I am feeling more and more like myself and can only attibute it to getting diagnosed early and having had the Shingles shot… but check with your DR as some people are not recommended to have the shot.  Ok enough health but it kinda leads into my show and tell of the get well cards I received but FIRST, no not a word from our sponsors as I have no sponsors well my hubby but he has no message. See told you I am feeling better…FIRST I WANT TO SHARE ONE OF MY FAVORITE CASUAL alphabets and YES you can do this even if you never have had any experience with Calligraphy.

WE call IT THICK & THIN’S and we owe it all to KATHERINE MALMSTEN.  I also received a copy of NICHOL RAUCH’S version  and hers is probably closer to Katherine’s than mine. Remember I told you that I have a hard time following any recipe EXACTLY well I have the same problem with the more casual alphabet scripts…. that said when I writing FORMAL CALLIGRAPHY (historical scripts) I DO MY BEST TO MAKE MY LETTERS LOOK LIKE THE HISTORICAL VERSION..With this script though I added a few more thick’s so here are some of Nichol’s tips… and then my exemplar.  Also the tool that I used is a PARALLEL PEN which are available at both PAPER & INK ARTS or JOHN NEAL BOOKSELLER.  NOTE: there appear to be new sizes as well as a diagonal cut nib… you want the flat chisel nib (original ) for this script. I do have all the sizes but you might want to only get the 3.8 mm and the 6 mm…the Wizard book will also help you with all the things this amazing pen can do you can write with anything, ink , paint , gouache etc.  and it makes lovely thick and thin lines and tipping it up on the edge gives you that thin monoline effect. ( SEE PARALLEL PEN POST)





OK so hope you will enjoy Katherine’s alphabet as much as Nichol and I do.

EYE CANDY… my get well cards


I know I shared another of Sharon’s card where she uses the photo and then makes a second copy of the photo and only cuts out a key element and using foam dots/tape adhere’s to first photo so that it looks so real you feel like you might get poked if you touched it… lol… Thanks Sharon you made my day.



First Janis Blevins made the frog so that he was hanging on the cord and when I took it out of the clear acetate envelope it swung on the cord….toooo clever… and I love frogs so he was the perfect guy for a HANG IN THERE….I have terrific friends.


Linda and Sandee's card

This was a delightful little booklet that was stitched together and had this wonderful origami wreath on the front as well as an asian stamp in the center.  I know Linda’s calligraphy group has a lot of card exchanges and I am assuming that since the back of the card said SANDEE FREEMAN she actually made the card BUT LINDA O’NEILL wrote the get well note that was on the signature inside the card.  I hope I am giving correct information here but in any case I LOVE ALL THINGS ORIGAMI…so thanks Girls I loved the card.  IN fact I loved it so much I figured out how to make the little origami folds so that I could make it too.

Just in case you also want to try one… here are the folds

Sandee's origami


I am guessing but assume that Sandee’s squares were about 1 1/2 ” or 2″ …the ones I used were 3″ but no matter what size square you use the folds are the same…however you would need the smaller squares to make a card that is approximately 5″ square.  REMEMBER IF YOU MAIL A SQUARE YOU MUST USE ADDITIONAL POSTAGE.

Since this is mainly a calligraphic post …I have to share a web site called Tumblr which has a calligraphic section and there are new postings to it all the time so check out some eye candy….

Ok team… hope you will enjoy this script and I’ll post a blog on the Parallel pen next.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath

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