HERE COMES THE SUN AND I SAY ITS ALRIGHT….That song says it all… we live for the sun during the summer months and we have had wonderful weather lately and I just returned from a weekend at Rainier where I did get up at 6 am to go out and watch the sun rise over the Tatoosh range and gradually light up the mountain. It was stunning and worth the early morning and the chill.  The weather was actually perfect weather for hiking and we did some of that and the wild flowers ( see below) were just lovely.

Lupine in Paradise meadows

Indian paintbrush pinky coral color

Ok I won’t bore you all my photos but if you write me at the leave me a comment …cause you just love looking at other people’s photos…lol I’ll send you a link to a journal I created of all my Rainier photos. There is not that many… lol…Ipad and Iphone both have an new app called Iphoto that you can use to create journals… publish to icloud or your home page and then send the link to others… Its great lets you edit them caption them etc… kinda like you used to do with mobile me but way better as they are arranged in a collage fashion or just plain squares…you choose…guess what I choose…lol…I know I sound like an Apple employee but I do love my Apple… it is not however available for my Mac…maybe in the future so I choose to create on my ipad as I can see them better than on my phone…. ok so while we are on Apple let me share some cartoons about Steve Jobs in Heaven…my BFF Pamela sent them to me and I just loved them…. love to think he is still out there having fun..


I know that through history each generation has had things that the previous generation didn’t and we come to take those things for granted.  I however, know that my life is greatly enriched thanks to Mr. Jobs…..its trite but I can’t imagine my life without my iPod, iPad and iPhone to say nothing of my Mac.  Thanks Steve wherever you are.


Linda O’Neill sent me this link to a beginningITALIC calligraphy web site and I looked it over because Italic is my worst script and when I do attempt it I always know I should practice it more…that is how you get better.  So I am going to share this link in case you are like me and NEED TO PRACTICE or in case you are interested and think you might be able to learn on your own a little ….my hint here is USE YOUR EYES… make sure that while you are practicing your letters look like their letters…if they don’t all you are doing is teaching yourself the wrong way.  Another HINT…. no ever tells you that its ok to TRACE a letter or stroke so that you can figure out how to do it correctly… sometimes it just takes that.  Now tracing someone else’s artwork and passing it off as your own THAT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE…however, tracing to learn is sometimes very helpful and for Lefty’s sometimes its the only way most of us righty’s can’t do diddly with the left hand so we can’t begin to tell you how to make that stroke with the left hand but tracing it you can find out for yourself what works for you… I have seen lefty’s that write upside down totally and they do lovely lettering just depends on you and your interest level… but one thing I really HATE is when a person says “oh you can’t do calligraphy because you are left handed” ….DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT…. you can do whatever you want and you can learn anything you put your mind to… More questions about left handed calligraphy send me a comment and I’ll be glad to help as much as possible.

Another web site I found via Cyber Scribes on FB….is a woman Tricia Smout in Australia who has a year long project going and one of things she is looking for is envelopes…check this out she has two projects going and both sound like fun and I hope you will try to participate. Her deadline for the envelope is September 30, 2012.


I made this for the first time several years ago and frankly I have no idea where it came from or who to give credit too… I think I might have seen it at the Impress Rubberstamp Store…then again someone could have shared it with me at workshop… in any case I do love it and will be sharing it with my students at my Akim class at STAMPIN IN THE RAIN.

The size I am working on is so that you can maximize your cardstock and so that it will fold flat and fit an A2 envelope and use only one stamp… unless you put some much embellishment on it that you have it too thick then they are going to want an extra 20cents and what an ugly stamp its of George Washington, oh well if you gotta you gotta.

8 1/2 x 11 cs cut it 4 1/4 x 11 this way you get 2 to a sheet of paper…

12 x 12 cs you can cut it just 4 x 11 and that way you can get 3 to a sheet of paper

Next using your Scoring tools you will need to start at the left edge and score at  21/2….5…..71/2… AND 10

NOW you can fold on each of those score lines and and you will see that the last one is only about 1 ” wide this is the piece that you will glue to the opposite end when you are ready to assemble.  I recommend that if you are writing or stamping or even punching on this that you do that before you adhere it together it’s just easier that way…and if you use punches like this sample of a leaf one below you can then add one of those new little fake candles with battery in it and stand that in the center and of card and you have a mini Luminary.  It also makes a great place card holder …simply write the person’s name on the card then punch out some shapes ….stars, snowflakes…hearts ….leaves etc and stand it at their place with the mini candle inside… you can use really candles in the little dishes but  fire ….paper …this could be scary I recommend the faux candles…much safer.

You will notice that there is nothing punched on the first fold so that I can write a message or stamp an image or even punch out another leaf or a tree…and the flap on the far right is where you would use your double stick tape to adhere it together.  If you fold it in the middle and tuck that small flap inside you can be sure that it will in fact fold flat and it’s the easy way to get it to line up perfectly.  This was a sorta autumn colored paper with punch out but you could use stickers of leaves or even punch out the leaves and then adhere them to this form.  You can make it larger, for instance you could make the it 6 inches tall or even 8 1/2 ” or 12″ depending on your cs or what your purpose is.  It’s just such a great little shape to use for lots of different things and I know you are tired of hearing this but cut your cs then while you are watching tv or sitting out in the sun you can score the paper so its ready to go in the color you want and the size that you want.

Here are some other samples I did using the candle punch , and just a plain circle punch, and a cobweb/spider border punch…and on one the tree with copper leaves and then the little mini calendars. With that calendar one you can take the calendar apart and do all four seasons just by adding a design on each of the four sides then put 3 pages for each Dec, Jan and Feb are winter, Mar, April and May are spring, June, July and Aug are summer and Sept Oct and Nov are Fall…. and it folds flat for mailing you could also use fun photos for the person you are sending to or even funky postage stamps, cancelled or new.   

The one below is meant to look like a balloon with string hanging down and balloon stuck on with foam tape so that it stands out a little on the card. 

This is one of my favorites since its HALLOWEEN…my favorite holiday and look I used googley eyes… you can never have too many googley eyes.

The circle punch in various places on the luminary will allow the little mini light to glow thru the holes and in addition if you used squares of vellum then it will cover the circle and yet let colored light show through.  Give this a try and you will probably come up with lots more ideas of your own.

One last smile… My BFFWA Stephanie got a Harley TRIKE ( yep, 3 wheel) and recently took her little dog Panda for a ride on the back of her brother’s bike to see if she liked it…as you can see she did so I bought her a pair of DOGGLES…too cute…

Panda's first Bike ride


Panda and her purple Doggles



That’s it for another week… hope you have fun and AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY.….wireheaded cyber toad aka kath harney





This is DAWN’S CARD made using punches and then filling in the punched out area with ribbon… but you will see that I had a few other ideas as well… As you can see she used multiple colors types of ribbon and on the second they were all the same.  The real secret to this style of card is that unlike IRIS FOLDING you are not building around a center although you could do this IRIS STYLE but I have some friends who would kill me if I EVEN SAID the word Iris…also her great idea is that you lightly trace your space to fill and then using double stick tape just fill that space with tape and then lay down your ribbon or if you want strips of paper etc.  In addition you will see from her video that she did the punch out on a different sheet of paper and then applied the tape and ribbon to the front of the card and then put the overlay on top of that.

The idea of laying down the layer of tape and then putting the ribbon, paper, photo on was just great and it inspired me to try a few other things.  These first couple of images are done using ribbon and punches that I had and instead of doing the punch out on a separate sheet of paper I did it the card and then put ribbon piece of paper behind it so it was on the inside of the card.

For this balloon one I actually used a piece of scrap paper and punched a template so that I could get the balloons on the card where I wanted them…In addition I had to use an ANYWHERE punch by Martha Stewart that was simply a circle but it worked just fine.  I also stamped on some of the ribbon and I used 3 different types/colors of ribbon.

On this one I used some open weave multi color ribbon .  It has lots of texture but I am not sure I would use that ribbon again…maybe if I had a basket punch…. which I don’t at the moment…lol….I also used strips of the brown card stock on the front and I used a tiny butterfly punch to make the tails on the kite…but you could use any tiny punch you have….I thought I had a dogbone one which would have been great but can’t find it so think its in Fl.  I just drew the kite string with pen but afterward thought oh I could have used a small piece of twine.

Then I thought of this STAMPIN UP punch that I have that’s rather weird but I have loved it and I actually punched it twice so that it kinda looks like a window… I had a photo of the minions and I just love them…( there are from movie DESPICABLE ME…And if you haven’t seen it you should it just too cute ) and the inside of the card might say CAUSE EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE MINIONS ON THIER BIRTHDAY.  The photo was adhered to the inside front of the card.

This one I did punch a scallop circle on another sheet of card stock and then adhered the photo of fish to it then the whole thing to the front of the card…I still plan to add a ribbon between the words and the image but didn’t quite get there just yet.  And because I have a lot of pre-cut and folded cardstock I used them on each of these cards.  I belong to a paper club that has new cards no envelopes in a different color each month.  I don’t have to buy them each month but I usually do just because I like the colors.


This one also I used that funky punch and then used a photo of a beach sunset that my daughter had sent to me.  Again I really got into these photo style and went a little crazy as I was choosing photos I ‘d go looking for one and end up pick two or three others…lol

This last one …and don’t all yell Yeah at once…lol.. I again used the scallop circle and then a photo of a daisy with a lady bug on it… I was going to use this one for a friend who just had knee surgery and wish her a rapid recovery…

Just in case you are wondering my pen of choice lately is the BLACK GLAZE SAKURA pen from my GLAZE set of pens.  I like it because it does make letters that are slightly raised and its very black and very shiny.  Two things I like in an ink…lol


I showed you my little nuthatch last week and yesterday I got a sorta good photo of him actually drinking from the fountain…I can tell you it ain’t easy he is the fastest bird I have ever seen except for the Hummers.



We have also been having a pair and a baby Pileated Woodpecker coming to our suet feeders and the Mom has been feeding the baby and he is a BIG baby but now lately he has been coming by himself but sometimes there are three of them there and they are so striking and such BIG BIRDS …USUSALLY about 17-19 inches tall.  I am not able to get good photos of my own of them as their feeder is under an arbor and its just too dark for them to show up… but I did find a few photos on the internet so I am sharing them just so you can see them…

I think I got most of these from an Audubon web site…and they even had a video and all the call of the bird… They are incredible and if you ever hear them sounds like a hammer banging a tree… very loud…


This is just one of the winning and honorable mention envelopes that you can see from this site.GRACEFUL ENVELOPE CONTESTClick the blue line and then scroll down for this year’s winners the previous years are also available for you to look at so go feast your eyes on some really incredible mail… and try not to

Well that’s it from the great Pacific Northwest and I am happy to say that we are back to our normal temperatures.  No more heat wave at least for a while.. lol… again AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY….WHCT….aka kath




Ok we have been all about London for past two weeks and then I saw RACHEL YALLOP’S CALLIGRAPHY on FB and thought you gotta look at this… She is also from the UK and I was just delighted with her website and the lovely eye candy… so Click her name above and you can see it too. Or if you want you can see most of it on FB in the Cyberscribes news feed.  This is just one of her pieces titled Nautilus and you can see why…it was hard to just pick one to show you but hope this inspires you to go to website and take a look….as Carol Du Bosch would say its worth the price of admission or in this case worth your time.


Well I am posting these card/mini book idea because I have always loved them and because not all my readers are calligraphers and some of them JUST MAY actually write letters …lol that uses actual postage…any way this first one is terrific for taking your computer and writing a note, a poem an invitation etc.  It works best if you work with even numbers for size i.e. 8×8 …..6×6….10×10….and I am fairly certain that you can then set the margins on your computer so that you don’t go over that size..

Now you have your size determined if you are doing it on computer do your writing before scoring and folding and cutting… also if you are simply writing on the paper or stamping or drawing everything and make sure its dry before you start SCORING AND THEN CUTTING. First you want to score every two inches…then rotate paper and repeat so that you now have multiple boxes on the page if you know ahead that you are going to stamp only small images or write small words then you could go ahead and score paper before you stamp/write so that you got each image or word inside the 2″ square box.. this is the pattern for the meandering book on the left.

The above images are from and Old DANIEL SMITH ART CATALOG and were written and drawn and photograhped by Marylee Bytheriver at least that’s the name on the article and it was published in the DS catalog in 1998….

Once you have cut be careful and don’t cut all the way thru or you’ll have several mini books…lol… this is where I suggest that you do a test first using a piece of scrap text weight paper.  DECIDE if you want an all over design or if you want to treat each square as if it’s a page.  When you are finished you will probably want to make a front and back cover for this so you would use a piece of mat board, cardboard, heavy card stock and then you might want to cover it…( * how to on that further down ) I would cut it approx 1/2 inch larger than the two inch squares but you could cut it as much a 3/4 inch larger than the square so either 2 1/2 ” sq or 2 3/4 ” sq… if its decorated paper you don’t even need to cover it , but if you have used cardboard you may want to cut a sq for each cover that is at least 1/2 ” bigger than the COVER …i.e. 3″ square .*Center the cardboard on the covering and adhere it with either glue or glue stick…double stick tape doesn’t work as well here… then so that you have nice even folds at the corners…cut off each corner leaving about 1/8 to 1/4 ” from the cardboard corner… Below is a sample …the white is the cover and the Blue is the cardboard …I only showed cutting two of the corners so that you could see what I mean by leaving a little i.e. don’t cut all the way up against the point of the cardboard.  Once you have done all 4 corners apply glue or glue stick and fold them in towards the center and because you have trimmed the corners they will miter together just like corner on a frame. Now you have your covers and you can glue them one to each end of your folded booklet again centering the folded squares on the cover do one at a time and then second one will be easier to make sure it lines up with the front one.

 TA DAH you now have a mini MEANDERING OR MAZE BOOK… This one came from my dear Friend MARLENE MAJESKI and it was written as a thank you note.

Folded closed it a cute little 2 1/2″ square booklet that came with band around it to hold it closed but you can use ribbon or string also and she did use card stock for the inside  and its not hard to fold if you score and crease as you go…but you can use text weight paper or even light weight card stock if you are running it thru your printer be sure you do check to make sure it will in fact go thru your printer.  HINT.. if some papers seem not to want to run try removing all other paper from printer and inserting just the one that you want to print on that usually does the trick.  Don’t know why but sometimes you have to be wicked with your printer… lol..

This is the booklet closed.  Marlene used marbled paper to cover and then used the pieces she cut out for the mitered corners as decoration on the cover besides.


Ok this one is even easier…. my sample was done using simple text weight paper and as always I suggest you make up one as your sample and keep it in sheet protector so that you can easily re-create it.

I used an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper and you will need to fold it in half first lengthwise then unfold and fold it in half the other way….

Again unfold and lay the paper in front of with the 11 ” running horizontal.  Then fold each end into the center and crease it.. then unfold the piece and using an xacto or your paper cutter cut the slit down the center thru the two middle sections.

Then pick it up and fold in half lengthwise and push gently to fold it into a small booklet. That’s it…Now to decorate each of the pages you might find it easiest to unfold and decorate one side lengthwise THEN AND THIS IS IMPORTANT…YOU NEED TO ROTATE THE PAPER 180 DEGREES SO THAT WHEN YOU DECORATE THE OTHER SIDE IT WILL BE RIGHT SIDE UP SEE IMAGE BELOW.  

This view shows you the view sorta from the top and the fact that it is folded.  I first played with this format taking a class from INGA DUBAY of Oregon… I fell in love with it and I have no idea how many times I have used it….I am afraid that if I tell you I have even used it like a letter and using the computer printed on one half of the paper in the little boxes then printed the other half after reversing the paper… I know this might make most of you scratch your eyes out… so stick with writing yourself or stamping images and words.  Its fun and interesting to those receiving it.  If you want you can even make a cover for it using heavier card stock and cut your card 7″ x  4 3/4 ” Score in the center of the 7″ length ie 3 1/2″ and then depending on whether or not you stamped on the first page you can either adhere both front and back to card stock or you can simple adhere the back to the card stock.  You can also make this out of medium or lightweight cardstock and tie it with a ribbon to close or make a belt of a narrow piece of card stock and slip it around the folded booklet.  Ok…see that was easy peasy right.


A lot of my friends are not always on the best terms with their computer.  My friend CAROL CROSE send me a bunch of computer cartoons that cracked me up so if you occasionally want to throw your computer in the river…here are some smiles.

Now that’s a button that I know I can use …and I love my APPLE.

These folks obviously have a PC…lol

This one is for all of you who have ever tried to help your parents or non-digital friends get their computers up and running…


I have a friend who would love this one…

Last one and just cause its so graphic…

Lastly I want to share some back yard photos with you … I love birds and we have been having NUTHATCHES  lately . If you have never seen them they are just too cute…first they generally eat from your feeders upside down cause that’s just what they do on tree trunks…and they are fast and gutsy… this one landed on the water fountain on our deck which is a little hard to see in this photo but its a dragon fly and the water comes up thru the center and runs off the wings…well he landed on the tail of the dragonfly and proceeded to drink then bathe in the running water on the wings… and he was only about 5 feet from where we were sitting… and my Hubby took this great photo of him.  

My Husband also took this great photo of the squirrel which jumped from bamboo onto the deck railing post right BEHIND MY HUBBY’S HEAD..THESE guys at our house are spoiled rotten…they come up on the deck often just to let us know they are are out of corncobs or out of peanuts…

This photo came from FB and it s shot taken in Wyoming of the Perseid’s meteor shower from last week…we did not have a view like this from Washington but we probably have too much ambient light.  It was taken by DAVID KINGHAM over the SNOWY RANGE in Wyoming.  Great Photo

Well that’s all for this week…hope are enjoying your summer and GO OUT THERE AND MAKE SOMETHING…

As always thanks for stoppin by….WHCT…aka kath harney


WELCOME TO SUMMER IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST.  This photo was taken last summer but we are having summer here, in fact we broke a record in Seattle this past weekend.  I think it was about 95…now some of you in Arizona will think that’s  just luke warm, but for us its hot.  However, the weatherman has suggested that we will continue with summer for at least another week but the temps will be back in the 80’s rather than the mid to high 90’s.


I got this card idea from a class I took recently with KATHY FOX at STAMPIN IN THE RAIN at the Bothell Country Village.  STAMPIN IN THE RAIN is on Facebook so check it out.  Kathy is a great photographer and her classes are making cards using small images of her photographs.  She sells the images at STAMPIN IN THE RAIN..and she has 4 of the same image on a 4×6 photo.  She has lots of lovely card ideas and most include different layers of papers and ribbon and sometimes brads or other embellishments.  Here are some samples of recent cards. The first one is the one we made in class and you may notice that mine is slightly askew due to lack of attention on my part…lol  I have a friend to who sent me stamp that said …”it’s the cracked ones that let in the light”  that’s me always letting in the light.

Basically this is just two cards of different sizes put together with overlapping folds.

BASE CARD…cut 4 1/4 x 8 1/2…then score the 81/2″ from the left at 3″

MINI CARD….cut 3 x 8 ” and the score in the middle at 4″..

You can now layer the various parts of both cards so that they coordinate in color or with the image you may be going to use.  Then you are going to adhere the BACK of the mini card  to the base and just try to center it  between the fold line and the right edge.  When you have it together you actually have two places where you can put the message.  Look at the photo of my giraffe card if this seems unclear… and below that is the GIRAFFE card both front and open.   So that’s it .. simple really and you can adjust the sizes if you want something different and you don’t have to use photos

Might be able to see that one of the embellishments that Kathy had for this card was a tiny die cut belt buckle what we ran our ribbon through. And yes, this is one of Kathy’s photos of a bicycle and sunflowers…just sings summer doesn’t it.

This next one is also one of her photos and I just loved it.  Now I should confess as you will see from the card I made that I thought this was a photo of Peach and perhaps it is but AFTER I made the card I thought hummmmm maybe that’s an apple that is not quite ripe yet…much more likely give the time of year apples ripen but hey for me its a peach  with a dab of snow… it could happen.

ok I am still laughing when I took this photo with my phone I never noticed that my hand was making a terrible shadow …oh well at least you can see the lettering done with a SAKURA GLAZE GEL PEN.  The lettering style is the EAGLEFEATHER which is one of my favorite monoline scripts which as is my usual a rather ART DECO style of lettering. I think I might have lived a previous life ( or I am hoping for the next time around to come back in the next one ) in the 20’s and 30’s.

This next one is mine also for a friend and it’s done using the embossed copper I told you about last week as well a photo I got from somewhere of a giraffe licking a squirrel.  I just loved it  and my friend loves all things Giraffe and its also a JOY- FOLD.  

‘I also punched out the birthday candles at the top left and inside it says a Best  long distance wishes.

This one is from a few years ago,from my friend and stampin buddy CYNTHIA THOMAS and its almost a JOY-FOLD but without the second overlay card.  But she used stir sticks and beads to make a bar to make it look like it was a locked card.  Since it was for Halloween it worked great and I just loved it. You just use the bead to pull the bar back and open the card. You can’t tell from the photo but the card does overlap rather than to meet in the middle.  I am such a lucky girl to get such creative goodies in my mail box.  THANKS CYNTHIA..

As you can see Cynthia’s card just has two overlapping flaps rather than mini card so its sorta a variation.

This last one I did I wanted to use the large die cut of the word love which accordian folds but to do that I had to make the mini card larger which meant I also had to make the base larger… I cut the base about 5 1/2 x 11 then the mini was approx 4 1/4 x 8 I/2 , then it goes together the same as the smaller one…

I tied it closed with a ribbon which can just slide on and off and I layered several layers of paper but no photo on this instead I used a stamp and it was an anniversary card.

EAGLEFEATHER FONT..adapted for the pen by kath harney

I found that lots of people like the look of calligraphy but don’t really want to spend the time learning it.  Especially Scrapbookers, then too some of them just don’t like their own handwritting and wanted to use something more appealing in their scrapbooks or on their cards.  I had adapted a lot of fonts to be used with the pen because I love writing my own cards but sometimes formal calligraphy just doesn’t fit or I wanted to do broadsides ( quotes) and I wanted to use both formal calligraphy along with the idea of blending textures by also using a monoline lettering.  I am an art deco freak as I mentioned earlier and I started hunting for all these art deco styles of lettering and seeing if I could adapt them to a regular pen ,pencil, gel pen, B calligraphy nib, kistka ( Ukrainian egg tool available at Dick Blick’s) or thekemper fluid writer tools (available at Paper and Ink Arts.), colored pencil …just about anything….In fact , I have used the phrase WOMAN WHO WRITES WITH ANYTHING…when referring to myself.   I admit I do have an addiction to pens. I knew I could write using a kistka tool but found that because it was a straight line it was not comfortable or ergonomic…so I gently took some pliers and bent the little cup at the end so that it could be held more like a pen… worked and came in multiple sizes so that was fine then I stumbled onto the Kemper fluid writer …solid brass nice cup on the tip with nice angle and I was sold …they were around $10 when I bought mine and yes I have two …hey it comes in two sizes…. and I do love them because I mix ink, paint, gouache, almost anything and get it fluid enough to flow throught that fine little tip… If you buy one and I do recommend them then be sure you sure you use the wire that comes with it to clean it out when you are done using it ….THIS IS NOT A LEAVE IT LAY TILL NEXT TIME ….it needs more care than that …you can soak it if you forget and let ink, paint etc dry in it but its just easier if you clean after each use… also a pipette is good for blowing water through it to make sure it’s clean… Ok enough about pens and writing equipment…here is my verison of the font called EAGLEFEATHER…you can see it was based on FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT’S LETTERS on a blueprint he did.  But only 19 0f 26 letters then the rest was adapted to a font by DAVID STEGLE AND CAROL TORIUMI-LAWRENCE FOR  AGFA. Enjoy it and if you share my paper please be sure that you copy the whole sheet which gives the credit to the Font designers above.  Also remember that this is my adaptation.

Yes, there are only Capital letters because the lowercase letters were not as appealing to me as the CAPS… so caps is all I did they have all the ART DECO FLAVOR.

That’s it for this week, and I hope you enjoy the card and the lettering.. again I’d love to see what you do just use the krhblogger@gmail to send to me and I may have to send myself something so that e-mail address gets used…lol

AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY… the wireheaded cyber toad…aka kath harney



Well back on February 27th I posted a blog titled GRACEFUL ENVELOPE and I shared some envelopes that I had entered in that contest.  It’s an annual contest and I have entered almost every year since about 97 or 98…I had a winner in 99 and then I have since had two honorable mentions .  This is a rather bad photo of the envelope I entered this year.  

It’s a bad photo because It was done with colored pencils and charcoal pens ( white) on Brown Kraft paper and that doesn’t photo copy well….the theme this year anything beginning with the letter D.. hence my daisy postage which was purchased from a company which makes legal postage using photos. I know you can send them your photo and have your own postage made so like a photo of new baby , wedding pictures or engagement picture etc, and they have a huge collection of all kinds of images so I fell in love with this Daisy and thought I can match it on my envelope.  Well l don’t draw all that well and my daisy doesn’t really do the postage justice but this was my entry and the deadline was April 30th.

 And this is the very nice letter you receive if you don’t win or get honorable mention.  Mine arrived Saturday.  I was disappointed but must tell you that I love entering just for the challenge of coming up with a design and executing it.  I have given the link to the web GRACEFUL ENVELOPE web site before but here it is again.  You can look at all the previous winners and honorable mentions and on or after August 8th this years winners will be posted and I must tell you that I can hardly wait to see them.  So if you are looking for eye candy do check them out. As I mentioned, I don’t enter this every year thinking I”ll win I enter for the challenge of dealing with a small space and finding a way to make the postage work with the design.


I don’t know if you know it or not but the standard craft stores all carry a variety of thicknesses of both copper and while they call it silver that is really a designation of the color not the any case the lighter weights work very well for punching and embossing.  The lighter weight works better than the really heavy for both the punching an the embossing.  I have had no trouble punching the copper I have but I did find that I could not actually use the die cut /cuttlebug to CUT with it does emboss just fine.   You need to know that unlike paper which actually stretches its fibers when embossed and once embossed can not really be un embossed, metal can’t really be made totally smooth again but embossing can be pressed out so if you send it thru the mail you will want to use bubble wrap or some type of foam to protect the image.  You also need to know that when  you are choosing a punch to use you don’t want something that is too detailed..a simple image works best..stars, hearts, flowers, that said I had not trouble punching out the moose… I used it on a card saying I moose you very much.

Well you can see its hard to show the color change but you can see that you will get both a very nice positive and negative image out of the copper.  Ok think that covers the punching stuff lets move on to the embossing.

Ok the piece on the top left is embossed in a bamboo pattern.  Then you can also see the moose and the butterfly both of them have a nice positive and a nice negative image.  Then the next thing I hope you can see is that due to heating the copper you can also see a change in the color.  This is why I love the copper because it can be altered in color by heating it with a cigar lighter or a cigarette lighter.  The cigar lighter is hotter flame and works more quickly to make a variegated effect on the copper but the cigarette lighter will work just takes a little longer.  In either case I strongly recommend you use tweezers to hold the copper so that you can get the effect with out burning the crud out of yourself. And then when you are finished don’t lay it down on anything that can melt or burn as the copper will be very HOT and it can catch paper on fire ( but I am not admitting that I did that) and it will melt plastic …not admitting to doing that either…lol.

I use a MEGA POCKET TORCH..that I got several years ago when I saw a demo of both stamping , embossing and cutting the copper as well as heating it…they had these great little torches for sale very cheap about 6 bucks and no I am not a fire bug just really liked the look and fell of this “go to” AMAZON is out of stock so I have linked you to the only place I did find it .  If however, that turns out to be out of stock also I did find a regular torch lighter that is refillable and makes a torch flame so that it will heat faster and give more color more quickly at AMAZON. Actually I found so many at AMAZON that I linked you to the page with all of them… some are cheap some are pricey.  I have none of them to recommend as I have not used any of them but as long as they have a hot torch flame they should work just fine. I would recommend that you purchase one that is refillable so that you an continue to use it.  Mine was laying around for over 3 years unused in all that time and it still had a little bit of fuel in it still so I went out got a new can of butane fuel and added more fuel and well you can see the results. As I said do be careful with this…if you get one of the torches and you have small children around most of these do not appear to have childproof anything… so don’t leave them laying around! Keep them out of reach.

Now getting the Copper.... well 5mil is good a good thickness and it will punch and cut with scissors as well as emboss.  Here is a site that sells it in various sizes but you might want to try at Michael’s and/or JoAnn’s just to see if they have some old packages as it might be cheaper we all know that copper has gotten much more expensive.

Ok so while the Copper is fun to play with you can also cut up aluminum cans like cokes or 7 up cans or whatever color you might want them to be to work with your design.  Need a red star.. just using tin snipes cut the top and bottom off a coke can and VIOLA you have red tin to punch stars out of…

So this is a tiny star but you can see that you can punch with it and while you could use a bigger piece and emboss with it I have to say that to do that you would probably want to put it on silver side not the side with all the writing.

Now one last photo … remember I told you I took my BFF calligraphy buddy to the one day event at the CALLIGRAPHY CONFERENCE NORTHWEST 2012…well be both have met a lot of Calligraphers from Oregon and we were lucky enough to run into two that are both very fond of …EDIE ROBERTS and PENNY WHITE…. what a treat neither of us had seen them in years and we had a great if short visit… then Edie graced my mailbox with this delight photo of myself, Penny and Marn… what  a treat … THANKS EDIE…

actually think that what looks like Penny’s red hat is actually something hanging from the ceiling in the room…lol…. YOU can see by our smiles we were loving it…

Ok that’s it for this week… AS ALWAYS THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY …the wire headed cybertoad…aka kath

PS… just got this from Michaels… all the punches EXCEPT Martha Stewart are on sale 40% off… check this out that I bought a jack o lantern like the butterfly and its very cool so think butterfly would be great too …haven’t seen it before…