DAWN’S WILD RIDE..(shaker, gift card)

WELL DAWN has outdone herself in that she created a stamp set for STAMPIN UP and its called WILD RIDE…it features her Hubby’s style of motorcycle which is in fact a HARLEY…its cute and she has done a few cards that she is using this new set which is in the new catalog… so even if you have done shaker cards before she does a good review of how to put it together……be sure you note that they now have lovely strings of foam tape i.e. there are very thin so that you can use them around the edges of your shaker template so that you aren’t struggling with either large foam tape or trying to stick a zillion foam dots along the edge ….. that there is worth the price of purchase….so if you are buying anything do go look for the form strips….her TIP: USE THE EMBOSSING BUDDY TO CLEAN OFF THE CLEAR ACETATE WINDOW SO THE CONFETTI WON’T STICK TO IT .

Her video is ONE WILD RIDE

Dawn's shaker card... with her new self designed stamp set

Dawn’s shaker card… with her new self designed stamp set

I had to get the set as I have several family and friends who have motorcycles and my husband and myself both had Yamaha cycles early in our married life… in fact at the time,  I was a first grade teacher and rode my bike to work…my kids that it was great that their teacher was a bike rider…. lol…. so I thought one idea for a pun type card using this set was as a birthday and then on the inside it would say HAVE A WHEELY great birthday… aww what can I say my mind is full of useless fluff…. lol…

Using this same set she created a cute repeat of a gift card fold that she had demo’d before still this one is cute and I can think of a few paper cards to insert with free dinner or if you have a bike free ride to someplace  etc that you could insert as your gift rather then a monetary type of card…

WILD RIDE GIFT CARD this is a Z fold type of card and as I said she has demo’d this style of card before… but I like the black card stock with the silver card stock to make you think of the chrome on the bikes…

Dawn's Z fold gift card holder with her WILD RIDE SET

Dawn’s Z fold gift card holder with her WILD RIDE

I sometimes think there are just too many layers on some of her designs however, I like all the layers on this card and think that its just terrific…. I also like her TIP: COLOR THE TINY PEARLS WITH BLACK INK…. so that you get a black stud look on them  when you use them on the card… neither the crystals nor the pearls would look right with the motor cycle but black stud looking embellishments just right…

EYE CANDY….DANCING TO 2015 MUSIC….this is a short video of various famous 1940 -50 famous dancers and the dance scenes are pretty much from a variety of movies, however  the music that you seem to see them dancing to is current music and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…. do turn on your sound….

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OH MY… I was so lucky when I began my digital and snail mail friendship with JANIS BLEVINS..our friendship is often via e mail but she frequently surprises me with a delightful card in my snail mail box.  That’s where this card came from and it was my birthday card this year.  below is JANIS’S birthday card to me this year…IMG_9822

Janis's bday card to me

Janis’s bday card to me

You can’t see the die cut in the center too well as its dark but you can see it in the previous picture where it is standing… The die is from AMAZON and unfortunately it was out of stock the last time I checked but if you just go to amazon and type in HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIE…you will find several that will also work on this card… and you also just die cut a shape and put it in the center with the words stamped or with balloons and words etc…turn your imagination loose…

The pattern for this is what makes it so wonderful… 5  ½ X 8 ½ CARD STOCK FOLDED..

Next on the left side of your folded card measure in 1 ¼ inch and then cut straight down from the fold to the 3 “ mark on the side…..THEN REPEAT ON THE RIGHT SIDE…using the paper cutter I flip the card over measure in 1 ¼ then cut down 3″.. that’s it for the cutting …now for the scoring… again leaving the card folded… SCORE ONLY THE CENTER CUT AREA FROM CUT LINE TO CUT LINE…

Now you can use a ruler to measure again 1 ¼ inches up from that first score line and again score only the center piece….If you are heavy handed as I am you will not need to score any more…however if you feel the score line on the other side (i.e. flip it over to the back) isn’t showing well enough then you will need to score it again in both places…

straight across at the bottom of cut line and again 1 ¼ inch up from that score line and score again…

now open the card and fold the bottom or first score line in mountain and the one in valley then mountain then valley… TA DAH… it’s done…you need only to decorate and choose your image or die for the center… You can see that Janis layered designer paper on the front of her card both sides and bottom… if you used a printed card stock you would not need to do it ..you could also just add balloons or some other party type embellishment on either side….and across the bottom if you wish…. it’s all your creation at this point…so just go for it… and you may want to cut a sample and write on it the measurements just so you don’t have to go back to this post to see it…. then keep it in a sheet protector…and mark t center step card.

This is an image of the SCS CENTER STEP and you can see it has more cuts more folds and they are skinnier on the sides…I like JANIS’S better but you know what a lazy stamper /cardmaker I am… lol… but I think her’s is just wonderful…



This one is a lot more measuring and cutting and in my opinion harder than the one I am showing you today… and it won’t fit in an A2 envelope because it is bigger …so you would need an A7 ( 5×7″) envelope to mail it… it also has more of a bump due to the extra fold at the bottom and so you would also need to add extra postage.

This is similar to the the other center stand cards that both  SCS and DAWN have posted only this one fits into a standard A2 envelope unless you add things one the side that stick up or out….lol

SPEAKING OF ENVELOPES…EYE CANDY YOU may remember that I participate every year in an envelope contest that was started but the USPS but now is handled but THE WASHINGTON DC CALLIGRAPHY GROUP and each year a submit my entry for the theme which this year was communication and once again I did not win nor was I an honorable mentions ( i have won once and been an honorable mention at least 2 times that I can remember the most recent was in 2013… )  the winners and honorable mentions are placed in a glass case at the postal building in WASHINGTON DC and left there till next year’s winners are announced any way…here is a link the to HONORABLE MENTIONS enjoy ..

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I WILL POST THE LINK TO THE WINNERS a couple of whom I know and also the BEST OF SHOW  which is also a friend of mine….next posting…









This is good info on carving your own designs from erasers..well for years I did this and I  have about 500 I carved not where I am at the moment so can’t show you any but I will tell you that I don’t like the pink erasers…mostly because while its cheaper at least at Amazon its thin and doesn’t give you a chance for a good grip without getting ink on your hands and then on your card when you try to press it down’t used for a long the white plastic erasers by Mars Staedler…and after many years they finally started making them larger as this long rectangles definitely limited your designs… AMAZON of course sells MOO BLOCK and it is the white plastic easier to carve and large so you can get multiple designs and its ¾ inch thick so something to hold on to and even allows you to carve on the other side so you actually get two for one…if you scroll down it also shows you where to click to see the basic carving tools that come with handle and the blades can be stored inside… definitely better than just an exacto knife…. but these are just my opinions….other than their choice of carving block their directions are great…. pretty much anything you see or can draw you can carve… I would suggest you start with easy stuff first maybe even solid images rather than those with lots of detail but seriously its not hard and as I said sometimes its great cause you can carve something that you might never find a stamp for.

I think this is one of the only carved images that I have here at the condo the rest are all if WA… and even this one is not one I carved but one a very dear friend Lorna Hutsell carved for me …it a very good image of myself …younger of course but the sunglasses on the top of my head are very accurate… We both belonged to an Eraser exchange group that was started by ELIZABETH WALSH from our calligraphy group… it was great fun and I have a whole notebook of cards we exchanged and after Elizabeth wanted a break I took over sorting the cards and sending them back to participants… but again all my samples are in WA… But the

Well I didn’t get any images from Elizabeth think she was out of town but here are some that I had saved from the exchange…some I know who they belong to and some I don’t there were all kinds of people who participated in this and many of them we were all total strangers just had a love of carving our own images and creating with them…

my penguins

my penguins

marn's ducks

marn’s ducks

my friends ducks and I am not sure who did the fish…

lorna's buns

my dear friend Lorna Hutsell’s buns…. she loved plays on words..

lorna's black and whites

lorna’s black and whites

lorna's neuland letters

lorna’s neuland letters…she carved a complete alphabet using neuland letters and then she also carved the kiss.

So there you have some ideas about what you might carve and I will say because I can’t draw that many of mine were traced images from magazines, etc…..even though most of those things would be copyrighted if you are just doing this for yourself and not selling them in any way then there should be no problem with using them…except for basic shapes I could never have done this without having tracing paper and pencil handy…

My carvings

My carvings

I think I said at the beginning that I had about 500 remember some are very small stamps and so I started keeping track of what I carved in a small blank book and I was storing them in a large plastic bin with lots of drawers that was from Walmart in the tool section as it was designed to store nuts bolts, nails etc…but worked great for stamps and then I numbered the drawers with stickers and then numbered the images in the book so I would know what drawer to go looking for them and some are carved on both sides because the small blocks that were the white plastic erasers we were using to carve were about ½ inch thick so easy to hold and to carve on both sides..

Mine and Lorna's carvings

Sorry for the blurry press couldn’t get it to lay flay on the scanner ..the picture of the head on the top left of first page is an image of me…LORNA carved that for me and I still love it and use it a lot to sign the back of my cards…at the time it looked pretty much like me…no sags or bags…lol she had a great sense of humor though as the back side of my head is the toilet bowl….. Love it…I know we had a great reason for the toilet bowl but I can’t remember what it was… A joke of some sort and probably a pun of some kind… In any case now you can see what some of my pages looked like and how I kept track of the images and where they lived… I haven’t used a lot of them in a long time but I think I will start using them again as some of them are really good..ok

now to some EYE CANDY

This first one is another ZENTANGLE video that will show you how to create a specific design over and over again to fill in a space…apparently there are a lot of comments on the fact that they don’t like the music….I had mine turned off so didn’t hear it the first time but it is a bit snappy and frankly i think of Zentangles as being meditative so yeah the music doesn’t go for me but just be aware of it and you can turn it off… also note that since this is on YouTube the right side of the screen has many more similar type videos if you have any interest… also HINT: she makes the dots with a pencil then uses the pen to create the actual design that way you  can either cover the dots with ink pen  or erase them if they bother you…

Y tangling from YouTube

Y tangling from YouTube

You can see its not just the drawing but the shading which really makes this shape stand out.

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GREETINGS FROM THE PACIFIC NORTH WET…yep its been raining but I am enjoying every minute of it and so are my plants on the deck…. and my JAPANESE DOGWOOD IS just so full of blooms I can hardly believe it….

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

my japanese dogwood in full riotous bloom.. white star shaped flowers

This post is about letters ..these are some funky letters that I found from a rubber stamp set ( see note at bottom of exemplar) and you can see it was quite a few years ago…. back then I was teaching at various stamp and scrapbooking stores… these are called MONOLINE LETTERS because unlike calligraphy the DO NOT HAVE THICK AND THIN lines but are all the same thickness…this is what happens when you write with any ball point, fountain pen, colored pencil, crayon, etc…the tip or nib of your tool only makes one size line…to get it thicker you would have to double stroke it… so we call it a mono meaning one …. line any way this is a fun one and while its old I have not posted it on the blog before so for all my bloggers IT’S NEW… I would rather you didn’t copy it and then mail it out to friends or put it on your blog but I am quite happy to have you link to my blog  from your blog  or share my blog with someone else.  You may of course copy it for your own personal use .

It is going to work best for short quotes or especially names on envelopes you can do a longer quote with it but it may end up looking kinda jumbled and cause the reader not to finish reading… just a thought…

kh dogbone letters

So here are a few samples that I have played with using colored pencils and also colored gel pens…(HINT: I have probably said this before but you must store gel pens once they have been opened upside down..that’s with the point down so that the ink stays on the ball otherwise they tend to dry out…. and that ball won’t move for love or money even though there may still be ink in the barrel.) Pretty sure I have said this before but it bares repeating.  

EYE CANDY on my VALENTINE GIFT CARD HOLDER ( MAY 20TH) POST…. the eye candy was a video of wonderful fold which she called MAGIC ENVELOPE and she made it using an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper…. I told you that a friend and teacher of mine had done this same fold and to my knowledge was the originator of the fold and that was MARY WORTHINGTON…Mary had two books that she and a friend put together and in 1991 I bought a copy of each and they were filled with wonderful ideas for use with your calligraphy and this one was a fold note ( which Mary referred to as church fold ) since these books have long been out of print I am sharing this page from the second book which was called More Crafts…I am also showing you the covers of both books just incase you run across them in a garage sale…grab them quick as they are filled with fun ideas like books, boxes , bags etc…. In fact , you know those stamping cruises that they offer well I can’t prove it but I think Mary may have been the start she took all the ideas in her books and made them up in miniature out of nautical or sea related papers and then went to the cruise ship lines and told them she wanted to teach these on board the cruise… and you know what they said YES. She taught 90 minute sessions in one of lounges on board the cruise each day…. what a fun idea and great for her …..So anyway here is Mary’s original pattern for making the fold note or Magic envelope…using 8 1/2 x 14 paper



Again please don’t copy this onto your blog but you can link it to mine… and don’t copy and pass this out…. I know its out of print but ethically it still belongs to Mary…

dog bone samples on black

dog bone samples on black

dog bone samples

dog bone samples

ok so hope you enjoy this script and now go make something….AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad aka kath