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MY BFF has been hounding me for over a year to get on PINTEREST…well I drug my feet cause I REALLY don’t like being on FACEBOOK…(reason below) but I am on it mainly due to my grandkids refusing to communicate other then to the world on FB….so if I want to even try to find out what they are doing or liking etc I had to get on FB…my daughter fact EASTER SUNDAY we all went out to dinner and we took my mom who would be great gramma and the minute we were seated they all had their phones out and were texting or posting…. like the rest of the world wanted to know ..was just dying to know where we were eating. Ok I’ll get off my soap box and go back to my story about I finally got on and WOW…. I am blown away with all the stuff I end up looking at… in fact the first night I was up till 3 am ( had no idea of the time) looking at cards, nail art, calligraphy etc… well the good news is I came across this little booklet that you can  make which looks like an ICE CREAM CONE….


NOW it was created to be in a scrap book so it was a huge circle and too large in my opinion to be a card…but they were adding photos to the ice cream part so it needed to be bigger… I wrote at the top that I used an 8 ” circle but actually to make my circle punches work for the ice cream I made the circle 7″…. It’s an easy fold and then you can tie it together and if you run the circle thru your embossing machine with some type of over all pattern , herring bone, etc it will look even more like a cone…the way I did it was to fold the cicle in half and run it thru the template that way… if you paper is really thick then it  may not work and you may need to try using the foam pad if its too hard to crank.

TIP:.DON’T BREAK YOUR base or your machine by forcing it too hard..( been there done that broke B plate after using it a lot for cutting so it was major scarred and warped… )

TIP: when embossing or cutting flip the plate over every time so you are not making it warp or at least warping it evenly..

For the inside on the ice cream parts I wrote the old kids quote …I SCREAM …YOU SCREAM ….WE ALL SCREAM …FOR ICE CREAM …THEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY OR CELEBRATE…or even GET WELL SOON …especially if they had their tonsils out…lol…

Ok I am wacky I know it and I embrace it… saw a quote the other day that said IF YOU LAUGH YOU WON’T NEED MEDICINE …IF YOU LAUGH FOR NO REASON YOU FORGOT TO TAKE YOUR MEDS…lol… that’s me..In fact it is so me…that I am going to just write the word porn in here again buried deep in the blog to see if I get another 259 hits…and to prove to myself that I didn’t just get super popular one day… lol…

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY wire headed cyber toad aka kath


Dawn’s Butterfly embossing aka vellum dry embossing




Well, I really liked this idea of Dawn’s and while I have embossed on vellum before (this is not with powder and heat, this is with muscle and a stylus) I was usually using the metal stencils where you would emboss the complete image or words… with this technique you stamp and then go back and look for the white areas and just emboss those… or as in the butterfly above you can make the whole image look more dimensional by embossing completely around the image as this will raise the butterfly.  I do think I like it on a solid background best and the samples of mine below are all mounted on the black card stock for the background.

my dry embossing

Ok, as you can see all of my images are mounted onto black background then re-mounted onto a colored card stock… My favorite stamps were the bees, (RUBBERMOON STAMPS) moon stamp (memory box from IMPRESS rubber-stamps) the dogwood ..this one really shows up nicely (IMPRESS IMAGE) and the last one I tried was the postage cause I love saying YOU’VE GOT MAIL…but it was the hardest to do because finding the spaces to emboss were harder to find…

Now at this point I am sure some of you are saying well I can do this same thing by using my Cuttlebug (or other embossing tool) and running a similar template thru it and raising up the images and it quicker and easier…NOT…yes all of that is true but if you look closely and even better if you actually try it you will see that using the stylus on the vellum makes it go from a semi transparent to WHITE.. it looses some of its transparency which is why I prefer to mount it on that black background for the most contrast.  Your embossing templates and your embossing machines will not create the white effect that using the tool does… but hey, do what you want.  Everyone has there own limit of tediousness and I know just by looking at some techniques that even if I like the effect I know I’ll never do it cause I am a lazy stamper/card maker… I want the WOW factor but not a lot of work… or I know I will only do this for one person cause they really appreciate my cards…and my efforts.

DAWN’S GLUE AND CLEAR STAMP TIP... she calls this the glue from STAMPIN UP however it is also the same glue you can buy in any craft store  (that isn’t out just when you need it) and its ZIG DOUBLE ENDED. She also mentions in the video that she doesn’t put the image on the back of the clear mount stamps from STAMPIN UP… wish I had known that but hey, this works and mine stick pretty good for stamping but my cleaning often pulls the image off the clear block…( speaking of cleaning I only use water on the fuzzy pad and rub it off )  but this idea of using the double ended glue stick will make the stick better, I tried it… every so often you will need to clean your clear block and reapply.  The reason that this  works so well is that if you let the glue dry first then it becomes a repositionable type of glue PLEASE REMEMBER TO LET IT DRY FIRST…OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE JUST GLUED YOUR IMAGE TO YOUR CLEAR BLOCK FOREVER!!! so hope you find this helpful and I am not sure about all of you but I just love Dawn… she makes me giggle and she is always so upbeat and cheerful sounding…



One of my really talented calligraphic buddies is BONNIE and she made this huge envelope for me for my birthday…she had included a wonderful set of animal origami place mats… as well as a wonderful birthday card…

Ok guys, that’s it for the toad this week… enjoy and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….wire headed cyber toad….aka kath



HI YA’LL this is one I have been meaning to post for awhile now.  Dawns THANK YOU CARDS are these adorable little cards and each month she posts a new one.  They are all this small and then you can mail them in a 3 1/2 x 5 inch envelope (that’s the smallest mailable size of envelope.) I really liked this little one because it has this little flap that you tuck the fold on the top into.  You could also turn the side sideways and use that flap as again to hold the card closed… but once you are on her website check all the other ones she has and while I don’t have this exact little punch …you can use any type of punch ..heart, circle, square, little rectangle, star just about any shape… it could also be a birthday, get well, thinking of you just about anything you can think of will work.  I even thought of a St. Pat’s using a shamrock I have..

Dawn’s Thank You with tab

Inside this one I used a stamp that says ‘birthdays a reason to have more cake’..

wishing you a stellar day


So don’t panic cause you don’t have the small punch you can buy one but you probably have some others that you can use instead…or you can use a small circle or even just cut a small square then a slightly smaller one.  Maybe you have some dies that you could use to cut out shapes…or think of all your punches ..well maybe you are not the punch addict that I am but there are so many out there and whenever there is a sale it seems I am always able to find one more that I don’t have yet!! Anyway below are a few of the ones I came up with just looking at my punches…most are being held shut with the punch image …except the birds on the wire… I love that punch and so I used it on the flap and then added a commercial daisy that I had to be the closure…. Yeah, just think of all the commercial embellishments that you have, lots of them might work for closure images…

So as you can see sometimes I just get on a roll….give this little guy a try and you can mail it in the small 3 1/2 x 5 inch envelopes… write a note inside or just stamp ‘happy birthday’ inside…for the crab…I thought ‘sorry I have been crabby lately’… the birds… ‘a little bird told me it was your birthday’….spring…the zebra stripes I used one as a thank you and then another as a ‘GO WILD on your birthday it only happens once a year’.

Googly eyes… I love any excuse to use them…

assorted thank

So this is my new quick favorite… and I think of them as sorta a MATCHBOOK card the only thing I would mention about Dawn’s video is that I think she tells you to score at 1″ then at 3″…WELL THAT WON’T WORK OUT RIGHT …unless you fold the 1″ up and slide the card up …so think it should say SCORE AT 1″ AND THEN AT 4″ the bottom of the card should fold up to score line of the 1″ score… so just a little heads up…


Stuart’s handmade card

Stuart stamped the trees on white then cut it so it looked like Mt Rainier…he knows how much I love that mountain then inside he said it was to make me homesick and to come home sooner…lol… I love it…

This is from my WA BFF and she wrote nice things about me and the butterflies are dimensional…then inside she found a stamp that said…”HOPE YOU GET A LOT OF NICE STAMPS FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY…CAUSE I KNOW YOU’LL SHARE THEM WITH ME …RIGHT….LOL

Cynthia’s easter bunny

Cynthia’s Easter bunny was so cute ’cause he was cut out of faux velvet paper…very clever and very dimensional the card layout is similar to one here but its larger and opens on the side rather than the top…. so many ideas…so little time…EVEN WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE RETIRED…LOL

This was an e-mail I received from calligraphy friend Linda and I am not sure if she wrote a while ago or if it was something she found and saved then sent to me at Easter…in any case its just great….





OMG I have to share more about the blog….as part of WordPress there is a graph you can check to see how many people have looked at your blog…on an average I rarely get more than 40-60 people a day…which is great as far as I am concerned…but on March 25 I had 259 people on that one day….it blew my mind….and I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what was so appealing that I got that many people in one day!!!  As I am writing this I just figured it out….that is the one where I told you about getting the unwanted links in comments…I don’t want to be specific as to what those links were or it will happen again……but ug I am sorry I thought of this as I was really excited to think that many people had checked out my blog for a good reason…oh well….easy come easy go…anyway…hope you enjoy this little booklet.

SPIDER CIDER TEABAG HOLDER…. well this is what Dawn was calling it and it will work for a teabag however it also will work to insert a small note or tag as well as Ghiradelli chocolate squares….yuuuummmm.  I know its long past and long before Halloween I  BUT this doesn’t have to be halloween inspired it can have any image on the front that you want  A BIRTHDAY INSPIRED or THINKING OF YOU.. and if you happen to have a grandchild or child graduating then it would be a great GRADUATION card too.  You can use those pockets for money or a gift card..and if you use money then think about folding it in that Heart shape that I think I posted last year at Valentines….just put on those thinking caps.  I am maybe the queen ok maybe only the princess of re-purposing…If you don’t believe me, I used to go to gun shows with my husband and you know that I am a calligrapher and what do calligraphers have ….lots of pen nibs…… and while wandering thru the gun show I discovered BULLET BOXES yep…boxes for my man to keep his bullets in but I also discovered that 38 bullet boxes (that’s a size of bullet for those of you who don’t know) was just perfect for holding assorted pen nibs… now that’s RE-PURPOSING…lol..

So you can see she put tea bags in her’s but you can also put tea bags in and make it a get well card… just another possibility…

As I mentioned earlier its also just perfect for GHIRADELLI  Sea Salt Caramel Dark chocolate squares…… if you haven’t tried these you have no idea what you are missing…I am just sayin…

So here is my version of SPIDER CIDER as a GRADUATION…( my oldest granddaughter is graduation from college and going on to get her Masters.  I am so proud of her so I am thinking $$ in here Folded in a heart shape..

My Graduation Spider booklet

front of booklet kh

Ok this is the front of my grad booklet and I used the school colors and the brads came from Jo ANN’s I think but back a few years just because I had others graduating also…if I remember correctly they were not in the scrap/stamping section but over in the readymade cards like with the confetti.  Confetti would work also if you can’t find the brads.

inside and tab card

This is the inside and the tab card….. I didn’t want the tab to stick out so I made the card smaller and also I didn’t have ribbon that I liked for these colors so I just left the ribbon off all together and use the red heavy duty double stick tape to hold the pockets on the inside

OK …..ready…set ….GO MAKE SOMETHING!

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY..wire headed cyber toad…aka kath