This is one of my favorite movement cards… I learned this a long time ago and maybe you did too… we used to have a scrapbook store near here and they had an ellison die that you could cut them on their large die cutting machine… and I am telling you this just because you might have access to a scrapbook store that would have the die also.  However, this pattern has been updated so that you can use your paper trimmer..

SCS swing z fold

SCS swing z fold


This is basically what the THINLITS dies were based on.. different shapes but basically the same idea.  Then I saw that SCS also has a SWING Z FOLD its not quite the same since the image doesn’t swivel back and forth but I thought you might like it also… so here is the link to it and their video on how to .  That said I have a TIP:  Instead of tracing and cutting your image out by hand you can use your cuttlebug or big shot and cut an image out with it.  You just need to make sure that you lay the top layer only 1/2 way on the die… so you don’t cut thru all the way… use a scrap and fold and give it a try… 

I would also suggest that due to the fact that the card is folded on the front I don’t see the necessity of adhering designer paper on the front and on the inside of the front fold.  But ya’ll know I am a lazy stamper and I would only add the designer /decorator paper on the folded left inside of the card…here is my sample

z fold flip flop kha

z fold flip flop kha

Ok this is it with music paper glued to the inside and then I use the die to cut only the half of die by laying the top platform only on half of the die… for me using the cuttlebug it would be the bottom half but if you ran it the other way it would be the top half… now the down side to this is that you are left with a hold in your card and if your cardstock is pretty light then it will make the card even more flimsy… and in order to make the image look right you need to choose the same or complimentary die slighly smaller and cut out a complete image to glue onto the card…then you need to decorate it also… like this…

z fold flip flop kh 1

I have a lot of canceled postage and love using them on cards… so the inside under the design says… THEY’RE PLAYIN YOUR SONG…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY… I also used the reverse corner punch and punched out all four corners..


Here are a few other flip flop patterns that I have used over the years…these are along the same line or style as the THINLITS..that I posted a few weeks ago but you can print the pattern and then you will have to cut them yourself… I would also suggest that using at piece of manila file folder you cut a template that you can then lay on your card,lightly trace around the cut out part and score the score part..much easier … I AM NOT SURE WHERE I GOT THESE I know I got the square from BONNIE NOEHR and I cut a pattern off her card…the circle ??? and the long swivel/flip flop I am pretty sure came from a class with NICHOL RAUCH ….kudos to Bonnie and Nichol.

swivel pattern kh

swivel pattern long kh

So you now have plenty to play with .

One final note the Z FLIP FLOP I must say that  I prefer to cut the complete die out and layer it on top of the z fold… I think its a little more finished looking and it preserves the integrity of the card itself no whole or flimsiness to the card.

I do like this card and it is very versatile and hope you will find some interesting ideas of ways to use it.

NOW here is a great website I found on PINTEREST ….ELVIE STUDIO…she had these amazing little birds that she created with watercolors…well I always want to be able to paint with watercolors and even more amazing than her blog was the fact that I was able to create these little guys… and am I having fun with them… she also has piggies and mousies but I haven’t tried them yet… check it out and down  at the bottom of this post there is a place to follow… put your e-mail in there and you will get an e mail when she posts… I did sign up and love it… so give it a try you can always cancel later if you don’t enjoy it… w/c birds kh

Ok my BFF Marn Majeski is great a painting so I right away sent her a postcard with these birds on it and now I have her hooked also… this was the return envelope she sent me…

w/c birds   marn majeski

So then I had to try them on an envy and I did two and made a them hold a string with a piece of notebook paper between them and then wrote the address on the notebook paper… It is so cute I think…

NATURE EYE CANDY This is a video of baby turtles hatching and if you have never seen this then you should take a minute to enjoy nature and check it out… I love these guys and hope to volunteer for Turtle duty this coming year.

Ok that’s it for this week and I am off to a play weekend and next week I’ll have HALLOWEEN CARDS AND LETTERS…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

TENT CARDS by kath



TENT CARDS … There are several different ways to create a tent card.  If you are like me…you probably have several of the nestibilities  dies and they can cut several shapes, everything from round , square and oval to a variety of funky shapes.  Well one of these versions is a card that  is perfect for using one of those funky shapes or an oval,round or square shape … I am going to call this first one TENT SHAPE A and it is basically just a 1/4 of a sheet of card stock with an image/shape centered and half of it above the fold line.

BASIC TENT SHAPE A .. for the basic shape I use a quarter sheet of card stock cut at      4 x 5 1/2…then I usually use it scored on the 4 ” side at 2″ because this is the easiest to find on our whatever scoring pad you are using.

kath. 4x 5 1/2 scored on the 51/2 side at 2 3/4..

kath. 4x 5 1/2 scored on the 51/2 side at 2 3/4..

These next ones are scored on the 4 inch at 2 inches… I do cut them down to 4 inches wide because when its time to score lots of people ( including me sometimes) can’t find a 1/8 inch… on the SCOR-PAL which is my tool of choice…so you won’t miss it so just alter the card to be only 4 inches wide.

kath tent with separate cut  out.

kath tent with separate cut out. Cut 4 x 5 1/2 scored on the 4 ” side at 2″.

You know I love this elephant and the back of the card says….I AM JUST TASTEFULLY LATE.  Then I used the lovely little alphabet squares to spell out the greeting… I do like to use the aphabet squares ( obviously I must as when I went to get them I found that I had not one…not two but 3 well really 4 packages but I am not counting the  4th as that package was actually the black with white letters on different right…right ..please say right!!!) Then the snowman…for my winter birthdays…on the back the rest of the greeting is “HOW OLD YOU ARE”..  So all of these so far are whole bases with the image attached to the front using a variety of dies or punches to decorate.

THEN these are done using the 4  x 5 1/2 and scored on the 4 side at 2″ BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT . Just score at the ends of the card and make a light pencil mark across the card then stamp your image so that it is centered left and right and then you will need to decide how to place the image top and bottom ..if its mostly square like my elephant that center it top and bottom too or push it up higher if you need more space to write at the bottom front of the card…After that I started at the edge of the elephant and FREEHAND cut around it with the xacto knife…. HINT: Don’t try to cut along the line but rather try to cut about 1/8 of an inch away from the line. But if you look at it closely you will see that while I told you to not score all the way across the card…I DIDN’T FOLLOW MY OWN ADVICE but I felt the ELEPHANT was busy enough inside to kinda hide the score mark… but if you don’t want it the be sure you only draw a light pencil line that can be erased then cut and then score afterwards..

kath's images
kath’s images

Now the Heart card was cut using the CUTTLEBUG  the trick or technique is to find the center of your card and lay your die so that it is centered top/bottom and left /right… I used a small piece of removable tape to hold the die in place then the TECHNIQUE IS only lay the top plate ( in this case C) SO THAT IT ONLY COVERS THE TOP HALF OF THE IMAGE…then run it thru and when you are finished you will see that the top half of the heart are free from the paper and you can score and fold the card now… you can score all the way across because you are probably going to layer another smaller image over it so it won’t show.. now I didn’t stamp on this one yet but it would make a great valentine…ok just in case you can’t understand this here is SCS’S video on how to do it… Using the cuttle bug or big shot..cutting half of die with a machine..



kath's bat tent card

kath’s bat tent card

Ok don’t know about you but I think this is enough for this post but I do have one more type to show you… first here is the link of how to with SCS tent card…Now they are suggesting that you make a small accordian that will force the card to stay open and upright no matter now heavy the image/embellishments you put on it . The way it works is to use two pieces of paper…however …being the LAZY STAMPER that I am… I made the same card and used only one piece of paper CUT 4 1/4 X 11… SCORE AT 4 ”  8″, 9″ 10″ this will allow that piece at the bottom to be accordion folded and you only have to attach it to the other side…Just a little short cut that I think works better then aligning two pieces of paper together… here are my two samples…

kath's tent window card

kath’s tent window card

tent card basic  1

Both images behind the window were  photos’s from the internet…but you could use stamps and while I used the window die …its not necessary any die will work as you can see from BEATE’S SCS IMAGE of the whale… really cute.

I used the large score-pal and therefore came up with score lines at 4″, 8″,9″ and 10″ but if you wanted to use the scor-buddy you can simple flip the card and score it at 1″. 2″ and 3″…accordian fold the bottom and put the tape on the back of  10(3) and stick to the bottom of the front of the card. You can write your message on the back of the card.

OWL/BAT PUNCH was so excited about making this bat after I saw two examples on PINTEREST… the first one came from a blog called creationsbypatti…she has a cute card there with pattern on how to make it so I thought I’d give you link… The second one is by AGAIN same little owl punch from STAMPIN UP and turned upside down and wings added it becomes a bat… don’t you just love it… ok before you think WOW she has gone round the bend… remember I told you I WAS THE QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN ….well turns out I might only be a princess as there are lots of folks out there on pinterest with very cute halloween cards…So enough about them… here is my tent card version of the bat …. think its gonna be at least some of halloween cards…( yeah I send out about 30 and I have gotten tired of making 30 the same so I make several styles and then mail them out and no I don’t keep track of who got what they don’t care and if they happen to get the same card again next year I am sure they will forgive me.)


I got this off of pinterest and she has a great blog too..

I got this off of pinterest and she has a great blog too..



Well you have seen their bat/owl and my bat/owl and now here is what the OWL looks like if you use it as intended and make it an owl…

From the punch you get all these pieces so you can make your own owl...

From the punch you get all these pieces so you can make your own owl…I think he lost a

Ok thought this was going to be short and sweet but more just keep flowing out my fingers…lol… have fun…go play and MAKE SOMETHING..

.AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY...wireheaded cyber toad….aka kath


kath's favorite dies for tent cards and others

kath’s favorite dies for tent cards and others



AND we are going to ignore that its friday the…

this might be one of mine no longer

this might be one of mine no longer sure…lol

I think I may have taken this while on trip to New England a year ago ..we don’t have a lot of fall showing here yet but its a-comin…

EASY PEASY POP UP….my version

Well if you ever wanted to make a POP UP card this is the easiest that I know… its quick simple and can be adjusted to fit almost any size ( you may need  bigger or smaller depending on what image you may be using and how big or how little it may be. This is my design but I did see that there is a STAMPIN UP die that will cut this for you… however, to me its too easy so I can’t afford to purchase that die… the THINLITS are not easy and wish they would make one up for the FLIP FLOP then I would buy that one too… but this doesn’t need it…

water alphabet card with splash drops

water alphabet card with splash drops and front of this pop up…



Ok as you can see this has what I am calling a liner… ie a second card that is slightly smaller ( doesn’t have to be but I like it better) than the card…so if card is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 folded at 4 1/4… then your liner would be 5  x 8  folded 4.. at least that seems the simple way to me… and you know I am a K.I.S.S. girl…( KEEP  IT  SIMPLE STUPID).

Lay the base card aside after scoring and then using the liner with it folded you simply cut two lines straight in from the fold side however, far apart you might need if something you are going to pop up is small like this whale then probably an inch between cuts is fine…if its something bigger then you should cut it slightly longer between cut lines… and I usually only cut about one inch deep …here is my template..

As you can see my template is made from a scrap of file folder hence the bit out of the end…you don’t need that…lol…. and I see I cut a slightly larger than 1inch wide and so the that’s where the numbers come from.. if you are measuring… you don’t really need this template but if you are a worrier then by all means make one for every size you want…

pop up template

pop up from above khThis is a view from above the card so you can see the pop out /up  .

TIP: whatever you pop up image is make sure that once the card is folded it will not stick out the bottom  or the side of the card… so if its a tall something don’t cut your pop up piece too can be as shallow as only 1/2 inch… Also you probably want to leave at least 1/2 inch on either side of the pop up/out…so that the card stays firm. 

Now the next one is doing a double pop up.. and again its easy…just requires you to choose two images that will work together and one can be grass and it can be in foreground with another in the back ground or vise versa…

dbl pop up/out kathI told you it was never too early for halloween I have been known to use a halloween card for a birthday in Jan…just saying BIRTHDAYS ARE NOT SCARY…its all those I have to share that the words creepy greetings were the first words written with my ITALIAN MURANO PEN…. yippee… writes great… I’ll do that halloween type letters for you at a later blog… NO don’t say you can’t they are very easy.

Now this is the view from the top looking down on the two pop outs…

dbl pop out from above kh

ok its a little hard to see with the black but the small one on the left is only about 1/2  inch deep and the one on the right is at least 1 inch maybe a little more… I don’t MEASURE…I just cut…the only thing you really need to remember TIP: which one is in the front and which one is in the back…this card could easily be reversed and the mummy could be on the deeper pop up therefore in the front and the graveyard could be on the shallower cut and be behind the mummy… the width of the cuts needs to stay the same… wider for graveyard and narrow for mummy if you don’t want it to show.. 

Here’s the template for this one…

dbl pop up /out template


Again you are always cutting on the fold line… and once you have made the cuts then it works well to fold /score them across the fold line so that they are nice and crisp when they are pushed inside …so score or fold on the dottied lines  cut on the solid.TIP:..FYI that is pretty much true for any pattern you work with..on anyones card site.

So there you have it you can use this to make as many pop up/out as you want if you adjust your size to fit your images….. that would include adjusting your card size i.e…you could make a card that is a letter size  8 x 8 1/2  scored and folded along the 8 inch side at 4… you end up with a 4 x 8 /2 inch card that fits a standard A-10 or letter size envy for lots of pop outs …

HAVE FUN DON’T FORGET TO PLAY… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY … wire headed cyber toad…aka kath harney





UPDATE:  This is DAWN’S video on HT use the envelope  ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD... so thought I’d send you the link… just click on the blue and see how it works…


Myrtle Falls at Mt Rainier

MY HUBBY’S PHOTO OF Myrtle Falls at Mt Rainier






LITTLE LATER with the moon behind trees kh

LITTLE LATER with the moon behind trees kh

Bandon Beach Oregon

Bandon Beach Oregon

Sunrise at Bandon

Sunrise at Bandon


This week we are going to take a quick look at my recent travel…First we a lovely picture of Mt Rainier and Myrtle Falls … we spent a few nights there and were able to see the BLUE MOON while there..We stayed at the PARADISE INN and that’s where the moon photos were taken from the parking lot… My BFF Stephanie Goggleye took this one that is actually blue and we have no idea how it came out that way but hey it looks terrific doesn’t it.  Then I took the other one with the lights of Paradise Inn in the foreground.  Then my hubby and I went on down to BANDON OREGON and we fell in love with beach there.  Its a quaint little town and the beaches are lovely as you can see with lots of SEA STACKS…long drive but we had a great time and my neighbor has been going there for years and her photos made me want to see it for myself then she also suggested a Winery the ABACELA WINERY in Roseburg and it was wonderful also and yes we did buy some wine.  lol  Ok I have tons more photos but I wont’ bore you with them..PS all photos here were taken with IPHONE…I love APPLE

Now on to the cards…SCS FLIP FLOP /SWIVEL CARD

Now I am going to link you to the the SCS FLIP FLOP CARD I think I actually may have shared this one with you before but I am sharing it again because it is the one that the THINLITS are based on… BUT the FLIP FLOP/SWING card will tell you how to cut your own.


I saw these are Dawn’s web site and fell in love with them.. they are a little pricey but the good news is that they both cut the card and score it where necessary for it to fold properly… they also come with several other dies that you can use with the card.  The bad news is that they are designed for the BIG SHOT which I don’t have and it is maybe a little bigger and maybe presses a little harder than my CUTTLEBUG soooo some of the dies mainly the word ones are too curvey and to involoved to cut well on the CUTTLEBUG but frankly they are also hard to read words so I would not use them in any case.  They are available from any of the STAMPIN UP dealers but as you know I buy my stuff from DAWN so here is her website and she will show you how she used them.. DAWN’S THINLITS CIRCLE VIDEO and DAWN’S LABEL THINLIT VIDEO

The next think I want to show you with my cards, yeah I had to make quite a few…lol….is that you can make them either vertical or horizontal…your choice and below with my samples you see I have done some either way.  In addition you can also use your embossing folders to emboss them on either side of the fold and give your card a little extra pizazz…the other dies that work with them allow you to layer them .  Now if you do layer them as I have or use embellishments then you will need to use the 66 cent stamps as they will have that bump that the PO doesn’t like… But hey your recipients will definately like them…so here they are and at the end you will see what the dies look like .

my birthday thinlit

my birthday thinlit


birthday thinlit open

birthday thinlit open

You can see that I also used my favorite birthday punch the candles…I punched the strips and then using a sponge I sponged red onto the top of the candles so that they look like a flame.

horizontal/halloween kh

horizontal/halloween kh

horizontal /halloween open

horizontal /halloween open

Hey its never too early for the QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN ( that would be me) to make halloween cards so this one used a die to cut the web effect and then the spider is attached with the TAGGER GUN…I found the spiders at either Michael’s or JoAnn’s last year and I had a few left over and they look so cute hanging and moving on the front of this card.  The EEEK stamp is one of (use to be 1.00$ ) 1.50$ stamps from Michael’s and again they put those out way early so you might want to check soon to see if they are there yet.

birthday/love seattle kh

birthday/love seattle kh

thinlit birthday seattle open kh

thinlit birthday seattle open kh

This one is using the second THINLIT and I forget what they call it but think it goes with their framelits or label dies… it does come with one that fits just inside the original cut of the card.

horizontal with embossing kh

horizontal with embossing kh

horizontal open kh

horizontal open kh

This is another one of the horizontal ones and as you can see I also used one of the herringbone embossing folders .  Because the card was dark I stamped the words in white before I embossed ….but because the words are small they didn’t show up well with the embossing so I stamped them again on the banner ( which comes with one of the THINLITS) and then glued it onto the card works better.

belated vertical kh

belated vertical kh

belated open

belated open

The SNAIL DIE is one of SAVEY’S dies and I got it while on a recent trip to IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS …its also available on line… there are so many dies out there now and they all work with most of the CUTTLEBUG, BIG SHOT, or any of the others…then you will notice that I layered the larger matching shape with a smaller one that also came in one of the THINLITS.

circle thinlit die

circle thinlit die

other thinlit die

other thinlit die

additional dies included except the circle

additional dies included except the circle

In addition to the ones I have shown here there are several banners and a few arrows and a couple of hearts…plus the words but as I said I could not make the words cut .  I tried several ways using shims and even the rubber pad which doesn’t work at all in CUTTLEBUG at least with these it will BREAK YOUR CUTTLEBUG so don’t try… the CIRCLE came from a set of nestabilities that I probably got from AMAZON as I rarely find them at the craft stores.

The THINLITS ARE $35 EACH but you do get several dies with each and you may find them on line but so far I have only found them at a STAMPIN UP DEALER and for me that is DAWN.  OK I CHECKED..and AMAZON does have  alot of thinlits dies but these are called THINLIT CARD DIES…and the only listings I saw on Goggle were all for STAMPIN UP…so check with DAWN or your own STAMPIN UP dealer.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY ...the wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath…see ya next week…