If you follow Dawn, you probably know by now that due to having a million in sales this past year she got to design her own stamp set and she did it with Motor cycle stuff specifically HARLEY stuff…. the bike I believe is like her husbands and is a HARLEY CLASSIC.. anyway we made a card a few posts back using the images to make a shaker card… I have a friend actually a couple of friends who ride Harleys and so I bought this set and loved her MODIFIED Z FOLD WILD RIDE.



THE orange one above is a vertical card but the two shown below are the same fold but done in a horizontal format…

Dawn's Z fold gift card holder with her WILD RIDE SET

Dawn’s Z fold gift card holder with her WILD RIDE

Either way I think you will enjoy this set and the card… again I made one just like the orange on in a vertical format but again I mail it before I took photos….I don’t seem to be able to stop myself…but I am pretty sure its because I am always down to the deadline to get it in the mail. I do think sometimes It would be good I if I did one that looked different…

Now I recently went to the Ocean ( the Pacific) and while we had a nice time I must admit that the beach was pretty barren….here are just a few of the photos that I took while we were there….


beach at WESTPORT  near Jetty

couple of things to notice A) it was overcast…B) HUGE CROWD…lol


dead Dungeness crab

dead Dungeness crab

this one was taken at ocean shores and I am not sure but this one looks like they might have died happy…. lol

huge driftwood

huge driftwood

The was the only piece of driftwood for as far as the eye could see so it did make me a little sad that folks were burning against it… but its legal thought there is firewood to purchase and its pretty cheap…

my sad calligraphic efforts at the beach ...

my sad calligraphic efforts at the beach …

in my defense my stick was too long and I need to get a shorter one its not SUZI BERINGER’S letters  but still it was fun..

EYE CANDY This is some incredible art work all made out of drywall… who knew there was such a think as DRYWALL ART

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




Well I should have posted this after I posted the one by Janis Blevins…or maybe before… But you know that saying about hindsight…anyway better late than never….there are two different versions here but I still think that Janis’s version is the easiest but these are unique also.


DAWN’S CENTER PANEL EASEL VIDEO….I love this again its a standing card so of course that to me makes it extra special.. this is like the 2nd or 3rd or even 4th example of an easel card…there are round ones and now this one is sorta square/rectangle…no matter its very cute and easy to do…also I haven’t suggested this in a while but this is good one to cut several cards while you are watching tv at night then slip them into a protective sheet along with measurements and then away you go…. they are ready quick and easy when you need a birthday card…thank you or get well… or even just thinking of you of missing you…. so TIP:  PRINT JUST THE OPENING PAGE (1) of Dawn’s video page then write the measurements on that page …this way you have a picture of card as well as the measurements for it…. and use that same protector sheet to store your extras…

MY center fold using Dawn's pattern

MY center fold using Dawn’s pattern

my center fold standing

my center fold standing

my center fold using stamping school vertical

my center fold using stamping school verticaL

Folded flat

Folded flat


This one is made using a small Z fold to make the easel part of the card but it quick and easy and my card does not open it says it all on the front and under the flap,…but that’s up to you.


MOTHER DAUGHTER ART....this was so delightful and amazing…the daughter draws a scribble and then the Mom using the scribble makes a painting out of it…. There are more of them on You Tube so check it out….

EAGLE FLIGHT IN DUBAI this is the most amazing video… the highest building 2700 ft and they turn an eagle lose and he has to fly down and find his trainer… you won’t believe it…lovely view of the city too…and very smooth …bet it was done with a GO PRO video camera…check it out ….stretch your wings and pretend you can fly…

2 FOR 1…4 fold card…SCS AND DAWN

YIPES.. you won’t believe this but both DAWN AND SCS…had a post on how to do this card and I did make one then forgot to copy it and now its at my daughter’s as I gave it to her for birthday….DUH…this is what happens when you are under the gun to “GET ER DONE” and then you dash out the door to celebrate and forget to take photo…. I am going to try another and this time maybe I’ll remember to scan it for the blog..

DAWN’S 4 FOLD CARD so here is Dawn’s image and the link to her video…6a00d8341c09ea53ef01b8d192facb970c-450wi

ok this was pretty simple just takes a little time to cut the four panels…but its not that hard… and they line up pretty easy if you are careful with your cutting…. you can even use your soapstone pencil ( available at sewing stores or amazon of course) and after you cut the first one you can lay it on each of the other panels and draw the circle or whatever ever shape you want on it so that you cut them each in the same spot…you can then rub the soapstone mark off with a paper towel or just leave it as its on the side that eventually gets glued together so no one will ever see it when the card is finished…. AS DAWN SAYS “LOVE IT”…


SCS FOUR FOLD CARD…this is basically the exact same card with ONE DIFFERENCE..they cut four images to hang in the center…I think this was over kill…you really can’t see them unless you make an effort to open them… I think just two back to back works just fine and because it is lighter in weight will flip a little more easily… but I also want ed to show you this one so you could see that you can use the heart shape for valentines  so it doesn’t have to be a circle but for the heart or any other shape you will need nesting dies so that one in hanging position has room to move a little…



WITH the one that I forgot to scan…I was using one of the round TIM HORTON birds so I did use the die cut for it after I water colored it with the inktense pencils ..then I use a  wobble spring and stuck onto a circle that fit in the center of my cut out on the back side I just used HAPPY BIRTHDAY ..then as you can see in the video this will fold mostly flat to mail ..but it will need the extra postage if you are mailing it…. ok…

WELL I am sure you have discovered that the was started back in Jan as that is when both SCS and DAWN posted them……they are so cute and I do like them and yeah sorry I didn’t finish the blog sooner but what I can tell you is that life happens…

I think you should give them a try and while you can cored you might have handy you can use fishing line or even dental floss just make sure that you seal it down on the card stock so that it holds or you will have to send a note with your card that says …some assembly required..


This first one is just so amazing I had to hunt hard to find this off of FB so I could share it with if you have ever gone to a grocery or a Trader Joe’s grocery and been in awe of the chalk board art you are going to love these.  CHALK BOARD ART actually I couldn’t find to share but if you are on FB…in the search box type SECRET CHALKBOARD ART….SORRY…

HAND MADE PAPER this is a great short video on making paper by hand and if you have never done it its interesting….

NAT GEO VIDEO This is a great short video various wild animal shots… always exceptional..

HANDWRITING check this out ….remember when we use to WRITE letters…

well guess that’s it for this post… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wire headed cyber toad…aka kath





Watercolor technique with Dena Rekow


Hi there I stumbled on this video with Dena and I liked the idea because I do like to create textures and images in the background  but I like them to be subtle and this is subtle at least in the video its very subtle in fact its so subtle the you almost can’t see it in the yellow but it does show up better in the blue.. DENA‘S WATERCOLOR TECHNIQUE

In addition I wanted to mention that this is messy and she comments on the but I have a friend that would have stopped the video right there and gone NO WAY….she will not try anything that gets her hands dirty…so my suggestion is rubber gloves if you have nice nails or are going somewhere where you don’t want your hands to look as if you have been digging in the dirt with them rubber gloves are a great option…also keeping a baby wipe handy will allow you to clean off your hands quickly but my friend doesn’t want it on there to begin with so gloves or use a par of tweezers to hold the piece of paper or make it larger and leave some white space to hold onto then trim it down when you are finished…just some other options..



This was the best I could get in the way of visual from the YouTube video..but the video does do a great job of explaining what and how to do this…however a couple of things…she is inking up plane smooth white paper…. she says it won’t work with water color paper and if in fact she didn’t try it on hot press  I think she is right as cold press water color paper has is own texture and if the image is a very fine line it won’t show up very with against the texture so smooth paper is probably best.

Also she is using stamp pads to get her ink not really water color although the die pads are water based inks but don’t try this with pigment ink pads as I really don’t think they will work however, to make sure I am going to try to use some pigment ink as well as some gelatos .. I do like the GELATOS and think they will work well but again the only way to be sure is to try…. so if you have something you want to try with this like if you want to use real watercolors… I suggest that you do use HOT PRESS watercolor paper WHICH you will most likely have to buy in a large sheet and cut up as it doesn’t really come in pads. Not sure you really want to know all of this but using actual water and you would need a bit to get the colors to blend together is more than likely going to eat the surface off the smooth card stock so w/c paper HOT PRESS would be best… the GELATOS don’t need water to move them around you can do it using you finger and baby wipe…in fact I think they blend easier with the baby wipe then with the water…

I ALSO think that the KROME COAT (slick shiny ) card stock with work with this technique and it may in fact even show up better… I am going test all of these and will show you some samples of each .

I did want you to know though that she does have a blog and so she may have given you some idea of the papers she use there but I was reading the comments on the video and she said there that she use the SU white card stock.

Here however, are my attempts and while I agreed subtle was my choice… I could not make this work period… except with the embossing which really didn’t work to remove ink just raised the images so you could see them better …. then finally after multiple attempts I got some real watercolors out and painted them on the Kromecoat (slick) paper and got a it to work just a little but they were words and you can’t really read them… frankly this we a bust for me…. but I don’t have stamping up paper nor their stamp pads so that may be the reason…please if you try this and it works will you please send me some samples vie e mail so that I can share them but I am done trying…. once I reach the frustration level …that’s it for me I am done… still the idea is good just can’t make it work with my supplies and I don’t want to spend the $$ to get SU paper and ink… i spend enough on their stamps…lol

w:c technique kh

The top is the piece I tried with wet embossing template and as I said all it seems to do is emboss…doesn’t remove any color….the strip at the bottom with my first attempt with ink and then spritz stamp and stamp and dry with embossing gun… and as you can see nada, zip , nothing…. a total bust..

kromecoat paper

kromecoat paper

again the to is with same ink and same stamp and I got nothing….. the bottom ( red) was done with water colors on the KROMECOAT paper and then wet the stamp and then stamp and dry with embossing gun… that worked a little… again probably just a little too subtle for my taste…. ok guys that’s it  from her…. check out her video and then you can  also go to her web site and get more info….

EYE CANDY…THE PRESENTthis is a short award winning video the note I saw of FB said that as soon as it was screened the people/person responsible for creating it was offered a job with DISNEY/PIXAR…as with many things on FB not sure if its true but it the animation is fabulous and the story while short is very cute… and in addition I saw another post about a little girl receiving a doll that was created just for her…its along the same lines as she had lost one leg and the doll while it looked like any other doll had one human type leg and one prosthetic…which also seemed to make her quite happy…

anyway enjoy and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad aka kath.







OK we had terrible wind storm( back when I was writing this ) and I had no power for a day and ½ so I am behind… but all is well and we are up and running again…and I skipped over this one just cause at first glance I thought it looked too complicated..then later running on battery I watched the video and saw that while slightly complicated she made it easy with the video…and besides you know I love cards that are interactive and apparently so does she…I just love her giggle…6a00d8341c09ea53ef01b8d14b52b5970c-250wiso do watch it..I promise its easier than it looks…


I didn’t have any of those stamps but you can make up your on background stamps and I did like the idea that all of the background was the same design and the same color…I think this really works best to tie the card together…then I have so many birthday stamps ( only out numbered but the Halloween stamps…lol) that I thought I try first a birthday and then a HALLOWEEN ONE.. of course its coming….

HUGE HINT..She does show you all of this but its not on the page with the cutting measurements…so I find that its helpful to have all the pieces on there I am sure she just forgot…. When you go to her video …you are going to see that on the printed info she didn’t give you the sizes of the base cards for the slider part…so in her case the large base is basic black cut at 4 ½ x 11 5/8  scored at 3 7/8 from the end then fold the other end in to meet that score line… then follow the video

then the medium slide part is cut at 3 1/8 x 10 ¼ and scored at 3 3/8 from one end and then again fold the other end in to meet the first score line… 

LASTLY the slider mechanism itself you need to cut 2 at ½ inch x 2 ½ …

Ok NOW you have all the measurements and you are good to go with cutting and assembly of the slider card….Ha… sometimes I am just crazy… she does have all of these measurements on her sheet but they are in the reverse order and I didn’t pick up on that….so now you have two times…. and

As I mentioned it is difficult or maybe complicated is the word …you are not going to want to do 50 of them at one time but once you have the pieces cut and the slits cut …its pretty quick to assemble…. Hope my tip was helpful and that you will enjoy trying this card….it took me well over an hour to make the first one and i had to go back and look at video at least twice but the second one only took about ½ hour so it does get easier… lol..and if you didn’t use pattern paper it would be easier too as some of my patterns had to be recut cause they were running the wrong direction… oh well it was fun and they both look great I think as I have two 4th birthdays….

kh 4th 3 layer

kh 4th 3 layer 1

kh 4th 3 layer 3

EYE CANDY…As summer marches along… I spend more and more time standing at kitchen window watching these little guys buzz around like bees and this video is not in the states and so the hummers are larger than the ones we see but still just amazing to watch…HUMMERS

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad …aka kath