THAT means weekends are for play…right?  I recently came across this fun little alphabet and while its not calligraphy it’s a fun technique.  I can’t give credit to the author cause horror of horrors…I tore it out of one of my CARD MAKER magazine WITHOUT realizing that if they gave credit to the author it wasn’t on the page I tore out…:-(…but I am going to share it with you and also my version.  And I should say I am not totally certain that it came from CARD MAKER magazine but that’s the only one I suscribe to so I am just assuming that is where I got it.

water alphabet


So the first thing I did was to create templates to use for the boxes..and I didn’t stop with just squares … I did circles and some funky rectangles mostly because I have a discontinued punch from STAMPIN UP that punches out funky rectangles…lol…and so I used manila card stock or old file folders to make the templates below..

kh shape templates punched from file folders

kh shape templates punched from file folders

Then I played with the letters and decided that it would be more fun if they were not so regular so some are capitals and some not…then too I wanted to use different shapes to contain the water…and I also didn’t want the letters to be wiggly on the underwater part…I didn’t think it showed enough to be worth the effort to remember to do it on each letter… I told you I was lazy…lol….so here is my version…

kh water alphabet

kh water alphabet

Now I know in the past I have said that the letters need to match each other but this alphabet is different in that each letter is contained in a box, circle etc of water so they letters don’t have to be the same but if you are writing more that just one word each “a” should look the same and the same for each of the letters that repeat especially if in the same word…but even in different words… does that make sense?  I did like that the water lines ran outside the boxes and at different levels or at least mine are at different levels..but the water should probably be the same color for all boxes on a given card… but you know what there are NO RULES for this so try it if you like use it.

Here are some of my samples….

water envy kh and look I used two colors of water..

water envy kh and look I used two colors of water..

water envy just first name cause last name is too long for envy,

water envy just first name cause last name is too long for envy.

I love this one kh

I love this one kh

I used a die for the octopus and of course he needed goggly eyes and then the fish are tiny brads…the wavy water is from a paper cutter that I can’t find any longer so don’t think its out there any more but you can just cut wavy lines with scissors..I use this saying a lot and with lots of different fish etc.

inside of fishes card

inside of fishes card

I didn’t do it but a fun way to add the splash effect would be to mix some water color up and then just get the brush loaded and hold it over the card and tap it… it will make droplets now WAIT till your letter boxes are dry.

Last TIP:… You need to write the boxes and the letters with WATERPROOF pen… I am using my ZIG WRITER…little end for the boxes and the fat end for the letters depending on the size of your containers you may need to use and even finer pen… like a Pigma Micron or some sort of tech pen..Like the Pilot G2.38 for a very fine letter..





water alphabet card with splash drops

water alphabet card with splash drops

I did just what I said …. I did I took my waterbrush and filled it with paint then held it over the card and gently tapped it and it made the droplets on the card…

For my watercolor I used may absolutely favorite TWINKLING H2O’S.. I love the little bit of sparkle that shows and I love how easy they are to work with.. also there are lots of colors and they tend to be bold and vibrant ..which I also love.

Ok guys that’s it for this week… go make some letters sink or swim…lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY... wire headed cyber toad…aka kath

Well  you know me I am never finished…lol.. I found this really cool site just to show you some very intricate EYE CANDY.

Oops…here it is..




Yes, this is going to aggravate the Post Office but then again I think they will enjoy it…they must also get bored with all those plain old white envelopes… so here we go…

Did you know you can make your own envelopes… ok well some of you do and some of you don’t so let me tell you that my first efforts were using the THE ENVELOPE MILL a spiralbound book from AMAZON…$ it has 4 different templates that you can use and lots of photos but when I bought it years ago it was $16.95…today at AMAZON its $40….Yeah I thought I was on ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW…lol… anyway its nice but pricey and you can probably make your own templates using the blank plastic that quilters use to cut quilt templates and you can just open up envys and trace them on to the plastic then cut them out and bingo you have the template.

The envelope Mill

The envelope Mill

After that one My next and most used was the templates from Kreate-a-lope …it came with  3 different tempates and it works so slick as you can simple tear the paper using the template …IT WORKS….You need to click the blue link and watch the video to see just how it works and do understand the image below… but it does work..


kh kreate-a-lope envy's

kh kreate-a-lope envy’s

The above are just two of the envy’s I created using the KREATE-A-LOPE and here is a photo of how many I have made using old magazine pictures, calendar pages etc…

my Kreate-a-lope envys

my Kreate-a-lope envys

Yeah … way more than I have used but I love them and you can sit in front of the TV and just tear away ….of course you will have to turn the tv up a little and your other half may find you annoying…but still.. These are still available again from the blue link above and you do get three size envys for about $30 by the time you pay for tax and shipping.. but they are great…and you now get glue for them also and you can buy those CHEAP calendars at MICHAEL’S for a dollar each and the images are good and they make great envelopes even though they seems kinda light weight once your card is in there they are fine…and if you want your image to show then just use a mail label but put in on the back side of the envy and your pretty picture is on the other side .

So have you noticed a trend here the price keeps going down…well this last tool is my new favorite because there is almost NO LIMIT to the size of envelopes you can make…really huge down to the business card size.. remember last week I told you about this when I suggested you could go buy the coin envys at office supply stores well now you can make them using old magazine pages etc… just don’t tear up your hubby’s  or your daughter’s favorite magazine…that would be big trouble for you… this one will work with card stock …the Kreate-a-lope works best with lighter weight paper it will work with old calendar pages but you have to be a little more careful with the heavier paper this has is on cutter and it punches out the corners where you will score and then fold… it is just fantastic and I found mine at scrapbooking store but I also found them on…wait for it …yeah come on you know …. AMAZON… ( I have not found them in any of the craft stores like JoAnn’s or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby YET) at least not near me… but AMAZON DOES HAVE IT and again wait for it….$19.42  HONEST..(Click the blue AMAZON and it will link you to that page.) Yep, its the cheapest and too hard for me to explain here but there is a whole list of sizes on the board and you just pick your finished envelope size and it will tell you what size to cut the paper then put cut your paper put in int the punch board and follow the directions for scoring and punching and VIOLA…you have a hand made envelope. Use old maps, old calendars…even photos if want… its just a great tool and once again…no I don’t get a kick back … I am just doing my part to keep the economy up and running…. by the way this little baby is made by WE ARE MEMORY KEEPERS…its sturdy and comes with its own scoring tool which fits into a slot on the bottom so you can keep it all together… I am tellin ya its a HADDA HAVE…especially if you like the idea of recycling paper…

envelope punch board

envelope punch board

And wait you see all those listing for sizes on the board well it comes with even more for really big envelopes like manila size… yeah you can go wild …use up old gift wrap or pieces of old calligraphy that weren’t perfect you name you can make an envy out of it…

kh mini envy

kh mini envy

kh mini envy

kh mini envy

kh standard card size envy

kh standard card size envy

Ok the ones above are just made from an old desk calendar I had and I like them the first two would be used on a card as a pocket on the front or inside but the bottom one is actually large enough to hold the card itself.. and again I would use mail labels to address them …we don’t want to piss off the PO too much or it will end up in the dead letter office… horrors!!!

kh mini on the front of a card

kh mini on the front of a card

This one was made using very light paper with twigs in it and then I cut a heart , a state of washington and a space needle to embellish it .  I really like this plus when I got the WA die I also got the stamp that said SENDING LOVE FROM SEATTLE.. So that’s one idea for using these to make cards as well as mail cards…

Now while I really like the ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD the advantage to the KREATE-A-LOPE is that you can see thru the plastic so you can postition the template so that you get the image you want where you want it.

LASTLY the cheapest way is to make your own templates by tearing carefully apart the envelopes you have and drawing your own template on a piece of file folder or on the plastic you can buy to make quilt templates.  GET THOSE ENVY’S OUT THERE AND HELP STAMP OUT BORING UGLY MAIL!!! LOL

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.…wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath




TGIF…YEP ITS FRIDAY AGAIN…and I hope this is not the first time this week that you have had time to sit and play or just look…



HI guys, yes, I am a Pinterest Pinner but I recently saw a huge ( well for me anyway) problem… Someone had taken some CALLIGRAPHY photos off my blog…that in itself was not a problem I love people sharing things from my blog and she did have the link to my blog however, the bad news was she apparently didn’t read the blog. That too doesn’t surprise me or upset me since I know I tend to talk a lot…lol  but by not reading before she took the photos she ended up responding to a comment that the CALLIGRAPHY WAS MINE!!!! That freaked me out…it was not mine and I did make that clear on the blog …said I gotten the photos I posted from CALLIGRAPHY NORTHWEST 2012 the TEACHERS show.


I am one of those people who hate when someone takes credit for things that are not really theirs!! I even know of an author of card making books who claims folds , cards etc that are not theirs… so I try always to give credit where it is due…or at least where I got it from and so its my bad that this piece of calligraphy DID NOT give the author…BELIEVE ME I won’t do that again. This is one of my pet peeves taking credit you don’t deserve so to find a piece out there that wasn’t mine but someone was saying it was freaked me… to her credit I asked her to remove it and she did at least I think she did…

The bad news about PINTEREST is that its easy to grab stuff and pin it and some in fact a lot of the stuff I see doesn’t say who did it… and trying to get hold of Pinterest to tell them about it and get it removed is a HUGE PAIN…its not easy and you can see why …how the heck would they be able to go out there and find it without a lot of help… so MY REQUEST IS please if you share stuff off my blog… be sure you give credit where credit is due AND IF YOU CAN’T FIND IT ask me in the leave a message section at the bottom OR DON’T PIN IT…AND I PLEDGE TO DO MY BEST TO NOT POST ANY PHOTOS THAT DON’T GIVE PROPER CREDIT…. THANKS PINNERS


This week I am  sending  you to DAWN’S COLOR EMBOSSING FOLDERS…for a great technique which maybe you don’t know about and even if you do she has some good advice to share.





In any case use the link above to see how she does it and watch her video….

Ok you will notice that the templates/folders she used were both very plain and that’s not a bad thing but when you get down to my samples you will see I don’t have very many that are plain…lol…. also hers are going to look a lot cleaner and neater than mine again that’s a good thing but I am certain that there are others out there like me who are not so neat and clean…lol..I love her technique of using the brayer to ink  the template .  IN the past ( like when that Dam_brayer is hiding on my desk somewhere) I have been know to just ink directly onto the folder with the ink pad…now in my defense that it not an option for the STAMPIN UP  pads don’t stick up above the container.  Still this is cleaner and in cases where you are using a darker ink it helps to not get SO MUCH ink on the folder.

This is a great technique if you don’t have a lot of paper with a white core which means you don’t have the option of sanding  the embossed paper to bring up that white …what ??? You didn’t know you could do that yes… if you use paper that is colored only on one side this means USUALLY that if you emboss it and then using a very light touch you can sandpaper gently over the raised part and it will give you paper a distressed look and show the white thru so that you have more contrast and your embossing shows up better.

But back to the inking here are some of my samples and I’ll try to explain each of them and I will also tell you before that I showed you both sides colored… with the ones I use sometimes its hard to tell which way will show up the best so I did it inking one side and then again inking the other side…now the first think you’ll notice is that the ones that words, letters or numbers on them one side is going to be backwards…like check out the clocks below..but I am going to use the one that’s backwards as Background on  birthday card and say IF ONLY WE COULD TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME…then inside say but since we can’t LETS PARTY!




DARICE..is the brand of this template but there may be other brands with clocks asl and you can see the one on the left is the one that is printed backwards…still I like it alot and I do plan to use it…the one on the right is the one that is printed correctly and I like it to…

A HINT....never throw a mistake away RIGHT AWAY…. it maybe that you will come up with a way to still use it or use part of it etc…. eventually though we all have to throw things away sometimes… but since these folders are usually being used as background look at it carefully cause there may be a way to use part of it or you may come up with a way to use it that’s silly like mine.

TIP…I found an online company called CONSUMER CRAFTS…and they carry this DARICE BRAND of folders as well as some others…their prices are FANTASTIC…about $3-4 dollars and they ship rather fast…that said a lot of time it seems like the one I want is sold out but if check back in a week or so its back…so I am pleased as most of the store fronts don’t have a lot of selection since this is a kinda old technique or they are now packaging them in multiples and only one of them do you really want…anyway I like them and no I don’t get a kickback…lol…

postmarks by darice

postmarks by darice

I love these postmark images… they are great for a background with a little envy ( short for envelope) with maybe a card or tag in it that says YOU’VE GOT MAIL..* ( next week I am going to show you this really cool envelope making tool.)  but till then you know you can buy money envelopes ( about the size of business cards) at almost all office supply stores I got mine at STAPLES.  They come in a box of 100 I think and so they would be good to share with a friend who has the same passion you do …or do like I do and just tell yourself your gonna make a ton of cards… lol..good news is they are not expensive.

Ok the one the left I did using the brayer with fairly dark purple ink… and while I will use it  I like the one the right better…I thought the purple would look like cancellation marks but I am just not crazy about it and to get it to read correctly you are going to get a lot of ink on the paper so the one on the right was embossed WITHOUT ANY COLOR ON THE FOLDER so it was just embossed on white cardstock then after I used the BRAYER and rolled it lightly on the brown distress pad and then gently rolled it over the raised surface..I did not press too hard* but I did go over it a couple of times and I really like the effect and the fact that more white surface shows than the other one… * HINT.. DID YOU KNOW THAT ONCE YOU EMBOSSED A PIECE OF CARDSTOCK  you can’t rub over too hard to make it go away…you don’t have to worry about that…the act of embossing the card stock stretches the fibers of the paper and it will not totally go back..you can flatten it a little but it will still show up and it will not be destroyed because you pressed too hard however you may put more ink on than you wanted..Just thought I’d let you know that while I was thinking about it or I might have a senior moment and forget…lmao…

color folders 3These are just to show you what it looks like to do color on color… I used an orange on the left and that same purple on the right and I inked both of these folders before I embossed them..

birch trees..

birch trees..

I don’t mind the smudges on the left as I plan to trim this one down…

alphabet with rainbow pad

alphabet with rainbow pad

film strip

film strip

I thought this film strip would do well with small photos glued into the strip… most printers will let you adjust the size of your photos and you could also just use stamp images inside..again I don’t mind that the film looks kind raggedy…if you have  friend that gets your quirky sense of humor you can glue in our photos and just say AREN’T YOU GLAD WE DON’T LOOK AS OLD AS OUR PHOTOS…lol…Yes, I do have friends and they send me ugly cards about my age also so its ok…but beware this may not work for your GRAMMY as she may be sensitive about her age… I even have a stamp that says IF YOU LOOK LIKE YOUR PASSPORT PICTURE YOU NEED A VACATION…

kh color embossing

kh color embossing

kh color emboss and stamp

kh color emboss and stamp

kh color emboss

kh color emboss


kh color emboss with hanging pumpkin

kh color emboss with hanging pumpkin

This last one was my favorite I embossed the web on black paper then I took white pigment pad and gently rubbed over the embossing for a real cob webby look…at least thats my thought… now I also used up one more of those 10,000 tags I have and made the pumpkin hang on the front…. AND FOR THIS GIRL its never too early to be thinking HALLOWEEN..

Ok, that’s it for this week..

and my TIPS are

To test the color and test the side that you plan to emboss…also I would pick a few folders that you really like and I would ink and emboss several so that you have them on hand and also because if you as messy as me you will probably get ink on your hands and then on your card!!!!ARRRGGGHHHH so ink, emboss and lay aside to dry…

Also for ease for cleaning both folder and the brayer( available at AMAZON) I used only washable dye based inks not pigment…if you have to use a pigment color cause you just love it then WASH IT AS SOON AS YOU ARE DONE WITH IT…even with the dye based inks like all paint /ink some are staining and you may find that they lightly stain folder and for sure the brayer but its ok…won’t show up if you use a little 409 or something like that and wash it but the pigment inks can really be hard to get off if you don’t wash quickly before it dries.

As I was writing I just thought what would it do if you inked up the folder with the WATERMARK pad which is just going to make the color of the cardstock a shade darker so here is the answer…

watermark embossing

watermark embossing

Ok both were embossed with the watermark pad ink and the difference is VERY  subtle maybe it would show more on a darker cardstock or maybe a folder with less detail more solid like the stripe ones DAWN used in her sample… best I can  tell you…

Well AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …the wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath





a quick note the above link will show you how to make the card but for this one there is no video but its pretty straight forward just remember CENTER CENTER CENTER before you CUT!



Hi guys, I have fallen in love with this little card and I have a few samples to share with you.  I want to say that while it is actually simple it is also difficult … the difficulty is that once you have scored and folded your card base… you are then ready to cut…here is the hard part you have to be REALLY CAREFUL to center it and use removable tape to hold it in place BEFORE YOU CUT…its that old MEASURE TWICE CUT ONCE… the reason is due to it being folded it wants to slip between the layers of plexiglas and then you end up with this one…

layered window mistake


Notice how this left side is shorter and less of the insert showing… well that’s cause I cut it off center it looked good when I started but it slipped or else I wasn’t careful enough about the centering and then VIOLA… YOU GET A BOO BOO…In this case I am going to use it anyway cause the person I am sending it too will get a laugh out of my error.  I like to show you the errors cause we all make them and some of us…you know who you are…take it way to seriously… I also wanted to not that this one is done using the SIZZIX die  called FRAMELITS WINDOW FRAME from STAMPIN UP… as you can see below I did try some using another Nestabilities that I already had and while it worked I decide to spring for this one and I do like it.  Also just so you know I do buy all my STAMPIN UP stuff thru DAWN.  She is always fast efficient.

Here is the first one I tried using a nestibilities that I already had…


layerd windowscsas you can see it works but I did like the one with the rounded edges better so I ordered it and then went a little crazy with making them..

layerd window


This one is using the same image as the first one I did but now it fits a little better I think.

photo copy 5

This was one of my favorites and the above is the out side and below is the back of the card which opens to show a feather and note..

photo copy 2

I just love telling them no thanks necessary…lol…

photo copy

this one is a photo of a dear friend of mine TORY BROKENSHIRE and myself and I wrote on the left FUN TIMES and the right side said FUN FACES..

photo copy 3

This one says CELEBRATE YOU on the left and the right side says ITS YOUR DAY.. and then on the back since this is a photo of Mt ST HELEN’S …I wrote hope its a hot one..kinda corny but hey that’s who I am… lol..

SO YOU CAN SEE that I am having fun using a variety of images , photos etc to create this card…the secret is just to make sure that you do center it before running it thru your machine

Since this is a SIZZIX , it works in all machines…in fact they look just like the nestabilities.. but since it came from  STAMPIN UP it came in a cool like folder …that snaps so it holds them all together.  Again its called a FRAMELITS by SIZZIX and its the WINDOW FRAME.

I checked on line with AMAZON and they have a bunch of FRAMELITS but not the window one still you may want to go a look as they have a several that have both the die image and a clear stamp image ( the kind that you adhere to a clear lucite block) that match the die.

layered windowcentered

ok this is one of mine taped up and ready to run thru my cuttlebug…and as you can see it is centered then I use the blue paint tape light tack to hold it in place so I can cut it without it slipping.  Again if you spend a few minute and put together a few of them in various colors you can then cut them all at once and have them on had for when you need them in a hurry… hope you enjoy this one as much a I do and so don’t sit here GO MAKE SOMETHING.  LOL

Oh yeah… here is link to AMAZON FOR SPELLBINDERS NESTABILITIES that is slightly different and little smaller but it works just the same… and here is a quick sample that I made using those dies.



Now here are the two sets of dies… however, I just noticed that the set from AMAZON now has 9 dies where the one I am showing you only had six so its probably really close to the same size if you are just the biggest 3…

sizzlet:nesta dies


That top one is the SIZZIX FRAMELITS…the bottom is the SPELLBINDER NESTABILITIES..BUT WITH ONLY 6…instead of the 9 it now shows for that number. In addition I think they are both about the same price..not sure but STAMPIN UP may be bit more expensive… either way you probably have to mail order… so take your pick or go look for similare at either JoANN’s Crafts store or Michael’s ,or HOBBY LOBBY..

ok NOW go make something…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath


Greetings to One and All….

Have I mentioned that I am a huge APPLE FAN…as well as STARBUCKS…in fact my Hubby might tell you that its actually an addiction at least with APPLE…he loves to tell folks that everytime APPLE releases something new….they MAIL ME ONE FIRST!!!! LMAO…Its not true but maybe close…I am also among some of my friends considered the GO TO person FOR INPUT ON APPLE..SOOO you can imagine how how awful it was to be trying to schedule an appointment with the local Apple store and accidently trash my APPLE ID…well if you know Apple you know your ID is everything….I did this all yesterday so that’s why I am telling you about it today… stayed awake most of the night trying to figure out what I did then went in ASAP this morning to have them save my you know what… and of course they did…in addition although they were very busy with young school kids getting a how to…they were so nice to me and always make me feel I am special which if you shop much these days IS A BIG THING…it seems like most sales people are just wanting to take your money and send you out the door…but NOT APPLE… THANKS GUYS you made my day.  Ok now back to DAWN’S SPLIT NEGATIVE…


This is a clever idea as you will see from Dawn’s...SPLIT NEGATIVE VIDEO.  I should tell you that if you like to HEAT EMBOSS things you will love this…. me not as much but I did have fun with it… I am one of those klutzy people who seems to get the embossing powder everywhere except where I want it so a few years ago I gave all my powders except for some clear to a friend who was just discovering stamping and also who loved to emboss.

So then I see this idea from DAWN and I go well I just gotta try that and so I went immeadiately to Amazon and orderd a small bottle of black and also one of white…well I thought it was white turned out to be pearl which when heated was more silver grey than white so here are some of my samples.  I did finally get some white but you can see which ones are with are white and which ones grey/silver ( the elephant looks great in that).

Basically you are going to use your embossing pad or your watermark pad and stamp up two images the same one on black paper and one on white then put black powder on the white paper and heat … white powder on the black paper and heat it also…then choose a center for each and cut them in half and mount on the opposite color of paper ie black image on white paper and white image on black then I found that flipping them over and tacking them with a piece of regular tape helps to hold them together and then glue them on your card base.  You actually get two cards out this technique and you can see that I did not try any other colors of embossing.  It works the same but I have a things going lately for BLACK AND WHITE  so that suited me just fine and yes, when finished with these samples I had to vacumn up embossing powder….

TIP: ONCE YOUR IMAGE IS STAMPED PUT POWDER ON SOON…BUT once the powder is on as long as you put it somewhere where you won’t bump it or lay something on it you can lay it aside till you have all our pieces POWDERED UP and then heat them all at once , one at a time…

Hint: if when you got to put your pieces together and you have them matched on the front but one side is larger than the other just trim it down so that they are both equal its almost impossible to stamp them both in the same spot on different sheets of paper so I cut my card stock in quarters and then tried to stamp in the middle then using my favorite paper trimmer the fiskars’s with the wire I trimmed each piece with the image the same distance from the wire…that way when you cut them apart they will line up well and also be the same size on each half.split neg 1


The above were both done with the silver/pearl and white… they work ok and the Adore card has lots of detail which actually all showed well.

split neg 2


The Adore again is just the opposite of the one above and the kimono is with the black and white.  I am in an asian period so these all have an asian feel.

split neg


On these two again asian and using the real black and white..also I dry embossed with the embossing folders on each of the card bases. The one on the left is a Darice brand and its bamboo….and the one on the right is also a Darice brand and its POSTMARKS…love that as it works so well with mail and canceled postage stamps.

I am fairly sure that I got them on line from CONSUMER CRAFTS and they are only about 3 $ each sometimes 4$… but still a good bargin and lots to choose from… just search Consumer Crafts for Darice embossing templates.


split neg 3


Now this is new rubber stamp that I couldn’t pass up… its a TIM HOLTZ DESIGN…and I thnk it came from Jo ANN’s crafts….as you can see i think the silver/grey powder worked just great with the elephant and since his eye didn’t show up too well I decide OH …GOGGLIE EYE…and I love it…I plan to use it for belated and inside with say….

EYE didn’t forget I am just slow….lol..

split neg 4

Then the other half…. I have one of those tagger things …( AMAZON AGAIN…GARVEY fine fabric tag gun) well I also ordered on line what I thought was 1000 1inch tags for in the gun…now a thousand seems like a lot but I love hanging things on cards to give them movement and surprise so on this one I plan to put a strip on the front that says I’M LATE , I’M LATE…. AND SINCE that’s alittle bottle of tequila and a salt shaker hanging off the card …the inside with say…LET ME EXPLAIN…then HB.. hey none of my friends expect to get lovely sentimental cards from me…they know I am the FAR SIDE kind of girl and quirky is what you most likely get… I am nothing if not quirky…

oh yeah back to the tags…. I didn’t put on my cheaters so what I thought was 1000 tags turned out to be 10,000 so if you buy a tag gun and its the GARVEY FINE FABRIC ( amazon for about 12$) one let me know via comment or e mail krhblogger@gmail.com AND I’ll  MAIL YOU SOME …. I think I can spare them..LMAO

OK hang in there and remember to take time to PLAY….ITS GOOD FOR THE SOUL..

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath