Matchbook Slider GIFT CARD holder

Ok I have seen this one in the spring issue of CARD MAKER magazine and on STAMPING SCHOOL but this one will link to DAWN.


It is just another way to also use your ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD …and yep you need it…gotta have it… Michael’s JoAnn’s and Hobby lobby so use a coupon and its about 10$…so watch the Video and I’ll show you some other samples..

HINT: IF YOU ARE LIKE ME….lol you don’t have your computer on the same desk as your card making desk… so its a pain to run back and forth looking for measurements so BEFORE I watch the video I print out just the first  ( sometimes you need more ) pages of the directions… don’t print them all as you will end up with pages or comments ,,,Unnecessary…. when your print screen comes up it usually shows you the first page then under it shows you how many pages with an arrow dart so you can scroll thru the pages… only print those with the measurements and or colors etc if you want it to look exactly like STAMPIN UP’S ( DAWN’S).  OK THAT’S YOUR TECHY LESSON FOR THE DAY. 

HINT # 2….. ON Dawn’s card she scores it at 7 ½ and also at 7 3/8  well she did that cause she thought that there need to be room for the gift cards…well actually you don’t need that so I only score at 7 ½  but it works either way so you decide.



I ONLY PRINTED PAGE 1 and 2… then watch the video and write next to piece of card stock she is using I write down where to score… this means I don’t have to go hunt up the video every time and of course I save it and usually a sample or at lest the blank cut papers in a protective sheet..

I am calling this a MATCH BOOK because that is what I think it looks like ..the match book cards and think there is even a pattern out there like this to make a post it note holder.  Here are some of the ones I did…

match book gift card 5

match book gift card

match book gift card 1


I made this one for my niece’s shower and she wanted gift cards…so perfect…

match book gift card 2

match book gift card 4

This was one that was in the SPRING ISSUE OF CARD MAKER magazine here is the magazine page and they only give you the measurements and scoring measurements the rest I figured out myself .

match book gift card 1Here is the one that I did using their measurements…

match book gift card 7


Now you are going to notice that I have a thing for these HEART FISH… made using three hearts … I just think they are really cute….this is a tri fold so this is the second fold open..

match book gift card 10



then this is the third open with one of my business cards instead of gift card at this time.

match book gift card 8


In addition I decided to try to modify this idea by using a regular vertical card

cut 4 ¼ x 11 and score it at 5 ½

then rather than have the fold inside as part of the card I made it an insert, here it is

match book gift card 2

cut a piece 4 ¼ x 4…score it at 1″, 2″ and 3″..fold it into a W shape and then you need to cut a piece out of the center fold so that you can slip the card inside.. I do have the STAMPIN UP phrase punch so I used it to punch out the middle.

match book gift card 3


In any case I think its a great way to make a gift card holder and I don’t know about you but I use them all the time… I will try to attach links to a couple of other gift card holders I have written about on the blog already…



Here are two that I have done and there may be more just go to web site for the blog and in the search box at top in black.. kinda hard to see… type in gift card holder and it show all the ones I have posted already…

Ok so my birthday is coming soon soon so feel free to make me a gift card holder with card…lol

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mary ellen wells envelope


Dawn's file folder card

Dawn’s file folder card

Dawn’s File folder card

I really liked this card… a) its super simple and b) I have a ton of ribbon and I never use it so this was great way to do that…. I do like the use of grograin ribbon the best. I think the idea of using tape to hold it closed is also a go idea..or folding the piece of decorator paper on the front in a wrap around so that it will also hold it closed and you can still pull the inset out… there is no way to use tape or glue to hold the card closed and still be able to pull out the insert…of course you could decide not to pull out he insert… you can just decorate there front and back and either have your message on the tab or on the back …

So go play as soon as possible…. and cutting a few of these in various colors and decorating them then you can have the ready when you need them for birthday, thank you or thinking of you etc…for me I liked the a little birdie told me…

kh file folder cd

kh file folder cd 2


Then I decided that I need a dog one for my DOG LOVER friends….so this was my first idea….kh file folder cd

kh file folder cd 1

Then I remembered I had these cool cake brads..(forgetfulness comes from havin too much stuff…lol) And I had some buttons that had dog bones and puppy paws so this was my second effort….I also added a little brad balloon on the inside piece and the cake brad on the outside..

file folder cd


file folder cd 1

Since I only tied this folder closed with the ribbon there is plenty of room to insert the card even with the balloon brad .

Ok so that’s the file folder card hope you enjoy it as much as I did ….go make some today

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As Mark Twain would have said …..stories of my death have been greatly exaggerated….lol WELL I am just saying  I know I have been gone for quite a while…well not actually gone but my postings have definitely been missing… if you just saw the last one…you will notice I was totally missing VALENTINE’S day…actually I did send some just didn’t get any posted so I am trying to get the jump on ST PAT’S DAY. I am part Irish well I think maybe welsh but I say Irish.  So I am going to post two CARDS HERE…but this first one the slider is my favorite.


Dawn's window slider

Dawn's window slider

dawns window slider


As you can see Dawn also showed trying it in both directions..either vertical or horizontal.  I think I like the horizontal version best and yep I did use this for my St Pat’s day card… here is my sample.

kh window slider

kh window slider

kh window slider open

kh window slider open

I also had found  a sheet of  Peanuts stickers for St Pat’s Day so I used them to just to add a little bit more color and then I added the tiny buttons in the center of the shamrock. So now you can see how this one works… well here is the MAGIC CARD…and while I think its cute and that Dawn did a great job of matching the two images up …I DID NOT…I threw away more than I achieved and I will tell you that I tried to use some images that also included writing and those were the worst ones to line up…so I am sharing it and her video which makes it look easy and many of you may find it no problem but for me I will stick with the slider.

 Dawn’s Magic card


Dawn's magic card

Dawn’s magic card

A few hints regarding this card… I was using HP INKJET TRANSPARENCY for the window part and I learned the hard ( waited two days to find out that you need to stamp on the rough side not the shiny side so keep that in mind.

Next if you have an image without any writing as part of it you will have an easier time getting them to line up…

kh magic card


kh magic card

kh magic card

I thought stamping on the blank sheet would be very nice and it looks great when its open BUT..this is what happens when its closed…DUHHHHH.

kh magic card

kh magic card

sometimes don’t try to fix what isn’t broken….

kh heart magic cd

kh heart magic cd

ok the first thing is that I made the opening too small and then I stamped the image too far up on the 3 ½ piece of card stock so that when pushed in its not centered…so A) MAKE YOUR SQUARE LARGER THEN MINE… MORE LIKE 2 ¾ OPENING .

kh heart magic

kh heart magic

Ok it lined up well , simple image no writing but again it almost pulls out of card due to being stamped in the wrong place..

Then I tried it with a simpler one

kh magic card 5

kh magic card 6


Ok it lined up pretty well but you will notice that it was still not far enough down on the card and that it almost slides out of the top….are you beginning to see why I said this was HARD FOR ME… and that I liked the slider one better… but I did try one more time…

kh magic card 7


kh magic card 8

Ahhhhh I finally got one that worked…but I must admit that I have always been opposed to the STAZON stamp pads….my reason being that its got things in that will cause your rubber to eventually dry up and not stamp well… it will happen but it may take years or it may happen in two weeks… Rubber doesn’t like chemicals in the ink…. BUT ALL THAT SAID… the STAZON works best on the transparency so I bought it and used it but I only try to clean it with just water no stamp cleaner.

I found that it worked best for me to stamp the image on the with the 3 ½ in in vertical position and place down near bottom say about ½ inch to ¾ inch up from bottom and it you will have better luck with showing in the window.

I did use a stamp positioner  but its still not easy to get it to line up so you may find that to get the top of the two cards to be even you may need to trim either the white card stock or the transparency so that they line up evenly.

Ok so I have given you evidence why I don’t get too excited with this magic card but it can be done just go slow and follow the DAWN’S directions and KEEP THE IMAGE SIMPLE.

EYE CANDY...why I love SQUIRRELS … I hope you will enjoy this video…. I have personally watched the hawks chase some of the squirrels in my back yard however, I have never seen a hawk this persistent… I promise a good ending but it will leave you on the edge of your seat…. this is especially for my friend BONNIE NOEHR…she has all kinds of animals especially squirrels in her yard/house etc and she also works with a group that helps fledge peregrine falcons …( i think )… ENJOY…

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