The clock keeps ticking and I keep getting farther behind… but these were a couple of ideas that I thought I should just share….




OK this really anchor’s the chef to the card he is of course stamped colored and cut out but the flooring is drawn and colored onto the larger piece.  There are several HINTS about this technique…… do watch the technique EVEN IF YOU THINK …I WILL NEVER DO THIS ITS TOO TIME CONSUMING… that’s where I the LAZY STAMPER wearing my red cape wants to tell you that you only have to do this ONCE…. yes, only once…. then you can do a couple of things… 1) you can copy it 3 times and paste it up on a full sheet of paper then make several other copies on white paper or even on colored paper which will make your checkerboard not white and black but a color and black… 2) You can scan this into your computer and do the same thing and print up to 4 a sheet again on photo paper very shiny , or card stock white or a color and if you can’t scan…3) then take a photo with your phone and use it to make additional copies…. so see I was right if you like it and what’s not to like YOU can make only one copy and go print more….at the bottom of video I think there are a few other samples of flooring… wood, brick etc…. I forget from time to time that adding grass, flooring or even just a line or a shadow… is a great way to anchor your images so that they don’t seem to be floating in space… Give it a try and if you need more help with printing multiples and you have a MAC I can help but if you think you are not tech savvy then just make 4 copies and paste them to a full sheet of paper ( and of course save your original  in a sheet protector) and print away either at home or at a copy store… it doesn’t have to be on card stock since you will be layering it on top of your card base.


Masking …maybe you know how to do this and maybe you have only heard the word but don’t quite understand how it works… With her video Dawn, shows you that if you make the extra effort to cut out part of your image you can layer images and make them all stand out better.  It’s a lot like taping off your baseboards before you paint…. your protecting your favorite or prime image.  Now in many cases this requires a bit of so called ” FUSSY CUTTING”  this in itself is often tedious BUT …here I am once again the LAZY STAMPER…still wearing my super red cape…to make your efforts slightly less tedious… FIRST, while she doesn’t say it you will note in the video that Dawn down not cut out all of the GOOSE… because she isn’t going to layer behind ALL OF HIM only the back end of the goose is necessary and not the feet or even the space between the legs.  It’s important to look at your image and decide just what part of it you want in BEHIND the rest of the image…depending on your image sometimes you can merely use a piece of a post it note to block out that piece of the image and then stamp over it…this would happen more with fairly solid images like a balloon or a house …maybe a tree trunk etc. In any case think about  your image and and imagine what part you need to protect and you can just cut that part out.  I also HIGHLY recommend that you either stamp the image on a post it not with the sticky part as much of your image as possible or use the removable tape so that it will in fact stick in place when you go to stamp… I know she didn’t but hey she is a professional and she can edit it out if she has a problem…lol…. In addition she actually cut a template for the oval background…. again I recommend using the removable  tape so that you can keep in place otherwise you won’t like your blurry shape.  Oval is a natural shape for lots of images but I also like the idea of a postage stamp shape, heart and cloud just to think of a few..



so you can see that I put all three images on one sheet of card stock and left lots of room between each of them so that I put them on the card stock to sponge the ink on in a a variety of placements..

mask images


pstg stamp

so just the backgrounds are there but I can add my other images over the top of these background masks…. like my bunny and eggs…..there is a HINT here also…. save your templates and also save any of the images that you FUSSY CUT in a sheet protector or a small plastic photo box so that you can use them again… warning… if you use the same template out of card stock too often it may allow bleed thru so beware.

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In Late July I had a chance to spend a few nights at PARADISE INN AT MT RAINIER… now  you may remember that I have told you before that in the PNW we don’t officially start summer till mid July well apparently I brought some of Florida weather to the Mt as the two days and nights we were there it did nothing but rain…and I mean serious you are going to get wet rain…more like Florida than Washington… however the lodge is gorgeous and old and has wonderful huge fireplace so I sat and wrote postcards in front of it along with some adapted WEATHERGRAMS ( see earlier post for info on Weathergrams).  And on the day we left were were rewarded with beautiful blue sky and MT RAINIER in all her glory.. just a few shots below…then I promise I show you the card…lol…IMG_5799

first two days of our visit this is all we saw….so I spent a lot of time here in the lobby



This is me writing postcards from the balcony above the lobby… only guest may use this area where as the lobby is open to all visitors… I love it here.  Two days of rain and at 5:30 am the morning of our departure My mountain was calling …I jumped up threw on some sweats and raced outside to be greater with this…

IMG_5810note the sun is just peaking on the top of east side of Rainier… but it was obvious that the day was going to 5:30 am there are not many folks around but these two were having a delightful breakfast and were not bothered by me walking incredibly close …


Reflection lakes gave just what it promised…



Ok I did promise a card so I will not bore with too many more of these photos… well maybe just one hubby and I waving good by from BOX CANYON …




I first met June at Menucha Calligraphy somewhere around 1984….she always came and almost always we spent some time together sharing our favorite folds… for while June was a calligrapher I think her first love was paper folding…and when she shared this card with me I was just tickled… I loved it and while it looked complicated it was really rather easy… The trickiest part is that flap but if you approach it like apple look for easy answer and be gentle it will stand up and show you the crease to make. pesky flap photo

photo 3

Your looking straight down on the flap and you can see that the tip is folded over so that it meets the dot/crease then it causes the card to sorta stand up as you push the crease back and then that triangle at the back gets reversed and folded inside …then rotate the card and do the next one the same way… tucking the flaps outer edges just like a box top.

Here is my pattern with sketches … June's hawaiian 1

This is one of my favorite ways to make a halloween card….you can insert a 4 x4 square with you favorite halloween quote inside or you can even use your computer  and write the quote just make sure you keep it inside the 8 ½ x 8 ½ size and they can open it and see it all .  June passed away a few years ago but I like to think that every time I share this card she is smiling and remember all the fun times we shared .

If you need more help with this then you will have to send me a request in comments or to my e mail at  Enjoy and make your first effort with a piece of computer paper or a magazine page but do use light weight paper as  card stock is just too heavy to crease properly and it would fold nicely.



MY GOOD FRIEND JANIS BLEVINS sent me this card because of my florida connection we use see you later alligator on some of our correspondence and so I am pretty sure that the card base is commercial but think she may have cut out around the gator and also added some of the white to show him off a little better… then inside she had several pages that she stitched little pockets onto and in each pocket was a Gator pun /joke… I need the laughter that this card brought and once again I was reminded of just what a lucky little girl I am to have such creative friends.

janis:gator 1


THEN MY FRIEND RANDI KANDER posted these two photos on FB and I love PASSION FLOWERS AND THOUGHT THIS WAS A GREAT PHOTO and the GARDEN PATH speaks for itself…I used squares out of the passion flowers to create a card using inches…AND ALSO this design idea I saw on pinterest it was done using a stamp but I thought hummm why not a photo… I’ll post both images…

I removed both of the images because I borrowed them from Randi and while I know she didn’t have anything to do with it it appeared that there may be some kind of trojan attached and there for I took them off just in case… if you just have to see them go to FB AND TYPE in passion flowers and then again garden stone path…you should be able to find them from there… sorry about this…







As Mark Twain would say news of my death has been greatly exaggerated!


From the plane window once of my favorite sites…Mt Rainier in all her glory at sunset …means I am almost home…if home is where your heart is.



Me with Seattle’s PIKE PLACE PIGEON MIME…I totally love Seattle and also Pike Place home of the original STARBUCKS and the best city and now they have this MIME who has REAL PIGEONS on his hat head and shoulders…. I love it…MIMES are one of my favorite things… pigeons…as long as they don’t poop on me they are ok..


Our glorious ( work intensive, for my hubby ) BAMBOO… as you can see in our absence the bamboo creeps closer to our wall in the back yard and if we did not cut these two down it would force the blocks out of the will within a week… so sad to have to remove them as you can see they are quite large and we do love it… but it must be maintained and while this is not a gardening blog, I will tell you that if you want to plant bamboo then do look for the CLUMPING kind rather than the RUNNING kind… we put in the running 17 years ago and we do love it but each year my hubby must go out and trench around behind it to keep it from running away into my neighbors driveway…our neighbors do love it too however so that’s helpful.. but the clumping is much easier to maintain with lots less work… still watching it sway in the back yard is very peaceful.


My sweet little Mother and the incredible CUDDLES…you can see why we named him Cuddles…he looks like a stuffed toy there but I assure you he is real and such a sweetie they are just perfect for each other.. we made the decision to move my Mom into an assisted facility with much smaller population and a the ability to add more care as she needs it…It is smaller but she is quite happy there and enjoying less stress and definitely happy with her new little dog Cuddles.

Ok ok …I know this is not a travel blog nor a this is my life blog… so I am going to move along to some cards….I have not had much time to play but I did have some late nights of not sleeping so PINTEREST was a great diversion… of course being a MINION fan when I saw this card I was hooked…could hardly wait to create one…



As you can see this was available to purchase at a very reasonable price from ETSY … BUT I was too excited to see if I could actually create one myself.  Lets see you need

YELLOW, BLACK, BLUE , BROWN, WHITE AND GREY… CARD STOCK THEN I USED 3 DIFFERENT SIZE CIRCLE PUNCHES BUT IF YOU HAVE THE NESTIBILITES CIRCLES YOU CAN USE THEM INSTEAD OF PUNCHES ALSO A REGULAR SIZE HOLE PUNCH LIKE A PAPER HOLE PUNCH FOR THE BUTTONS ON HIS BIBS.. but you could use brads also if you had them… Black for the card base then a a piece 4 x 5 ¼ for the yellow background .. I cut my blue rectangle about 2 x 3 and then my straps were about 3/8 inch wide and then I used the medium circle cut in half for the pocket on the front and the paper hole punch for his buttons on bib but again you could use tiny buttons or brads…a black strip for his band behind the eyes and the various size circles for his eyes and goggles.. One that I made I actually used the strap, the grey circle and then a large googley eye…. loved it…the one below is mine and I was using it for a 4th of July birthday card so I used stars on the bib pocket rather than a design…

minion cd

Oh yeah… I like the one eye…lol….and the smile is made by cutting a bit off a circle… then because this was for a 4th of July card I used stars on the bib pocket… well don’t just sit the go for it…



This is a sit I found on Pinterest and she makes lots of animal pictures and they are made out of various pieces of fabric in a quilt like fashion… just amazing…I SAVED THE PHOTO but not the link….aaarrrgggghhh and I have just spent last ½ hr hunting for it and can’t find it… so sorry… this is a lesson always write down the link … I spent a few days in hospital a week or so ago and now I have no brain….I checked my pinterest acct and my Facebook and couldn’t find it on either sorry guys… but at least you can see it was beautiful.


This one I did find… the link is

Mr Lopez is amazing at using scrap metal to make sculpture… I love this buffalo…check out his site for a few more eye popping pieces.

Again I want to apologize for the long delay in posting but as Mr Lennon said ” LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS WHILE YOUR BUSY MAKING OTHER PLANS”.  My hospital visit was DEFINITELY NOT PLANNED and before that ..well you don’t really want to know… I do have some new ideas coming and rather than just showing you DAWN’S site I have a few cards that I want to share that were not maybe my designs but taught them in classes and think you will enjoy them…thanks so much for those of you who have been hanging in there.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad aka kath