Well here I am again and I was hoping that I could tell you that Summer arrived here in the PNW and it did for a day…lol.. that’s just how it is here in June.. often doesn’t stay summer until around the middle of July… this poster says it all.

Well it hasn’t been 40 days but more rain than sun lately.  But the few days it does arrive we all know it’s out there somewhere and that it’s the incentive for hope that it will arrive on a longer term basis soon.  IE…HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL.

I want to share with you a magazine that I occasionally purchase and you can get an on line subscription I think rather than the hardcopy mailed to you.  In any case its PAPER CRAFTS and the July August issue has a bunch of pattern cards that are shaped like surf boards, beach ball, crab, starfish etc…I linked you to the pattern pages and you can download and print them so you can give them a try. I especially liked the beach ball and the fan.


As you may have guessed I love cards that are interactive…ie they pop up , slide or have a funky fold.  Something other than just the usual.  This one was very cute and I thought I’d share it with you. What happens with this one is that you have an insert at both the top and the bottom and when you pull up on the top one to pull it out the bottom ones slides out also. I think the piece that slides out at the bottom is a good spot to add a little personal note to a birthday or get well card.  I also laughed at the idea that you can just cut up and recycle or repurpose a plastic grocery… may want to stock up on them if you like this card cause seems like everyone wants us to stop using them.  I do reuse mine as trash can liners and I share my excess with a friend who uses them for kitty litter  But this seems like a much more fun way to reuse them.  Watch the video and think you will see that its not as complicated as the written pattern looks.  Its always a little easier if you get all your pieces cut and decorated first then assembly them. Often its easier to assemble by doing it with the video. Again this is a good one to make a dummy up of it so that you have one you can refer to and slip a piece of paper in that has all the pieces you need to cut .  Because the piece pull out the top and pop out the bottom this card does not open like a regular card. Of course you could make it do that but seems a bit of an overkill.  But hey, you are in charge so do what you want.

Because I told you I was off to spend a couple of days with a friend and check out the CALLIGRAPHY NORTHWEST CONFERENCE this week there is not as much info in this blog as you might have expected but I hope to fill the bottom up with photos of eye candy that I take while at the conference in Portland Oregon.

Ok made it back, and had a wonderful time… probably saw about 50 people that I know and haven’t seen in a while most of them from Oregon but some from other states as well.I did take some photos and I had hoped to put them on this blog but just ran out of time.

So you can look for them next week.  Until then… Thanks for Stoppin By… The wire headed Cyber Toad…..aka kath harney
















Greetings and Salutations,

Speaking of Charlotte, I have a few of her sisters on my deck and they are making web lines faster than I can knock them down… think it’s egg sac time and because these are mostly small spiders and they are outside I try to let the egg sac’s hatch… I end up with little and I mean LITTLE yellow dots with a tiny black dot that if I had a microscope on them I am sure I could see they were baby spiders.  I know they are alive as they migrate across my deck and eventually hit the railing and then off they go just like Charlotte’s babies.  ok, I promise I am not getting senile on you.

Here’s what I have for this week… first some eye candy to share…

Janis’s Stand Alone Pop up ( design shown in previous Blog scroll down to find)

Both cards she tried or did something that I hadn’t thought of…namely I was trying to find stamps or write something in the 1″ box across the front.  Well she as you can see adhered an image or words that she only adhered the bottom of the image  onto that one inch box…this allows that piece to fold up against the tag/pop up part when you are folding it  for mailing… Thanks Janis for sharing and for a great idea … I was running out of 1″ tag lines or images for that piece.


These are cool little ant brads from  Impress Rubber Stamps…and while I think carrying the watermelon is very cool he could be carrying anything… any image you have or even words like Happy Birthday…PICNIC!!!. Balloon almost anything..Just click on ant brads to go right to them.

While these are just plain black mini brads they make that watermelon look really cool.  Impress again is my source for these but you can probably find them at Michael’s or Jo Ann’s or even in your supplies somewhere.  Impress does carry a cute watermelon stamp but I think what they did here was just cut a circle in half using two different size can do that either with punches or a circle cutter or just use like a juice glass and draw your circles ad then cut them out.  Eazzy Peazzy  as my BFF would say.  If you don’t want brads or can’t get them and you have some of the dimensional paint like Stickles… you could use that too …just a drop makes a good seed.


OK this isn’t really Dawn’s Double , I’ll show you that in a sec… this is actually my double STAR 3D card… but as you will see when you watch the video , the 3D and the Peek a Boo are very similar cards except the Peek a Boo actually has an insert that allows the image to slide into  view as that card is opened.  Very cool… Dawn makes it look pretty easy and it is. Just a tip, I write down the measurements as she is showing the card.  I also pause it when I need to do part of it to see what she is doing. So I used a star punch and you could also use a square or if you don’t have punches but like this idea squares are fairly easy to cut and you know they don’t even have to perfectly regular …well for this 90% person they don’t they are sorta more interesting if they are irregular BUT AND THIS IS IMPORTANT if you cut your own images the you need to trace with pencil where the pieces go on the slider part or they won’t line up and the card will look sloppy..Funky is good sloppy is not..

Ok for my Non-calligraphy friends…. I found these cute stencils at Jo Ann’s and they were about a 1.50 give or take and then I used a makeup sponge to rub color on the paper to form the words .  I also used a couple of small post-its to mask off the other letters.  You can also just trace the letters then color them in with colored pencils or gel pens or even tiny zentangles drawings… just fun to play great for names on envelopes or single words on a card.  Remember having fun is what its all about.

Top image is called  HAPPY ALPHABET

Second image is called FAT CAPS


What I love about this card is that you get two images on the front then two different images on the inside.  And while she is showing you stamp images ( and FYI I have purchased from her and she ships quickly) you could also use photos that you cut in circles or squares etc.  You can also write in the spaces if you want or use mini watercolor images etc… Experiment ( then send me a copy) and Play. That is what this is all about.

Also one last TIP I  want to give you… I usually make a mock up of each of these cards then store them in a sheet protector with a piece of paper or write on the mock up what the measurements are and where to score etc.. that way I watch the video for a refresher but I don’t have to have it running while am making the card and I would also note the name of the card so if you go back to either my blog or Dawn’s you can find it again in case you loose it.  Reminder that this is also a good card to pre-cut and pre-score so its ready to go when you need something impressive in a hurry.  

Well that’s about it from here and if you think these are little shorter …but hey … IT’S SUMMERTIME IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST and I just can’t stay at the computer all day.





First I have to say that my heart is always in the Pacific Northwest!! And flying home it was fantastic to see out the airplane window My MOUNTAIN…yep Rainier…as you can see from photo its up above the clouds and once we were on the ground it was no where to be seen but I know where she lives and I have seen her a couple of times since we got back but it has been raining a lot…as some here would say time to get the ARK out and make sure its working…lol…

I am always so excited to see her again as I think someday I’ll come back and she’ll be gone.  Ok enough of me and the magical qualities of the PNW.  I was also going to show you my back yard oasis…very tiny but we planted the bamboo in 96 and you can see that it has definitely given us privacy plus the side yard is borders by a green belt creek that has water most of the year and in the fall sometimes raging water.








Ok…guess you can tell I am glad to be back home… so I’ll move on to some other shares…


These are some sites Linda sent me that I think are worth sharing and hope you enjoy them also. One is more watercolor painting than calligraphy and the other is a calligraphy from Germany I think who is lettering to music.  In any case you can watch or not up to you.

The Illustrated Garden is the Watercolor web site and it is lovely and you can even sign up for an on line watercolor class .  The other site is in my opinion one of two actual calligraphic supply sites.  It”s Paper and Ink Arts and they now have a newsletter and you can sign up for free. It will feature new products info and also samples of some amazing calligraphic work by various artists.  In addition to lots of calligraphic supplies they also carry various art supplies, paints, brushes, inks, gel pens, all types of supplies that you might want for you card making, scrapbooking, or calligraphy.  Both PAPER & INK ARTS AND JOHN NEAL BOOKSELLER carry supplies… PIA is heavier into supplies and JNEAL is heavier into books and publications.  Both will be CALLIGRAPHY NORTHWEST 2012 at REED COLLEGE in JUNE.  ON June 26th you can go there and see works visit the two vendors as well as other vendors that will be there ONLY ON THAT DAY.  Check the link for more information on events that are open to the public.  But if your close by you would really enjoy visiting the college and the vendors.  Yes, I am going and I do plan to take photos and I will post them on an upcoming blog.  Calligraphy and Harp ,This site is the one with the calligrapher writing to Harp music and is on Youtube.  It’s fun to watch and I love to see that someone is that much in control  or their pen…usually I feel my pen is in control of me.  lol  Then this last one is kinda amazing also… its a sight where you can print your own paper with guidelines on it…or the person who shared this with me is CAROL CROSE from Peninsula Scribes in Sequim and she said another of her members MARILYN SCHOFIELD had shared it with her.  I tried printing the music sheet of paper which is great for a background ( if you are not using it for calligraphy ) which you can imprint music and notes on using one of your embossing folders for the cuttlebug or you can stamp music notes on it or even punch out music notes and glue them on it ..then you can use to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU on a card or scrapbook page or something like THEY ARE PLAYING YOUR SONG..either birthday song or maybe if you have good friend that won’t be insulted but will laugh THE OLD GREY MARE SHE AINT WHAT SHE USED TO have been told I have a very black sense of humor…so beware of who you send that one too.  Printable Paper is the name of site and there are all types of papers there you can print yourself for free.  Give it a try.



Ok I have taught this card several times in various classes and I always called it a SHADOW BOX card but I think Dawn’s idea of calling it a 3 D card might be better.  In any case as always she has great directions and my only caution to you is that if you are using duplex/two sided paper MAKE SURE THAT you make that first 1/2″ score on the side that you want to show on the front and that it is right side up.  I did not do that with my frog sample (below) and because I am not a 100% person I was ok with using it opening backwards i.e.  left to right rather than right to left in order to keep my frogs right side up. Just a little warning to because how you score your paper.  The first half inch should be scored on the side you want to see when the card is closed and open.  Hope this keeps you from making my mistake.  I love this card and while I mostly used the round punch to make the opening you can use whatever you want it could be tag, square, rectangle , oval whatever will give you enough room for your message inside and also go deep enough into the card to leave some space above the opening.



Ok this was one of punch anywhere punches  and while its hard to read here its not when you are holding the card.

Then this next one is also a punch anywhere punch and its the heart again easy to read when you are holding it.

So you can see that you have options for making this card and even just cut an opening with an xacto you don’t even need the punch its just easier but you can do it without a punch.

Last a lovely card from my friend STEPHANIE GOGGLEYE who recently took a class in PAPER QUILLING.  She made this whole card using tiny strips of paper rolled and cut to create flowers for in the stamped basket isn’t it just lovely.  Lot of work and treasure to keep.




Ok.. that’s it for this week. Thanks to all those who shared with me.  Thanks to Dawn for those great video’s that make the cards so simple to do.


the wire headed cyber toad…aka kath harney





















Greetings and Salutations,

If you don’t know that’s a line from Charlotte’s Web.  I was looking over my blogs and realized that I just sorta jump into each blog and don’t bother to say hello or anything so from  now on or until I come up with something better we’ll start with Greetings and Salutations. I kinda wanted to do this because the next post will come from Washington( yeah)can’t wait to be back where it is cooler and I have my birds and my lovely backyard.  I’ll try to share photos of my backyard oasis once I get it set up again with all the feeders and plants on the deck.

In the mean time I have several ideas that don’t lend themselves to a blog alone, so I decided to lump them together with some additional tips on these techniques.

This first one is about using that Scor-Pal or MS’s Score board or even the scoring blade on our paper cutter.  Dawn, seems to be my go to girl for this one she decided to make a BACKGROUND GRID of diagonal lines.  You can see Dawn’s sample, that she used tiny punch outs of butterflies and then her white gel pen to make dots.  This created a very elegant design and in this case very feminine.  It’s really simple just cut your paper to size for the front of your card and then decide how wide you want the boxes to be and well just watch Dawn and you see it is simple.  Then  you can follow Dawn’s sample

or add color by lightly rubbing a stamp cube over the raised edges after you have completely scored the paper or you could color in some of the boxes using those glitter pens or you could stamp tiny hearts, stars, etc or even tiny punch outs not in every box but in random ones.




This next one is a very clever idea from SPLITCOAST STAMPERS who will show you how to make HONEYCOMB images using your punches.






Now those of you who know me, know that I would not normally work with something that is kinda tedious.  However, this looked so cute that I had to give it a try.  I know they were using a larger heart punch than the one I used as it was Martha Stewart’s heart and it was only about 1 ”  really small to work with but hey I made it work and while I am guessing that they probably inked the edges of each one after they punched , I have the mini airbrush adaptor kit for COPIC markers and I just was able to spray the bottom a light green and the top a light red…then just for fun I decided to make a worm coming out of the apple.  I have what many people refer to as a BLACK sense of humor.  The other one is from a solid image of a larger butterfly.  This is an ek success punch and I got it Jo Ann’s Craft store. You can use any type of text weight paper to punch and it doesn’t have to be a heart .  It can also be any nice solid image that can be folded in half .  A balloon punch would be fun. A circle out of orange can be a pumpkin or an orange.  A christmas tree punch would also make a great honeycomb.    

This is my version of a butterfly .. I didn’t punch out 25…I think it was only about any case it worked fine as far as I was concerned .  So now you know that you can make your own honeycomb and it is fun. But I also want to tell you that IMPRESS RUBBER STAMPS sells 5×7 pads of honeycomb in various colors.

Now these can be folded flat and you can mail them as if its a bump for about 64 cents I think.  But you will probably need to suggest to receiver that they fluff it back up once they open card.  Pick a nice solid image and give it a try.



OK These guys also came from DAWN and I just thought they were so cute.  They are also going to be hard to mail.  I have a few suggestions though, try going to your local chinese, or japanese restaurant and ask to purchase a take out box.  They will probably give it to you.  There are also templates out there for making your own or you an just put them in one of those little jewelry type boxes that you can get at either Michael’s or Jo Ann’s… if the box is sturdy enough you will be able to them mail it in a cushion envelope …of course this would also make a cute tag to hang on a gift bag …just punch a tiny hole in one end and tie it with string… If you do that then I would defiantly lightly glue the tiny strip of paper with you message on it into the cookie.  Heavier paper probably works better with this then light weight but I think you could even fuze some fabric onto card stock the cut out your circles and make your cookies look even more asian by the choice of fabric.  Jo Ann’s sells the fabric fusing material in various thickness/strengths and you just use a hot iron to apply it card stock.  I use brown craft paper on the ironing board and/or on top of the card stock to keep the fusing material off both your ironing board and your iron.


Here is a piece of fabric that I fused to off white card stock.  To fuse the directions are simple use hottest setting on iron NO STEAM…iron on a piece of the fusing on the back of the fabric… I go over it several times to make sure it stuck and then I let it cool.  After it’s cool then you can gently pick one corner and pull the backing paper off and you should now feel a rather bumpy effect on the back of the fabric .  Now lay the fabric face up onto the card stock you have chosen and again iron with hottest setting and no steam.  Again I go over it a couple of time to make sure its stuck tight. Again let it cool and TA DAH… now you have your paper and fabric fused.  I then used a circle cutter and I wanted my cookies a little larger so I used 3 1/2″ setting on circle cutter.  I don’t think that a punch will work well with this as punches just aren’t sharp enough and I not sure one of the  templates will work well either but the FISKARS CIRCLE CUTTER will work perfectly.

This is the circle cut and fused and below are two cookies that are both made of fused fabric and card stock.. Have fun make up your own sayings and tuck them inside.  Thanks Dawn as always a delightful idea.

I thought taking the photo on the bamboo mat was a nice touch.

I promise these are easier than the Origami money stars!  Speaking of money stars… my friend JANIS BLEVINS sent me a YOU TUBE VIDEO on folding the money stars that made it much easier.

She also sent a great photos of the STAR CARD we made in an earlier blog…she is using it for a 4TH OF JULY birthday card… THANKS SO MUCH JANIS, FOR THE VIDEO and the photos of your card.






So go make something and as always THANKS FOR STOPPIN BY…the WIRE HEADED CYBER TOAD….aka kath harney



WAIT, DON’T PANIC, this is not Paul Deen, and no I have not switched to a cooking blog. Although I do have some rather good recipes that I could share but I doubt there is much interest in that. I am not truly sure there is much interest in this but I am having fun although with recent trips and then getting bronchitis AGAIN…and be down for several days meeting my self-set deadline of every friday has been a bit of a struggle.  I used the words Mulligan Stew because while I have never cooked it I believe it to be made up of whatever you have handy.  Well I have several things that I want to share and they don’t ,on the surface perhaps, seem to go together but I am hopeful that you will find it interesting enough to have been worth your time.  Or as my favorite calligraphy teacher (CAROL DU BOSCH) says worth the price of admission which in this case is free. lol

First I want to share some more eye candy.  I hope this isn’t boring to those of you looking but I feel incredibly lucky to receive some incredibly creative mail and gifts and it just seems wrong to keep them all to myself …. I had a dream the other night that I suddenly was the proud owner of a billboard on a busy highway and that I could post things to that billboard directly from my computer …. now doesn’t that sound grand think of being stuck in traffic on a regularly traveled road and finding that this billboard which previously had some ad to buy something now was covered in amazing different types of art, photos , cards, calligraphy, envelopes, fabric art, 3D art,( I have a terrific friend TORY BROKENSHIRE ) who creates these intriguing characters made from found tin boxes like old cigar boxes as well as fimo clay and probably lots of other stuff.  She is incredible and back to my billboard it would be great to be able to add, subtract etc from this board whenever I wanted …some day I am sure that will be a possibility but for now I will settle for my blog ( I guess I am really vain as I never get tired of hearing that.) So Eye Candy





Ok now the next thing I want to share with you is a web site for FONTS. Just in case you don’t know what a font is …. it is the style of lettering you use on your computer for e-mail, letters, envelopes etc. If you thought your computer could only write in one style and one size…we need to have a serious talk.  Just like a pen, a computer is a tool and you know that a gel pen writes different from  a fountain pen and different from a ball point and different from a pencil,  well your computer  I know some of my calligraphy friends are saying WHAT???? Well I am assuming that there are many out there who don’t do calligraphy and maybe don’t even want to ( perish the thought).  Never the less there are lots of fonts out there to help you with your scrapbook lettering or card making or even snail mail and e mail.  This is one of my favorites and over the years I have adapted some of the fonts to a monoline style  that is similar to the font.  THEY ARE NOT FREE and sometimes they are even expensive but remember that somewhere the person who designed the font is trying to make a living and because these always download well and work well and because there are calligraphers involved in making some of them I choose to purchase them especially when they send me a note saying this one or that one might be on sale.  I am a sucker for anything ART DECO so those are quite a few of may favorites … are some samples of the ones I have purchased in the past.  All of these fonts were purchased on line and download from P22.  I have purchased and downloaded several fonts from them and I have never had a problem and their sales on fonts generally run around $29.95-39.95 and that is usually for two or even three versions of that font.  So all in all I don’t think its a bad price.  I know there are lots of free fonts out there and I am not suggesting you don’t buy them just sharing my favorite site and the ART NOVEAU bistro is the current sale and I loved it …but I told you I am addicted to that time period.

Now once you have the font on your computer then you can use it to type up words, phrases, poems, christmas cards , scrapbook notes or headings , also on any of the letters you write on the computer.  You can print it on your card stock and cut it out and layer it on your card or you can using your word program (microsoft) or your pages ( apple ) program you and actually lay out your card inside or outside and print two of the same on a sheet of paper.  I am using an HP printer and they are pretty flexible.  I have had other printers but for me and the things I do and print I am convinced the HP is the best .


My good friend Talie Kingsbury sent me this web site which is mostly Martha Stewart but it has a creative area and it had this really cool Graduation Card. So I though I would share it with you. It appears that they have different ideas for creating things and they showcase them each week.  They may not always be cards but in looking at the card and I noticed they had made a toy car that they showed you how to use a balloon full of air to make it run.  I didn’t read how to do it but looked fun.

Well that’s it for the Mulligan Stew.  I hope I did find something to interest you and that you will come back again.