GREETINGS... I recently spent a few days in VICTORIA, BC…and also hit all my favorite stores…one of them being the PAPERY…which just in case you go is located on FORT street just beyond the mall side entrance.  IN any case they never disappoint me with their wonderful little treasures…and this one is one I have seen folded before but I don’t think ever saw it done to use as a gift card holder… I loved it…. so I put the pattern together for you and its going to be below and I am also going to show you my RAFFLE SCRIPT…I recently had to do well actually I volunteered to do 50 WEATHERGRAMS to be given away to members of my NIB’N’INKS calligraphy paper celebrating our 35th year in operation.  ELIZABETH WALSH started/founded this group in Olympia WA some 35 years ago and its still going strong…I don’t get to go to many of the meeting and often not many of the workshops but I still have lots of friends there so I was delighted to be able to share my WEATHERGRAMS with them ..in addition to each WEATHERGRAM they will get a handout written for the VALLEY CALLIGRAPHY GROUP in EUGENE OREGON by ARDYTH BROWN AND EDIE ROBERTS… it gives all the particulars on how to make a WEATHERGRAM and how to use them…if you don’t know check my previous blog on WEATHERGRAMS…just type the WORD WEATHERGRAM into the search box and it should come up then tap that title and it will take you to the site… so I started looking a some of monoline letters and this one is one that my friend Tory gave me a raffle ticket with part of the letters on it and I made up the rest of the alphabet for it and then called it RAFFLE cause that was the inspiration… I like these they are quite playful and sometimes…actually often I get bored with the sentiments stamps as they are always in a straight line and usually done with very boring letters…so i write the sentiment down and then I use it on my cards but in one of my own hands/scripts this is not a script for a sympathy card but it is great for trying to cheer someone up with a funny card or birthdays or especially kid cards as kids like things that don’t go in straight lines……HEY that must mean I am still a kid….so here is both a minuscule set of letters ( lower case) and a capital set of letters ( Majuscule )…kh raffle lower case

kh raffle capsBoth were written with the large end of the ZIG WRITER pen …I like to do my exemplars with larger letters so that you can see them better and see exactly what I am doing…in this case please NOTE that initial stroke of each letter has a very small  dot…as does the end of the curlique.  These are meant to be subtle so don’ t over board with them.

Since I made up most of these letters myself I do feel that if you decide to share this with others or if you decide to teach this script you need to leave my name on it as the source…and if your are teaching you can certainly share a copy of my exemplars but you should always TEACH FROM YOUR OWN exemplar or you letters that you demo won’t match the letters on your hand out… and if you can’t write it yourself how can you teach it…just saying…sorry thats the teacher in me…. any way make some WEATHERGRAMS or try this  and use these letters for your words… PRACTICE FIRST…then write on your card…lol… you know that…




I LOVED the use of the button to hold the card closed… and here is one I made using birthday paper(outside unfolded)



origami gift card holder bday


Inside unfolded



origami gift card holder bday 1


Those of you with type A personality will notice that I don’t have the writing running in the best direction that is because I didn’t have enough of the paper to run correctly …you’ll see from the directions below…

kh bamboo gift card holder

kh bamboo gift card holder

Now this one when folded will in fact be running in the correct direction…ok this is really an easy fold but I did it in steps with photos so here goes….

CUT YOUR PAPER 8 5/8  X 9 7/8...(YES, THIS MEANS YOU CAN’T USE REGULAR CARD STOCK …THIS is not really a problem as you should do this with a very light weight paper NOT CARD STOCK…use gift wrap or 12 x 12 text weight… sorry but these are the closest I can get to our MEASUREMENTS as this was made using METRIC measurement…ie cm instead of inches… so I kinda made an adjustment to make it easier for us to do this..If you try smaller it will not hold your card…if you are folding money or a check into this then go ahead and use the 8 ½ x 9 7/8 and do the folds the same.

FOLD YOU PAPER IN HALF WITH THE good side facing inside along the 9 7/8 measuresince mine was white this didn’t show up so I skipped this photo.

NEXT fold both the left and the right sided into the center fold..as shown.origami gift card holder bday 4

ok so far so good… next open it back up and fold each corner into the second score line that you just made…

Scan 4

Now REFOLD the flap on the left and then the flap on the right into the center score line as before….Scan 5

Scan 6

Now FLIP IT OVER  and fold each end up to the point of the triangle opening… they are going to over lap but once you put the next little filler paper in there you are going to slip one inside the other so it its ok…

Scan 8

Now cut a piece of light card stock 4 x 3 3/8s and slip it into one of the triangle pockets then slip one side of the triangle pockets into the other side triangle pocket and you will get this Scan 10

you will have to wiggle them a little to get it together and then fold it in half and VIOLA…you have a gift card holder that will hold a plastic gift card…. they used just twine and a button to slip over it and you can use that or piece of ribbon or a belly band your choice… oK hope this works for you I loved it.

CALLIGRAPHY EYE CANDY.. I am in several well two really envelope exchanges i.e. we mail out decorated envelopes each month to different person and I recently got this one from a friend BEV ALLEN …I am an admirer of her work and I asked if I could share this with you… you may also remember that some time back I shared the AKIM CURSIVE script with you and that I mentioned that I had originally received it in a envelope exchange and it to was from BEV ALLEN.. one very talented lady…


bev allen's envy 2

JUST LOVELY isn’t it…. I love getting mail…at least fun mail…

Ok that’s its for this post…AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath


GREETINGS…. AND I AM ON A ROLL… if all goes as planned I will end up publishing each week in June…. hahahahahaha…no seriously that’s the plan and I have two down and this is the third…so IT COULD HAPPEN….anyway I fell in love with this card…its just to clever for words… so now without further ado… here is DAWN’S TRIANGLE (BUTTERFLY )EASEL CARD



DAWN'S EASEL STANDING open facing left

DAWN’S EASEL STANDING open facing left

She also tells you that you can flip it so that it opens with the easel facing right..either way is good to go.  I didn’t have the butterfly dies so I decided to to mine in a YOU’VE GOT MAIL theme …I have tons of rubber stamps with mail type images on them… IMAGINE THAT ME WITH MAIL STAMPS.. lol  including some that are replica’s of actual postage and some that are just fun postage…then I also have buckets of canceled postage stamps that I use for making cards etc… but I forgot to grab them so now I will be making this one again and this time using actual postage mounted on card stock to give a little more heft so it doesn’t get ripped or broken..

MY EASEL STANDING open facing right

MY EASEL STANDING open facing right

I used little dies for the mini envelopes and then a punch for the hearts ….the tiny postcards were actual stamps that i stamped first then cut out and mounted them with foam tape or as Dawn says dimensional…loltriangle easel inside

TIP/HINT.. Dawn does warn you to place your greeting where you want it before you stick it down and make sure that it will hold your triangle…well I forgot and almost had mine too far down… sometimes you just need to SLOOOWW DOWN…BREATHE and not be so excited… lol…

Then last october I found this one on PINTREST and so I grabbed it to show to you also…done the same way but facing left… and in a HALLOWEEN theme… is that cute or what… ya’ll know I am a HALLOWEEN freak but in my house its never to early to be thinking of HALLOWEEN…. think tiny bats flying to hold it up… eeeewww must stop or this blog with definitely run amok…. lol

pinterest candy corn triangle easel

pinterest candy corn triangle easel





I WAS IN SUCH A HURRY TO GET THIS OUT THERE I DDIN’T TAKE TIME TO DO ONE MY WAY… oh yeah you know me…. while I really liked this card I thought that the way she cut the banners out was a bit fussy for me…. I kept thinking why not just cut the banners and adhere them to the front then layer the congrats on top…. so that’s what I did….it’s for my Uncle whose birthday is on JULY 4th… so its always fun to play with red white and blue but since my designer paper ( text weight ) was not truly white but off white I used off white for the front and then inside of the card…. I did just cut 3 banners then the layers for inside them and adhered them together then I spaced them on the front of the card flap and then layered the congrats on top of that I didn’t have the congrats that she had but I had another and used it instead… I like it a lot…. here are some images …

banner card dawn


this is the front of the card and as you can see layer the three banners on the front the bottom one looks a little crooked but I fixed it… I did still try to keep all the points linked up…but I suppose you could stagger them also.

banner card dawn 1

then this was the congrats layer that went over the top banners so that you have a nice clean image both inside and out….

banner card dawn 2Now this is the completed card with the layer on top and the ends of the banners hidden behind it..when I stamped the congratulations with the black the texture made it not so dark so I overstepped off just  a bit with gold… I like it as it kinda looks like shadow…and I see that my bottom banner is still a little crooked…oh well this way they will know it was made by hand and with love..lol.. I will add some stars as soon as I find where I have them stashed…i know I have red and blue star confetti… just need to try ‘CLAP ON” to see if I can find them…lol

Now back to the triangle easel card…I wanted to try to do one that was more masculine… I don’t have a lot of male birthdays that I make cards for but I thought I’d try to give this one a little more effort and make it more masculine. Here are two more I came up with…

triangle easeltriangle easel 1


triangle easel 2

triangle easel 3


EYE CANDY…I know not everyone is on FACEBOOK…however one of the things I hate about FACEBOOK is sometimes videos that you would like to share with others is blocked unless they have a Facebook account… so I hope you will be able to see this but if  you can’t blame FACEBOOK not me… its a brief book binding video to show you how they go about printing, and binding the pages into a book … hope you can see it and that you enjoy it…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

DAWN’S SHADOW BOX CARD & my variation

GREETINGS  MINIONS...LOL Dawn came up with this version of a shadow box card…DAWN’S SHADOW BOX6a00d8341c09ea53ef01bb0841a21f970d-450wiWELL can guess why I like this card…yep it stands up all by itself…and wow is it simple and yet elagant.  The only really tricky part is may6a00d8341c09ea53ef01bb0841a21f970d-450wibe cutting and gluing the frame around the opening… I am not sure why by my card I had to cut that frame twice cause the first time I cut it backwards… I used the circle die that I used for the opening and then the next smaller….DUH..its needs to be the die for the opening and the next or two next for the opening…My circle dies are so close in size that I jumped over the next larger and opted for the second larger… makes for a little bigger frame and easier to glue in place… I know my dies are not STAMPIN UP so they are probably either stampibilities or nestibilities.  IN any case I do like them cause there must be 15 or so ( have never counted them but I do have a huge variety of ones to try…TIP: DON’T cut your circle or square opening too close to the score lines it weakens the card I try to leave about ¼ inch from the score on both sides.  2: ) I find that if you score but DON’T FOLD..till after the card is completely put together its easier to match up those two ends so the card is even.  THEN fold the score lines in both directions and you will be able to push it in as she shows you…it also means that you can see where to stamp so its inside the circle very easily while its still laying flat.  

MY shadow box using Dawn's pattern..

MY shadow box using Dawn’s pattern..

You may not be able to tell from this photo but my heart in the circle is on a wobble spring…look closely and you can see that part of the component  is showing on each side but I thought it was ok since I really like the idea the the heart would WOBBLE…)of course I did…lol….any way Ioved it but after looking at her’s I remembered that years ago I use to teach a shadow box card that was made similar but using just one piece paper… and instead of the two tabs on the ends pushing in to form the shadow effect…mine just made a complete box… it does stand on it own and it does also fold flat to mail… well unless you use things like wobble springs or owls with goggley eyes….lol…


sorry the image wiggled and you can’t read the background which says HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. I used the STAMPIN UP OWL PUNCH but goggley eyes rather than the punch ones…and I used a wood embossing template for the front of the card.  then I glued the owl with foam tape so that he was right behind the circle to give the card more dimension… I should have dressed up the background more with leaves or something but I was hurrying..lol..


This is basically the same card but with two owls..( its going to be from me and hubby) and the embossing template is the same but it was on dark paper so to make it show up better I took a white stamp pad and very gently rubbed over the embossing… worked GREAT I THINK.. again the owls are right behind the cut out so that the background gives them dimension .

my version as a stand up square.

my version as a stand up square.

Ok let me try this one again… its hard to see this way… it is standing up and camera doesn’t know what to focus on… I’ll scan it flat …

shadowbox my version

shadowbox my version

ahhh much better…see it wasn’t your eyes…lol….for this one I made the frame on the outside PURPOSELY IRREGULAR…yeah I like things that aren’t perfect… so the inside was done using the bamboo embossing template and then I again ran a dark green stamp pad  over the embossing to give it color…. FYI.. You can ink up our embossing template and then emboss the card stock , however in this case and in the wood one it would have colored the part I wanted left alone … so color after was the only answer.  I also thought I had a billion of those little wooden birds which i have painstakingly colored with pens or stamp pads …I do but apparently I took the ALL TO FL… not the goal..but I substituted this little colored bird brad and it looks quite nice …you must learn to improvise…especially as we get older and more forgetful…rotfl…the back of the card says A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY…I ADD…so I ate him…no thanks necessary… quirky but thats me… AS to the brads or wooden birds I get all of the IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS in TUKWILIA WA… they have a website..just type in impress rubber stamps and it will come up… I am pretty sure they are in my links on the right hand side of the blog…

a father's day card several years ago using my pattern

a father’s day card several years ago using my pattern

I had this cool drive in stamp and I just stamped it then cut out the screen part and pasted a photo on the inside of the card… I liked it…Then this photo is what they look like from above…so you can see they form an open box that stands by itself.IMG_7713 2

Now I bet you want to know the pattern…right…ok…

CUT YOUR BASE 4 ¼ X 10 ½ …. THEN along the 10 ½ edge from the left score at

¾ “…1 ½”….5 ¾”and then at 6 ½”

Cut your circle, square etc out of the card between the 1 ½” line and the 5 ¾ ” line..now because this one slides to one side when it folded flat you need to stand it up to see where your image inside needs to go unless you do as I did and adhere it cut out but my old ones I just made tick marks where the space was one it open ( not flat.use at paper clip to hold it together)

Now fold all the score lines and fold it together with the last flap on the outside…you can cover it that way and won’t show or you can decorate it but I don’t like inside its… to do this I fold the card at the 5 ¾ mark and it should match up to that last score line…then I put double stick tape on that  last flap and fold it down….Ok that’s it… another shadow box pattern.

EYE CANDY..I love this web site…its called PUSHING THE ENVELOPE and with the GRACEFUL ENVELOPE CONTEST just behind us I wanted to share more of the amazing talents of JEAN WILSON…she posts a new envelope every day I think … any way there are tons of ideas there…so go…look …create…..and HELP STAMP OUT BORING UGLY MAIL….DO IT TODAY…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPING BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath