OK things have been kinda stressful around here lately and right now there is enough chocolate in my house for a chocolate overload….but its not totally my fault…Dawn and others keep coming up with these cute ideas for cards that contain  chocolate… and not the same kind of chocolate so I have to keep going and buying another bag of something so that I can create…. HA AND IF YOU BELIEVE THIS STORY …I HAVE A BRIDGE TO SELL YOU… lmao..

Actually I found this first link on You Tube and I was so delighted with the accent that I had to share it with you…. CHOCOLATE NUGGET…. this one was based on a valentine idea and its very cute…but it could be a get well or a thinking of you or whatever you might want it for…





THERE must be a CHOCOLATE DAY….and just so you know …there are DARK chocolate nuggets with almonds…. both healthy …lol if you don’t eat the whole bag at one sitting…lol… DAWN’s BDAY VERSION



BOTH of them are so cute and the chocolate does fit snugly inside and you can only get three in it but you could always give them the rest of bag….or NOT…. lol

but since we just did the hersey kiss card I thought this was a good one to share also…

then I also found this one on hanging sweet treats….( I think she is using lemon drops but you could also use gummy bears or gummy life savers…. in any case this one is really cute also …and again I loved her accent so I couldn’t resist sharing this one….she is a STAMPIN UP DEMONSTRATOR IN THE UK….and her web site is

UK stamping up sweet treat hanger

UK stamping up
sweet treat hanger


Most of this eye candy is video from You Tube…but I think you will like it…this first one is on creating paper that looks old… AGING PAPER..I have heard of some of the ideas but not all of them and sometimes you just want you paper to look old …one more HINT: they don’t show it but if you are careful and DO THIS OVER A SINK…you can take a lighter /match and gently burn the edges of your paper…but go easy or you will end up with the whole thing burning up ..hence the sink…lol….

CUTE OWL  CARD THIS is from another blog and was a card I saw on INTEREST but i really liked it and I do love that owl punch there are so many things you can make with it…but this one is the owl but instead of just one there are two and I just used to send a card to some friends that are moving and I wanted it to be from both myself and my husband so this was perfect….HINT: while  usually love an excuse to use googley eyes this one needs to use the punched out eyes so that you can be sure to make the bottom owl’s eyes appear like they are looking up at the owl on top…. to me that is what makes this card so cute… and while I think she stamped the branch ( you can get two colors that way) I used mine punched out …


Darlene's owl card front

Darlene’s owl card inside

I also didn’t have the wood stamp but I did have a wood grain embossing template so  used that on the front then punched out the hole…

OK THAT’S IT FOR THIS POST…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …wire headed cyber toad….aka kath





Well the SKY IS THE LIMIT…lol… here are two really great techniques on how to create clouds on your cards IN THE BACKGROUND… so if you have images that need to overlap and that looks more realistic, you will need to cut a mask or else stamp or adhere images and then work around them … with the paint it will be a little more risky but it is do-able






I am not sure if it will work but I am also going to try to create clouds using the scallop circle as template and trying with GELLATOS and baby wipes… that’s right baby wipes…Gellatos will blend with water but baby wipes any kind will make them more bendable and very vibrant.  so here is my effort with them…ok Gellatos make great blended back ground but they don’t work for this technique…they just don’t give the definition that you get with the sponge and stamp pad ink…that’s my favorite…. I am not very good with the watercolor either….

This was mine using a large scallop circle…

kh large scallop stamp ink cloud technique

kh large scallop stamp ink cloud technique

Ha…those dark spots are not on my paper but I apparently need to clean my scanner top…lol….

In any case these are two great ways to add clouds….ie sky to your background which helps anchor your images to the page…. depending on your image..( if its solid and you are going to stamp darker) you might not need to do the masking ..but this bunny was an open image so she needed to mask it so that the clouds were not on top of the bunny with the painting one she didn’t make just made sure she didn’t go over the bunny but just up to him…. important things to remember…

Now it’s just my opinion but I would also not have such a busy background behind the image with clouds… I would have it be more a solid color so that it doesn’t draw your eye away from the clouds and bunny trying to figure out what else is there…or if you were going to use a patterned background layer I would have it be all the same not…this is just to distracting for me….


I think I may have told you that I am in an International Envelope Exchange and so I thought I’d share some of the envelopes that I have received…It just started in FEB of this year so some of these are from previous years….

another envy from the exchange ...

another envy from the exchange … using entangles

envy art

envy art

envy art

envy art






Gift Card and Kisses


Dawn's gift card with Kisses

Dawn’s gift card with Kisses

I KNOW you are all going ANOTHER GIFT CARD HOLDER… but hey aren’t gift cards the best for giving gifts that don’t get returned. LOL….anyway I just couldn’t resist.. Now this one that she made is really but I am going to make mine out of Kraft colored card stock… but otherwise the same…

Dawn's gift card and kisses

Dawn’s gift card and kisses

Kisses??? yeah Hersey Kisses…in my case the Dark Chocolate ones… I am making this card for my sweet Baboo for his birthday ….He loves the dark chocolate ones and for his gift card ( he is a man you can’t buy anything for…but he loves Five Guys so I am going to try to get a Five Guys gift card… its not my favorite place to eat and I hate their fries.  They do have great roasted peanuts though and their hot dogs are nice cause they are grilled…

What he would really like is for me to wave a magic wand and cure His Shingles… he has had them for about 6 weeks now and he is not used to not feeling 100% so its really wearing on him…. so when I saw this gift card holder and it held Hersey Kisses I went BASING…. I know its not much of a Birthday gift but when you been doing this for about 48 years 45 of them married.. its the little things that count…I think he is going to be delighted.  I know he loves both Five Guys and dark chocolate Kisses…

SO here is my sample made from the kraft colored card stock… I also didn’t think that box needed the clear acetate in the window… I thought the window was just just fine without it and also I didn’t have any clear acetate to use…lol…I did like using the piece of card stock to stick the Kisses on to hold them in place…

kh gift card/kisses front

kh gift card/kisses front

kh gift card/kisses

kh gift card/kisses


This is my friend BONNIE NOEHR’S Eduardo Munez envelope… she is so talented..



great entangles and lovely letters what can be better…

SPEAKING of Zentangles…I think I have purchased at least 3 Zentangle books ..all how to and I still have a very hard time with it… I like it and I want to be able to do it but it doesn’t come easy for me… this looked easy haven’t tried it yet but I wanted to share it anyway. Zentangle

Ok so I am kinda hooked on this ZENTANGLE STUFF… this one is called LINE ILLUSIONS.  I am not sure if its really Zentangles or not but it is very interesting…and looks even easier …since its basically just triangles…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


WOW ..another cute interactive card..where the person receiving gets to play a little also… this was just to cute and it could be for anything anniversary, birthday, thank you or even just a note… I am going to try one for a friend that loves STAR WARS…and I have some Star Wars stickers so I will write the slider …may the force be with you….LOL… I know little crazy but some days you just have to let it out…. my friend Tory says …its the cracked ones that let in the light….




I had such fun with this that I sent a copy of it with star background paper and when you slide the tab the words celebrate you showed…but inside I had some STAR WARS IMAGES and I wrote MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU…. this was a card for a male friend and I know he is a STAR WARS FAN…now I know you are wondering where is the photos… well …I am so sorry I was so behind and it was probably late anyway but I just ran down to the mail drop here and mailed it… then I remembered I forgot to take a scan of it for the blog…. duh…. sorry guys but I found the stickers for STARWARS in the grocery here in FL….but they are hallmark so I am guessing that you could also find them at a hallmark store…. hang on I’ll check on amazon and see if any are there….I am still laughing what was I thinking OF COURSE THERE ARE STICKERS AT AMAZON…all kinds and all dollar amounts… just go to Amazon and type in STARWARS stickers… AND THEN make your decision… I love this for guys cards as most guys and kids are into STARWARS….so give it a try … some packages have really tiny stickers so you can put them on your balloons … on your cards..and frankly the quantity and designs were better on AMAZON than the ones I found at grocery…. but hey I saw them and grabbed them …

So back to the slider….HINT…. I also found that while she didn’t say anything about the fact that the pull tab is kinda hidden….if you are sending it to someone who is used to your interactive cards they will probably see the edge and pull it out but just to make sure I punched small hole in the pull tab and then put small piece of ribbon in it…now this means you if your envelope just holds the card a standard A2 size you will need to tuck the ribbon inside and it might need extra postage…. but if your envy is next size up A6 or A7 no problem or you could use the larger envelope and and make the pull tab stick out beyond the edge of the card …. either way think it works better then just hoping they will figure it out…

NEXT HINT….MAKE SURE that the phrase or words you are going to stamp or write will fit into the opening when the tab is pulled out…. she does show you this by stamping with the tab pulled out but sometimes while there is room there image doesn’t transfer well if the tab is in there… so i put small pencil line where it would be stopped and then removed tab and stamped… 

kh slider card front

kh slider card front.. this is just the cover that I ended up not using cause when I tried to stamp in the space it was a poor image…. so I started over but saved this to remind myself that you want to stamp without the tab  if at all possible…

envy exchange 3

this is only part of the great envelope that CAROLE CROSE  sent me using WASHI TAPE…it was running along the bottom too but I was trying not to get my whole address in the image…. so it doesn’t show I’ll try to make one similar and post it here…

washi tape envy

then I also wanted to share my BIRTHDAY Z FOLD POP UP OR WIGGLE CARD..





WELL that’s all for now folks… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


Halloo….yes, well thinks have been rather busy here at Pooh corners… but I want to quickly share this card with you… actually I have shown you this card before as I have used this design many times for both Halloween and also for a stand up calendar if you use those little calendars that you can get from IMPRESS RUBBER previous post was called EYE CANDY 2I DIDN’T GIVE THIS CARD ENOUGH CREDIT… so Dawn posted...CORNER POP UP and it does a better job of giving this little card  more credit…

dawn's corner pop up

dawn’s corner pop up

the corner pop up is on the left the teal one and the one on the right is just a basic card using the same stamps…but not a pop up… or pop out ..however you want to say it… in any case the corner effect which allows it to stand upright on its own is just terrific…and as I mentioned I have used it several times to display one of those little calendars for on someone’s desk…

My one HINT for the corner card is that I tend to use heavier card stock then STAMPIN UP DOES…so I don’t think you need those layers on diagonal fold up part i.e. the bottom… if you do use them please think about using only decorator paper /text weight and glue it down well as if the card is opened and closed a lot those pieces will want to pull off…this is also a great card for using that balloon punch or the balloon dies… and using a photograph on one side is good also a nice touch to make a very personal card…



JANIS BLEVINS Bday card with origami money made into airplanes... too cute

JANIS BLEVINS Bday card with origami money made into airplanes… too cute

and envy exchange in pointed pen lettering

and envy exchange in pointed pen lettering

another envy from the exchange ...

another envy from the exchange …love her zentangle with color…


another envy exchange with more zentangle type art...lovely

another envy exchange with more zentangle type art…lovely

2 rejects of my graceful envy for this year's contest them was communication

2 rejects of my graceful envy for this year’s contest
them was communication decided the top one was too over the top with the foil and the bottom one I left out the word avenue and was afraid it wouldn’t get there..

the one I did send but the po lady says it won't get there as she throws it in bin cause of the return on the back ...says the machine will read that and not read FROM and so will send to that address which was WA so by time it gets back to here if it does too late for contest...:(...very sad face

the one I did send but the po lady says it won’t get there as she throws it in bin cause of the return on the back …says the machine will read that and not read FROM and so will send to that address which was WA so by time it gets back to here if it does too late for contest…:(…very sad face

I don’t think it was a winner in any case but still since its a PO contest and they say put return address plus e mail on the back with word FROM… hmmmmm…in any case I won’t know till summer sometime when they announce the winners and if it got there I will receive a” thanks for participating ” even if I didn’t win… bummer…if all this is repeat … sorry…

SALLY PENLEY'S GRACEFUL I feel certain she will be a winner or honorable mention...

SALLY PENLEY’S GRACEFUL ENTRY….wow… I feel certain she will be a winner or honorable mention…

about a month ago I got a request from AUSTRALIA for some info on weathergrams… some time back I posted a blog on Weathergrams and some one over there referred them to my blog and then she wrote to me asking for a little more info…I was so excited tears almost ran down my leg….lol… I sent them a bunch of info and then I had a second request from the group that wants to exchange with them ( so 2 Australian calligraphy groups and I asked to participate also) I contacted a few of my groups here in the states and asked for them to send me weathergrams without string because I thought it would be more fun for their groups if they got more than just my weathergrams well we are still working on it… collecting them and then we’ll exchange them…. but SALLY PENLEY in addition to make that great GRACEFUL envy.. showed me that she had 20 WEATHERGRAMS she made and could she send them to me…. well that did it I was now doing a snoopy dance around the house and talking so fast that my husband had no idea what was going one… so here is a shot of Sally’s Weathergrams…bless you friend for participating…. I am just to excited… meanwhile I am still hoping to get more from the other groups and one of my SEQUIM buddies CAROLE CROSE also has sent me two envelopes full… I am on a roll… I can feel LLOYD REYNOLDS LOOKING DOWN ON ME AND BEING PLEASED….



I AM REPOSTING THE DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING WEATHERGRAMS JUST IN CASE ANYONE IS INTERESTED….I have even more info and will be glad to share it with anyone who sends me a request via  or makes a request in comments.


SO my friends I think that is all for now…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …wire headed cyber toad …aka kath


I am late , I am late for a very important date….soooooo sorryimagesJUST HAD TO SHARE THIS ONE FOR EASTER…or anytime you want to use chicks… I am not really sure where I got this but think it was on Pinterest and sorry I think I tried to go to the sight and it wouldn’t let me so I just guessed at how….

my easter bunny

my easter bunny



THIS IS MY PEEPS IDEA….it came from Pinterest and SCS and I made several and I didn’t have the corrugated cardboard so use a piece of sandpaper to look like gravel… its hard on the paper trimer so you might want to use your scissors or tear it for a rougher edge…I could not find any video or directions so I guessed and here is what I did… ½ oval for body, and small flower punch for tail feathers and then smaller flower or small leaf for the head piece then a small triangle for the beak and a small heart for wing… black STICKLES for the eye and my favorite black SAKURA GLAZE PEN for the legs.  I also used  foam tape to lift them up on the card and then draw the legs on….

Again I a so sorry that this is so late but hope that you might still have time to hurry in an play a little to make the cards if you need the for easter but the bunnies you can also say as I did somebody loves you and Happy birthday inside.. the chicks you can say CHICKS RULE on the outside and HAPPY BIRTHDAY INSIDE…..

I am also going to make one that says thank you inside as my cuz mailed me some chicks for EASTER…then below in the eye candy I found a DIY youtube video on how to fold a paper napkin to make small bunnies for decor on your easter table or for a basket…anyway agin sorry its so late hope you still have time…to make and take for your easter celebration… HAPPY PEEP DAY ALL…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY... wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


this rocks.. not painted but wrapped …its lovely…

BUNNIE NAPKINS...origami little bunnies to use a decoration on your Easter table  so cute and not at all hard…