BLEACH…everything you wanted to know


I recently taught a class in Akim again.  It was fun and I realized that is part of the reason I write the blog…I do love sharing info and while I hadn’t taught any classes in about 8 to 10 years, I think I did fairly well. If I was critiquing myself I’d say I was guilty of trying to show just a little tooooo much…lol  but better too much than not enough.  I made a few notes of a couple of other things I want to share in the next class but for the most part I was pleased and hopefully some of the students will sign up for the next one also.  If you’re interested check the calendar on FB for STAMPIN IN THE RAIN.  I know its on October 6th but we don’t quite have the time sorted out just yet.

Ok now onto my hints/tips about using Bleach. 

1)    The first thing is that don’t get so excited and run to your laundry/garage and grab that bottle of bleach that’s been sitting out there for a few months. For the best results the bleach for any of these projects definitely needs to be FRESH…you can try stuff you may have on hand but if doesn’t seem to be working consider going and buying a new small bottle.

2)     Next don’t waste money, time or effort on those bleach pens… they look cool but the stuff is too icky to use to write with …maybe create blobs etc but I also had very poor luck getting it to actually fade or bleach out the papers.

3)     I also found that I using real CLOROX worked better than any generic bleach.

4)    You can use your nibs and even fountain pen nibs to write with but don’t leave them in the bleach for very long.  If you are using nibs you will probably be more comfortable using your nibs rather than using a fountain pen. Think of bleach as ACID and its hard to get rid of it once you have used it.  Nibs you can soak and even if they ruin or rust with the bleach then at least you don’t have a lot of $$ invested.  It’s a great time to use the POP CAN hand made nibs.

 5)    While you may have seen lots of things suggesting you use bleach as a stamp pad and stamp your images in it then stamp on paper….well that works but you should know that RUBBER is a living thing….honest …..and any chemicals, cleaners, bleach etc are things that get absorbed into the stamps and EVENTUALLY they will cause your rubber to dry out and become hard and at that point it won’t stamp well.  The key word there is EVENTUALLY….it won’t happen overnight it may not happen or be as important to you by the time it does happen but IT WILL HAPPEN.  There is nothing you can do no matter how much water etc you use to try to clean the bleach off it won’t work it’s now inside and working on drying the rubber and compacting the cells.  SO MY SUGGESTION, is that you stamp with permanent ink and use a brush to take some of the color out of the paper with the bleach.  Just saying if that stamp is important to you don’t put it in bleach.

 5a)   Speaking of brushes if you use brushes in the bleach….you must use SYNTHETIC…don’t use natural hair brushes the bleach with just eat them off at the metal.

6)    My favorite way to use the bleach is to take a white sheet of paper and write, type or stamp on it with the blackest ink you have ( NOT STAZON…like bleach it’s very hard on your stamps if you don’t have reason to use it like stamping on glass or tile etc..don’t use it). Ok you have your words, images etc stamped, lettered on white paper …now you MUST take it to a copy store…ie KInko’s or Staples or some other office store place where you can get copies made and COPY YOUR WHITE PAPER IN BLACK/WHITE FORMAT onto BLACK CARDSTOCK*…I KNOW you are saying print black ink on black paper you won’t be able to see it but that’s where the bleach comes in.. BUT YOU MUST RUN IT THRU A COMMERICAL COPIER that has TONER…home printers do not have toner and its the toner that makes this work. Then you take your BLACK ON BLACK home and put some fresh bleach into a small spray bottle and I would take this outside AS YOU DON’T WANT BLEACH ON RUGS, FURNITURE ETC… and gently spray the paper all over, go easy if you don’t get enough on the first time after it dries you can go back and hit it again.

Here are some samples of mine that I did…the first one is actually hand lettered again on white paper to begin with then copied onto the black card stock…

I have to tell you that I I grabbed this piece of black paper and cut a circle out of it before I realized that it was a piece of BLACK ON BLACK that hadn’t been bleached yet!!!!! What can I say DO DO HAPPENS… the phrase YOU’VE GOT MAIL was done using a stencil but the Happy Birthday was my lettering.

This second piece was a printed from computer page on white and then taken to Kinko’s and printed on my black card stock. The same is true for the 3rd piece but the 4th piece was a piece of gift wrap that I copied on my home printer then took that copy and printed it again on Kinko’s.


Ok each of these samples show you that you can get large dots and small dots and that the longer you leave the bleach out in the sun or under a light it will lighten up even more so you can choose what you want to show.  And I think I told you I was the self appointed QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN, I love having this option to use with my Halloween cards.. I should also tell you that I spend more time working on the Halloween cards than I spend working on my Christmas cards.

* It’s important to know that not all Black card stock is created equal.  Some will bleachout somewhat golden like the samples I showed but I also have had some that bleached out GREEN…weird but true… then I have also seen some that bleached out more orange or rust colored…. SO MY SUGGESTION is that FIRST SPRAY A SMALL PIECE SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT COLOR IT WILL BE WHEN ITS BLEACHED.  

You may not have the option of checking that before you buy so just remember that it may not do what you want.  I found that BLACK LINEN style paper works best for bleach but others may not work at all.  If possible see if you can buy a sample piece of paper and then take it outside …..OMG don’t spray it inside a store…and check it… if it works and you like you are good to go.

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…whct….aka kath harney


Greetings Y’all 

What is Zentangle?

ZENTANGLE Is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is a fascinating new art form that is fun and relaxing. It increases focus and creativity. Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being. Zentangle is enjoyed by a wide range of skills and ages and is used in many fields of interest.

I posted this blog, mostly about ZENTANGLES because I love the look of them and I love the usually BLACK AND WHITE contrast.  I should also tell you that I am not good at them as I see them as a form of doodling and frankly I am not much of a doodler.  I do struggle with what to fill the spaces with and I have several books that give me patterns to try and I do practice that pattern before I actually try filling a space with it.  I also usually use a very fine permanent black pen to do the drawing.  I love the the 0.38 G-2 pen by Pilot…it also comes in an 05 and 07 each larger.  If you are doing a large image or using lots of black then you might even want to consider the super fine Sharpie that doesn’t bleed.  All of these are available at Staples, and probably most other office supply stores as well as at Wal-mart and probably Target.  Another good hint is to draw your spaces in pencil then go back and trace them in ink.  You can also practice your drawing in pencil so that you know you have your doodle down before you begin.

The images below are my only copies of 3 letter zentangles which I did in a class , sorry the photo is so poor I had to take a picture of the photo off my computer as I could not get it to print so bummer but at least you can see I have tried it.

MANDALA.. This is the defination of Mandala from Wikipedia…


Maṇḍala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle.” In the Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions sacred art often takes a mandala form. The basic form of most Hindu and Buddhist mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Each gate is in the shape of a T.[1][2] Mandalas often exhibit radial balance.[3]

These mandalas, concentric diagrams, have spiritual and ritual significance in both Buddhismand Hinduism.[4][5] The term is of Hindu origin and appears in the Rig Veda as the name of the sections of the work, but is also used in other Indian religions, particularly Buddhism. In the Tibetan branch of Vajrayana Buddhism, mandalas have been developed into sandpainting. They are also a key part of anuttarayoga tantra meditation practices.

In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of aspirants and adepts, as a spiritual teaching tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid tomeditation and trance induction. According to the psychologist David Fontana, its symbolic nature can help one “to access progressively deeper levels of the unconscious, ultimately assisting the meditator to experience a mystical sense of oneness with the ultimate unity from which the cosmos in all its manifold forms arises.”[6] The psychoanalyst Carl Jung saw the mandala as “a representation of the unconscious self,”[citation needed] and believed his paintings of mandalas enabled him to identify emotional disorders and work towardswholeness in personality.[7]

In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any plan, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically, a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective.[citation needed]



The Mandala Drawing Process:

Art is more than a collection of crafted things; it is more than the process of creating those things. Art is the chance to encounter dimensions of our inner being and to discover deep, rewarding patterns of meaning. To be artistic/creative is a powerful vehicle for personal and collective transformation. By the word transformation, I mean, the process by which one is able to change the quality of life from its current condition to a deeper understanding about oneself.

Watch the Youtube video above and see how to do this …by the way Youtube now has ADS…so just click on the skip ad to see the video and there is no sound with this video but it is very well shown how to begin and how to fill in this type of drawing.


The images below were taken from Reggie Ezzell’s web site which has  many images on it that he posts every week from students in his classes.

In case you have no idea who Reggie Ezell is, he is a very well known calligrapher who travels around the country and teaches classes. The pieces below are both from students in his classes and I have copied also what they had to say about their pieces.


This one is more like a zentangle
This work (ABOVE) was done by Elissa Barr this year in Boston In “26 Seeds: a Year to Grow”, Session three Drawn and Pressurized Romans. In her own words:While I was practicing my drawn Romans I had done a number of them on
tracing paper and they were loosely piled up on my table. I became
intrigued by the way the letters were overlapping. So since this was
all a “jumble” on my desk, I started playing with the word “jumble”,
creating more and more overlaps of the letters. First I was using
tracing paper, then I put them on transparencies and later I scanned
them into Photoshop Elements so that I would be able to print out my
designs with out having to retouch out lines from the transparency
pieces. I printed lots of variations on 8 1/2 x 11 Arches Text Wove
and then chose several to play with. In the first image I painted in
everywhere a letter did not overlap another letter. In the second
image I used shades of gray and red gouache to paint in the letters.I liked this approach because I drew the letters, created the designs
all by hand and then used the computer to facilitate getting the look
I wanted on the paper. Photoshop also allowed me to tweak the image
size so that the images fit nicely on the 8 1/2 by 11 paper. My
printer is a Canon Image class 480 laser copier.
KAREN LOCKHART in addition to being a stamp designer is also a terrific teacher, especially in the use of colored pencils but in a recent class with her I also saw that she is using some tiny images of zentangle art to enhance her designs beyond the colored pencil.  See below


To help us get into the idea of tiny zentangle art she provided us with this sheet to practice our design ideas before we applied them to her stamp images.
This was a great idea and I suggest that you use it also to see what designs you come up with and also as a way of saving your ideas for future use as well.
I am not sure at all where the following zentangle ideas came from as someone gave me this sheet and I have no name on it.
As you can see some of these are very complicated and some are quite simple since I am not a good doodler, I start with the simple ideas first.
If you are interested in books that will give you even more information here is the site at AMAZON that has as many books on zentangles as you may want.
The thing with Zentangles is that most of them are done in a small size …ie most of the ones I have seen are done at the ATC(ARTIST TRADING CARD) size which is approximately the size of a playing card.  I think its about 2 x 3 inches.  I also like the idea of not doing a perfect square or a perfect rectangle.  Both of these below are sorta curved so that you have a more interesting look to your design…at least that is my idea I hate straight lines …I like the curves that sorta make the design dance.
I am pretty sure that I got these off the website for the Sooner Scribes ( Oklahoma).  As you can see they both have a curved side and the first one has little lines all around it so it kinda looks like a rug to me with fringe.
In any case I continue to try to make zentangles, and I do find it relaxing.  I especially like the idea from Karen Lockhart of using them in a very small space on some of her stamp images because they really make the image look more dimensional.  I hope you will give it a try and as always I’d love to put your work on my blog if you send it to me digitally or write me if you want to send it snail mail. I love getting snail mail…a friend says my indian name is “SHE WHO WAITS BY THE MAILBOX.”  LOL..
one more amazing zentangle but sorry I don’t know who did it and don’t know how I got it..

sun zentangle

Well I hope you find this helpful and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…WHCT..aka Kath Harney


GREETIN’S YA’LL… yes that there is my southern accent… just a little spice for your Friday mornings.  This week I am going to show you two different types of containers for Halloween and adding candy or a treat of some kind.  The first one is from DAWN and the second one is just received from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS or SCS.


This was just so cute and so quick that I had to share it and also because it is the perfect size for sharing a Ghirardelli Chocolate. And just for a laugh I had to go look up how to spell this 3 times…. and I didn’t eat one any time… lol..

I have a HINT for you when you watch Dawn’s video she is using the STAMPIN UP score board with the diagonal insert.  I don’t have that and probably neither do you.. I do have SCOR-PAL and I have thought of buying the diagonal insert cause I think it would fit but I haven’t don’t  it yet so here is how I used the SCOR-PAL…Lay your 6×6 on the SP in a diamond shape not a square, with one of the points at 4 1/4 and the opposite point will also be on the 4 1/4 line so you can score it straight down for that diagonal line.

Next rotate your diamond (square) one point and score on the right at 5 3/4 then I turned the card over and lined up the diamond with the left edge of SP and scored a second time at 5 3/4.

If you don’t have a scoring board then you can do this but just scoring diagonal then measure in from the point on the left 2 3/4 inches and then from the right point 2 3/4 inches…



I didn’t have this lined up perfectly when I took photo but you can see how it would work.


This one is also very cute and gives you lots of room to decorate and you can fill it with Hersey Nuggets or Hersey Kisses, or some other little treat for a friend and while this one is decorated for Halloween it could be just for a birthday or some random gift box.

SCS…did use the scor-pal to create this one and the box is approximately 1 inch square but if you wanted to stick small candybars in it you could just make the score marks about 1 1/2 inches and you would need to make your paper about 10 inches long in order to have the same amount of space on the top for decorating or you could loose an inch from the top.  I think two of the small size that they sell for Halloween would also fit in this box.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I do make lots of different Halloween cards… I probably have more Halloween stamps than Birthday but then again it might be close.


I also have some new eye candy to share.  This first piece is another of RACHEL YALLOP’S and she titled it DENSE WRITING and it was written with a pointed pen. I thought it was just lovely and I love the texture it creates .

This Next one is by my friend BONNIE NOEHR and was her submission to TRICIA SMOUT’S A-I-R ( for artist in residence) request for envelopes from around the world. Way to go Bonnie, I love the lettering (Bonnie is a terrific calligrapher) and the flower is incredible.  I am just guessing but assume she printed the flower on the paper and then made an envelope and addressed it. I’ll check with her and maybe let you know more details later.

This last one is done by ANN ERICKSON and is an ILLUMINATED PIECE she posted on Cyber Scribes.  It’s just lovely isn’t it.  She had on Cyber Scribes that she did custom work.

Just in case you don’t know Illumination is usually made up of drawn letters with designs or even images within them and are the types of letters you often found in medieval works.  The designs around the work love look like Gold…not sure if gold leaf or gold ink, either way its simply beautiful.  Monks often had the first letter as an illuminated letter on the page or at the beginning of a piece.


We have talked about a lot of different pens here and some of my favorites are FOUNTAIN PENS.

From left to right the first one is mini Sheaffer then a Pelican (now Koh-i-noor), Larger Sheaffer with a larger tip..Mont Blanc (also Koh-i-noor)… a Cross…and a unknown enameled pen.  I love them all and I also have a collection of ruling pens but that’s for another time.  They come in all kinds of styles and shapes.  From Modern expensive to inexpensive and even old antique fountain pens.  The older ones are harder to find and more expensive than when I first started collecting them about 10-15 yrs ago.  Then it seemed that folks often didn’t know that these pens had any value especially if they were still working and the nibs were intact.  Now they are generally more but occasionally you will see them and very reasonable prices.  This is a photo of some of mine and my favorite was the Parker 51… You can see that unlike other nibs it has the plastic right down to the very tip…don’t know why but I find this very appealing. Actually I find it sexy but can one find pens sexy???? I can.

They are fairly expensive now a days and this one does have a piece of cap missing but it holds ink without leaking and it writes very well.  I also have a couple that are new and have a broader nib so that they can actually write a modified Italic

…these came from WARD DUNHAM and I am not sure if he is still selling them or not.

My newest one is from PAPER AND INK ARTS...and its a  NOODLER’S FLEX PEN the reason for this is the nib while pointed is also slightly flexible and allows you to write a pointed pen or modified copperplate and they can be filled with your own ink colors.*

Noodler’s makes a variety of ink colors that hard to pass up and they are also available at Paper and Ink Arts.

* a few HINTs about fountains pens…if you are only going to use it at your desk and for a short time then not again for while don’t bother filling it just dip it like a dip pen.  Also NEVER FILL A FOUNTAIN PEN WITH INDIA INK there is an abrasive in it that will over time destroy your pen nib.  If you must use it then dip it and be sure to clean it really well after you are done using it.  But frankly I would not use it even in a dip …instead use a regular dip nib and clean it also as soon as you are done.   If you have it in your purse and are going on plane I’d either empty it which means you have to carry ink with you also a problem or don’t fill it full and put it in a ziplock baggie just in case it leaks.  Even a new pen might leak so be warned… all of that said FOUNTAIN pens are my favorite tool  for writing.

As you can see they come in a variety of colors and I just love it.  I got the Yellow /Black one they call the Bee.

Now after showing you all these pens I want to link you to website to show you HOW TO WRITE WITH A FOUNTAIN PEN. If you go to this link you will see he has several short videos on how to write using Fountain Pens.  You know you need one….lol…

All this talk about pens a quick story, (those who know me know that rarely happens) In 1984 I was on a trip with my husband and another couple and I had taken some rubber-stamps …small ones … plus a fountain pen and ink with me in a small fishing tackle box I got at Wal-Mart.  We were staying at the lodge at Lake Yellowstone and there was a huge room with glass windows looking out at the lake.  The carpet had just been redone and was lovely shade of green and the room had several small writing desks out of wicker with chairs.  I came in and was immediately charmed and went to desk next to the window with my tool box..I did not pay attention to the fact that there were a few men in the room but not many I had the place mostly to myself.  I sat down pulled out my postcards purchased earlier that day and suddenly there was a nice man at my elbow….I looked up and smiled, he smiled and with an accent said ..” mind showin me your flies?”…I am sure I looked puzzled and he elaborated with …” can I see in your tackle box ?” At this point I smiled and slowly opened my tackle box all the while keeping my eyes on his face….NOW HE HAD THE PUZZLED look…what is all that stuff he said… I proceeded to show him and to show him some of my cards…” well I be” he replied and I thought he was walking away when he called several of the other men over to see.  I think my ears burned the next day as I am certain that I was a topic of conversation while they were out fishing on the lake. Its a great memory…. hope you enjoyed sharing it with me.

Well that just about does it from here… so don’t just sit here go Make Something…




BEFORE I go to the post today I’d like to try to address a few things.  No doubt most of you don’t post any comments at all but recently I am getting flooded with SPAM and in that spam there are just a few probably serious comments so I am going to try to answer those here rather than individually… FIRST I am not as COMPUTER LITERATE as some of you might think… I did say at the beginning that a friend set this up for me so I am just doing what was shown me.  If you have a DROID… sorry can’t help you… I am an APPLE girl and if you are using other forms of browsing I am at a loss to tell you what to do.  My format is from WORDPRESS and you can check them out but as I said I didn’t set this up a friend who knows way more than me did it for me.  Next, I did have a screw up last week and none of the links worked…my bad I didn’t check them and I did find what the problem was and I do think I have it corrected and I will watch more carefully in the future to make sure it doesn’t happen again…Some guy wanted to know why I have so much spam in the comments…beats the crud out of me so if you know a cure let me know…

For those who want me to put this on Flicker or FB or whatever social network….guys I am a CALLIGRAPHER , CARD MAKER, BOOK MAKER ETC AND SOMETIME TEACHER…I prefer to communicate to those who are interested….I am not interested in telling the world what I am doing just those who might have a desire to learn and yes, I get that that means I am not going to find as many people but its not a contest for me.

Lastly…. if you really want me to answer a question then send me an E-MAIL TO… I am not going to respond to comments from my spam bucket personally.  If you have a real e mail  and you write to me I will try to answer but in the comments or spam bucket I am only answering those people I personally know.. I am not doing that because I am snobby I am doing it because I don’t know you and have no idea what I might really be responding to. A legit e-mail address with legit questions about the subjects and I will do my best to answer you.  

As for all the spam I just dump it… no time to both write this blog, make art and still read spam much less answer it.. Sorry


Many  years ago (1999) I suscribed to a new magazine by a Ms La Plant called TABELLAE ANSATA…. Later due to health reason she either sold or gave the publishing up to JOHN NEAL BOOKSELLER and they eventually changed the name to BOUND AND LETTERED and it is still available to suscribe to and now its all in color and full of both calligraphy , bookbinding and card making.  You’ll love it just go to JOHN NEAL BOOKSELLER web site and I am sure it will direct you how to subscribe.  But I digress, back in 1999, I found this pattern in her magazine and I just loved it … I started using old atlas pages from those large paper atlas that you buy and folding them as suggested…I used the maps because I came up with an idea called ARM CHAIR TRAVEL…my hubby was busy at work and I was the caretaker for my folks and we weren’t doing much traveling at the time but my friends were and I wanted to see where they were and what they might be seeing…well apparently most of my friends DON’T SEND POSTCARDS…so I came up with a way to make it easy… I printed up address labels sometimes just my address and sometimes other people’s I thought they might want to send to and tucked them into one of the many pockets in this fold.  Then I also included some commercial stickers or some that I made myself by stamping on labels and stuck them in so that they didn’t even have to write ANYTHING ( I was desperate for mail) and lastly I bought them a little book of postcard stamps or only a few if they were not going to be gone long.  This worked wonderful as long as they were in the states…if they traveled overseas then the stamps won’t work and they would have to buy stamps over there… but still if they had everything else it worked…

AND IT DID…I got cards from my friends with all the fun stuff of their trip in lovely view, this was before smart phones… but still like to do this so I folded this one for a friend who is going to one of my favorite places…KEY WEST..I have stickers, stamps, and address labels all ready to tuck in and then I’ll mail it to ready to go.

After I get the cards I make covers and punch them and put them together in a little mini booklet of that person’s travels… I even a couple of times printed up copies of the cards and made a booklet for the person that sent them too me.  Anyway I love this fold its easy if you use much smaller paper it will be really little and may not have room for all your goodies so try to go with big sheets and rectangle works better than square. You could even use newspaper especially USA TODAY.  Have fun and fold away. You know you can always contact me if you need more help.

When I mail it to them I usually include a short note saying that I’d love to have postcards of the things they see and that no words are necessary…ie a PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS…

I put the tag on the front and this is it open so I have another pocket on the back if I have  more to put in.  Hope you like it and have fun.  This would also be great for kids that are going off to camp etc.



I recently found on CYBER SCRIBES ( they are on FACEBOOK) this information regarding the AMPERSAND.


LAST WEEK I sent you to TRICIA SMOUT’S web site to get you to participate in her year long projects.  Her first project was to collect envelopes with a tribute to nature from all over the world ( remember she is in Australia).  I told you that I wanted to participate and so here are two of my envelopes that I sent her.  The slug one is a magazine page that I collected who knows how long ago and made into an envelope.  The seond one was because I just love this stamp and just in case they couldn’t read the first one and sent it back to me… I did the second one. I decide she could decide which one she wanted.  Go back and check the web site to see what her rules are, they are not much, and then get your envelope IN THE MAIL….she asked for them by the 30th of September.  My envelopes are the standard size and they cost $1.05 to mail from the US.

A I R project envelopes

If you decide to use an old calendar page or a magazine page you should probably insert a piece of cardstock or light weight cardboard so that the mail machines don’t eat it.  If its a rather thick calendar page then you won’t need any insert and remember she ISN’T GOING TO OPEN THEM  so don’t make anything to go inside..I used a typed label on the back with my info and an e-mail address.

I also participated in her request for closeup nature pictures and sent them via e mail as she requested.  BE BOLD there is no judging and it can be fun to be part of something on the other side of the world. Here is her website again.

My friend from theVALLEY CALLIGRAPHY GUILD in Eugene Oregon, JUDY BLACK..several years ago had several patterns for making your own funky and plain envelopes using magazine pages or calendar pages…I wrote her and got permission to post them in my blog.


judy’s envys

This is one of my favorites because it is so FUNKY and because you use the postage stamp to seal it shut.  I just love it. Note she is using 8 1/2 x 11 paper. And there is a postage stamp that you can use to seal it shut and its great because it won’t be opened by Tricia but is you use this to mail some mail to a friend better give them a hint how to open it and I usually use a return address label on the back and note that they should either cut the stamp or gently tear it loose from the front. This also works great for writing a letter to someone and then folding it this way and using the letter for envelope also.

These next two are plainer envelopes and just be aware that you pay extra if you fold it into a Square apparently the PO doesn’t like squares… so cut your piece for inside into a rectangle and you are good to go but it must be at least 3 1/2 x 5 ” or again the PO won’t take it… just so you know.  That said if your image is just too perfect not to do it square it won’t cost that much more so go for it.

retangle folds

If you are interested in joining a calligraphy Guild and you are not close to Eugene but would like to get /see the info then go to this web site..VALLEY CALLIGRAPHY GUILD...They have one of the best newsletters in Northwest full of fun stuff and lots of eye candy. CONTACTS TO JOIN ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THEIR PAGE.


HOLLY MONROE...was recently asked by her church to do some lettering on the walls of one of the buildings.. Here is the site where you can see her efforts…stunning so check it out.  I keep thinking I’d like to add some lettering around the ceiling of my master bath maybe this will inspire me.

Have I mentioned recently how beautiful the pacific northwest is in the summer well if I haven’t here are some photos that will convince you.


My Husband has been taking photos of the myriad of birds that have been flocking to our yard for food.  Most of them have been using the fountain on our deck as their personal bird bath as well.

Hummer drinking from fountain

I know you won’t believe that this guy is for real but he is…he was not however, on my deck thank goodness. This is real albino alligator from a Florida animal farm and the photo was found on the Internet.

Albino gator

Ok back to our Deck this squirrel has been drinking from the upper birdbath…there are 2 others in our yard so why this one seems so much better I am not sure.

This is a photo of one of those NUTHATCH birds I told you about .

nuthatch on fountain dragonfly

We also recently had our local Fair in Monroe and I love visiting all the animal barns.. especially the Goat, and Pig areas.

Pigmy baby goat

These were some kind of WOOLY BOOGER goats…not sure what they are called but they crack me up with all that fur and how curly it is..and that’s natural curls. lol

Wooly booger goats

Don’t they just give “having a bad hair day ” a new twist.  No pun intended.  lol

Piglets at the fair

How can you not love baby piggies.

Then on a recent trip to the Flower World I found this pond with Live turtles in it but alas I have no pond and the turtles weren’t for sale.  lol

double turtles

Then I am sure you all know we are have just had the last BLUE MOON for a few years and here are some photos that I got from FACEBOOK .


THIS LAST ONE the guy said it took him forever to get it and I am sure you can see why.

Full moon with Jet

These photos are from the first BALLOON FEST IN SEQUIM..that’s hot air balloons.  I have family that live there and Sequim is located on the peninsula of WA.  TIM O’NEILL took these photos and he has a wonderful web site of lots of photos he has taken and many are for sale in various sizes.  Tim is a retired dentist from CA and a wonderful photographer. This is a link to his web site..TIM O’NEILL’S PHOTOS

Tim O’Neill’s 3 bees

Tim O’Neil’s balloon

Tim O’Neil’s balloons



Well maybe more photos than you wanted but hope you enjoy… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… hugs WHCT aka kath