ½ CARD STOCK FOLDED..

Next on the left side of your folded card measure in 1 ¼ inch and then cut straight down from the fold to the 3 “ mark on the side…..THEN REPEAT ON THE RIGHT SIDE…using the paper cutter I flip the card over measure in 1 ¼ then cut down 3″.. that’s it for the cutting …now for the scoring… again leaving the card folded… SCORE ONLY THE CENTER CUT AREA FROM CUT LINE TO CUT LINE…

Now you can use a ruler to measure again 1 ¼ inches up from that first score line and again score only the center piece….If you are heavy handed as I am you will not need to score any more…however if you feel the score line on the other side (i.e. flip it over to the back) isn’t showing well enough then you will need to score it again in both places…

straight across at the bottom of cut line and again 1 ¼ inch up from that score line and score again…

now open the card and fold the bottom or first score line in mountain and the one in valley then mountain then valley… TA DAH… it’s done…you need only to decorate and choose your image or die for the center… You can see that Janis layered designer paper on the front of her card both sides and bottom… if you used a printed card stock you would not need to do it could also just add balloons or some other party type embellishment on either side….and across the bottom if you wish…. it’s all your creation at this point…so just go for it… and you may want to cut a sample and write on it the measurements just so you don’t have to go back to this post to see it…. then keep it in a sheet protector…and mark t center step card.

This is an image of the SCS CENTER STEP and you can see it has more cuts more folds and they are skinnier on the sides…I like JANIS’S better but you know what a lazy stamper /cardmaker I am… lol… but I think her’s is just wonderful…



This one is a lot more measuring and cutting and in my opinion harder than the one I am showing you today… and it won’t fit in an A2 envelope because it is bigger …so you would need an A7 ( 5×7″) envelope to mail it… it also has more of a bump due to the extra fold at the bottom and so you would also need to add extra postage.

This is similar to the the other center stand cards that both  SCS and DAWN have posted only this one fits into a standard A2 envelope unless you add things one the side that stick up or out….lol

SPEAKING OF ENVELOPES…EYE CANDY YOU may remember that I participate every year in an envelope contest that was started but the USPS but now is handled but THE WASHINGTON DC CALLIGRAPHY GROUP and each year a submit my entry for the theme which this year was communication and once again I did not win nor was I an honorable mentions ( i have won once and been an honorable mention at least 2 times that I can remember the most recent was in 2013… )  the winners and honorable mentions are placed in a glass case at the postal building in WASHINGTON DC and left there till next year’s winners are announced any way…here is a link the to HONORABLE MENTIONS enjoy ..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ….wire headed cyber toad..aka kath

I WILL POST THE LINK TO THE WINNERS a couple of whom I know and also the BEST OF SHOW  which is also a friend of mine….next posting…





HI THERE…they (SCS) posted this a few weeks ago and but this is the first chance I have had to repost it on my blog… this is different than DOROTHY’S ORGAMI KITE CARD I posted before in that this is the whole card is a kite…not just a kite image for on the front…it does require a bit of measuring and also some cutting but its not hard and it does come out ever so cute. Plus with all the wind we have had lately I thought it was timely..



SCS KITE CARD so this is the link check it out  and I think you will agree its a really cool card to make…

I liked the pop up effect when you open it but the sample above is a bit to fru fru my tastes so I went and tried it with some halloween style paper.

my halloween version of the kite card...

my halloween version of the kite card…

I just used regular white cord to form the tail and then I have a small bat punch and punched two each and stuck them together to form the decorations on the tail… plus I used a sticker that cut out the big bat and used it on the kite… I am still debating about putting gogglie eyes on the big bat…..I think the gogglie eyes are gonna win……after I finished this one I looked at it and went hummmm what about a cob web on the kite and a hanging spider….ok back when its finished….Ok…first I did the birthday one with embossing on the front using the cloud embossing template and then I lightly ran over the embossing with s silver cat’s eye stamp pad… then I use sticker for the cupcake..INSIDE I will write something like JUST FLYIN BY WITH A BIG BIRTHDAY HI…

birthday kite

birthday kite

Now here is the spider and web one… Used an embossing template on the front for the WEB then I lightly ran over the embossing with a black stamp pad… the spider is a large felt SPIDER mounted on a foam dot…I got the spider a few years ago from either Michaels or JoAnn’s…probably Michaels…

spider/web kite

spider/web kite

I bet I have more halloween embellishments than all the craft stores in all the world…lol… I just can’t help myself so I do try to stay away…at this time of year…or to walk straight thru to where I need to be…

Now back to the pattern… in step 2 it says that you are to score diagonally from the 3″ mark diagonally down to the 7″ mark… well she shows you on the score board ( not sure whose its is as its PINK) BUT its not that easy…. so here was my solution to this problem I have the new SCOR-PAL and it has marks every 1/8th inch… so I went to the center of the board ( THE 6″ MARK ) and using my regular black sharpie…I traced that 6″ mark all the way down the board once you have that you can lay your marks at each end and score away….however if you don’t have a score board of any type you could use a magazine and score with a ruler and a bone folder or some other type of scoring tool and score or you can simply fold the paper so that the straight edge matches up at 3″ mark and the 7″ mark and then score the fold with your tool… look at the photo for #2 to see the straight line I am talking about .  This  X fold creates the explosion effect at the top of the kite. Here is the image so you can see what I did….

scor-pal with black line all the way down to help with diagonal scores..

scor-pal with black line all the way down to help with diagonal scores..

I actually used the 6 1/2 inch mark to drawn on …but you get the idea …I think you could remove if you needed to with windex or something like that…but this helps and you can do the same thing if you have the MARTHA STEWART score board also…. the new scor-pal does have marks on the board as you can see but they didn’t come down far enough to show out from under the diagonal piece of card stock… one line all the way down seems to work the best…

So one more note regarding the two small squares… which the directions tell you to cut at diagonal from point to point.  Now those squares cut into 4 diamonds are used to decorate the inside of the kite card at the explosion part at the top…this is fine,however, I also think that a) you don’t need to decorate that area at all…b) you can use small stamps in those spaces c) you can use small stickers…or d) small punches to decorate…my reason for this is because I am usually using scraps to decorate the front of the card and while they make the inside squares match the decorator paper on the front sometimes  in fact quite often I don’t have enough of the paper to do the small triangles for the inside.

While I also told you that I found this card a little too fru fru for myself…I do have several friends and even relatives who would love the flowers and ribbons…so especially if you have flower punches small ones and brads this will make a lovely card that will be appreciated by many… so go for it… it would also make a great get well card and also a cute valentine card as well..tiny hearts on the tail would be great.

EYE CANDY Baby Video… I truly hope that you can see this video as it is so cute… however if you can’t then you might try to go to YOU TUBE and type in baby video…my favorite part is the last scene with the dog… I am still laughing…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath