HELLO out there… Yes, I know that Halloween is over past and THANKSGIVING is racing toward and a break neck speed but I also told you that Halloween was my favorite.  In addition I told you that this GATE FOLD is very popular and that there are many ways to use it so here is one more and its one I have not seen before so I just had to share it ..BOO YA’LL.

Front of card with 3 tiny images

Front of card with 3 tiny images



This was just tooo cute and I had to give it a try… first its just a gate fold with an insert that is raised on foam dots and then two pieces that pull apart for a view of the image inside.  It may look tricky but I assure you its really easy. Just click on the link and you can watch her video and while it is a halloween card   I also encourage that you give it a try as a BIRTHDAY, GET WELL or even a THANK YOU… can also adjust the front to have only a single image decoration.. It should  probably be larger but you don’t have to have three little ones .

Then here are some of my images using this pattern and of course they are also halloween cause I was making them right before halloween… due to moving back and forth I have to try to stay ahead a little so sometimes posts were written earlier and posted later…lol but that’s better than being not posted at all.. Besides between Dawn and SCS… some times I just can’t keep up but they have had some good ones lately..

gatefold peek a boo kh

inside with frankie

inside with Frankie

Oh look I did make at least one that is a birthday card..and used a small cupcake for the image on the ouside.

gatefold peek a boo kh 3The cupcake is a sticker but the words IT’S YOUR DAY were cut with a friend’s cricket.

inside birthday gate fold peek a boo

inside birthday gate fold peek a boo

The little guy is from an old set I have from ALL NIGHT MEDIA… I love them and try to take good care of them as they are no longer out there unless maybe you find them on E bay or something like that.  The phrase A BIRTHDAY WHOOP DE DO….Is one of Rosie’s Road Show stamps and I am pretty sure you can find it at  IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS.  ( If you don’t see an image or phrase that you want on the on line web site…you can call them and they will help you order it. They have so many stamps it would be hard to put them all on line.)

Ok just a little bit of EYE CANDY before I go…I came across this You tube video of A   MOVABLE BOOK OF LETTERS  and it was so wonderful I had to share it on the November 8th post FUN WITH FUSING.  That book was created by KEVIN STEELE. Then my calligraphy buddy ELIZABETH WALSH saw it and sent me an e mail…. she writes

I took a workshop from Kevin Steele, creator of that amazing Book of Letters!!!
He is a young, 30 something, humble, reserved, and TALENTED!!!!!!!
He teaches at Indian University and was our guest instructor in Tacoma for PSBA. 

Here is another link to another one of his projects on YOU Tube…THE DEEP. If you are like me and can’t get enough or want to know more about him… he has his own web site which is www.Mrkevinsteel.com.. In addition to looking at all his great art…if you click on the About on the bottom left of the screen you can read more about him as an artist.

Thanks Elizabeth for giving me more information and I am sorry I didn’t get to take that workshop with you..

Ok that’s all she wrote folks..AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath




aspen colorI love the aspens…we don’t have many around here and I think this photo is from Colorado maybe but it is just so beautiful and the reflection is impressive also… makes me wish I could watercolor.  Oh well I can make cards and this one is just tooo cute..


Dawn's wiper card






This is basically an update/variation on the card I posted on June 7th… ELIZABETH’S SIDE PULL CARD… the difference is basically this one is smaller and will fit your standard size envelope as well as having a slightly smaller pop up…so you don’t have to have an image you can just use a greeting stamp or write your own message…

Kath's wiper card for Autumn

Kath’s wiper card for Autumn

On this one used a few punched leaves and some that I got at Michael’s I think that were small paper/cloth ( truth I don’t know what they are made out of but it was whole little bag of them ) My stamp from Impress of the birch tree trunks… (ignore the smear too impatient)and one of those little wooden birds which I colored using a sponge and stamp pad ink then I did use the TOMBOW MULTI PURPOSE GLUE ( green and white bottle) to hold the bird on the card.

 TIP:  The Tombow multipurpose glue is my go to glue… I don’t use glue stick and I was introduced to this liquid glue at a quilling demo… Its rather fast drying and I use it for all my goggly eyes and all my embellishments… I used it on the leaves as well.  It does mean that you need to give a little while to dry so moving it off your desk is a good idea…lol… but it seems to hold fast even in the mail…to me that is everything as I hate to send something with the note…SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRE …because they may have to put the card back together again… It does have both a small tip and large one ( I hardly every use the large one) and while the small one will clog you can peel the glue off the end easily and then out it comes… I leave it on my desk standing upright with the small tip down…


kath's wiper card halloween

kath’s wiper card halloween

I loved this one cause I got a postcard in the mail and it was an ad for a halloween shopping night and I just cut off the ad part and used it on the card and I liked my greeting strut your stuff… I THINK that’s an old KAREN LOCKART (now PINK INK Stamps).  I probably got it at  Impress rubber stamps but I think you can by them directly from Pink Ink. I didn’t take time to check to see if that still had that one but if you want it you can. If you can’t find it on the IMPRESS WEB SITE then you can always call them and see if they have that one.. they have so many stamps etc that not all of them are on line…so never hesitate ask they will tell you how to go about adding it to an order.  IMPRESS is also where you can find the little wooden embellishments like the birds, flowers, travel things etc.  Also, Impress has whole new look to their web site and if had contact info and now you can’t get in …I just told them lost my password and resend it and then when I went in I used my same password again…I think when they switched they may have had few glitches but I put in the same old password for my new one and it worked so for me there was no change.  Some websites will not allow you to reuse the old one but it was not problem here.

Ok so I have said before that a PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS AND I find that a photo of exactly where you put the little tab that ends up being the wiper part of this card is best SEEN rather than written about.  lol… so because I am apple I was able to stop Dawn’s video and snap a screen shot of just where she placed the pop up/wiper part of the card… I thought I’d share with those of you who also need that picture to reassure them that its in the correct place…

where you put the wiper /tag

where you put the wiper /tag

You will also note that I used corner punches on each of my tags… I just like the little added texture by clipping those corners… one I rounded them and the other I used a new punch that takes a little bite out of each corner… its not necessary but it I like it.

EYE CANDY….I don’t know if you have ever seen the 3 D sidewalk art before but a friend just sent me this link and I just love looking at this… these are all by Nikolajj Arndt ,one personbut if you google 3 D sidewalk art you will come up with so many sites… I think it listed 47,000… Isn’t the internet amazing…

Speaking of amazing…here is another video of how they make a book…its called BIRTH OF A BOOK…check it out think you will find it amazing too….

Ok that’s it for this week…except to wish my first real CALLIGRAPHY TEACHER , former boss and dear friend DARLENE HELD … HAPPY BIRTHDAY…you are always an inspiration to me.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



A little Turkey humor….Thanksgiving

I am wondering what it must have been like to be a traveling reporter back in say the stagecoach days…just a small whine with no wine….about the joys of bi coastal living. No one really wants to hear you whine about having a place in the sun, however while it is mostly good there are pitfalls, like returning after a RED EYE flight that with layover took about 7 ½ hours now its mid morning at your destination and you think we’ll just drag our luggage in and go back to bed ….but hubby reminds me that we better check the car since I have an am DR appt for my Mom the next day.  THIS IS WHERE THE FUN begins… not one but BOTH cars have completely dead batteries…I mean archeology dead…not even a click or a whimper when you turn the key.  So now you have to call AAA and since the cars are in underground parking you have to wait outside for them to show so you can use the remote to let them in…( I am shortening this in the interest of getting to the actual blog material.lol) Hours later you have one new battery and have jumped the other car and must now drive it around for at least 1 hr to see if it holds the charge… so you take it ( via a quick stop at HOBBY LOBBY while Hubby stays in car to keep it running) to the dealer where since you have no appt you WAIT…SEVERAL MORE HOURS …at this point you know that you will not be going back to bed… so its not all sunshine and roses…just saying.


NOW  on to FUSING again with your iron….but this time we are going to do it with TISSUE PAPER AND those lovely DESIGNER NAPKINS .  You may have noticed that there are lovely designer type tissue papers out there but that for the most part they are so fragile that you can’t use them with your cards or scrapbook in or even envelope making. Well you can… but first you need to fuse again with your hot iron but this time you can use the freezer wrap from the canning section or tinfoil/wax paper section of your local grocery store.


FIRST  the most interesting way is to take the tissue paper and wad it up into the tightest ball you can… I know that seems crazy but it gives the paper lots of wrinkles which end up adding great texture to your paper once you fuse it… so go ahead wad it up then gently ( it is fragile) un wad it and begin to gently smooth it out on your ironing board… once you have it smoothed out then  I use a piece of brown wrapping paper and place it on the board it needs to be at least as big as your tissue paper.. then tear a sheet of the freezer wrap off that is also about the same size as your tissue paper its probably going to be a bit wider than our tissue so you can either trim it down or use the brown Kraft paper ( the stuff you wrap things in to mail ) so that you don’t  get the waxy stuff off the freezer paper either on your iron or on your ironing board… I usually trim my freezer paper so that it mostly fits the tissue with the tissue being slightly larger so that I don’t get the waxy stuff … ( it will mean you will loose a little of the edges of the tissue but you will still have plenty left to use for cards or scrapbooking or envelopes or envelope lining…

Just like the fabric fusing you lay the tissue on top of the waxy side of freezer wrap and start pressing it from the center out to the edges… its going to flatten out a lot of those wrinkle and you do want to go slowly so that you don’t get air pockets and be sure to go all the way to the edges.  Again go slow but KEEP THE IRON MOVING or you will risk burning the paper.  Once it is stuck down to freezer paper I flip the freezer paper over and iron again but now I am on the flat side of the freezer this is where you want to be sure that if your freezer paper is bigger than your tissue you have it laying on top of the kraft paper so that it doesn’t stick to the ironing board… AND VIOLA…YOU KNOW HAVE LOVELY TISSUE ON ONE SIDE AND it now has enough body to work with if your tissue is plain then you can stamp on it or even write on it if you want and it won’t bleed… ALWAYS TEST A CORNER TO BE SURE  and if it does bleed then use some spray fixative on it and that should stop it.  I recently saw a demo on the STAMPING SCHOOL web site about using it to cut liners for your envelopes …I have  done them but mostly I use it to make the envelope and then depending how busy the pattern is I use labels to address the envelope. ( STAMPING SCHOOL IS A PAID WEB SITE SO YOU DO HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO SEE THEIR DEMO’S)



Apparently STAMPIN UP has dies for cutting envelope LINER templates… You can just cut a rectangle slightly smaller than your envelope and then insert the paper and draw a light pencil line around the flap then cut about ½ inch inside that pencil line and you have your liner and it should not be in the way of the licking part….lol… you could then make your own liner out of an old manila file folder and save it in a (what else ) sheet protector.  FUSING WITH DESIGNER NAPKINS…

The process is basically the same except with the napkins there are actually 3 VERY THIN layers to the napkin and only the top one has the design so you need to take a corner and try rolling it between your finger till you can see the separation ( remember peeling the tinfoil off of gum wrappers…) then gently separate each layer till you have only the top one, its going to be very thin see thru almost but then you need to cut your freezer wrap to that size and I like to again gently ball it up wad it up so that it has a little more texture but you don’t have to…you can just proceed  to iron it to the waxy side of the freezer wrap and again I would do both sides and use the kraft paper to protect your ironing board. Now you have this designer image on a small square which you may cut and use on a card or fold into a design element or line a envelope.  You can also make an envelope with it but it will most likely not be mailable ( smallest size to mail is 3 ½ x 5) but it can work to hold a tag or gift card on a package or as a design element on scrapbook page or on a card.

Plain and decorated tissue

Plain and decorated tissue

above are two pieces of tissue that I fuzed and on the green plain one you can see some of the creases that you get when you have wadded up the paper first .

designer napkinsThe above are 3 napkins, the clocks , birds, and ladybugs…but the green circles is actually a piece of regular text weight paper which again I wadded up and fused to the freezer wrap.

Ok I am sure you are all tired of ironing at this point so we will give it a rest.

EYE CANDY contest

Ok on of my blog roll people is PAPER AND INK ARTS and they are having a contest but time is short you must send an addressed to them by NOVEMBER 25TH and you may win some art supplies… give it a try you have nothing to loose… I’ll keep you posted if I win…the only rule that I see is that you should use markers to address /design the envelope here are the summer winners… sorry I didn’t give you more time but I just got this myself beside some of us do best when under pressure… lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ….wire headed cyber toad…aka kath



Yep, I am back in the Sunny South… and missing my autumn weather …FLORIDA has two seasons WET AN HUMID  and…DRY AND HOT….LOL…IN addition and just in case you need to know… GUMMY BEARS sealed in a glass jar ( apparently NOT air tight) will become archeology artifacts…so close your eyes and just throw them out… lol.

Just because there may be new bees a reminder that all BLUE WRITING IS A LINK TO ANOTHER SITE AND IF YOU SIMPLY CLICK ON IT it will open a new page and take you to that site to get back here to the blog you should be able to just click on the linked site and close it…and you will bounce back to my blog.  RED WRITING is a TIP OR A HINT.

I AM CERTAIN THAT MOST OF YOU KNOW THAT HALLOWEEN IS OVER FOR 2013…not however for this self proclaimed HALLOWEEN QUEEN… you will continue to see samples that are halloween related due to the fact that I CAN’T HELP MYSELF…lol… HOWEVER…I DO PROMISE TO move more towards FALL and then CHRISTMAS…



Oh be ever so glad there is no sound with these posts….lol… my hubby will tell you that while my heart may be in my singing… my voice shouldn’t be… the leaf by my foot above was from a large maple tree in Gold Bar, Washington and I took it while I was attending my annual get-away at WASHINGTON STATE CALLIGRAPHER’S CONFERENCE at CAMP HUSTON… its always fun to be there  and next year we are extending it from 2 nights to 3….yeahhhh…can hardly wait… ok ok… I know you dying to hear about the ironing…

TECHINQUE….FUZING WITH fusible backing..

There are all kinds of backing you can purchase at a fabric store the one I like comes on a kind of light weight paper so that it is fusible on both sides and that’s what you want…I usually get mine at Jo Anne’s Fabric and Craft but its probably available at any fabric quiltiing store.

My Mom is an avid seamstress… she never really quilted but from the time I was a little girl she made lots of my clothes , prom dressses and when I was really little every year for Christmas I would get a Madame Alexander doll even back then they were expensive and Mom could not afford both the doll and the clothes so I would also get a Christmas dress for me and one that matched for my doll as well as other doll clothes…So anyway, I grew up with a foundness for fabric…. BUT NOT FOR SEWING… my highschool experience with sewing got me a D- for creativity since I managed to cut out and sew a dress together with both sleeves on the same side ( left I think)…we were told we could get help and we did this in HOME EC class and you were not allowed to take your project home… hence my problem but the teacher wanted to know how I did it and I had no idea but bless her heart she gave me the D- for creativity (my cooking skills were much better.lol) But still I love the colors and textures in fabric so years ago I discovered that you could buy small amounts of fabric and fuse them to paper then you could cut them out and make cards with them… so  now I had a reason to buy some of that delightful fabric I saw…however, the first time my hubby came home and found me ironing he was so happy as I normally grumbled alot about Ironing then he saw that I was ironing fabric to paper and he gave up and used a dry cleaner….much better idea….squares, and rectangles are no challenge for me but sleeves and pant legs I suck… lots of wrinkles and if there is more than one on a sleeve or pant leg…you can’t claim they are creases…lol…

STEP 1 Ok so here is what you do using the fusible paper( think of this as double sided tape only it must be heated to become stuck to the fabric hence the iron.) from Jo Ann’s you lay you fabric on the ironing board cut to approximate size of the paper (8 1/2 x 11) This stuff is very sticky and you don’t want to get it on your Iron…. ( You can get it off using lighter fluid and really scrubbing) but its better if you use brown kraft  paper over it or cut it slightly smaller than ei ther the cloth or the paper) You will have to fuse twice well that’s how I do it… first fuse the fusible webbing to your fabric by laying the fabric with the good side DOWN( SO YOU CAN’T SEE IT) on the ironing board then lay the webbing on top of the back of the cloth with the paper side up and USE A VERY HOT IRON NO STEAM….and just iron back and forth for about a minute or so… TIP Don’t just hold the iron in one place …keep it moving all over or it will either burn or some other horrible thing…when I am doing this I usually do several pieces of fabric at a time…and I do each of them as above and then lay them aside to cool down a little.


STEP 2  Now you take the piece of fabric and gently peel the paper off the back of the cloth it will leave a texture feeling to the back of the cloth if it isn’t then you need to back and repeat STEP 1 cause it didn’t get hot enough to fuse or you didn’t iron it long enough (Same thing really but remember keep moving the iron).

STEP 3 Next you flip your cloth with fused webbing over so you are now looking at the good side of the fabric and lay it on whatever card stock on which you want to fuse it…since you are not really going to see paper unless you use the whole thing as card rather than just a layer what you fuse too doesn’t matter but cardstock is better than text weight paper.  AGAIN as in STEP 1 YOU iron on the right or good side of the cloth and again keep your iron moving the paper is going to curl a little but it will lay flatter once its fused and cooled down…so now you should have a piece of say 8 1/2 x 11 card stock with fabric on one side and cloth on the other…then you can cut and layer it. TIP…if you want to cut it with a die or with a punch you might want to put wax paper between the cutting edge and the cloth…it cuts better/cleaner that way…and frankly dies work better than punches…but don’t panic if your punch locks up …just us e skewer or something to gently push it back open but your cut may not be good and you may need to trim with scissors..

My hubby still loves to see me iron even if it is only crafts so the photos are from him..Now you see why I don’t have video’s on my blog…lol…I was doing this early in the am before breakfast and from the looks of it before coffee… and obviously NOT DRESSED for an interview..but he loves his candid shots…

fusing fabric

Ironing is hot work…lol… hence my water bottle..You will note that the fabric extends beyond the piece of fusing material.  THIS IS THE PAPER SIDE UP so that NO FUSING MATERIAL gets on my ironing board and  protects my ironing board and my IRON.

this is step one fusing the webbing to the back of the fabric.

this is step 1     fusing the webbing to the back of the fabric.

You can see the paper after its fused to the back of the fabric kinda looks like wax paper on the fabric and yes, this is the back of the fabric.

fused fabric to webbingThis is the front of the fabric and you can see the spider web images have glitter on them. It is now ready for step 2 and to be fused onto a piece of card stock.  Then you can cut it with a die , scissor, xacto or paper trimmer to fit whatever size of background you might need or you can trim the pice of 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and make a complete card out of this with both the front and back of the card covered in fabric..

This is a link to the fusable webbing at Jo Ann’s as you can see its only listed as buy the whole bolt for 85 DOLLARS…well that’s 35 yards and way more then you will probably ever use but if you go to the store you can purchase just a yard which will probably give you need…this is just to show you what it looks like.

fused card

This is a card with fabric fused to the whole card…and used a small label die to cut the hole in the front…then put a spider accent inside.

fused card inside 2I used a GLAZE GEL PEN BY SAKURA (black) to write the greeting and as you can see I didn’t allow enough time for it to dry…lol… I’ll paste something over it so it won’t show. That pen is my favorite and I use them all the time and the black one the most.

Here is another way of creating Halloween letters… I used a FUNNY BRUSH from LESNICK ART PRODUCTS..I love these little rubber band pens….they are ok for a very rustic lettering but they are also go for making various backgrounds… I used the smallest one for my exemplar and you might have to reduce your words etc to make them fit on the card but its great for an envelope.. give it a try…my letters….

You can also fuse tissue paper but that’s for another post. I think this is enough for one posting… Have fun and give it a try…

Just a few more photos of FALL….

fall eaves again from internet

This one is in New England I think.. Don’t you just want to go for a walk..


MASKING TECHNIQUEclick on the blue link here to see a very cool and about 5 minute video on how to mask a moon or sun type image and then stamp over it ….HINT: YOU MUST USE SHINY CARD STOCK WITH THIS TECHNIQUEthat said it may also work with regular card stock but not as easily as with the shiny…. I just really liked the way it looked and thought it would be fun to share with you as well.

Just a wee  bit of EYE CANDY …I recently came across a You Tube video of this handmade book of letters and I just had to share. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did


AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wire headed cyber toad…aka kath





TRICK OR TREAT … Well I hope your holiday last night was filled with adorable little guys going from house to house gathering as much sugar as they can carry and enough to keep them on a sugar high till they are once again allowed sugar /candy this time from their socks…lol


Well of course there is humor here but its also very representative of our weird and wonderful fall in the PNW (Pacific Northwest or Pacific North-wet ) Our local new tonight said we have decided to change the name of the month to FOG-TOBER…Our fog has been unlimited lately and while it doesn’t last all day its there early in the am and then usually by late afternoon its clear and lovely and sunny then as soon as the sun is gone back comes the FOG….My Mom has always said that its always sunny by 5 pm…lol… that’s also why after Dad passed away she wanted to move back to Florida… she prefers the sun all day every day… lol… I love the fog and on the beaches it creates a very magical place.  I’ll take the fog…enough about the weather that’s not why your here…


I told you last week that this GATE FOLD CARD is incredible well it is…and just to prove it here is another slightly different version fromDAWN she is listing it as her FOUNDER’S CIRCLE SWAP which while a nice name doesn’t help you know what card it is…so I have used my own name and you will see that there are some similarities to the DOUBLE TRI FOLD CARD that I posted from CARD MAKER MAGAZINE last October 26th.  The real difference is that instead of it being in two pieces and then adhering them together ( you might want to go look at it on the blog if you don’t remember it.) This one is one piece THEN Layered on top of small square…NOW watch the video and then read my hint below… you won’t understand it till you watch the video.

BASICS..ACCORDIAN BASE….4 ” X 12 ” scored at 2, 4 *(6), 8, & 10

INSIDE SQUARE is 3 ¾ x 3 ¾ 

BACKING BASE is 4 ¼ x 4 ¼ 

Ok Dawn tells you how to go about cutting those two triangles and making sure that they are equal… well here is my HINT: With your accordion base fold it in half so that both the ends meet , I would do this after its scored now this is going to make a crease in the center that normally you would not want but this way you can measure down 2″ and cut that diagonal with you paper cutter cutting both sides at the same time…. this leaves no room for error and the two sides will definitely match!  Hey this is why you are here right…AS I SAID what about that extra crease /score line in the center of the inside of your card….WAIT FOR IT…yep you are going to layer a piece of card stock over it and you are going to layer a piece on the back so VIOLA…it will never show and if your measuring skills are as good as Dawn’s then you won’t have to worry as it will be a perfect match…(* this is where you would score it at 6″ also as that is the middle) 

kath's version with diagonal line shown and both corners together

kath’s version with diagonal line shown and both corners together

This is the card with the 6″ score line and the two corners together plus the line cutting from the first score line down to the 2 ” mark I made on the card.  Again since you will either be putting a smaller square inside (3 ¾ x 3 ¾ ) or (4 ¼ x 4 ¼ )on the outside of the back of the accordion.  Or you can even do both…anyway this means that score line at 6″ will not be visible.  Next you will notice if you watched Dawn’s video I have chosen to not adhere all the extra side panels.  No particular reason for this other than it will stand up easier if those wings are there to help it stand.  You may also notice that on the Turkey Day one I did not put the triangles on the inside over the folds… my reason is that they often don’t want to stick well and they make that fold even more bulky but again its just a choice.  Instead, I have put my corners on the inside square.

Turkey Day  folded closed

Turkey Day folded closed

kh accordion gate foldYou probably can’t read this but it says…EAT MORE BEEF ….HAPPY TURKEY DAY.   I used those triangles to bracket each corner of the insert  and I used a ROOSTER punch for the image on the front… I know its not a turkey but hey birds stick together…lol…

kh accordion gate fold

kh accordion gate fold

kh accordion gate


I love this crow paper which I had bought more but I do know that Halloween is over…lol  the inside is a real leaf that I ran thru my zyron machine and then gently peeled it off the backing paper and adhered it onto the inside of this accordion card.  I liked using the real leaf.  The design in the corners on the front are just the back of the crow paper…it is duplex paper and therefore two designs.

Well I hope you like the card and that you enjoy making some for your friends and family.

Now some EYE CANDY …some time ago I posted a link to OUT OF SILENCE which was my friend SALLY PENLEY’s effort to get calligraphers to write quotes that would support TOLERANCE.  It was a huge success and now I found a sight where the HOUSTON GROUP has done the same thing but instead of quotes on paper and canvas these are sculptures.  Lots of letters and I hope you will enjoy.

houston tolerance sculptures

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad….aka kath