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This post is all about a couple of TECHNIQUES….The first one is bleach.  There a couple of things that you need to think about when it comes to bleach, the big one is that you should know about.  Rubber is a living thing…. that means that whenever you add chemicals you are ultimately looking to kill the rubber.  This means that over time the chemicals will work to make the rubber it shrinks up and becomes harder and harder.  There is no way to predict how soon this will happen but if its a stamp you really love and use a lot you should know that both the bleach as well as those STAZON pads are working towards turning the rubber hard.  The best way to do this is to only use die or pigment based stamp pads and don’t put bleach on the stamps themselves.  So what is the solution, well the best one is to merely stamp the image and then heat emboss it using a clear embossing powder or a color if that’s your choice.  Then go back and use small amounts of bleach on the card stock.  That said, you need to test each piece of cardstock as some will bleach out to a color you may find unacceptable and some black ( I know this for a fact) won’t bleach at all. Again as I said you need to heat emboss the image so that the bleach doesn’t erase the image.

So then the technique is to heat emboss the image as I did with the one below then go back and use a small amount of bleach.  You should also know that when it comes to bleach it loses its potency when exposed to air or placed in plastic or glass.  So the best way is to heat emboss several images on various card stocks then use a small glass dish and pour out only a small amount of bleach…use a brush that you don’t use for anything else so if you have several brushes I would use tape and mark it so that you know its for bleach only and bleach will also eat some brushes like natural hair so a synthetic brush or even a felt tip to bleach out the paper inside the image.  After you have done that dump your bleach so that you don’t spill the container that its in.  I reccommend a mid size pyrex bowl since its heavy and not easily dumped. Also only use a about a cap full bleach poured directly from the bottle ….you can also use the scented bleach so you are overwhelmed by the smell of bleach.  There is a video on the STAMPING SCHOOL ( a STAMPING UP) web site…. that said this is the only one that I have found that has a fee for becoming a member.  It has an annual fee of $35.  That seems like a lot but I think they have about 600+ videos and good directions for each project and they are divided by categories.  I think if you go to the link above (in Blue) before you become a member they allow you to look up a few of the cards/videos.  They also send you an e-mail every time they post new videos.  So what I am saying is that its up to you just wanted you to know about them in addition to the SPLITCOAST STAMPERS and DAWN’S web site which are both also STAMPING UP websites. ( based on my experience and I just signed up for year two…there are some duplications between STAMPING SCHOOL and SPLITCOAST STAMPERS.  But since I tend more toward the special folds or funky cards I have not seen a lot of duplication still a lot of the cards are just ways to layer and obviously using SU stamps and punches.)


OK this was done on dark purple texture card stock with heat embossing in clear then using brush bleached out the centers and then when dry added colored pencil.

bleach/heat embossed


This is also heat embossed and colored pencil added after the bleach dried.

just stamped then bleached

This one was just stamped with permanent ink then lightly bleached and then colored with colored pencil so permanent ink will hold if you don’t over do the bleach.

bleach black on black

Ok so this is one more way to use the bleach… I wrote the quote myself with black ink on white paper then I took black cardstock ( that I knew would bleach this is very important) and went to a copy store and photocopied the quote onto black paper …hence black on black… it doesn’t show up here as well as it might but before you bleach it it is very hard to see… once its bleached in this case my black cardstock bleached out GREEN… that doesn’t usually happen it usually bleaches out a sort of rusty brown color but for whatever reason this brand of cardstock went green …I was delighted and I did know that it was going green before I photo copied it as I had tested it at home. So cut these down and used them as ST PATRICK’S CARDS…YOU MUST PHOTO COPY AT A COPY STORE because home printers don’t have any carbon in them and its the carbon printing that makes it not bleach out…


One of the other ways to use BLEACH is simple to put a small about in a small plastic or glass spray bottle a spritz a small amount of bleach on the paper either before you stamp or after you have stamped but if after try not to get too much on your image or you may lose some of it but even that can sometimes be interesting and make the image a little more rustic looking or watercolor looking.

This is just the craft cardstock with bleach sprayed on and then let dry ….then below I used a moon stamp cause I thought this looked kinda like stars so this is what it looked like after stamping over the dried bleach.

stamped on bleach background


This would be my least favorite for the reasons I listed at the beginning it will definately damage the rubber ( I have no experience with the clear stamps)but how quickly that will happen is hard to say… I am less worried about using it with the $1.00 stamps that find at Michael’s or with at stamp that I willing to lose or sure that I can replace.  The images below were done by adding a small piece of felt to a small amount of bleach then pressing the stamp on it and then pressing the stamp on the paper.  I didn’t try to create an actual stamp pad but you could still I would think that you would not want to add to much bleach to it as it will dry out and you will probably need to add more each time you go to use it. You can probably use the same bleach brush you choose to simple brush on the bleach on the specific stamp image.  As I stated I have no experience with the clear stamps and not sure at all what effect it will have on the image, its possible that it could melt it completely or have no more immediate effect on the image than it has on the red rubber.  If you try it please give me your feelings and results at in either comments or

bleach on stamp

So these were two dollar stamps that I was willing to sacrifice  but the bunny was solid and didn’t show up much and so I used a fine line pen to sorta outline it… the then chick was harder to see and again I only brushed on the bleach so again I used a colored pencil in this case to make it show a little more… I feel sure that if you are willing to actually make a bleach stamp pad you would probably get better results on the image…but again this is not something I am willing to use very often.  That said, its possible that I would be dead long before the stamps hardened and was no longer making a good image or I might just get tired of the image and be willing to play more… just wanted you to be aware in case you had something that you never wanted to lose.


This technique is from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS … they are going to show you how to use a white crayon to put a wax resist on top of your image then using a sponge add watercolor background to make your image stand out.  In addition to using a white crayon you could also do the same thing using a wax blender color pencil over your color with the same result the watercolor will not stick on top of the waxed surface… You can even color your image with colored pencils to begin with then use a lot of the blender pencil over the top of your color….then the watercolor…and wipe off the watercolor with a kleenex or paper towel.  The advantage to the colored pencil blender is that it won’t make your color look faded… and it will also work with the colored pencil.  Below are some of my samples.


wax resist and sponged color

wax resist /watercolor

This last one I stamped on watercolor paper and then used colored pencil and wax blender pencil over the top then lightly watercolored over the top …except the grass which I did stamp last after the watercolor.


Because I am both a paper freak as well as an ALL APPLE girl  I thought I’d share both the calligraphy site so you can see a wonderful idea of what its like to practice calligraphy without and sound…for me this would be hard I usually HATE total quiet it makes me hear things like my blood pumping etc… But I am trying to use some meditation techniques to try to make sure that I reduce stress in my life and NEVER HAVE another episode of SHINGLES…I do plan to give this a try…I do think it will be meditative and I do love getting lost in the letters one of her suggestions is something I tell students when I am teaching lettering styles..choose a style practice it using an exemplar a few times then just start writing “stream of consciousness” which means just write whatever you are thinking about ie just write it out, grocery list, worries or maybe you are feeling very mellow and some favorite quotes will come to mind… DON’T bother to make corrections to spelling or start over…just rewrite the misspelled word and keep going the idea is to really get into the lettering not the spelling at this point.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did…think Monks on stools. ILLUMINATED LETTERS 2013

This one was sent to me by a cousin and it cracked me up… obviously I love my ipad and I am probably a lot like the guy in the video… smile… A PAPERLESS FUTURE ?

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath

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