WELCOME TO 2015...I hope your year is starting off better than mine..somehow I just spent a week on my back due to a serious gastrointestinal bug… and what a bug it was…. I am sure at some time I must have been sicker but I don’t remember when…I won’t disgust you with the details but it was BAD!!!!.. I THINK I am on the road to recovery as I have been able to eat baby food and also bananas..rice as well as dry white toast… My sweet Baboo has been an excellent nurse running and trying as hard as possible to make my illness easier… ok enough right… moving on… I do have a lot of fun things to share but not much of my own since I have not been able to play at all…


INSECT ALPHABET.....WHILE I got this from a friend on FACEBOOK you should be able togo look at it someone let me know if you can’t get their… I ‘ll try something else…part of the reason I am not fond of FB because it should be easier to share stuff OUTSIDE FB..but they are too busy making money off of it…Ok I will get off the soap box any way this is an amazing work of art and such dedication with it taking 2 years to complete.  Look deep at all the images so you can really appreciate the detail…

PAPER MARBLING…Years ago I was exposed to a few calligraphers that also did paper marbling and I can tell you its a commitment…. You need a sepearate place to do it as the chemicals are extremely toxic…so kitchen sink is out…at least not if you are going to eat out of that kitchen again.  This is a nice video to show you how its done and If I were in WA I could snap a photo of a piece I did many years ago on a piece of marbled paper.  You can purchase large parent sheets ( i.e. like 19 x 25 ) of marbled paper …I know that DANIEL SMITH in Seattle sells marbled paper…Its not cheap but its lovely back ground paper most of it is dark and vibrant so stamping on it is not going to show well it needs layering unless the paper is designed with white/cream space between the colors..BUT this is some that I found on AMAZON…

Marble paper

Marble paper

The one below has the openings showing white that I was speaking about that you can use to stamp in or write.

marble paper

marble paper

marble paper

marble paper

marble paper

So watch the video see how this lovely paper is created.

SPEED WATERCOLOR PAINTING...I have always wanted to be able to actually paint with watercolors but all I am able to do is create backgrounds. So watching this was just amazing I am certain that they really just speeded up the painting but still what she creates is just amazing..I will tell you that the video is playing music in the background and it wasn’t to my taste so I turned the sound way down so I could just focus on the painting.

WATERCOLOR since I am certain that I am not the only one who can’t paint anything but backgrounds but this really inspired me and since I do (of course ) have all the pens I immediately started playing …I will show you a few of the backgrounds… I will say that I didn’t care for the stamping in white over the background… yes it makes it look more blurry but I like the watercolor too much to cover it up ….as to the glitter… I waited till it was dry then added TSUKINEKO’s SHIMMER SPRITZ….love this stuff… my favorite is the SPARKLE which is basically clear with sparkle but I ran out and had to use some of FROST which is kinda white with sparkle…I also have some called PEWTER which is much darker and still with sparkle.  I got my SHIMMER SPRITZ from IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS but again I am certain that its available from most craft stores as well as AMAZON.  In addition I also use the palette of frosty paint palette by ART QUEST …PEARL EX PRESS… all the colors in these palettes are frosty with lots of glitter effect… I am certain that these are available from PAPER AND INK ARTS as well as from AMAZON

WATERCOLOR BKGRNDas you can see my colors came out very soft and even I can’t see the shimmer but trust me its there but it is very subtle…my choice… I am not a glitter fan! I punched out a paper heart shape and using removable double stick tape taped it on a piece of paper and then watercolored around it the heart is not perfect but I like that way…. you could also using masking liquid to make a perfect heart then remove mask when dry….I will use the hear one on a valentine and stamp in the white space… it goes on a tiny 3×3 card…I wanted to do different valentines… then the larger ones I will use with SCS POP UP DIORAMA CARDAS you can see I used a heart die instead of the circle… then the stamp was one of the now 1.50 ones from Michaels that I spotted a few weeks ago…



my cupping

my cupig

Then this is the little one (3×3) and again another of those cheapie stamps from Michaels and of course I added the goggle eyes… and I should also tell you that these little 3×3 cards with envelopes ( not mailable unless you use larger envy) works with the CUPIG. I can’t help myself … lol ok I am going to wrap this up with one of the funniest video’s I have seen in a while and too bad its Beer Ad but still too funny not to share.

BUD AD CLOTHING DRIVE I am not going to tell you anything more but if you need a good laugh …go check it out… giggling as I write… the office chair and the pen are my favorites…

OK ….I am exhausted so gonna call it quits and post this .. AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.. wire headed cyber toad…aka kath…

forgive me typos



Dawn's Rudolph and Snowman candy holders

Dawn’s Rudolph and Snowman candy holders


I FREELY admit that this is totally based on Dawn’s Rudolph candy cane holder…it was so cute but I wanted to be able to mail this attached to a card or stand alone so… I attempted a few changes….

1 I removed all the tabs at the bottom of the box so now could be made with 4 ¾ x 6                                  because it won’t fold flat if you leave the flaps on the bottom..

2) I liked the snowman best so I cut a white piece for over the black at 2 ¾ x 5 ½…I found that if you use a lighter weight paper and glue /tape it in place unsecured you can then just re score the first set and and you won’t have to match up the score lines

3) I just ran a ribbon thru the punch outs to try to make it look more like his hat I did in fact put the punch outs in….. then run the ribbon through and just tied it in a knot rather than a bow.

My sample is for a NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY where we are each have to write down an answer to a question I come up with each year… this year’s question was a TIME TRAVEL…you can go back in time and no matter how long you stay when you return only 2 minutes will have passed… ( I borrowed this idea from STEPHEN KING’S 11/22/63..great read and not scary…its time travel) So my snowmen say DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC…on the side but for birthdays I am going to write on them YOU MUST BELIEVE IN MAGIC…. cause you still LOOK 39…. or Wishing you a MAGICAL Birthday….or its SNOWBUDDY’S business how old you are…Mostly I just loved the snowman and wanted to use him on a card.

so go check out her video and see how she does it then either make her’s or mine..

Come on its almost a new year…. get those creative juices flowing…

My snowman version...

My snowman version…

I love snowmen and using this one for a card I like to say “it’s SNOWBUDDIES business how old you are”….lol…or maybe…Hooray for you…another 365 days around the sun….

ok now for some EYE CANDY

WATER,PEN, AND INK..This is a lovely idea even if you don’t letter but only draw….I am certain that they are using watercolor paper…and the smoother the better…ie HOT PRESS sheets cut smaller..if you want to letter…but the wobbley letters look good to me too so just water color paper will work…I am going to try it and then I’ll post my result .

These are just some of the CHRISTMAS CARDS i received in 2014 oh and two are NEW YEAR’S CARDS… great idea .

Cynthia Thomas torn paper

Cynthia Thomas torn paper

I loved Cynthia’s torn paper santa face… labor intensive but very creative..

Merrilyn Shape dry embossed image on white card with stamp

Merrilyn Shape dry embossed image on white card with stamp

I know its hard to see but this was a lovely card from my sweet Auntie with a dry embossed image of reindeer and trees and house at the bottom…

Margi Long's new years card

Margi Long’s new years card

I love this saying the end on the front and a Happy beginning to 2015… on brown craft paper

Linda O'Neill

Linda O’Neill

Stephanie 's cd Patti's cd

Stephanie ‘s cd
Patti’s cd


Linda’s husband Tim takes the most incredible photographs and she used one of them for her christmas card this year on black paper and nice touch adding the snowflake




xmas cds14 4This is Carol Du Bosch’s card one my and best calligraphy teachers from Portland

more enys

more enys




THIS LAST ENVY is also from an Envelope Exchange that I belong to and was done by Linda Jolly.

So you see with all these wonderful cards and envelopes I am a very lucky girl… SO ITS AN NEW YEAR AND TIME TO GET THOSE CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING… I am working on my ENVELOPE FOR THE GRACEFUL ENVELOPE CONTEST… I try to enter every year I have had a few wins and a couple of honorable mentions but I don’t really worry about winning its the challenge of coming up with and idea… and here is a link to the info in case you want to challenge yourself the them this year is HOME… give it a try …AND WHILE you are the site… you can go back and see all the wonderful winning and honorable mention envelopes for all the years this contest has been running.. more EYE CANDY than you can imagine..

Ok we are starting off and I have lots of ideas and so does DAWN AND SCS…SO HERE’S TO YEAR OF CREATIVITY AND FUN…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cuber toad..aka kath harney

So many ideas ….so little time….