I really liked this card for a male…. it could be for either but it looked masculine to me… well except for the sequins… I know that’s a new trend but I am not too interested in it… I did use sequins loose in a card between sheets of acetate… but while this is nice I would probably have used cords… notice too how she uses the spongeing to rub light color around on the paper .ha… just watched her video again and she doesn’t show doing that but she did on this one anyway…lol  also she made an extra layer to cut out only part of the banners…HINT/TIP well Lazy stamper here…says since you are going to layer the CONGRATULATIONS on top of the flap why not just cut out the full banner’s and layer them then place them on the flap and cut off the excess on the far left side and then layer the congratulations on top …just seems easier and less thinking like how far in to cut the dies….but either way it makes a really cute card….she especially does this on white paper but she does it on colored paper too and while its a simple technique it makes such a difference in making the card have more dimension… watch her video for complete directions and the blue link above will take you right to it…

JULIE’S BLOG SPOT…how to cut a grad cap …I found this and thought it would be fun to share but mostly I was so blown away by the simple idea of sticking a small piece of  card stock onto a post it note so we could PUNCH IT AGAIN… how many times have I tried to get a small piece into the punch in just the right place so that I could alter it with another punch… such a simple Idea can’t believe I never thought to try it… so as my favorite CALLIGRAPHY teach CAROL DU BOSCH would say…” WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION..all of that said the cap is really cute too… I will try to post the link to the orgiami fold for grad cap.



how to re punch a small item...stick it to a post it

how to re punch a small item…stick it to a post it

bottom of cap how to

bottom of cap how to



my back yard clematis...deep it

my back yard clematis…deep it

ANOTHER type of card for GRADUATION…I had posted this card on the 5th of May..its DAWN’S TWIST TURN CARD..this is the one I have used several times as a graduation card…and I can use either stickers for the grad cap or I can make my own grad cap using the technique from above on JULIE’S BLOG SPOT…so this one is one more option for those grads you have coming up..


Dawn's twist turn grad card.

Dawn’s twist turn grad card.

my twist turn cards using a stamp for the grad cap..

my twist turn cards using a stamp for the grad cap..

LAST ONE...DAWN’S TWISTED GIFT CARD HOLDER..I posted this one on May 3rd 2013…wow..CAN’T BELIEVE ITS BEEN THAT LONG… anyway click it up and check it out the advantage to this one is that while each of the others you can slip a gift card into the envelope with the card ..this one actually has a pocket that will hold the card. It also works great for birthdays.

dawn's twisted gift card holder

dawn’s twisted gift card holder

twisted gcholderinside

WHY YOU BUY AN IPHONE…this is only funny cause the guy survived..well maybe not funny at all but I have a very black sense of humor so it made me giggle…. He really was shot with a shotgun but a lot of it hit his phone… although he was wounded he did survive. Click the blue link if you want to read more.



Well I think that will do it for this post… just wanted you to have a chance to see some graduation cards for any family or friends that you need cards.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



WELL as you may have guessed I am running behind…and so I am trying as fast as possible to get this one of Dawn’s out to you so you can make a quick MOTHER’S DAY CARD.  I especially like this card because it stands when its open and your mom or whoever you are wishing happy Mother’s Day to can be reminded that  you are thinking of them on this special day


DAWN'S screen fold card

DAWN’S screen fold card

You know your MOM will love this beautiful and elegant card…don’t worry that you don’t have the flowers she used …you use whatever flowers you do have or even photos of times shared with your mom.. One year I made a card like this and used really old photos of myself as a young child with photos of her as well… I don’t have a copy of the card because it was long ago although Mom has it its in Florida not here in WA…so just write what ever works best for you and trust me MOM’s love old photos…



Now my good friend JANIS BLEVINS…just sent me a copy of a really wonderful 3D flower pop up card she is making for Mother’s Day she also sent me the links for it since she says it is also several years old and was a MARTHA STEWART pattern…there are two links the first one is MARTHA’S but apparently some didn’t feel that they gave quite all yu might need like how to put it together so the second link is a video on how to put it together… I just LOVE THIS and it is what I am going to use and yes, I will probably be a little late with it but I’ll call her and she will be delighted whenever it arrives…

Martha’s pictures of the pieces to assemble MARTHA’S POP UP FLOWER .. this is just the pieces… now here is the video MARTHA’S POP UP FLOWER VIDEO… THEN this is the YOU TUBE VIDEO of the missing part or at least what they thought was missing… MARTHA’S MISSING DIRECTIONS 

One last link to pop up POP UP 3D with variations this one is from extreme Paper crafting…

Janis's pop up flower

Janis’s pop up flower

She made this on not for Mother’s Day but as a celebration card for a friend… still its just lovely… I am guessing but think she brushed the pink on the white paper since this works best using light weight paper like simple copy paper..then added the yellow centers with the very fine black pen for the stamens in the center. Just perfect right…you could use sponge and sponge color on or you could use chalk a rub it on with a q-tip… or use colored paper ….

kath's multi colored flowers

kath’s multi colored flowers

here is the one that I made with slightly smaller flowers… the reason my flowers are smaller is …..wait for it… know I am the lazy card maker/stamper and well I had this pad of paper with 3 ½ inch squares in all different colors…so of course the lazy me yelled …hey grab those you have to do 3 of them so lets go…we are running out of… now you can see I was so focused on putting them together properly that I forgot to put the centers in and its just not possible after so ...HINT 1 BEFORE YOU CUT THE PETAL OUT AND GLUE THEM TOGETHER put the center’s in if you want them or you won’t be able to… either way they are still lovely…ok here is one more site JANIS sent me that actually numbers the flowers so that you can see exactly where to glue them.. I should also mention that I just free hand cut the shapes so that mine don’t match up completely i.e. some petals are a little bigger than others … HINT 2 pay attention to the shapes of the petals so that they do line up correctly even if the actual shape of the petal is uneven….the fold will make it go together correctly… no way to describe this any better …use the video’s and photos….HINT 3 then be sure  you book mark this on your computer cause I guarantee you won’t remember how you did it a year from now…. lol

Oh yeah I am going to add the leaves as shown in the Martha video….

Well that’s it for now…. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



Mt. Rainier at sunrise.

Mt. Rainier at sunrise.

Seattle night with the Wheel

Seattle night with the Wheel

space needle and the blood moon

space needle and the blood moon

Mt Rainier at Edith creek and or Myrtle Falls

Mt Rainier at Edith creek and or Myrtle Falls

YES…I am home where my heart lives…as I said on my Graceful Envelope this year…this is truly where I think I am supposed to be… just love the mountains, Seattle , the beaches all of it.. but enough I am starting to sound like RICK on to card making…

Dawn's twist turn

Dawn’s twist turn

Dawn's twist turn grad card.

Dawn’s twist turn grad card.

DAWN’S TWIST TURN If this looks familiar it should I THINK I posted this from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS and they were calling it SIDE SPRING CARD… I am pretty sure that I suggested you cut them and score them ahead of time so that you would have them ready for embellishment when ever you needed them.  Any way this is very cute and I am sure you’ll enjoy it… Duplex paper Pin Wheels pin wheel cds kh SCS PINWHEEL CARD  This is just the funest… wait don’t think thats a word..but this is really a fun card… It does look most impressive with duplex paper /card stock but not too heavy… watch the video to make sure you understand about which side you want to be the pin wheel part….now the first thing you are going to say after looking at video is I DON’T HAVE THE STAMPIN UP SCORE BOARD AND DIAGONAL INSERT… well don’t disappear which she tells you how to do it using a pencil and ruler… another SCS member says hey  try using your ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD... a lot of us have that and it does allow you to make the diagonal scores not all the way to the edge but close enough to cut out the triangles… now DON’T TRY using the punch part to cut out the triangles…that won’t work…they are not deep enough and the folds won’t fold properly so after you score the 4 sides go ahead and using your scissors cut out the triangles then using whatever score board you have score the flaps at 1″ mark fold staring at the bottom and going counter clock wise all around then tuck in the last one just like on a box top… For the PUNCH board line your first corner up at the 3 3/8″  and DON’T PUNCH just score rotate and repeat for each of the 4 corners then using whatever score board you have score at the one inch mark ..fold , tuck and TA DAH …pin wheel…

envy punch board score at 3 3/8 " rotate and repeat

envy punch board score at 3 3/8 ” rotate and repeat

punch board 3 3/8"

punch board 3 3/8″

Ok now you say well I don’t have the ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD either.. no problem You can also use your MARTHA STEWART SCORE BOARD with the triangle insert for making envelopes… just put your triangle insert into the score board and slide it all the way to top left side… then lay you 8″ square with one side ( doesn’t matter where you start you will still have 4 sides) against the bottom of the triangle then SCORE ALONG THE 3 ½” LINE ROTATE THE SQUARE AND REPEAT FOR EACH OF THE 4 sides… IMG_7332 REMEMBER THAT THE TRIANGLE NEEDS TO SLIDE ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOP OF THE SCORE BOARD ON THE LEFT SIDE AGAINST THE EDGE.  I JUST REALIZED THAT IN THIS PHOTO I DO NOT HAVE MINE SHOVED ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOP….. SO DO AS I SAY NOT AS I SHOW…..LMAO…it should be up at the top then score at 3 ½…



CUT OUT THE 4 SMALL TRIANGLES ON THE PAGE as per the video THEN REMOVE THE TRIANGLE and score each of the 4 flaps at the same 1″ mark.. fold and then tuck and again you have a lovely pin wheel. If you don’t have or can’t find duplex paper that you like or that is thick enough  you can use designer paper and cut 4 strips ¾ ” wide by 4 inches long and adhere them to the flaps before you tuck them into the box top shape. Of course you might be thinking …hey she has the punch board, the Martha Stewart score board and we know she has the SCOR-PAL… huge sigh… yes yes I have them all… but with good reason… the SCOR -PAL is my favorite but unless you have gone out there and got the new one…it doesn’t have enough score marks…so with my trusty Michael’s or JoAnn’s coupon ( i don’t remember now which) I got the Martha Stewart score board a long time ago ..but it does come in handy from time to time since it scores every 1/8th ”

gray card done on Martha Stewart board...yellow white card done on punch board

gray card done on Martha Stewart board…yellow white card done on punch board

You will notice that I cut the diagonal the wrong way on one of the gray flaps… I like to show you my mistakes too so you know that none of us are perfect…

ANOTHER TIP… Be careful with the both the scoring tools on the PUNCH BOARD and also on MARTHA STEWARTS BOARD… both of them can easily punch thru your card stock if its not very heavy and really heavy stock is hard to fold… a real CATCH 22.

Well I think that’s all for this post…. I hope you enjoy both of them and that you will continue to check out my blog… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

WHINING SESSION… I have to add this but I did put it at the very bottom in case you just aren’t interested… the wire headed cyber toad well I earned that title ever since we got back… my TV wasn’t working then our computers are still not 100% and we can’t for the life of us figure out what is the problem… we headed out for a shopping trip a few days ago and came out from lunch to find we had flat tire…and that took forever….my hubby didn’t want my help in getting my big ( 4 ft tall ) fountain out of garage and you guessed it fell off the dolly and broke… he broke my smaller one the year before which is how I got the one he just broke ….he felt so bad of course that he took me to fountain place and of course they had NONE…. expecting a couple of truck loads some time this month…. ;(….I was beginning to think that coming back early was not a good thing…. but I have this wonderful arbor in back yard and there is wisteria growing over the top of it and every year we see it and it  gets bigger and it is always very full and lush…however, we assumed for some reason it just never blooms…but this year we returned in April and TA DAH… it was covered in blooms turns out it blooms better each April… kinda like that ” if a tree fell in forest and there was no one to hear it would it make a sound”  based on my wisteria I answer with a RESOUNDING YES!!.



ALSO April is the month that the Pink Dogwood’s are in full bloom and they are beautiful…see for yourself below…