OK you may remember that I loved her FRANKIE, Frankenstein… WELL this is just as cute at least as far as I am concerned and owls are really HOT right now …so OWL be looking for you to make some owl cards...

Now I have to tell you that I did not have the bird punch that she used to create the ears…so I looked around and decided that my large butterfly punch could work if I cut it in half then after gluing it on I also trimmed the piece off the top …. then I realized in my excitement of creating this card that I hadn’t looked far enough in my stash… I came across my pennant punch the one that has scallop around the edge works great then cut it half lengthwise and it makes great ears just don’t let is stick out too far.

Here is the version of the one I did using the butterfly….

kh owl butterfly ears

kh owl butterfly ears

I did use the best heart I had for his beak and for his feet…. and I tilted his eyes outward so that he has a kind of sad look….. or questioning… like OWL be darned..outside and you don’t look a year older inside…I like it…but it kinda looks like an EWOK  from STAR WARS. LOL

my owl with the pennant ears

my owl with the pennant ears

Then I tried this one to make him look a little evil or angry..( my angry bird….lol) and also used the pennant that you see at the bottom I just cut it in half lengthwise… its too long so I just taped it further in to the back of his head so his ears were proportional to the rest of his body then I also found an umbrella punch and thought that I liked his feet just cutting the umbrella in half ….they may be a little small for the owl so I will use the whole umbrella top next time. I do however, think that I like the pennant ears better than the butterfly ears.

mini owls kh

then I came across some store bought tags I had and I went wow that’s almost the same shape but made out of decorator paper… but I decided to try anyway… I needed smaller punched out scalloped circles….I couldn’t find a punch like that so the second one is really the one I did first..and for it I couldn’t find the circles so I used the hexagon punch  and I think it works ok…but then I found my smaller scallop circle punch so I do still like it best and I used smaller circle punches or dies whichever you have for the eyes and one less layer then Dawn’s larger one… so this is what I came up with and even thought there are no owls out there with bright green heads…hey its my imagination…I liked it…One last confession…I forgot to put the little eye white dots in before I scanned it for the blog but I can fix that …anyway I have about 8 of these tags and I can get two owls out of each tag so that would give me 16 more owls… They are funky but I do like it…. in side I could say

wanted to put on my party feathers…. lol…

HINT… take your punches and scrap papers in the colors you need and while you are sitting in front of the TV at night watching those LAW and ORDER reruns(lol) you can punch out all the pieces and then of course grab your ever necessary sheet protector print out the front page of DAWN”S web site and slip all your pieces into the sheet protector so that you can just pull out your pieces and whip one of these out in no time…

YOU can even take it a step farther and using your sponge make the sponging around  your eye lids and around the head and body… I forgot on my last one above to sponge around pennant so that his ears also have a little more dimension.


WOOOHOOO…celebrating another 365 days around the sun(moon)


BIRDS OF A FEATHER…..You lie about your age and I’ll verify!

PUT ON YOUR PARTY FEATHERS…( instead of brown use bright colors for Owl.)

IT’S YOUR NIGHT TO WOOO HOOO….happy birthday.

WELL I REALLY LIKED THIS CARD AS YOU CAN SEE….so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  I’d love to see some samples of what you make..


If you have been reading my blog you know that I buy lots of my art/calligraphy supplies from PAPER AND INK ARTS…I think I previously mentioned that they now have their own blog and one section of it deals with CALLIGRAPHY and this one was an interview with one of my favorite teachers CAROL DU BOSCH.  Here is the link to paperinkarts blog.IMG_1430

Carol is a great teacher and an incredible calligrapher … my favorite script that she teaches and writes so well is BONE… there are samples of it on both PAPER INK ARTS BLOG AND ON CAROL’S WEBSITE..here are a few more samples of her work …but check out the interview at Paper Ink Arts and then go check out Carol’s website to see more.  I promise you won’t be sorry.  IMG_1392


On Carol’s website you will also find her latest alphabet which she created herself… I absolutely love it… its called JUBILEE.  I JUST LOVE THIS…the photo below is a piece that is dry embossed which Carol cut letters and them embossed them it looks like on watercolor paper.


CAROL’S JUBILEE APHABETIMG_5561so go check it out… you won’t be sorry.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath